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Part 14

Drinking a warm beer from the café bar I looked at the three laughing and chatting guys sitting there with me. Could it be possible that we could actually be happy like this? All of the logic circuits in my brain told me no. But my gut was disagreeing. Maybe all we had to do was keep things shallow and everything would become easy.

A lull in the chatter roused me from my contemplation.

“So guys, where to next?”


“No ideas?”

“Hmm, to be honest I wouldn’t mind just sitting here and jerking off all day!”

Andy leaned back as he said this to display his hand wrapped around his once again swollen and self lubricating cock.

“Yep,” I said, “There’s certainly merit in that idea. But I feel like we should go somewhere and do something we’ve not done before, or something we always wanted to do or something like that.”

“So long as it involves me blowing my load again soon, I’m up for anything dude!” said Tony as he stood up displaying his own rejuvenated hardon.

I shook my head in wonder.

“Holy fuck, you guys just can’t leave them alone can you. But that’s cool, we’ll just find something cool to do that also involves coming… hmm, well, I guess you can pretty much jerk off while doing anything really, so that shouldn’t be a problem!”

Tony looked at Steve squarely in the eyes.

“And you are not allowed to forget that you still need to unload on me mate.”

Steve grinned.

“Well, you better sit your ass back down then cum slut, because I’m about to unload.”

Steve pushed his seat back as he stood, displaying a dark purple cock head smeared with precum and gripped firmly in his right hand. He shuffled over beside Tony and without another word he aimed and fired. Semen splashed off Tony’s cheek and dripped to his collar bone as he turned his startled face to look at the shooting cock. Steve’s next spurt hit its target directly, pushing through the slightly parted lips in front of it. Tony instinctively closed his eyes as the third and final pulse laid itself from the corner of his eye, along the length of his nose and down to his chin where it gently dripped to his shoulder.

Licking his lips Tony silently watched Steve step back and let go of his twitching cock.

“I need a shit.”

Andy’s pleasant announcement shook us all from the moment and set us all off in a fit of giggles.

“Well,” I said, “you had better have a shit then hadn’t you. Just go down the alley here would be fine.”

Andy looked down the alley we were seated beside and nodded. He stood up and wandered half way down the short narrow driveway and squatted in full view of all of us. We all groaned and stood up to walk out of visual range as he grinned at us and pushed.

Moments later there was a plaintive call from the alley.

“Uh guys! Can someone maybe find me some toilet paper or something?”

Rolling my eyes I went back into the café and extracted a roll from their toilet. Taking it down the alley for Andy I tossed the roll to him and walked quickly out of range.

“Thanks so much for sharing dude!” I yelled over my shoulder.

When Andy rejoined us we all began to walk down the street escaping the thought of Andy’s excreta. I broke the awkward silence.

“Yep, shit is going to be one of the interesting things we have to deal with. Andy, you could at least have gone to the end of the alley where we couldn’t see you so clearly. And, I guess we should all remember to either have really clean shits, or grab some TP before we go!”

Tony turned to me as we continued walking down the footpath.

“Remind me what the story is with pissing again?”

“That’s easy. Anywhere outside basically, or in a proper drain or container inside. Or I guess if someone wants you to, then you can piss on them too.”

Tony nodded and seconds later started pissing as we walked along.

“I always wanted to try pissing and walking at the same time.”

We all watched him as we walked.

“You do realize you are pissing on your feet don’t you.” I said.

“Only a bit. But I don’t care if you don’t.”

“Dude! Your feet, not mine, no problem!”

As we walked Tony’s piss arced further out in front of him as his erection returned with a vengeance. Smiling he waved it about sending a slowly diminishing fountain all over the footpath in front of us. As his piss stopped his hand returned to it’s caressing motion, encouraging the hardon to keep going. I walked close to Tony and put my left arm around his shoulders, feeling the still sticky cum all over them. As we continued to walk along I too let the beer out of my bladder. The piss splashed at our feet as we walked and I quietly spoke in Tony’s ear.

Steve and Andy dashed a few metres in front of us to avoid walking in the piss on the ground and began chatting and laughing as we walked behind them.

 “Dude, I really think we are going to get along just fine. I like the way you are going for this stuff and making it easy for everyone.”

Tony smiled at me and put his right hand on my ass as we walked along, still using his left hand to play with himself.

“Yeah, I don’t know why I never just went for it with a guy before you know. I have always wanted to, as long as I remember. And, yeah, I guess I kind of have a bit of a piss fetish as well.”

My own pissing was coming to an end as he said this. But he had time to reach across and hold my cock head and coat his fingers with yellow piss before I stopped. He lifted his hand to his face and tasted the tang of my piss mingling with the salty sweetness of his precum. With this his body tensed up and I watched his cock twitching and shooting cum onto the pavement as we stopped walking.

“Wow.” I said quietly, “Your second hands-free cum in less than an hour. Impressive!”

Taking deep breaths Tony resumed walking and smiled broadly at me as we both watched cum continue to drip from his bouncing cock as we walked. The others never even noticed that we had stopped for those few seconds. I pulled Tony closer into my body and smiled at his tanned and sweaty face. He looked up into my eyes and we kissed.

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