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Part 8

As I walked back to the end of the bar, where there was a little more candle light, I casually rubbed my cock and balls, just the same way I would as I walked around my flat alone at night. I sat at the end bar stool with my back to the bar so that I was facing all the guys in the room and so they could all see my growing erection. I noticed movement in the corner of my eye and then saw Josh walking towards the rubbish bin I had used with his hockey shorts and underwear in his hand. He threw them in and went back to his bedding space which was at the opposite side of the room. It wasn't easy for me to see him from where I was but I could tell that he was slowly rubbing his cock too.

I began to concentrate more on myself. I wanted to get a full hardon as soon as I could. This was not a problem. Less than a minute after I sat on the bar stool I had a fully hard cock and I had begun slow strokes. I had decided to prolong my own orgasm to make the most of my demonstration so I was going to use the stop and go method to keep me edging for quite some time.  I wanked slowly for a couple of minutes, getting myself closer and closer to orgasm before stopping to look around the room. There was Josh, head back, pounding away on his cock at the back of the room. Already there were about five other guys who had their hands down their shorts and a couple who had gone as far as stripping off to enjoy their wanking.

I slowly stroked myself, keeping near the edge as I watched more and more guys start to rub themselves and get worked up. Soon I began producing my normal copious amounts of pre-cum and entertained those who were watching me closely by licking a large gob from my fingers. There was one kid who was paying absolutely no attention to me though, he was furiously beating at his cock just in front of me laying on his blankets with his eyes closed and his head thrown back. He hadn't bothered stripping, instead he had poked his cock through the elastic of his shorts. I could tell from his rapid breathing that he was getting close and then as I and several others watched he grunted and sprayed a very large amount of cum all over his shirt and his face. With a somewhat surprised look on his face he opened his eyes and looked at me questioningly. I gave him the thumbs up signal and smiled at him. As he sat himself up I got off my bar stool and walked over beside him and sat down.

"Sweet job there dude! I think you might have got a few stains on that shirt though!"

"Yeah, whoops." he said with a cheeky grin.

"So dude, what's your name?"

"Duncan, Dunc for short."

"Cool. You don't have to keep wearing your uniform you know Dunc."

He nodded and stripped naked and tossed his clothes under his pillow behind him after wiping his face clean on his shirt.

"That's better isn't it. So, how old are you Dunc?"


"Cool, tell me, when you wank do you normally come that quick and that much?"

"I usually do it about that quick yeah, but never quite that much normally."

"Well I think we're going to have to teach you some tricks to make it last longer dude, that way you will enjoy it even more than you did then. See. I'm still hard as, but I haven't come yet.  I keep doing this to keep myself hard and near the edge of coming so I can enjoy it as long as I want."

Sitting beside him I pumped myself quickly and stopped demonstrating the technique to him.

"So, you seem pretty comfortable coming in front of all of us Dunc, you ever wank with mates before?"

"Yeah, me and a couple of my best mates do it together sometimes when we hang out and watch pornos."

"Sweet dude, well, just cause you have shot your load already tonight, don't think you have to stop eh. There's no limit on how many times you are allowed to come!"

As I was speaking to Duncan, Josh walked up beside us and sat down squeezing between me and Duncan. He smiled and nodded at us and I noticed shiny patches on his chest and stomach and then saw the cum dripping slowly from his arm pit hair. As the smell of fresh cum hit me my cock twitched and I almost added to the sticky collection.

"Hey dudes, yo, Dunc! What's up?"

"I was, and Rick still is. He's teaching me ways to make it last longer. Looks like he needs to give you those lessons too Josh mate!"

Josh leaned forward and put his arms around Duncan's and my shoulders, pulling us both close to him.

'Nah dude, I'm going for a three cum job tonight, wanted to get the first one over and done with quick so I can get ready for number two."

"Well my two young cum buddies, I'm going to wander around and see how everyone else is getting on. Hey, why don't you guys wank each other?"

I stood up, pushing myself up using Josh's slimy shoulder. I wiped my hand on my thigh and began to walk slowly through the room. I was both surprised and happy to see that at least twenty five of the guys already had their cocks in their hands. There were also three others that I could see who had already shot. The room was hot and smelled overpoweringly of sex and cum. I didn't need to even touch myself to keep hard and dripping pre-cum.

