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Part 7

I looked at the faces vaguely discernible in the flickering candle light. I heard a young voice from the back.

"What about school?"

"What about it? School's out guys. We teach ourselves now."

There was a roar of cheering and clapping which I let die down naturally.

"And your homework for tonight is to make yourself come with the most satisfactory jerk off session of your life."

I grinned and watched as they looked around, some giggled and many looked confused.

"I'm serious guys. I want all of you to have a good wank tonight. You don't have to touch anyone else, or even look at anyone else if you don't want to. I want tonight to just be about making yourself feel good. I'm not like going to come around looking for proof you have come, but I will notice if you make no attempt to get off."

"What? Here!?"

This kid was one I hadn't spoken to yet, he was probably 18 and was the one guy who had caught my eye the most. He was nearly six feet tall, had buzzed short blonde hair, swimmers shoulders, six-pack and a nice smooth chest and stomach with a little trail leading down to his black tight briefs. At the briefs there was always a nice bulge which occasionally was noticeably larger. He was the guy I made a point of looking for when we were all swimming earlier, but unfortunately I didn't see much.

"What's your name dude?"


"Well Tom, yeah. Here. This is an ice-breaker, so I want you all to stay here and do it in here."

"Oh man! I can't, you know, do that, in front of all these guys!"

"Sure you can. Once a few of us start and it gets 'hot' in here you won't have any trouble. Oh, and you are allowed to say wank if you want."

Tom just looked at me - a little scared.

"So Tom, when was the last time you came?"

Tom looked at me with surprise. I kept looking at him with my eyebrows raised until he answered. Everyone in the room was looking at him.

"Umm, Saturday."

Today was Wednesday, so it had been four days.

"Ok, and was that from wanking or something else?"

Again he waited to answer until the silence was too much for him to bare.


"Cool, so it's been four days since you last wanked. You must be dying for one. Oh, and I'm not trying to embarrass you Tom. Hands up those who wanked in the last 24 hours?"

I put my own hand up, saw Josh's hand raise and looked at Lance and he raised his hand. I noticed a few more hands going up, after waiting a few more seconds I counted ten raised hands.

"Cool. OK, everyone who has not wanked in the last 24 hours, put your hands up, the rest of you put them down. Ok, now put your hand down if you have wanked in the last 48 hours."

Around ten hands went down and there was a bit more sniggering.

"Fine, and now put them down if you have wanked in the last three days, that is, Monday, yesterday or today."

There were now around 7 hands still raised.

"Right, if you had a wank on the weekend, hands down."

There were three hands still in the air. I looked at each of them, two looked young, the other looked like an average 18 year old. I pointed to one of the younger looking two who was near the front of the room.

"Kid, what's you name and age?"

"Ian and I'm 17."

"Ok Ian, when did you last wank?"

"Last Friday night."

"Ok, and how come you haven't done it since then? You look like a pretty well developed kid?"

"I'd rather not say."

I frowned at him.

"I don't care what you would rather do or not. Answer my question."

I saw Ian going red even in the dim light.

"I couldn't 'cause I was sore from doing it too long on Friday."

"Hey, that's cool Ian. I have done that in the past too. We will just have to introduce you to the pleasures of lube!"

I pointed to the guy who looked the oldest.

"Your name, age and last wank?"

"Todd, 18 years old and I don't do that."

"Hey Todd, how come you don't wank?"

"Because it's not right."

"Ahh, Ok, we'll talk about this privately in a couple of minutes. And you?"

I looked in the direction of the other young looking guy. He smiled at me.

"Name's Dave, I'm 19 and I last wanked about a week ago. haven't since then 'cause I was getting everything I needed from my girlfriend."

There were hoots and cheers from the crowd and I smiled at Dave. I decided not to try an put ages on these guys any more, I was getting it wrong more than right.

"Cool, well, unfortunately you don't have that luxury anymore Dave. I think you are going to have to exercise your arm a bit more huh? Ok guys. That's enough for this meeting tonight. It's what - about 9:30 now. I basically expect that you will all have had at least one wank by midnight. I know it's a strange thing to 'order' you all to do, but it's all part of the change process. Just make sure you enjoy it dudes!"

I got down off the stage and made my way over to Todd who was obviously very nervous.

"Come on mate, let's go talk in the bar managers office."

I led the kid into the small office behind the bar and motioned for him to sit in one of the two torn bar chairs that almost filled the small office. I sat in the other chair facing him and reached out to push the door closed.

"Hey Todd, good to talk to you one-on-one. I'm going to try to do this with everyone over the next few days. You are looking pretty nervous, there's really no need to be. So, tell me why you have never wanked."

"Because God says in the Bible that it is evil and a sin to spill your seed."

'Ahh, I see. Ok, first let me ask you this; have you ever had a wet dream - you know, a nocturnal emission?"

"Yes, a few times I have I'm ashamed to say."

"How can it be a sin if your body does that in an unconscious state? Also, I would have thought a bright kid like you would have worked out that the story in the Bible about Onan actually referrers to performing coitus interruptus rather than masturbation. It was telling guys how it was considered a sin to have sexual intercourse for pleasure rather than for reproduction. It never actually referrers to masturbation at all."

