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Part 13

As we all walked into the dark shop it was clear that my three new friends were all looking forward to whatever was going to happen. In the dim light from the high, curtained windows I could see that there were three hardening cocks around me, two already pointing at the roof, one pointing right at the wall, but visibly growing.

“Guys” I said, “Give me a hand getting these curtains open so we have some light in here huh?”

We all looked up at the windows, all of them were at the same height, around a metre above our reach. I looked at the guys, Tony was the smallest of them, around 1.68 metres tall, and fairly light with it.

“OK, Tony, come over here mate, guys, get close to me and we’ll lift him up so he can pull back the curtains.”

Without a word they worked together and seconds later we had lifted Tony above our shoulders. A couple of us used our hands to support his ass while the others held his legs and lifted at his feet. In moments Tony was tugging at the first curtain. Plenty of dust fell, but the curtain would not budge.

“Don’t bother trying to pull it across Tony, just rip it down.” I grunted.

Immediately Tony gave a hard pull on the fabric and as it tore from the window, his weight shifted and we all grappled to hold him. We managed to keep him from falling, but my hand did slip into his butt crack. He giggled and looked down.

“Umm, whoever has his hand up my arse, please don’t make a fist right now!”

We all laughed as we shuffled sideways so he could pull down the other curtain. Quickly the windows were uncovered and shafts of sunlight lit the swirling dust in the shop. We gently lowered Tony, but not particularly gracefully. He ended up on his back on the floor with his legs in the air being held by Steve who was unable to see what was happening because he had the second curtain draped over his head. I pulled the curtain off and Steve let his buddy go.

I bent down and helped Tony to his feet and used my hands to wipe the dust and spider webs from his firm but slight and sweaty body. His cock was still at around 30 degrees from his taught stomach.

“Hmm, you like dust and crap all over you huh?”

“Nah, I’m sure it was that hand giving me a prostate massage that did it.” He laughed.

I gave his ass a playful slap and stepped away from him while taking careful note of the perfectly formed toy he kept between his legs. There was no way I was going to need to take any dildos from this store, I was surrounded by fit, virile young sex toys.

The four of us began to look around the store. I must admit I had visited this particular establishment on the odd occasions before that week. It was one of the very few such shops in town which carried much at all to suit my tastes. Most of them generally had a small gay DVD section with perhaps 15 or 20 sad titles remastered from third generation VHS in the early 90s and perhaps two or three standard gay magazines – not exactly the sort of thing to get me going. This one at least had a semi-decent range of recent release DVDs and a grand total of two shelves of display shelving dedicated to “alternatives” as they put it on the label.

I took a quick look at the gay offerings, pretty much glossing over the video options given that we currently had no power, and focused on the glossy mags. Not much new there for me, although it was nice to be able to leaf through them without a snotty bitch at the counter looking down her nose at me the whole time. But then it quickly became much more entertaining watching the other three in the shop.

Andy was leaning on the counter thoroughly engrossed in a copy of “Gents” magazine. From the tip of his bright red hardon a long shiny thread hung all the way down to the floor where it met a small puddle of precum. As I watched, the sun coming through the grimy window caught a fresh drop running down the clear thread like a bead falling slowly to the floor on a long string of nylon.

“Hey Andy, hope you are going to mop that flood up before we all drown.” I said quietly as I stepped up beside him and leaned on the counter beside him. Andy looked over to me with a face of confusion. I smiled and looked down at his groin and to the floor. Leaning back, Andy followed my gaze.

“Whoa! Fuck, that’s a shit load of pre-juice! I guess I’m getting off on this huh?” he laughed.

“Sure looks that way. Bet if I gave that thing three or four tugs it would explode.”

“Ha! I think it might take more than that dude.”

He didn’t even flinch as I grasped his throbbing cock firmly in my hand. He simply looked back to his magazine and turned the page to look at two guys penetrating one rather large breasted blonde woman.

Andy was circumcised. With the lubrication he was producing though, there was no issue of me causing any discomfort to him. Using his own copious lube I used my best twisting pull stroke to massage him to a very abrupt and messy orgasm. It was more than four strokes, but not much. I released the still rock hard cock and stood up straight. Andy stood up too and we both looked at the large wet mess he had just made on the counter and floor. Andy leaned close to me to whisper.

“Good thing the others didn’t see that.”

“Oh? You still worried about that whole ‘gay’ thing?”

“Nah. I mean I don’t want them thinking I’m a ten second wonder you know.”

Andy’s grin was enough to make me want to kiss him, but I held back and just gave him a nice firm whack on the butt. I reached over to squeeze his cock, it was still totally hard. I leaned close to him, moved my hand down slightly to cup his balls and whispered in his ear.

“Don’t worry, you have at least three or four more loads in these this afternoon, and remember, the first one often comes too quick when you’re your age.”

Andy turned back to his magazine with the grin still on his face as I stepped away from him in search of the others.

I found Tony first. He was sitting on the floor in a corner of the shop with three calendars open on the floor around him. He was leaning back against the wall of DVD titles with his eyes closed and panting as I walked toward him. As I got closer I saw that he was incredibly sweaty and also had several thick streaks of off-white fluid running from his stomach up to his chest, chin and left shoulder.

