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Part 4

"Right shitheads! Listen up! I'm not gonna piss you about. It's getting dark real soon now so we need to move out of here in like 2 minutes. Now here's the deal. Rick and I have been into town to check out what's been happening. We don't actually know what the deal is yet but we do know what the result is. It seems like we are the only ones left here and for all we can tell right now - the only ones in the country or even the whole fucken world for all we know. Now we know this is going to seem like some pretty weird shit, and yeah it does to us as well but that's what we know. Rick knows his shit and for now I think we all need to listen to him and follow orders cause let's face it - I don't know what to do next."

While Josh had been speaking to his fellow team mates a thousand things had been rushing through my mind. Where were we going to get food? Where were we going to live? Who was going to clean our clothes, who was going to remember my birthday and so on. As I heard Josh telling his mates that they should listen to me I realized that the first thing we needed to do was take care of the basics - food, warmth and shelter. Warmth was not a problem - we were all still sweating bucket-loads. But food, especially drink, and shelter were what I had to concentrate on right then.

I looked at the group of expectant kids on the bank staring intently at me, to avoid eye contact I looked over their heads where I saw the university sports pavilion which had recently been converted into a hall and bar. Right behind that was one of the blocks of the student accommodation flats. Perfect!

"Right guys. It's going to be dark in about 15 minutes and we don't know how long the power is going to keep operating with nobody looking after it. So here's what you are all going to do - and no arguments Ok? Right. We are going to spend the night in the pavilion over there behind you. What you will all need to do first though is go up to the student flats up there where I'm pointing and grab some blankets and pillows and shit to sleep on then take them down to the pavilion. OK - I want you all there in 10 minutes so get going. If you have to break doors or shit do it but be careful, cause there are no doctors around. Ok go!"

It seems like my stern words did the trick because they all took off in a hurry led by Josh. I followed them after I had grabbed the pool flashlights and I headed to the pavilion to find a way in.

On the way I was wondering how I would break the door, and if I did, where all the glass would go, because I didn't want anyone cutting themselves on it. I had it all planned out when I arrived to find the doors unlocked and open. Well, that made it a lot easier.

Shortly after I had arrived and had a quick look around the kids started arriving carrying nicely folded sheets and blankets and fresh clean pillows. Josh walked up to me and handed me a set.

"Found an open supply cupboard. Had everything we need and nice and clean too."

"Sweet, maybe this is going to be easier than I thought."

Yeah, Right!!  Still, at least my spirits were up a bit. The lights were still working though, and that also meant the fridges were still working and that meant cold beer. I decided that it was a night to have a few for everyone - so we all grabbed beers and sat down to toast our futures - whatever they might be. I looked around the room at the 46 young hockey players who were all looking at me. Most of them looked around 17 years old to me, although it’s hard to tell of course, the fact was most of them were 18.

All the time of course as I looked at these guys my sub-conscious was checking them all out and there was an awful lot of hot male flesh there. I shook off my growing arousal and looked seriously at the kids.

"Right guys. The only way we are going to get through this weird shit that's happening to us is if we stick together and take care of each other. Now we are going to have to have some rules to keep us together, healthy and safe so I guess we need to start with the basics. The most important things to life are food shelter and warmth. So those things we need to protect the most. That means we can't do anything which might jeopardize any of those things for ourselves or anyone else. I think the best thing to do will be to come up with a charter or constitution or something like that which we can all live by, but that won't happen for a while yet. In the mean time we all just need to make sure that we use common sense to keep well and safe."

There were nods from around the room as guys downed their beers. Several kids were looking uncomfortably hot in their thick uniforms. Some others had lifted their shirts and were fanning themselves with beer coasters.

"OK So the first thing I want to do is find out who and how many of us are here. So I have a pad of paper and a pen here, and I want each of you to come up and write down your name and age on it.  Oh, and if you are hot - just take your uniforms off guys. School’s well and truly out."