Todd looked at me as if I was telling him his left arm didn't actually exist. I continued.

"And even if it was your belief that your church teachings told you that masturbation was bad, evil, made you go blind or grow hairy palms or whatever! Then you now have to re-evaluate all those teachings anyway. Right now it doesn't look like you will ever be able to get married and then enjoy sex with your wife. There also doesn't look like there will be any reproduction going on either. Society has changed in the most unimaginable ways and we are all going to have to adapt to cope with those changes."

"So what are you saying - that I should ignore and forget everything I have been taught is right and wrong all my life?"

"No. What I'm telling you is that you need to re-evaluate the relevance of those specific teachings to our new society. The churches tried to outlaw things like homosexuality, pre-marital sex and even masturbation in order to try and keep a level of simplicity in the 'hidden' aspects of complex large scale societies. Now that we have a small all male society with no likely outside influence we have to run by a different set of rules and limitations. Masturbation and homosexuality are now our only forms of sexual outlet and self expression. It would be very unhealthy for any of us to completely cut ourselves off from all expressions of our sexuality. So what I'm telling you Todd, is that you shouldn't forget the teachings you have lived by, but you do need to see them in the light of the totally new situation we live in. And, having said all that - I still want you to try wanking tonight."

Todd looked down at his hands in his lap for a few moments.

"I... I have always wanted to. But I was afraid I'd be caught and called a sinning freak of nature and be punished in front of the congregation."

"Wow. That's some tough church you belonged to! You do realize don't you that what they were forcing you to do, or not to do, is something that everyone else in this building has done and does on a regular basis don't you."

"What about you Rick?"

"Me? Well, last time I wanked was last night, outside. Josh and I did it sitting beside each other. Normally I wank a couple of times a day."

Todd looked at me in disbelief.

"I'm not bull-shitting you man. That's the truth. Now - are you going to go out there and give it a go?"

Todd sucked in a deep breath, held it for several seconds, then nodded.

"Excellent!  Ok, key thing is to do it tonight while everyone else is doing it too. That will minimize any embarrassment you have about doing it because you won't have everyone watching you do it alone. Now - seeing you have never done it before, you might need some advice first. Are you cut or uncut?"


"Ahh, Ok, show me your cock."

Todd's eyebrows raised almost to the top of his head as his eyes opened very wide. I nodded at him and motioned to his crotch. He nervously unbuttoned his shorts and unzipped, then he pulled down the front of his Y-front undies to reveal a very attractive fully hooded package.

"You're uncut, as in not circumcised. That means this skin here at the end of your dick wasn't cut off when you were a baby. You'll find that most of the guys out there are the same as you, and me. It's cool because it will make your first wanks a lot easier and more comfortable. My key advice would be to use spit as lube to start with, and just watch how other dudes do it. When you are going to come, and you will know the feeling, don't be afraid of it. Just let it happen and enjoy it."

Todd nodded and put away his obviously growing penis back into his shorts.

"Ok Todd, come back and talk to me if you are having any problems or have any questions tonight. Even if I'm wanking I want you to do that Ok?"

He nodded and we got up to return to the bar. Todd stopped before leaving the office and offered me his hand. I took it and shook it firmly.

"Thanks for actually taking the time to talk to me like that Rick."

"Hey - no problem dude. I just hope you don't think I'm trying to tell you what to believe about everything."

Todd smiled and shook his head, then turned and walked out into the bar. I followed him and looked around and into the dark corners of the bar. It was pretty much as I had expected. All the guys were sitting alone and looking nervous. Not one of them had yet started. As I had expected I was going to have to lead by example on this one. I looked around for Josh, he was sitting on his pile of pillows and was smoking a cigarette nervously. I walked over to him and sat beside him.

"Hey dude. What's up?"

"Not a lot, obviously."

He smiled and looked down at the floor.

"Yeah, so I see. You realize you are going to have to help me out with this tonight don't you?"

"I thought you might say that. What do you want me to do?"

"Well, shortly I'm going to busy myself getting a drink and stuff so that a few people will watch me, then I'm going to strip off and put my boxers in the rubbish bin - kind of symbolically. Then I hope to get hard and I'll basically just start playing with myself and then settle down somewhere in full view to wank full on.  So, what I want you to do is to follow suit basically. After the guys get like 30 seconds to see what I do at each stage, I want you to follow my lead. Ok?"

"Yeah Ok, I just hope I can get it up!"

I laughed quietly with Josh and agreed with him. Then I stood up and walked over to the bar and to get more attention I jumped over the bar to get at the slowly warming fridges. I didn't really need to do anything to get attention, every pair of eyes in the place were fixed firmly on me as I walked back around the bar with a fresh beer. When I got to the centre of the bar I made a show of bending down and removing my boxer briefs. I carried them over to a rubbish bin and threw them in with a flourish. It was at that point that I knew I wasn't going to have any trouble with my demonstration, I felt my cock starting to throb and grow as soon as it was set free of the cotton and lycra shorts.

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