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Part 11

Josh and Lance followed me out of the piss soaked classroom and we walked out into the sunlit school yard, all three of us still hard and flushed with excitement.

Josh walked over to a wooden picnic table that stood between the school hall and the entrance to the cafeteria. He climbed up onto the table and lay down on his back in the sun, his hard prick pointing directly up his body towards his face. I noticed a glint of sun reflecting off the precum at its tip. Lance followed him and sat on one of the seats running along the sides of the picnic table. He rested his back against the edge of the table Josh was lying on.

I walked around to the other side of the table and sat down facing the other two guys. Right in front of my face was the twitching cock of the totally hot kid I had been secretly lusting after for months, just as he had been hot for me as I had recently discovered. It seemed pretty obvious what I needed to do next, so it was only a matter of a couple of seconds before I leaned forward and took the throbbing cock into my mouth and began luxuriously licking and sucking it.

The startled intake of breath from Josh, followed quickly by his guttural groan of pleasure made Lance turn quickly to see what was happening.

“Fucking hell! Are you sucking his cock!?”

I lifted my face a little so I could see Lance, with the tightly stretched head of Josh’s cock still firmly in my mouth I winked at him and nodded gently. The twisting sensation made Josh squirm and whimper and then he tensed up without warning and I felt salty warmth flowing into my mouth. Swallowing it all with relish, I released the still pulsing cock from my mouth and sat up smiling.

Looking down at Josh’s crotch I saw semen slowly continuing to escape from his twitching prick and dripping slowly to his firm belly. It sat propped up by the cute wisps of pubic hair that crept up towards his perfectly formed navel.

“Why yes, I do believe I was sucking his cock Lance. A mighty fine cock it is to, very tasty!”

I smacked my lips loudly, sending all three of us into fits of laughter. Josh propped himself up on his elbows and spoke to both of us.

“Well, that was certainly a pleasant surprise. I guess I really do like having my dick sucked after all. So, when do I get to taste some?”

Lance and I both stood up at the same time, both of us presenting very significant erections to Josh. He grinned and reached out to each of us with a hand, grasped our cocks and lead us around to stand at the head of the table, both of us side by side close to his face. Josh then shuffled his body along the table top so that his head was hanging back off the edge of the table, and with his arms, pulled Lance and I closer together until both of our cocks were touching at the heads, where they met with Josh’s busy tongue and lips.

I was very close to coming already, and being that close to Lance let me smell very clearly his musky teenaged aroma. The hormone laden sweat from his armpits was right in my face and I was compelled to dive my face into the inviting moist crevice and lick deeply from the hairy pit. Lance raised his arm to let me at the entire wet pit and I sucked in the aroma drunkenly while thrusting forward with my rock solid cock into Josh’s mouth, pushing Lance’s aside with the force. Lance was clearly closer to the edge than I was.

He grunted, his face contorted and his weight pressed down on my shoulder as he let loose an enormous volume of cum all over Josh’s face, neck and chest. That was it for me. I gasped and felt my own knees begin to fail as I injected my own load into Josh’s waiting mouth. Both Lance and I opened our eyes just in time to see Josh stop his wanking, which neither of us had noticed before, and let fly his second load in just a few minutes. The first shot hit me in the stomach, the second hit Lance’s thigh and the rest landed on Josh’s already messy chest.

Lance and I sat down on the bench seats, still with throbbing cocks. We watched Josh’s cock finish pumping out his second load of the morning onto his flat stomach. I reached over and ran the tip of my finger through the warm puddle and took it to my mouth.

“Mmmm, second helping just as good as the first.”

Josh turned his head to me and smiled.

“Can’t say yours tasted all that bad either.”

“Fuck! You two need to get a damn room!” Lance laughed.

I grinned at the young man sitting opposite me.

“Right, and who was the first to blow his load out of us two huh? Yeah, not me my friend! Anyway, enough of this fucking around, we need to at least find some supplies today. Come on Josh, get your sexy ass up off that table. I’m guessing the cafeteria might be a good place to start.”

We all slowly stood, stretching our bodies and looking coyly at each other. I noticed that both Josh and Lance were actively avoiding any eye contact with anyone. As we walked towards the cafeteria I quietly spoke to them.

“Guys, we just had sex. Let’s not shy away from that fact. Let’s embrace it as a new beginning and not be shy about it. I most certainly want to do that and a whole bunch of other things with you guys in the future and I’m kind of hoping you might feel the same way.”

