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Part 2

I woke with a pounding headache to the sounds of young guys whimpering around me. As other guys woke we took stock and worked out that everyone seemed to be ok despite the pounding heads. The motor had failed finally and all that was left of the freak electrical event we had seen was a lingering pungent smell of ozone in the hot stagnant air.

"Right everyone - let's get the fuck out of here."

I rounded the guys up and lead them all out of the plant room into the fresh air of day.  As soon as we got out of the plant room we all spent a few moments taking in deep breaths of fresh afternoon air. Slowly we all realized that it was actually late evening air. We had been unconscious in that hell hole for at least five hours and nobody had come looking for us!

We ran up the stars to the pool side entrance and went in. There was nobody to be seen. My boss wasn't in the office, there was no-one in the pool or the locker rooms, yet the gate was wide open and even the office door was unlocked with the safe open - but untouched. This was not right. I looked at the kids. They generally looked confused and a little worried. I was trying not to show it, but I was shitting myself. In fact that's exactly what I did at that point.

"Guys - don't go anywhere, don't do anything. Sit right there and don't move. I'll be right back."

I sprinted over to the men’s locker room and dashed to a stall. It was locked. I went to the next one and it was open so I sat very quickly and relieved myself very fast. When I had finished I thought about the stall next to me. It must be the boss!

"Hey! How come you never came looking for us?"

"Yo, John! You Ok?"


No answer. I pulled my keys from my pocket and unlocked the toilet stall door. There was nobody in there, but there were a pair of jeans on the floor and a floater in the bowl. I picked up the jeans and flushed the toilet then walked back to the grass where the guys were still sitting.

"Well dudes. Looks like something a bit strange is going on. I'm going to make a few phone calls. I think it's best if you all stay there for now."

As I walked towards the office one of the older ones followed me. I looked at him quizzically.

"I'm team captain. I guess I'm kind of in charge of them."

"Ok, what's your name kid?"

"Josh Walters. What's yours by the way?"

"Hey Josh, I'm Rick. Come on dude - let's see if we can find out what the hell is going on."

"I'm not a kid. I'm 19."

"Whatever. I'll be polite when I know what the fuck is going on alright?"

Josh nodded and followed me into the office looking a little pissed off. As we entered the office we both noticed that the radio was playing a looped recording which said the station was having technical difficulties and would return to normal broadcasting as soon as possible. I turned the radio off and it was then that I noticed the noise - or lack of it. There was nothing but the occasional evening twitter of birds. It was a still summer evening so there was not even the rustle of leaves in the trees. I picked up the phone and dialled the main office on the other side of town.

"Come on, answer damn you!"

After forty rings I hung up and called my flat. There was sure to be someone there - there always is. Again nothing - I even left it ringing long enough for the answering machine to turn on and pick up.

"This is stupid - I'm just calling the cops."

After ten long rings the phone was answered - my heart felt like it was in my throat.

"You have reached the emergency service operator. All our operators are busy right now and you are being placed on hold for thirty seconds. If your call has not been answered in that time it will be escalated to our national operation centre. We apologize for not being able to answer your call immediately."

After three minutes of waiting I hung up.

"Well, that's no fucking good is it?"

Josh looked at me silently and waited for my next move.

"Ok, well I guess we better go look and see what's going on. I reckon it's safest for the rest of the kids to stay here until we know what the deal is. Are there any dudes out there who can look after the other ones and keep them from freaking out?"

"Ahh, yeah there are a four or five pretty mature guys who can do that."

"Cool, go get them to take control of the rest and make sure they don't let anyone out of the pool compound while we are gone."

"No worries - right back."

Josh ran out and rounded up four of the older guys, they all looked pretty young to me - but it was hard to tell with them all in the same sports gear. After he had spoken to them for about a minute he ran after me as I headed towards my car. When he caught up to me he was sweating almost as much as I was - but mine was from nervousness.

"Hop in dude - you might want to take that stupid thick rugby shirt off man - my AC is busted."

Josh quickly removed his shirt and I saw a well defined chest and very tidy six pack with just a little fur below the belly button sitting beside me. Of course I got hard immediately. Of all the times in the world to get a hard-on! But there was no denying it, no matter how weird the situation, this kid was cute - the kind of cute that really did it for me. I tried to ignore the tent in my track pants and started the car as fast as I could and we were off out the gate. He noticed it, but said nothing.

We had driven maybe two minutes towards town when we found the first car wreck. There was still smoke coming from a gutted van and the saloon that it had hit was firmly mounted on a small wall beside the road. We stopped and looked gingerly in both vehicles. Thankfully there were no bodies and we decided everyone must have made it out safely. But where were the cops and fire brigade? Where were the rubber-neckers? In fact, where the fuck was everyone?!

I looked around. This was a busy part of town, there was activity here 24 hours a day - every day. But that day there was no movement at all. Immediately my memory flicked to a movie I had seen as a kid "The Quiet Earth" where a few people suddenly found themselves alone in a very empty world. But this was different - wasn't it?

I noticed that Josh was staring at the seat belts in the car beside us. They were all still fastened as if the passengers of the car were still there. The keys were in the ignition and the motor had only stopped because it had overheated when the radiator had drained from the crash. I was almost prepared to say that everyone had just vanished into thin air - but of course that was ridiculous.

I got back into my car and beckoned for Josh to follow suit. It was so bloody hot! Time for me to loose my shirt too. We headed into the centre of town - I wanted to make sure this wasn't all just a fluke.

"OK, well I reckon that if I can walk into a central branch bank and just take a few thousand bucks from the vault without anyone stopping me - then we are definitely in the twilight zone dude."

Josh grunted and almost smiled.

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