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Part 1

It's well past time I told this story from the beginning.  I'm getting old.  If I don't get this written down now it may be too late and really there is no reason we shouldn't have a history of our own - it's our world now. So, here I present for whoever is still interested enough to read this, the story of our first month in the new world.

So I guess I will tell the story from just before things got really freaky. Forgive me if I do forget some things or get some stuff wrong. By my calculations I must be almost 75 years old now. And before I begin I also think it's important to tell you that I still have no idea what happened those 50 some odd years ago.

I woke up when my alarm clock went off blaring in my left ear at precisely 7.30 am on Friday the 27th of February 2005. Shit. Another day of bloody work! I had been working for just over two months at the campus swimming pool and was totally sick of having to be there at 8.00 every morning and having to listen to that boring mindless prick of a boss I had all day.  Still - it was summer and what else was a poor student supposed to do?

I couldn't be bothered showering - so just splashed some cold water over my head in the bathroom and pulled on my uniform. I hoped i wouldn't stink too much by the end of the day. The traffic was a bitch on the way to work - I was hot and the air-con in my crappy old car had given out at least 6 years before. By the time I arrived at the pool 10 minutes late I was already smelling funky and was in just as foul a mood. This was not helped at all by my boss starting out with his same old lecture about responsibility. 'If you are going to be a lifeguard you have to start thinking about how your actions are going to impact on others lives. If you are 10 minutes late to a pool side rescue you will be 10 minutes too late to save a life' and so on and so on.

I don't think my withering look did a lot to help me that day - my first job was to scrub the urinals in the men’s locker room followed by emptying all the little paper rubbish sacks in the women's toilet stalls - gross.

By 9 the hoards had started to arrive in force. Mostly school groups at this time of year. Groups of snotty little kids who seem to spend more time screaming and running around than anything.  I never wanted kids.

I remember distinctly walking around the pool that morning wondering why on earth I had neglected to put underwear on that day.  An odd thing to remember so distinctly, but there you go. The loose nature of my clothing condition that morning was making me feel rather aroused and that was not a good thing when you are walking in front of dozens of kids and their teachers wearing just a muscle shirt and track pants with no underwear. I was rather distracted.

By 2 pm I had resolved to find some better way of making money. Prostitution was always an option! It was then that the boss decided to really get his own back on me. A large group from some local sports complex had arrived and were going to be doing some sort of survival training shit in the complex all afternoon so the place had been cleared out of all the usual trouble making rabble. While the boss sucked up to all the coaches he told me to take the kids on a tour of the plant room and filtration facilities under the pool.

Now this was weird. Public were just not allowed in those parts of the complex. I realized that he was actually doing this just to spite me. By mid afternoon - the hottest part of the day - the plant room was probably the hottest place on the planet. I already smelled like shit and after 2 minutes down there I would be a whole lot worse so it wasn't really me he was being mean to here!

So I smiled while mentally slamming the bosses head into a large truck as I lead this bunch of sweaty smelly teenagers into the bowels of the complex. It's not even like there was much exciting to see down there. Some large tanks, several very high power electric pumps and a whole bunch of valves which constantly dripped rusty water on to the concrete floor. Not exactly the highlight of the tourist routes. So if the boss was going to fuck with me I'd just have to fuck with someone I had power over.  And right then it was these kids.

I led them into the deepest part of the system where there was virtually no ventilation and temperatures were well into the high 40s centigrade. As soon as we entered their pits were all turning dark.

"This is the deepest part of the complex, and also the most dangerous. If any of the major pipes were to burst, or if the pool itself were to crack or leak, this part of the complex would be under water within seconds and there would be no escape."

"Cool! How old do you have to be to work here? How old are you?"

This was not the response I was hoping for.

"Ahh - I dunno. Eighteen I guess? I'm twenty two."

"You ever bring any chicks down here?"


Chicks? Is that all these kids ever think about?

"What about into the pool at night after it's closed? Bet you score big then huh?"

"No. Let's get the hell out of here."

I started to push the nearest kids towards the exit when I noticed that they smelled just as rank as I did - teenagers. We were just beginning to move when one of the main motors began whining and then squealing in a very disturbing way. Very quickly showers of sparks were being thrown up from it and we all stepped back rapidly from the failing motor into the dark behind us. That's when the strangest thing I had ever seen happened. A glowing pulsing electrical field of some sort began to grow from the struggling motor. Within seconds it had encompassed us and we all lost consciousness.

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