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Part 10

At this point of the history it's probably valuable to tell you a little more about my life before our world changed. I was 22 years old, as I have already said, and I was working through the summer as a swimming pool lifeguard at the University swimming pool - just to makes ends meet until my student loan for my final year at university came through.

I'd moved to the city from a small country town at the end of high school so that I could attend university to get a degree in psychology and politics - potentially both very useful in my new life - I just wish I had actually paid attention to what I was being taught rather than spend the first three years of university drinking, getting stoned and chasing cute guys.

Yeah, I guess I first really knew I was gay when I was around 17 at high school. Within the space of three weeks that summer I had my first two sexual experiences. The first was fumbling in the dark and getting a hand job from a rather ample girl named Susie. The second was a group wanking experience with three of my best mates as we watched porn videos at my house while my parents were out of town. You can probably guess which experience really did it for me.

It was after that I started examining my thoughts and desires in detail. The fact that I always fantasized about guys while I masturbated, and desperately wanted to see my best friend naked and hard again made me think that perhaps it wasn't just 'a phase' like I had been telling myself for a long time. I began to give myself tests. I would seek out various kinds of porn on the internet and would 'scientifically measure' my sexual response to it. I tried hardcore gay porn, solo guys, solo girls, lesbian action and straight couples. My experiments were pretty conclusive. If there was a reasonable cute guy involved - I was hard. If there wasn't I had minimal response, if any at all.

I didn't particularly want to be gay, especially living in a small rural town like I did. But, I was much happier in myself once I had identified who and what I was. It made the decision to leave the comfort of a single child home for the unknown and size of the city and University very easy to make. University life was an education for me in an awful lot of ways.

When I began at university I had just turned 18 years old. Even by my own admission I had a pretty hot body, one which I took a great deal of care of - until it met beer and weed of course. Actually, even then I kept in good shape and worked hard to keep the six pack which I enjoyed just as much as the guys I fucked did. It didn't take me long, a wide eyed perpetually horny kid, to find out where on campus you went to hook up with equally horny guys. It was no more than two weeks on campus before I got my first blowjob, and within a month I had fucked my first buddy.

So yeah, my higher education career was basically made up of last minute cramming for exams, struggling to buy beer and grass with the food money and getting as much sex as I possibly could. In that sense, I really don't think I was much different from any typical uni student!


I woke because the sun which streamed in through the door to the garden bar was tickling my eyes. I stretched and looked around through bleary eyes. The young Adonis note-taker Steve was lying on a stack of pillows just to my left and I realized that he was quietly stroking his very pleasant looking erection. I watched until he sent small waves of cum onto his stomach and the floor, then I rose and went into the men’s toilet.

When I came out of the toilet stall there were three guys waiting in line to follow me.

"I don't think you want to go into that stall for a while dudes."

It was then that I realized with a laugh that none of us had even thought about using the women's toilets. Those three guys quickly agreed that this was probably a good idea. All four of us smiled as we passed another guy on his way into the men’s as we walked out.

As I walked back through the bar to go outside for some fresh air I noticed that I was still walking around naked and I hadn't even noticed. This was exactly what I wanted to happen for everyone, so for now the worries of last night were put out of my head. I went out and sat at the table that had seen last night's fun group activities, there was still plenty of cum on the ground and chairs that hadn't yet dried. I looked longingly at the pack of cigarettes sitting on the table but willed myself not to start smoking again, not yet anyway.

Josh walked through the doors and came over to sit beside me.

"Well, that seemed to go pretty well last night. Hey, did I see you actually coming on Alan and his buds?"

I laughed and nodded.

"Interesting. You know he was the one making comments about stuff being gay when you were laying down the law last night don't you."

"I guessed as much. Well, his mates got off on the idea of me shooting on him. I'm sure he'll get over it." I said laughing.

"More importantly, what the fuck do we do now? I reckon it's important that we stay here for a while - we need a safe place to stay and keep together, and for a few days at least I think this will do. But, I think we will all go stir crazy if we stay right here all day. Ideas?"

I looked at Josh as he thought.

"Maybe we should send them all out into town to collect more water and food and shit. Send them in pairs or something and give them a time to be back here."

"Yep - sweet idea. Come on, let's get this show on the road."

I stood and led Josh back into the bar. I jumped up and sat on the bar and clapped my hands loudly a few times.

"Wakey wakey guys! Come on, it's almost 9:30 already! Now, I just have a couple of things to say before we get going for the day. First of all - excellent job last night guys, I know I got off a couple of really good ones. Is there anyone who didn't come last night?"

I looked around at 46 waking and awake guys, more than half of them were still totally naked. Obviously everyone had finally done the deed last night.

"Sweet! Well so far this morning I've only seen one dude taking care of his morning wood. Don't forget, anywhere, anytime dudes. Right - here's the plan for today. We need to stock up on more bottled water and food for here so I want everyone to go out around town today and your main mission is to collect like a trunk full of food and water and bring it back here by seven tonight. Now the only rules are these: You should go out in groups of three or four, only those who have drivers licenses should drive for now, and at no time should anyone be left alone. I am serious about that. Even if you are taking a dump, the guys in your group need to be there in the same fucking room."

"Oh and drivers, before you ask, yes you can take whatever car you want. So get into groups guys. Josh and I will be going together, so we have room for two more."

I slipped off the bar and went to my pile of gear and found keys and my jandels and slipped them on. I didn't want to be walking around with bare feet all day. I waited beside Josh for a while, waiting for anyone else who wanted to go with us. Just as we were about to give up and head off Lance came up to us.

"You still got room?"

"Sure kid, let's blow this joint."

We walked out towards the car park and hopped into my car. Lance clambered over the seats into the tight back seat and Josh and I sat in front. As we were pulling out of the car park I looked back at Lance in the back seat.

"Hey, no clothes allowed on this trip dude!"

Without a word he struggled out of his shorts and briefs and threw them out the passenger seat window onto the road.

"Sweet. Ok guys, what do you want to do?"


"Oh come on! There must be something you have always wanted to do?"

"Well, I guess I have always wanted to mess up Mr. Stevens class."

Josh laughed.

"Who's he?" I asked.

"Oh, he's my English teacher."

"Ok, messing up Mr. Stevens classroom it is then!"

Within minutes we were parked at Lance’s high school. With no traffic driving was a breeze, you just had to keep an eye out for oddly parked or crashed cars. We jumped out of the hot car and stood in front of the school building looking at it.

"This is so fucking weird! Standing naked in front of your school! Shit!"

I laughed at Josh and told Lance to lead the way. It wasn't far and within seconds we were standing in Lance's English classroom. I looked at Lance.

"Go for it dude."

"Umm, what am I allowed to do?"

"Absolutely anything. No limits."

A grin formed on his face and he walked briskly to the teachers desk which he nimbly jumped up onto. He stood facing us with his back to the blackboard. With an almost imperceptible grin he relaxed and sent a stream of rank yellow piss all over the desk and the papers piled up on it. He jumped down, still pissing and opened the desk drawer and aimed his stream into the drawer. He turned quickly and we watched his ass muscles tighten as he strained and we saw a huge arc of piss soaking the blackboard in a sweeping motion. He then leaned back against the desk and sighed loudly as the last dribbles of piss pooled on the floor at his feet. As he walked back towards us at the back of the room he was sporting a large hardon and smiling.

"Guys, I just wish he was still around so that I could see his face when he found that! Fuck that was exciting!"

I looked at his cock.

"I can see that!"

He blushed as Josh and I laughed and pointed at our own erections.

“Come on, it stinks of piss in here now – let’s get out of here.”

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