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Part 15

Neither Tony or I was really paying attention, so we both walked into the backs of Steve and Andy who had halted in front of us. They both turned to us with huge grins on their faces. Confused, Tony and I both followed their gazes until we saw what they were so interested in.

“No way! No way in hell!” I stated.

We were all standing looking into the shop window of a gunsmith.

“Sorry guys, but no fucking about with anything that shoots anything more than cum. It’s not like we have a lot of doctors around is it.”

“Come on Rick. Just a .22 for a bit of fun, how can that hurt?”

I looked at Andy and flicked his nipple hard with my finger.

“It can hurt a whole lot more than that!”

“Ow! Fuck! That hurt you cunt! What the fuck was that for?”

Andy rubbed his tender nipple as he looked at me with a pout on his face.

“Well, it was for two reasons. First as a reminder of how shit can still hurt us – guns and teenagers is not a good mix. Secondly, you questioned my authority. I have absolute authority and you all need to learn that quick. If an occasional nipple tweak helps remind you of that – then that’s all good.”

“Yeah OK. I get it.”

Andy nodded sullenly in acceptance as we all moved on along the footpath away from the gun shop. We still had no particular idea what we were going to do a couple of minutes later when we met three of the others coming around a corner. Tom, my object of desire at the pool, Dunc and the kid who had promised me a taste of himself outside the night before. They were all wearing sweat soaked underwear and greeted us with smiles.

“Hey guys, how has the foraging been going?”

“Yeah good.” Tom answered, “We got a bunch of stuff from the supermarket and took it back already. Decided to come into town to see what everyone else was up to.”

“Cool. Was there anyone else back at the Pavilion?”

The three guys looked at each other sheepishly. Dunc answered.

“Ah yeah. Lance and Josh were there. We kind of interrupted them.”

“Oh, what were they doing?” I asked feigning innocence.

“Ah, well, basically I guess you could say they were, ah, experimenting with each other.”

“Oh, you mean they were fucking?” I asked in a matter of fact manner.

“Well, I dunno if they had done that, but there were certainly doing their maths homework – you know, 69.”

“Oh good, glad people are having fun. So, have you three gotten up to anything fun or interesting this morning?”

My complete acceptance of the news about Josh and lance seemed to disarm the three of them. They took a few moments to regain their composure. The guy who I hadn’t yet properly met answered.

“Not much really. We got the food and stuff, then took it back, then went for a swim at the pool, then decided to come back here.”

“A swim sound good actually – yeah. Sorry, I don’t know your name dude.”


“Yeah,” said Tony, “but we all call him Stoner. He always has primo weed.”

“Ahh, so you supplied that nice little circle jerk party outside last night huh?”

“Yeah. Ah, sorry if I was a bit freaky then. I kinda do weird shit like that when I’m really baked.”

“Hey, I had zero problem with it. I think that was pretty obvious!”

The others looked confused. I decided to let them stay that way. I didn’t want Aaron to get embarrassed about eating all that cum the night before. I wanted to encourage guys to just relax and have fun.

“So guys. Why the undies?”

“Dunno,” said Tom, “just used to wearing something I guess.”

“Well, why don’t you three strip off so we don’t feel under-dressed. Besides, with the heat we have been having we are all sweating like overweight whores. Clothes will just get stinky.”

The three of them shucked their underwear and stood in front of us holding them in their hands. I held my hand out expectantly until they all passed me their underwear. I sniffed them and winced. Then I walked over to a rubbish bin and tossed them all into it. I then walked into the small café we were standing beside and grabbed several bottles of water from the fridge and sat at one of the tables smiling. The others followed my lead quickly grabbing drinks to replenish the fluids we were sweating out.

“Yo Stoner, I guess you haven’t got any of that weed with you have you? I suppose no pockets could make that difficult.”

He smiled at me and walked back into the café, quickly disappearing into the kitchen. Moments later he emerged with a bag of weed, a pipe and a lighter and placed them down on the table in front of me.

“What the fuck was that? Magic?”

He smiled and winked at me as he leaned over to expertly pack the pipe and held it out to me.

“The day cook in there and I share a common friend.”

Nodding I took a long toke from the pipe and then handed it to Aaron.

“How old are ya Stoner?”

“Depends who’s asking.” He said as he exhaled and passed the pipe on.

“I’m asking.”

“17 or 18. Depends if I’m being questioned by the cops, and then it depends what they are questioning me about.”

“He’s 17.” Said Andy.

“Wrong dude. I actually turned 18 a month ago. For real.”

Passing him the pipe and lighter again I nodded and smiled.

“Cool, so seeing as how you are 18, I am allowed to ask you then.”

“Ask me what?”

“Last night you said I could taste you – direct from the source if you know what I mean. Well, is now good?”

Aaron’s eyes widened and his eyebrows almost left his head. He quickly shook off his surprise.

“Here? With them here?”


Aaron stood up and handed the pipe and lighter to Tom. He shuffled over and sat on the table directly in front of me and leaned back on his hands. I wasted no time in leaning forward and slipping his cock into my mouth, wanting to feel it harden inside me. I was not disappointed, his hardon ripened quickly.

“Fuck! What the? Man! That was a surprise!” stuttered Tom as he let the pipe go out in his hand.

They all sat watching transfixed as I inhaled the deep musky odour from Aaron’s crotch as I coaxed the first drops of precum from him with my tongue and lips. Aaron moaned as I continued the oral assault on him. I heard muttering from his thrown back head.

“Oh fuck yeah. Oh my god, that is… oh fuck!”

I continued for a few more minutes until I noticed that someone was holding the pipe near my face. Lifting my head I let my hands take over for a moment while Tony held the lit pipe for me. I then turned back to the stiff rod pointing at my face and blew the smoke over it. For the first time in my life a literal ‘blow job’ actually produced results. Aaron yelped and a large dollop of cum hit me in the centre of my forehead. I dived down onto the erupting cock and sucked furiously as I drove him into a deep orgasm.

Aaron started bucking his hips as I relentlessly tortured his hypersensitive cock in my mouth. His sweaty ass slid back and forth on the glass table top as he groaned and squirmed. I stopped the assault on his cock and just firmly held his erection in my mouth as I savoured the flavours and the rich aroma of his fresh cum that was now dripping past my nose and onto his pubic hair. I stayed right there like that for a good couple of minutes waiting for it to subside. His hardon was not going away. I lifted off him and wiped his cum from my face with a paper napkin from the next table.

I then took the lit pipe that was offered to me with one hand and wrapped the other around Aaron’s stiff cock.

“Aww man! Looks like I still have work to do here!”

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