I walked over to a group of guys who were still holding out. They were all obviously friends.

"What's up dudes? How come you're not wanking?"

The leader of this pack spoke.

"'Cause it's so gay man!"

"What's your name dude?"


"Ok Alan, question for you. When did you last wank?"

"Three days ago."

"Ok, and are you not just a little bit horny now?"

"Well yeah, but not cause there's like dudes wanking in front of me and walking around waving their hardons all over the place."

"Now, tell me again why you are not wanking right now? And don't say it's gay. There is no such thing as gay anymore. You find me a chick and I'll say there is gay and straight again. Until that time there is no gay."

He looked put out and stayed silent for a while. Then he rolled his eyes and told me the truth.

"Well, basically I figured that if I get off in front of dudes like this then I'm basically saying to them they are welcome to come and bend me over and fuck me up the ass."

"Ok, thanks for telling me the truth. The fact is though that that idea is just fucking wrong. You getting off in front of all of us proves just one thing - that you're a normal and horny dude like the rest of us. If at some later stage you decide that you do want someone to fuck you up the ass though just yell and I'm certain you'll get a line forming!"

The guys all laughed and waited for me to continue.

"What are you guys waiting for? Come on, everyone naked right now, that's an order."

I waited and watched as all six of the hold-outs stripped naked. Three of them had been concealing painfully erect cocks in their shorts and they looked relieved to have them free. They all sat there dead still waiting for the next instruction.

"Oh, come on guys! Do I need to tell you to put you hand on your cock and start wanking? Ok, well, go on then! Fuck, do I also need to come back in half an hour and tell you all to come as well?"

They all started to manipulate themselves and by the time I walked away from the group I left six teens grasping at six full hardons. I walked past Todd, my wanking virgin, and saw him sitting naked and cradling his semi-hard cock in his hand. I plonked myself down beside him, sitting on the edge of his pillow.

"Hey Todd, how's it going?"

"Ok, but I don't think I have had an orgasm yet."

"Bud, you would know if you had. Let's see your technique."

Todd grabbed his cock loosely and began pushing it back and forth. It was an interesting technique, but certainly not one which was all that great for a learner.

"Dude, have you been watching the others and seen how they are doing it?"

"I was being polite and trying not to look."

I smiled and grabbed my cock with a traditional full fist firm grip and began long firm strokes.

"Check this out Todd. This is a pretty traditional way to do it."

He watched me wanking and then attempted to emulate it. I could see that he was growing fully hard now. I also noticed that his grip was very loose and his hand kept slipping.

"Hey, mind if I demonstrate the correct grip for this technique?"

He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders, so I leaned over and took hold of his cock, he let out a gasp as I gripped it firmly. Immediately I noted to myself that this kid wouldn't need to use much spit to lubricate himself, as his plentiful pre-cum coated my fast flying hand. I wanked him like this for about one minute and then let him go. His eyes flicked open and a look of panic gripped his face.

"Oh, don't stop please! That felt so good!"

"Nope, you need to finish off yourself now that you know how."

He grabbed his cock and beat himself viciously for another minute and then stopped suddenly.

"Whoa! I felt almost like I was going to pee then!"

"That's good man, that means you're getting close to coming. So just go for it and keep going until you just can't anymore Ok?"

Todd nodded and returned to his first wank. By now several of the guys in the area had moved over to watch this odd display. Todd's best friend shuffled over and sat beside Todd and offered encouragement to his mate.

"Yeah dude, stroke that cock man! Blow your load dude!"

At that moment Todd did exactly what he was told and with a loud yelp he experienced his first waking orgasm. The first spurt of cum landed squarely on his best mate's face, the next hit my arm, the following spurts varied from enormous gobs which made it as far as Todd's face to less powerful dribbles onto his heaving stomach.

Todd opened his eyes to see his mate grinning at him.

"Hey, Daniel, what's that on your face?"

"It's your cum dude!"

"Eh? How did it get there?"

"You shot it there dude! You got some on Rick's arm too, and the rest is all over you dude."

"Oh, sorry guys. Fuck that was awesome! Can I do it again?"

The group around Todd all laughed and several patted him on the back and shoulders and welcomed him to the club. As I was standing up I looked down at the cum covered kid.

"Todd, you can do it as much as you want to. Just don't wear it off!"

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