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Part 5

I woke needing to pee at around 3 in the morning. I decided it was going to be too tricky to pick my way through the snoring boys to get to the toilets, so I went for the door to the garden bar to go outside. I picked my way quietly through the bar not waking anyone and was surprised to find the door to the garden bar closed - no wonder it was getting so hot in here again. I opened the door silently and was greeted by a slightly cooler breeze from outside. In the bright moonlight I could see why the door had been closed, so I closed it quietly behind me. One of the kids was sitting at the very table Josh and I had been at earlier and was pounding away furiously at his cock. I walked up silently behind him and then started pissing onto the grass beside the table. He jumped and yelped.

"Shit! Sorry! I... ummm."

"Hey kid, don't stress. I don't mind if you wank."

I finished pissing and moved to sit beside him at the table.

"What's your name kid?"


"Hey Lance, I'm Rick. How old are ya?"

"I'm eighteen."

"Cool. Hey - don't look so freaked dude. It's not like I don't wank too you know. Shit, I already did it once tonight."

Lance looked at me sheepishly. He still had his hands cupped over his genitals to hide them.

"I ... I just couldn't sleep and well, thought it might help."

"Yeah I know what you mean. It usually helps me get to sleep too. So, how often do you normally do it?"

"Ahh. Umm I dunno, like two times?"

"A day or a week?"

"A day."

"Cool, sounds like you are pretty normal for a eighteen year old there dude. You know, this is one of the things we are gonna have to sort out as part of our new life."

"What's that?"

"Well, there what - 47 of us here? And we are basically a group of dudes aged between 17 and 22. What's one of the few things we will pretty much all have in common?"

Lance shrugged.

"Exactly what you were doing when I came out here."

I smiled at him and he gave me a cheeky grin back. At least he was getting a little more comfortable talking about it.

"So - I think what we'll do is change the rules on wanking. We'll make it a socially acceptable thing to do. That way instead of sneaking out here and being embarrassed by it, you could just go ahead and do it in there and roll over and go to sleep when you have finished."

Lance smiled and stretched, keeping his hands strategically placed.

"But how would that work? Cause if I did that then the other guys would see me like naked and, you know, hard."

"Yeah exactly. So those sorts of cultural taboos that we currently live under would have to go as well. We can change all the rules, just think of the possibilities."

"Like I could grow dreads?"

"Yeah, of course you could. You could also choose to never wear shirts again, or to walk around naked or to wear a fucken dress if you wanted to."

"And swear I guess too huh?"

I laughed and poked Lance playfully in the ribs. He giggled and put his hands up to push me away. I saw that his erection was very persistently waiting for him.

"Dude, I think your cock still wants some attention. Hey - I'm going back in to sleep now. When you have come, just make sure you leave the door open on your way back in so we can get some fresh air in there Ok?"

"Um, Ok. Actually, where should I you know, shoot?"

"Fuck dude, you're outside. Do it wherever you feel like doing it. Ok, see you in the morning."

I walked quietly back into the bar and of course I went to a nearby window to watch him finish. He wasted no time picking up from where he was interrupted. It took maybe five minutes until he started looking around for a place to finish. Naturally he picked the least hygienic option and decided to come on the table itself. Even with just the moonlight I could see that he deposited a very large load and then milked a little more out as he stared at the stars. I returned to my sleeping position moments before he came inside and lay down to sleep with a smile on his face.

There were three main activities that filled most of day two. The first was comforting guys when they realised that there were actually alone here and their parents, brothers, sisters and everyone else they knew was gone. This task was actually ongoing for quite some time, but surprisingly most of it was out of the way on that first full day. The second big task for everyone was to collect supplies including food, water, batteries and other necessities like tooth brushes and toothpaste. Third was checking and re-checking that we were in fact alone. This included visits to the hospital, the library, the police station and the radio stations. All proved negative.

The day had been just as hot as the day before. By seven o'clock we were all pretty hot and bothered so I rounded everyone up and we went up to the pool complex. I had everyone sit on the bank in the shade and I stood in front of them with the pool glistening invitingly behind me.

"Well guys, it's been one hell of a hot day and I'm sure you are all wanting to get in that pool. Just a couple of things first. Now we are pretty sure that for now at least we are on our own. Best efforts so far have not found any sign of anyone else alive, and we still have no idea what's happened. The thing is, this gives us an unprecedented opportunity to set our own rules and live by them. Now to avoid the 'Lord of the Flies' type scenario, I think we should develop a group charter which sets basic rules we all need to live by. And we'll start that tonight if you all agree."

There were nods from around the group.

"Ok then. I suggest that the first change of the law is that there's no fucking need to wear swim suits in the pool! Let's go dudes!"

With that I peeled off my rather rancid cycle shorts which I had still been wearing and dived into the pool. Within seconds I was surrounded by dozens of naked guys splashing and shouting and generally having a good time.

Once everyone had had their fill of the water we headed back to the pavilion. I carried my shorts with me but didn't bother putting them on. I noticed that about six other guys followed suit. We got back to the pavilion and I put on a loose pair of boxer shorts and sat myself on the low stage of the main bar area and set myself up with several beers.

Once all the other guys had sorted themselves out and gathered around, the power flickered and went out.

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