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I ignored the knocking at my dorm room door, hoping that whoever it was would give up and let me continue my stroking in peace. They didn’t give up. After a solid three minutes of knocking I gave up and leapt out of bed and pulled on my grey basketball shorts.

I went to the door and opened it wide enough to greet the uninvited knocker with a scowl. Scott didn’t even take notice of the look, he just pushed the door open and barged into my room and headed for the sink to fill his water bottle. He had been running and it was clearly still a hot evening out there.

Scott was a friend I had met two years earlier at the gym. He wasn’t a college student, but worked at the campus pool, a place I spent a lot of time too. He was a year older than me at 19 and also had the perfect life guard look.

As soon as Scott downed his water he looked over to me grinning and immediately looked at the front of my shorts where he couldn’t help notice the persistent tent.

“Happy to see me are ya Rick?”

I felt my entire body flush red and turned away from him to sit on my bed, pulling my knees up to me chest at the same time, hiding the erection that just wouldn’t quit.

“So - I was jerking off - got a problem with that?”

“Ricky, if I had a problem with jerking off, I’d be the most conflicted guy on the planet!” Scott laughed.

“So, how much do you JO bud?”

Scott smiled then looked up and to the left as he calculated the answer.

“Well, I guess on average about 15 times a week. Depends on lots of things really, but generally a couple of times a day, and usually three on weekends.”

“Fuck – that’s not bad for a dude who still lives at home!”

Scott smiled then looked at me quizzically, clearly wanting to ask me something. I raised my eyebrows inviting the question.

“Ok, seeing as how we are being so open, what were you thinking about when you were jerking just now?”

That was exactly the question I did NOT want him to ask. Was now the time to be honest? Why was he asking? As my thoughts raced in my head Scott pulled off his T shirt, wiped his damp six pack with it and tossed it on the floor. Bang – there was that hard-on again!

“Alright, I’ll answer, but don’t freak on me dude. You.”

“Me what?”

“You. It was you I was thinking about when I was stroking just now.”

I looked down at my knees waiting for the reaction.

“Yeah? Fuck! That’s so awesome!”

“Now that wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.”

Scott grinned at me as I gingerly looked up at him.

“Hey – I think it’s awesome that you were getting horned thinking about me dude. Pretty gay, but an ego boost anyway! So, are ya, you know, a poof?”

I took a deep breath and lowered my knees so Scott could see the large tent in my shorts.

“I guess this answers that question huh? Yeah, I suppose I am really. Sorry if that freaks you out.”

Scott stood up and walked across the room towards me. I didn’t know if he was going to hit me or yell at me or spit on me or what. I sat still ready for whatever happened. I was not expecting him to sit down beside me and put his arm around my shoulder.

“Rick, stop being scared that I’m gonna freak. I had a feeling you might be gay. It’s Ok dude, I’m cool with it! Actually, it’s kinda cool in a way, especially that you are attracted to me!”

He laughed at his own comment, gave my shoulder a squeeze and went back to sit on the couch. He could obviously tell that I was puzzled by his comment.

“Well, maybe I’ll get to see what it’s like to get a hummer from a dude!”

His cheeky smile told me that this was not entirely a joke. Embarressed, and wanting to change the subject I stood up and grabbed a CD to put on.

“Parental Advisory. Now that’s a joke isn’t it! Imagine what our parents would say if they were advised about what we just did!”

I laughed as I put down the CD and looked over at Scott looking back at me on the couch and smiling back at me while absent-mindedly playing with his left nipple.

Turning around I saw myself in the cracked mirror over the chipped enamel sink. This time though I saw a new man than I had seen this morning and every morning before that. I was now out. Looking back at me from the mirror was an 18 year old dark haired college freshman with blue eyes, a hint of patchy chin stubble and a smile so broad a large number of white teeth flashed in the mirror.

“Dude, we didn’t actually DO anything. Except talk that is.”

I turned to see Scott was now looking a little embarrassed himself and was leaning to pick up his shirt from the floor. I quickly stepped over to the couch and sat close beside him with a thump. I reached across his torso and grabbed his outstretched arm before he got the shirt.

“Hold on man – don’t freak on me now!”

Scott looked up at me and a smile broke out on his face as he sat back and relaxed. My hand was tantalising close to his glistening chest. I felt the lump in my throat growing as I looked into his eyes. The slight nod from Scott was enough and as I exhaled 18 years of frustration my hand felt hot male flesh as the object of my desire for the first time.

I gently ran my hand down Scott’s glistening chest, feeling the heaving torso yield to my gentle touch. I leaned over to kiss and nibble the nipple that Scott had thoughtfully just been tweaking for me as me hand continued down over his flat stomach following his treasure trail to the fast swelling growth in his lap.

As my hand pressed onto his pleasingly large cock through his running shorts I heard him moan with pleasure, at the same time I felt a wave of unbelievable pleasure run through me and a wave of pre-cum emerging from my own rock hard cock.

I desperately needed to get his shorts off, and he cooperated fully, lifting his ass up as I pulled on the waistband of the shorts. Within seconds they were on the floor beside his shirt and I was experiencing the joy of my first hot cock lollipop. The smell of his musky balls and the rough texture of his pubic hair was driving me insane.

I didn’t do a very good job, but that didn’t seem to upset Scott. Within two minutes he was breathing hard and I was tasting the unmistakable salty tang of pre-cum in my mouth. I continued to lick his fantastically perfect cock head as I gently massaged his balls. As I went back down on him again, I moved my hand down to the soft patch under his balls and pressed gently but firmly there, just as I did to myself regularly. Scott gasped and sucked in his breath. I felt him tensing up and seconds later felt for the first time in my life hot cum flowing hard into my mouth as Scott thrust his pelvis forward.

I was in total ecstasy. Never in my life had I felt as complete as I did right then. I swallowed every drop, then carefully licked his sensitive and throbbing dick clean. When I finally looked up at Scott’s face it was bright red and flushed with a wicked grin on it. I sat back from him and gently rubbed his chest as it heaved with deep breaths.

Looking down at my own crotch I saw a large wet patch on the front of my shorts. Scott saw it too and looked at me puzzled.

“I kinda shot in my shorts when you came in my mouth dude.”

“Oh – you mean I can’t do you?”

“Give me a couple of minutes dude!”

Suddenly college life was going to be a lot more bearable!

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