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Part 6

"Hmm, well that's the end of the power I guess. Never mind, light those candles Josh."

Candles lit, and with the light outside failing we were set to go.

"Right, first thing is, we're going to need an official recorder of what we decide tonight. Any volunteers?"

A kid named Steve tentatively raised his hand. He was eighteen and one of the more outgoing kids. I was going to say he was one of the cute ones, but the fact is that pretty much all of the 46 were cute in one way or another. So Steve grabbed a pad of paper and a pen from the bar and took his seat with pen poised.

"Cool. Well, I have been thinking hard about this and I have come to a decision which I want to put to you all now - for a vote. Basically, I can't see this thing being a democracy and working. There's not enough of us for that to work very well. So what I propose is what I call an interim benevolent dictatorship. Basically what I mean by that is that for a fixed period, initially six months, that I make all the rules and you guys agree to follow them all. You will be free to suggest rules and ask me to reconsider them as well. If anyone breaks the rules, they will have to answer to me."

So far there were only vague looks of suspicion on a few of the faces and Steve was busy writing.

"After six months is up we will have another of these charter meetings and we'll decide what's going to happen from then. My current suggestion would be that we confirm the state of things if it's all working and then we elect an advisory council of three guys to help run things and to be a discipline council if one's needed."

"Basically guys, I think we'll be better off if we have one person making rules at this stage and keeping things together. I propose myself because for one thing I'm the oldest and most experienced of us and secondly because I know I can do it. So, take a couple of minutes to discuss it and then we'll take a majority vote on my motion - and no - I don't mean on my shit."

There was some laughter and then a quiet buzz of chatter started. I waited for a couple of minutes and downed a nice cold beer. One of my last cold ones unless we could get a generator hooked up soon.

"Ok guys! Yo! Shuddup! Right thanks. Ok, all those in favour of the motion to elect me as sole ruler for a minimum period of six month, raise your hands now."

Immediately around twenty hands shot up. I noticed Lance, Steve and Josh were among them. Within a couple of seconds another ten hands went up. Within about ten seconds I think every hand was raised.

"Ok, and those against?"

All I could see was guys looking around the room to see if anyone was brave enough to vote against the rest of them. None were.

"Wow. Ok, I declare the motion carried then! Let's get started then!"

"Right. First law is this; common sense must prevail at all times. Now Steve, I'm going to rattle off some basic laws pretty quick now so let me know if you fall behind Ok?"

Steve nodded and turned to a new page.

"Here goes. The rule of law is absolute. The leader has complete power to make and change law. The Leader has the power to enact regulations at any time. The council, or in it's absence the leader have the power to enforce law. The leader has the power to appoint members to council and to remove them from council. Punishment for breach of law is to be set by the council or leader. No man is to leave the permitted zone - which will be defined from time to time - without the express permission of the leader or a member of council."

I leaned down and grabbed another drink before continuing.

"To intentionally kill another guy is punishable by death. Yes, that's right guys, you just voted in the death penalty. Acts of violence or personal injury against another dude is a crime. Personal property must be limited to essential personal items that can be carried in one car. This is to avoid people hoarding shit they don't need. Spoiling of essential resources such as food and water, but not limited to them, is a crime. Intentionally putting yourself into a dangerous position which is likely to lead to injury or death is a crime. And for now, that's pretty much it."

There was pretty much silence in the group.

"So, what that means is that unless I find something important I've missed. Those are the basic laws. Questions?"

Josh raised his hand and asked the first question.

"So, can you give us some examples of what it means we're allowed to do now?"

I really liked this kid. He was playing along nicely.

"Ok, well, say I was out walking in town and I needed to take a piss. Well under the old law I had to find a public toilet right? Well now I can just piss right there on the street if I need to. You see so long as my piss doesn't spoil any resources and I'm not pissing on someone, then it doesn't break any of the laws. Now, actually these are things which are going to effect us sooner rather than later, so here's some regulations about bodily excretions guys."

After taking another gulp of beer I began.

"Pissing. You can piss anywhere outside, so long as you follow the laws I just mentioned. In fact it's going to be better to do it outside because soon we won't have water in the toilets. Shitting. Well, if you find a toilet with water in the cistern, feel free to use it. Otherwise please keep shit out of the way of where most foot traffic is. This is one I guess we need to play by ear. The other common excretion for teenaged dudes like you of course is cum. And the rules on cum are, well, that anywhere is fine. In other words feel free to cum wherever you feel like it - inside or outside."

It was then that I got a few sniggers from the crowd.

"Ok, while we are on the subject of cum and I have your attention, let's talk about nakedness, wanking and sex in general. Here's the regulations. Anyone can be naked anywhere at any time for as long as they want to be. In fact I'd encourage it. Anyone can wank as much as they want any time they want anywhere they want. And again, I'd encourage it. If you want to have a wank right here and now for example then that's totally cool. And finally sex. There is no such thing as homosexuality anymore. There can't really be because there IS only one sex! So, any two, or more, guys who consent to having sex together can go ahead and do what ever feels good. The only condition I want to see on that is that you younger guys are not hassled by older guys, so those of you who are 17 can have sex with whoever you want, those over 17 can’t approach anyone who is 17 for sex – make sense?"

I paused for a drink and it was at that point I got a few comments; 'eww gross!', 'that's so fucking gay!' and the like. I looked into the dimly lit room and could barely see where the comments were coming from.

"Hey guys, the fact is that there are less than fifty of us left as far as we know. The old ways can't continue, we just don't live in a world where they make sense anymore. What I'm trying to make clear to you is that we need to change all of our old preconceptions and be prepared to do things in much different ways. I have used pissing, shitting and sex as the first examples because you are all going to do at least one of those things in the next 24 hours - so you will think about it, and because sex is something I know you all think about a lot."

Josh walked up onto the stage beside me.

"Guys, you know he's right. Nothing's the same anymore. We have to adapt. I mean I am happy to experiment with any of you guys! Let's face it - we're not gonna get off any other way. It's wank till you're old and dead or try hooking up with some of your mates and get off together."

I nodded and continued.

"Or both hopefully! Ok, other questions?"

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