They both nodded.

“Good, so let’s not avoid each other about this now – let’s do our best to just make fucking around like that a regular part of daily life, like reading a newspaper, or watching TV used to be.”

Josh stopped and looked long and hard at me as if he wanted to ask me something, but still was holding back.

“What is it Josh? Come on, spill.”

“I… I just want to have a hug if that’s alright?”

I took two steps over to Josh and grabbed him hard and pulled him to me. Wrapping my arms tight around him I held him close as I felt him relax into my grasp. He hugged back hard and our mouths found each other and lips parted as if perfectly choreographed. Our kiss was deep and passionate. Our tongues explored the new territory with lustful excitement. I felt powerful hands grasping my ass cheeks, pulling my whole body deeper into the embrace. Our lips parted and we hugged tightly. I felt the warm wetness of tears hit my shoulder blade as Josh breathed deeply in my arms. I held his head between my hands and gently pulled his head back so that I could look at his face and see the tears trickle down the young face before me.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” he said, “Absolutely nothing now.”

“Ahh, all very touching and all guys, but how about giving me a hand with this shit?”

Lance staggered past us carrying a heavy load of food and drinks towards the car. Josh and I gathered ourselves and went in to the cafeteria to collect our own booty.

Back in the car with a full load we sat silently as the other two waited for me to start it up. I looked back at Lance sweating in the back seat.

“Sorry dude. That was a lot to dump on you today. I mean you can see that Josh and I seem to have something going on here, I’m not trying to play favourites or anything.”

Lance looked confused.

“Ahh, what are you on about? So you and Josh are gonna fuck. That’s pretty clear. That doesn’t bother me. Why would it? So long as it doesn’t stop me getting off another couple of times today why should I give a shit?”

“I guess I don’t know. Just thought you might be freaked out about the two of us kissing and stuff.”

“Nah. But what’s it like kissing a dude like that?”

I laughed. “I’d be careful asking a question like that with the two of us in the car!”

Josh smiled and looked questioningly at me, I smiled and nodded almost imperceptibly. As I started the engine Josh opened his door and jumped out of the car, quickly opened the back door and jumped in to the back seat jostling Lance across the cramped space. I started driving as I saw a very surprised Lance’s face disappear behind Josh’s head. The sounds of kissing came from the back as I sped out of the school gates back onto the road. Only six blocks later I saw Josh break off the kiss and lower his head out of my view. Instead I saw Lance’s eyes open widely in surprise and heard him moan as his erection disappeared into Josh’s mouth.

As I turned the engine off back at the pavilion I turned to get a good look at what was going on. Josh was taking Lance deep into his throat while at the same time he had managed to insert a finger of his left hand into the tight opening of Lance’s ass. Lance was panting with his eyes tightly crammed shut. His breathing stopped and his eyes opened wide looking directly through me as his chest and arms flared red in fiery passion. He gasped and a tortured groan escaped his throat in short cut off bursts. As Lance came, Josh suddenly pulled his finger, almost viciously, from Lance’s ass. At the same time he lifted his mouth away from the erupting cock.

Lance now roared in orgasmic fury and shot cum with an audible splat onto the roof of the car. Josh had managed to swallow, so he once again dove down on the erupting cock and sucked it clean as it continued to spew cum into his mouth. When Lance’s breathing began to return to normal, and his eyes were no longer rolled back in his head, Josh sat up and kissed him deeply once more, sharing with Lance the taste of his own cum.

Sitting back finished, Josh opened the car door to let a little cooling breeze in. He turned back to Lance.

“So, there you go, that’s what it’s like to kiss a guy. Oh, and to get a damn good BJ too.”

“Fuck! I have never come like that before in my entire fucking life! What the hell did you do to me? I was coming and then you did something that just made my whole fucking body shudder and I thought I was gonna shoot my balls out through my cock!”

Josh smiled at him and just waggled his finger. Lance looked confused. I explained.

“Josh knows one of the secrets to the ultimate orgasm. He had his finger up your ass while you were getting close. When you started to come, he pulled it out quickly, that’s a well tested way to make an orgasm much stronger. I certainly hope he is going to share that technique!”

Josh smiled at both of us.

“Any time guys, any time. Let’s get this shit inside before it cooks in the trunk huh?”

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