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Part 16

I passed the pipe on and looked at Tom who still sat transfixed at what he had just seen and Dunc who was inhaling deeply from the pipe and had one hand in his lap trying to hide his erection.

“Guys, do something with those cocks will you, a guy could loose an eye around here if he’s not careful!”

I turned my attention back to Aaron and started to massage his cock again as he growled in appreciation. I was going to make him come again and again until he begged for mercy. His cock slowly oozed cum from his recent orgasm as I squeezed it and this made great lube for my firmly stroking hand. I reached up with my left hand and scooped up a little of the slick mix of cum and precum and reached under the table to where I saw Dunc’s painfully erect cock waiting.

I now had both of my hands wrapped around rock hard erections. I quickly discovered that I need not have bothered with the lube for Dunc, he was producing plenty of his own already. Quickly the area was filled with the sounds of slapping flesh and heavy breathing as everyone was working on themselves or in the case of Aaron and Dunc, working on not coming too soon.

It was a bit awkward reaching under the table to wank Dunc and I was just considering getting him to move closer to me when I felt him tense up and then saw jets of thin watery cum splashing on the under side of the glass table. My hand was quickly covered in the flowing cum and I gently massaged it into his balls and ass crack. Dunc shuddered and gasped as he came again from the unexpected sensation, shooting another thin spurt onto his chest which flowed quickly down to settle in his pubes.

I sat back just in time to see Aaron begin to pulse again and to shoot a much thicker whiter load around a foot in the air to land on my steadily stroking hand. I kept stroking until the pumping stopped and then did exactly the same to Aaron as I had just done to Dunc. Aaron reacted very differently though as I worked my fingers into his crack. He spread his legs apart and smiled down at me.

“Dude, lube me up. I need you to fuck me silly. Where the fuck is that pipe, I need a mother load of weed guys. I’m gonna loose my fucking cherry right here, right now.”

I paid no attention to the sudden silence around me and focussed on working Aaron’s own load of cum into his crack and pushing at his hole with my finger. As he smoked I continued working on him until I had two fingers inserted up to the base. Aaron then squirmed away from me and shuffled his ass to the edge of the table and lay back with his legs in the air.

“Go on. Do it. Guys, you better make sure this table doesn’t fucking fall over.”

I stood up and looked down at him. He was looking up at me with a grin on his face. Looking down his body I noticed the sheen of sweat on his golden hairless chest, the pale brown nipples poking out hard from his pecs, the six pack abs with the same golden skin and a fine mist of tiny pale hairs and of course the ever hard cock jutting up and away from his pubic hair. Past the hardon were his nearly hairless balls, hanging heavy and loose in their sack and down to his waiting asshole.

I took a step closer until my now dripping cock came into contact with virgin 18 year old ass. I considered the fact that I was not wearing a condom at that last second and leaned down to whisper in Aaron’s ear.

“Yo Stoner, I don’t have a condom on, have you been tested? I have since my last guy and I’m clean.”

He turned his head and barely whispered.

“I’m a virgin, in every sense. I’m clean. Just fuck me and make me come again, please.”

I stood up and positioned myself. I hadn’t been this hard for a long time! I pushed my cock head against his twitching bud and pushed firmly but gently as Stoner gasped. My precum slick head started to press his ass open as it slid out of the protective cover of my foreskin. Stoner winced with discomfort, so I stopped and held my position. He took a few deep breaths and nodded his head. I pushed a little harder and suddenly slipped my cock head past his barrier making him jump and yelp.

“Holy fuck! Was that your fucking foot!?”

“Easy dude, just relax and push back a bit, that will make it easier.”

I held that position for about a minute letting him get accustomed to my presence. Then I began to slowly press deeper and deeper. Once I got about half way inside him I pushed just a little harder and Aaron’s eyes flicked open in surprise as his cock jerked and clear precum gushed from his still hard rod.

“What the fuck was that? Shit! Ohh, do that again!”