There was laughter and a cheer from some of them as they removed their shirts and threw them behind them. Several of the boys also took off their thick cotton shorts as they moved their way forward to add their names to the list. Seeing about a dozen late-teen boys walking towards me in their underwear was too much for me to shake off. I quickly developed a very obvious hardon in my cycling shorts. Standing quickly to go behind the bar to get another beer, and to hide myself, I saw Josh grinning at me. The kid had a pretty large bulge of his own in his shorts. I smirked back at him and sighed quietly.

We got food from the pavilion fast food store and micro-waved it all to death as we were all ravenous. The evening turned into a bit of a party as drinking and smoking took off rapidly in the ranks. There was a lot of laughing and joking as everyone tried to block from their minds the predicament we were in.

By midnight a lot of the guys had settled down to sleep, one or two of them feeling a little the worse for wear after drinking more than they were used to. I moved outside and sat at a table in the garden bar looking at the stars and quietly sipping a beer. Feeling the long overdue need to relieve myself I slipped my shorts off and walked the few paces to the grass where I stood and pissed.

I jumped a little when I noticed someone standing beside me and then saw a stream of piss coming from Josh. We both finished and returned to the table where my shorts were lying. I sat down and swigged more beer but didn't bother dressing.

"Nice cock Rick."

"Glad you like it."

"I think staying together here was a good idea by the way."

"Thanks, I thought it was close and would have food and drink, and we keep everyone together."

"Yeah. Hey, you got wood before when the guys took off their shirts didn't you."

I looked at Josh for a moment and then smiled.

"Just like you did you little shit!"

Josh laughed and poked me in the stomach. I was a little confused, was this kid coming on to me on this of all nights? My confused look prompted an answer.

"Man, I've seen you almost every day at the pools over the last month or so. I come in with the school P.E. group and then by myself on the weekends just to watch you. Dude I've had a sort of crush on you for weeks! This is just a wet dream come true."

My jaw must have literally dropped open because he reached over to lift it up.

"Trying to catch mosquitoes?"

"Fuck. I had no idea."

"It was my idea to have the hockey season training intro at the pools - just to see you dude.  Hell I'd walk past you when you were walking around the pool just to try and get a wiff of your hot body smell. I'd also race up to the locker room when you went in there to see if I could catch you having a shower or at the urinal."

"Dude! That's sick! Fuck - why the hell would you want to smell me? At work I usually smell like shit, like I do now!"

"'Cause it does this to me man!"

Josh pointed at his shorts which were tented up significantly. He looked at my crotch to see that I was now semi-hard also. Then he looked into my eyes.

"Can I suck you off Rick?"

I coughed and blinked a few times.

"Dude, normally I'd say go for it! But really this is not the right time or place. Fuck, I don't think I can think of a worse time. Hey - just have a wank for now eh? We'll do the other some time soon Ok?"

Josh smiled and nodded his agreement. Then he pulled down his shorts and underwear and proceeded to stroke himself luxuriously there and then. Seeing his sticky wet cock and hearing the sounds of him stroking it was sweetly added to by the strong aroma of freshly released 19 year old cock reaching my nostrils.

Within two minutes streams of cum were flying from Josh and hitting the paving stones as he grunted in satisfied spasms. The smell of fresh semen hit me and sent shivers down my spine as my own cock stirred more and more.

As Josh began to return to a more flaccid state he pulled up his briefs, turned to me and smiled, then stood up and walked back into the pavilion. Within five minutes I had added a lot more seminal fluid to the paving stones beside the table in the garden bar. I waited until my cock had subsided a little then pulled on my shorts, picked up Josh's shorts from the ground and walked back inside. I found my way to an empty spot beside Josh and sat down. I reached over to him and handed him his shorts.

"Sorry dude," I whispered, "I think I might have hit them accidentally."

He looked at his shorts carefully in the dim light from the bar fridges and found the wet spots I had made on them. He then lifted them to his face and gently licked my cum from his shorts. I immediately got hard again but rolled over smiling at Josh and lay down on my stomach to try and sleep.

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