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Part 9

As I picked my way through sweaty naked bodies I noticed that there was now a strong smell of cum in the room. Around three quarters of the guys had come already, several were wanking for the second or third time. I checked around the bar and found that all of the guys had at last at least made a start. Half the group was totally naked, a third just had their shirts on and the rest had some other clothing still on. I decided to pay my reluctant six another visit.

Alan was lying sprawled out on the floor in the middle of the group with a large white puddle on his chest and in his belly button. Two of the others had also come and the rest were slowly stroking very ready cocks. I smiled at the group and then perched myself on a barstool right beside the group. I was more than ready to come myself, so I returned to nice powerful strokes on my aching cock and within seconds I was spraying cum all over my reluctant heroes on the floor. The sight of this happening set three of them off and the cum splattering on his chest made Alan open his eyes with a start. I grinned at the guys I had just come on and stood up and walked away with cum still dripping from my cock.

I picked my way through the semen coated masses and made my way to the garden bar where I could get some fresh air and take a much needed piss. When I got outside I discovered that I had missed a few guys. It seemed that the garden bar was the place to come to wank slowly and luxuriously while smoking a couple of joints that were being passed around. I walked up to the group and Lance smiled at me and passed me the joint. I took it and took a drag and passed it on. It tasted a little salty and I was puzzled until I noticed that Lance's hand was slick with pre-cum, and his wasn't the only one. The other four guys who had joined Lance outside were all using their wanking hands to take and pass on the quickly diminishing roach, each adding a little more flavour to it.

I grabbed one of the white plastic chairs and placed it on the grass opposite the small semi-circle of stoned wankers. As I sat down I asked them if any of them had come yet. Lance answered.

"Nah, we're all going to do it at the same time."

I smiled and nodded. I spread my legs a little and relaxed my bladder.

"Dude! Are you pissing sitting there?"

I nodded as we all watched my piss arc out in the moon light and splash on the concrete in front of the other guys.

"Oh fuck dudes! I'm coming!"

One of the guys I hadn't yet met tensed his body and let fly with an impressive volley which landed right in the middle of my piss puddle. He grunted and groaned as he continued wanking and pumping his cum onto his stomach and pubes. The other five quickened their pace and within seconds all five were spraying cum all over each other and towards me. Of course as soon as I had finished pissing I was hard and wanking again. It was going to be a long night for me.

What I saw next made it shorter. The five guys who had just come all over each other were now giggling and looking at each other. The first comer leaned over to Lance and scooped some cum off his thigh and looked at it then sniffed it.

"Yo, dude, I think this is mine!"

He then licked it off his fingers and smiled. He leaned across all the others to the guy at the end of the row and wiped cum from his stomach and then smelled it.

"This I'm certain is not mine though."

He raised it to his mouth and sucked his fingers clean and took his time tasting it.

"Nope - definitely not mine."

The others laughed and within seconds they were all scooping and eating the cum of each other like hungry animals. I couldn't cope with this. I grunted and started to reach orgasm once again. The kid who had started the eating fun leapt out of his seat and lunged at me with his hands cupped and tried to catch as much of my cum as he could. He got most of it and proceeded to slurp it down.

"Mmmm, nice and warm! But not mine!"

I sat for a moment giggling and recovering with my eyes closed. When I opened them I saw all five guys sitting opposite me with their legs spread so their knees touched the guy next to them. They were all following my lead and pissing where they sat. Quickly there was a small river of piss running between my feet onto the grass.

When they had finished, and we were all sitting in the cooling night breeze enjoying the afterglow of orgasm Lance looked at his friends and over to me.

"You know, I think I could pretty easily grow to like living like this."

"Yep, I think we all will get used to it pretty quick."

I stood up and walked behind the five guys on my way back inside. I stopped behind the kid who had eaten my cum and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"Dude, that was hot. Next time though I want to taste your cum too. Maybe you'll even let me take it directly from this."

I leaned over him and laid my hand gently on his cock and balls which immediately responded to my touch growing instantly hard.

"Any time Rick. Any time. Hey - who's got that last joint?"

I walked inside and the smell was now overpowering. Not far from the door I slipped on some semen on the floor and landed safely on a folded blanket beside Josh and Dunc, both were very sweaty and were covered in cum. Despite this they were still wanking each other just as I had suggested when I left them two hours earlier.

"Hey guys. How many times have you done that?"

Josh answered.

"This will be cum number four for both of us. It'll be my last one for the night for sure!"

At that moment Duncan moaned and his back arched as watery cum spilled from his cock and poured over Josh's hand and down over Dunc's tight balls and down his ass crack onto the blanket under him. Dunc lost his grip on Josh so I leaned over and grabbed Josh's cock and started pumping with fresh vigour. I was quickly rewarded with a sticky hand and wrist as well as a grin of thanks from Josh. I stood up wiping my hand on the blanket as I did. I was exhausted so I made my way through the naked bodies to my position and laid down to sleep.

Of course, just because I was tired didn't mean I could sleep. At first I lay there thinking how clever I was that I had already taken charge and had everyone behind me. Not only that but I had even got everyone wanking on the first real night of our new existence. I knew damned well that I had an ulterior motive for demanding that everyone got themselves off that night. Of course I knew that it was because the idea was sexually appealing to me and I now had a great excuse to watch dozens of guys wanking. Hell, I had even managed to get my hands on three other cocks tonight!

Thoughts of guilt turned into thoughts of fear. What happens if I get sick? What happens if I hurt myself badly? For that matter, what happens if one of the kids does and I have to do something about it? Being in charge was great, but I really didn't want the responsibilities that came with that power. I finally drifted off about three in the morning.

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