I smiled down at him as I made tiny thrusting movements back and forth at the point where my cock head was pressing directly on his prostate for about a minute.

“Oh my fucking god! I’m oh fuck! I’m a… I’m a… ahhhh. Coming!”

Without being touched Aaron’s cock erupted, shooting cum over his head and landing on Duncan’s chest. I thrust deep into him as he continued writhing and coming all over himself and the table. His head was thrown back and his arms flailed about as I kept fucking him, now with full power. His orgasmic thrashing was too much for me and I experienced a fantastic orgasm myself, buried deep in his ass. I stayed buried there as he stopped moving and looked up at me with eyes that were glazed with ecstasy.

“I felt you come in me then Rick. Thanks.”

“It was my pleasure, literally!”

I reached down and lovingly caressed his rapidly rising and falling chest as I allowed myself to slip from inside him. I took hold of his hand and pulled him to a sitting position so we were face to face.

“I always like to say thanks with a kiss after a passionate fuck. Is that Ok?”

Aaron smiled and leaned forward to accept my kiss, and let his tongue linger outside his own mouth just long enough to let me know he meant it. I reached up to hold his slightly stubble covered face in my hands as I kissed him once more before stepping back again to get some air and to grab a drink. I looked around me to see a sweaty mass of guys with cum all over them.

Dunc still lay sprawled back with cum dripping through the base of his seat, Tom had let Tony wank him until he too had spurted stripes of thick white cum all over his chest while Andy and Steve had taken care of themselves again and had fresh pools of sticky cum coating their still swollen cocks. Only Tony was still awaiting his orgasm. He looked around at all the other guys watching him as he stroked himself with long, firm deliberate movements.

“This will be come number four today. I can feel this is going to be a big one guys.”

Everyone waited and watched in silent appreciation of the intent and through work Tony was doing. He massaged his balls gently with his left hand as his right hand made complex twisting and stroking motions on his slick cock. He expertly manipulated his foreskin to extract the collecting precum that he was using to lubricate himself to ecstasy. Tony sat right in the middle of the crowd of guys at the café that afternoon. He was positioned to take as much collateral damage as was possible when he did shoot.

“Watch your eyes guys! I’m about to blow.”

Tony threw his head back, held his cock pointing straight up and continued to stroke it with a loose two fingered grip as he let loose his fourth load of the day, which was also his most impressive to watch. As he moaned loudly, spurts of very liquid goop erupted from his bright red drum tight cock head and sprayed around the group of reclining guys like a garden sprinkler. Each and every one of us got Tony cum on us that afternoon.

He let his cock go and let it slap onto his sweaty stomach as his hands dropped to his sides. He lay back in his seat and sighed.

I smiled and made the first comment as I wiped his cum from my shoulder.

“Nice load there Tony. I’d ask if you had been saving that one up for us if I didn’t already know the truth.”

“Thanks dude. I guess watching you fuck Stoner got me going again.”

I saw Tony’s cock twitch again as he lay there with his head thrown back and his eyes closed. A trickle of piss escaped from his still hard cock and then stopped again. He took a deep breath and then the trickle turned into a splashing torrent all over his chest and neck. Piss flowed down his sides and splashed onto the pavement underneath him.

Tom turned to look with surprise all over his face.

“Fuck dude! You realise you are pissing all over yourself right?”

Tony just smiled. I spoke up for him.

“Yeah, I think he realises that. And hey, there’s no problem with that. Remember the rules? Come wherever the fuck you want, piss outdoors wherever and wherever, so long as you don’t piss on someone else. Unless they like that of course!”

Aaron walked behind me so that he could lean down to whisper something in Tony’s ear. Tony listened and then nodded with a grin on his face. Aaron then walked around to stand between Tony’s knees and proceeded to unleash his own piss storm all over Tony. The piss splashed down on his groin, then as the stream picked up, it travelled all the way up until it was splashing off Tony’s face.

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