I gave him the thumbs up signal and walked quietly past. On the other side of the DVD rack I found Steve. Like the other two, he was very much engaged with the material, but he was still to come. He was wanking nice and slowly though, building himself up for a good one.

“Hey Steve, found something you like huh?”

“You could say that mate. Hey, I have a question for you if you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead, absolutely anything.”

Steve turned the magazine he was studying towards me. The two page spread showed a male/male/female threesome where guy A was getting head from the woman, and guy B was getting head from guy A.

“So, who’s really getting the better deal here? I have heard that guys give better head than chicks from some people. Is that true?”

“Hmm. Well, have you had head from a girl?”

“Sure, several in fact.”

“OK, scientific test time I guess!”

I grabbed the magazine from Steve’s hands and tossed it to the floor. Then I bent over and quickly lifted him in a fireman’s lift which thankfully I had learned how to do properly just a few months before. I took the stunned 18 year old to the shop counter and gently plopped him down into a sitting position right beside a surprised looking Andy. I grabbed his ass cheeks and firmly pulled him a bit closer to the edge of the counter and leaned right down to lick his cock head. Within seconds I had taken his erection into my throat and was giving him my best deep throat blow job.

“Holy FUCK!” he yelled. “Oh my fucking god, that is so fucking unbelievable!”

Needing to catch my breath I began to use my mouth to my best ability on his shaft and head, paying special attention with my tongue to his sensitive foreskin and pre-cum gushing piss slit.

With a great deal of surprise I felt a hand tentatively touching my own cock. I flicked open my eyes to see a questioning look from Andy. My eyes smiled and his tentative touching became more positive. I felt him playing with my foreskin and my balls with the other hand. Then I felt him rubbing the sweaty crack of my ass and the inside of my left thigh. I instinctively moved my legs a little apart to allow access when I realized that there were now four hands caressing me. Coming up for air just long enough to see what the hell was happening I saw that Tony had also joined in and was the one playing with my ass crack.

I returned to deep-throating Steve as his grunts became more insistent and urgent. Pulling back a little I twiddled the tight skin of his foreskin with my tongue as I awaited the impending explosion. This was not a porn shoot and I didn’t want to waste his cum. I was going to get it all this time. Flicking the head of his cock fast and hard with my tongue did the job. Steve’s hips tried to buck into my face and his breath sucked in as he started to come in my mouth.

Thick warm goop squirted into my mouth as I stayed exactly where I was and continued to coax the orgasm from him. I let his cum quickly fill my mouth. Once he began to breath again and I could feel that there was just a dribble emerging, I lifted my head from him with a loud slurp and swallowed my prize. It tasted particularly sweet and pleasant. I knew then I was going to have to remember who was tasty and who wasn’t. Steve was already at the top of the tasty list!

“Fuck! That felt like I blew a hole in the back of your head Rick! Man! You sure do know how to suck a guy off!”

“Mmm, and you have a very tasty cock too mate. So, who’s better, me or the girls?”

“No contest. I’d have you suck me off even if those two playing with you were both hot chicks!”

I smiled, wiped the drip of cum from the tip of his cock with my finger and licked it off. Then I looked down at Andy and Tony, both who were now sitting on the floor leaning their backs against the counter, one on each side of me. Tony sat on my right while Andy sat on my left. Tony had his right hand wedged between my legs and was rubbing against my ass hole with his index finger. My sweat was allowing his hand to slip smoothly back and forth.

Andy meanwhile was using both hands on me. His left hand gently caressed my balls while his right hand slowly stroked my shaft. I had been on the edge for several minutes now and was dripping as much pre-cum as Andy had done earlier.

“Ok guys, I’m about to come. So which of you is getting the facial?”

Immediately Tony slid across in front of me and tilted his head back to provide a big target.

“You got it dude! Here we go!”

Andy held me still as I tensed up to come. At the moment my ass muscles began to clench Tony pushed his slick finger just into my ass. He obviously knew the trick too. I squirted very hard at least six times, all but one of them splatting against Tony’s face or neck. After I finished spurting I kept pumping cum which dripped directly onto Tony’s re-hardened cock. This set off a hands-free orgasm for him and he shot again onto his chest and stomach as he pulled his hand away from my ass.

Andy leapt to his knees and aimed his own cock at Tony. He grunted and shot his second load also onto his face and chest. Tony opened his eyes, stretching strings of cum from his eyelashes and smiled. He then licked around his mouth, finding a couple of globs of cum with his tongue and devouring them.

“Hmm, I guess I have become the cum slut huh?” he laughed.

“You can claim that in about 20 minutes when I come on you too dude!” said Steve.

We all began to laugh and slumped down on the floor to relax after our energetic few minutes. I watched cum dripping from Tony as he sat there smiling in the oppressive heat of the shop.

“So, Tony. I noticed a couple of the calendars you were looking at had guys in them. Have guys always done it for you?”

“Hmm. I guess I’d have to admit that they have always pretty much done it for me yeah. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything about it though. Sure as fuck won’t be the last though!”

Smiling I stood and reached down for both guy’s hands. I pulled them both up.

“Come on you three. It’s way to hot and stuffy in here, let’s go outside and get some fresh air for a bit. Then of course Steve has to cum on you too Tony.”

Laughing we all swaggered outside and sat down at a café table on the sidewalk in the shade.

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