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Part 3

Four minutes later I got back into the car holding around twenty thousand dollars in a plastic bag.

"Well - that settles it dude. We are here on our own! What the fuck?!"

"Yeah. What the fuck is right! How? Where? You know, like, fuck! So what the fuck do we do now?"

The panic was clearly rising in Josh. I put my hand on his shoulder and waited until his breathing returned nearer normal before talking.

"First thing we have to do is get back to the other guys and suss out what we are gonna do tonight - like where are we sleeping and what are we eating and shit like that. I reckon we all need to stick together till we sort out this shit. Like we have no idea if it's just like here or all over the country or all over the fucken world. We gotta make sure we are confident and cool calm and collected with those guys or else they are going to panic big time."

With that comment, I suddenly felt the enormity of what was happening to us and leapt out of my car just in time to avoid vomiting all over the interior. Unfortunately I wasn't quite quick enough to avoid myself. My stomach contents thoroughly coated the left leg of my track pants before I was able to direct the rest onto the street. So there I was seconds later standing in the middle of the main street of town wearing nothing and throwing my vomit covered pants into a rubbish bin. If it hadn't been such a strange day, it would have been funny.

I returned to the car and fished out a pair of cycle shorts from the back seat. Quickly I slipped on the lycra shorts. I noticed with interest, despite the circumstances, that Josh took a very good look at me while I was naked and in front of him. He was definitely my type so I was certainly not upset by his attention. It's amazing how sex can override even the most extreme circumstances!

After rinsing the taste out of my mouth with my sipper bottle I started the car and we headed back towards the pool.

"Hey - where do you live Josh?"

"Ashton Street"

"Oh right - let's check it out on the way back huh?"

Nervously Josh agreed and within five minutes we were entering his rather large and expensive house to investigate where the smoke was coming from. When we entered the kitchen we saw that the stove top kettle was lying half melted over a still burning gas flame. After we turned off the gas and opened all the doors and windows to vent the house we searched it thoroughly. It was clear that his mother and younger sister had been home that afternoon. All the doors were unlocked and the car was in the driveway. His sister's school bag was lying in the hallway. There was no sign of either of them.

As we left the house Josh took care to lock every door and window and to make sure the car was locked too. When he had finished he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders as if he knew it was a pointless exercise. I nodded and we got back into my car and drove back towards the pool. Thirty seconds on the road was all it took before Josh yelled at me to stop. At least he managed to keep his vomit off himself.

"Don't worry kid. Better we get it out now before we set off any panic with the other kids."

"I am NOT a fucking kid alright! FUCK! I just found out that my whole fucking family is probably dead or sucked off into fucking space or something and then you keep calling me a fucking kid! By the looks of it I'm about the second oldest bastard in the whole fucking world! I am NOT a kid alright!"

"Dude! Chill! I don't mean anything by it Ok? Shit - I feel exactly the same way you do. I have no fucken idea what has happened to everyone else and I have even less idea what we should do about it. Trust me dude, I'm not trying to piss you off Ok?"

Josh looked at me for several seconds and then tears welled up in his eyes and he walked away from the car, the way his shoulders moved told me he was sobbing silently. Of course that set me off too. This was no good. Here was I supposedly playing the character of a hard nosed begrudged worker and I was standing in the middle of what used to be a busy street, wearing just cycling shorts and bawling my eyes out. So I shook my head, walked over to where Josh had sat down at a bus stop and sat beside him.

He looked up briefly and saw that I too had been crying and then he sobbed again. I put my arm around his shoulders and pulled him close to me. He soon stopped crying and looked at me as his tears began to quickly vanish in the oppressive heat.

"Shit. If this is how we react, how are the rest of those kids going to react?"

I looked at the sad cute kid I was holding and turned to face him.

"I'd say that we are going to have quite a bit of the same as we have just had here.  You know, denial, anger, grief and all that stuff. I guess we are both going to need to do a bit of shoulder holding and hugging and stuff in the next few days. What's the deal with your group anyway? How many of you are there and what ages? And why were you all doing this survival training shit together anyway?"

Josh sniffed and wiped his face with his hand and then took a few deep breaths.

"It's most of the under 19s who have signed up for playing hockey with the club this year. Umm, there are like three teams, first eleven, second eleven and second reserves, thankfully no under 17s. So, let's see, that would be like 45 or so of us. As for ages, well I'm the oldest I think, just, and the youngest would be what, probably like 17, nearly 18 I guess. I turned 19 just after the cut-off date, that’s why I made it into the under 19s."

"Great - so here I am with nearly 50 teenaged boys to look after. Just what I always wanted."

"We are."


"You said 'here I am with 50 teen boys to look after' well I'm saying here WE are with 50 teens to look after."

"OK Josh, if you wanna have them - you're welcome!"

Josh smiled for the first time since we emerged from the pool plant room that afternoon. I slapped him on the back and we headed back to the car with me slapping him on the ass as we walked.

"Hey Rick - what are you dude - gay or something?"

I laughed and smiled as we got into my car.

"Well? are you?"

I looked over that Josh and smiled again then nodded very slightly.

"Oh fuck... that's going to make things interesting isn't it!"

I smiled.

"Depends what you mean by interesting I guess."

With that I started the car and we were headed back to the pool complex where it was beginning to get dark.

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