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Part 17

When Aaron had finished, Tony was wet from head to foot. He lay back in his chair and smiled as piss dripped from all over his body onto the not soaked footpath. The smell of piss was strong and I realised that it would just get stronger as it dried on him. I stood up and stretched my back. Looking down the street I remembered the old city swimming pool was hidden behind a large blue fence just a couple of blocks down. It was still in operation for swimming clubs, so that was to be our next destination.

“Guys, let’s move. Follow me.”

I led the other six along the road, Tony left damp foot prints behind him as we walked. We crossed the road, all of us still carefully looking both ways for traffic, and I came to a stop outside the innocuous looking wooden door to the outdoor pool complex. I turned the door handle and found it was locked. Pushing hard on the door I felt it flex a little, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Guys, a hand? Let’s get this door open.”

“What’s in there?” asked Andy.

“You’ll see.” I answered as we piled our bodies hard against the door.

The dried old wood quickly splintered under the combined weight of the seven of us and the door popped off its hinges and fell inwards with a thump. I led the others through the dark office and locker room and then back out into the bright sunlight and to the sight of a beautifully sparkling swimming pool.

“Oh sweet!” yelled Steve as he dived into the blue water.

The rest of us quickly followed him, the cooling water feeling fantastic on our bare skin. Not only was it a great feeling, but it also served the purpose of cleaning us all off after our hours of sweating, coming and of course for Tony, pissing. After a few minutes of frolicking in the water with the others, I swam to the side of the pool and hauled myself out so that I was sitting on the edge with my legs still dangling in the water. After a few moments Aaron swam up to me and propped his face between my legs and looked up at me.

“Rick, dude, thanks for the fuck. I wasn’t sure if it would do it for me eh. But it fuckin did alright!”

“Yeah, I saw how you shot when I hit your prostate a few times. I’m glad I could help mate.”

“That was fucking awesome dude! I had no clue I could jizz like that without even touching my cock! Is it like that whenever you’re fucked? Cause if it is, I wanna get that every fucking day!”

“Some guys are really sensitive to prostate bumping like that, yeah. So I guess if the dude who is fucking you can hit the right spot, then yeah.”

“Sweet! Can I ask you if you have been with a lot of dudes?”

“Um, well, depends what you call a lot I guess. I suppose that before this bizarre shit started, I’d had some sort of sex with about 25 guys. Yeah, a lot of people would call that pretty slutty I suppose.”

“Wow. That’s a lot I guess. Well, I’m actually a virgin so what do I know!”

“Not anymore you’re not.”

“Huh?” Aaron looked up at me, squinting into the sun.

“You’re not a virgin. Well, in one sense anyway. Maybe you haven’t fucked anyone, but you’ve been fucked now.”

“Oh, yeah. Shit. I didn’t even think of that! Wow. So yeah. I guess now I should find a dude to fuck too right?”

“Hey, that’s entirely up to you Stoner. Some dudes get off on bottoming, some on topping. Others like both just as much.”

“Hmm, I figure I can work out what that means. Um, are you usually a topper?”

“Yeah, I’m a top. I have been known to take it up the ass a few times in the right situation. But yeah, I prefer to be a top.”

Tony had quietly floated up and was holding the side of the pool beside us, his butt floating up and poking above the water surface like two small rounded islands. He asked me a question.

“So, what happens if two guys who like to be top get together? Or bottom for that matter.”

“Well,” I answered, “sex between guys doesn’t have to involve a cock going into an ass you know. I’d say at least half the guys I have gotten it on with haven’t wanted to be fucked, or at least not every time. You know there’s a whole shit load more you can do together than just butt fuck. What about oral, or rimming, or even just wanking each other?”

Tony looked up at me with a puzzled look on his face.

“What’s rimming?”

“Oh dude! You don’t know what rimming is? Stoner my friend, I’m afraid I need to do some remedial education for Tony here – could you step aside for him?”

Aaron pushed away from between my legs and slipped around to the side of me. Tony followed my finger and moved to stand between my legs where Stoner had just been. I leaned forward and reached my hand down into the water, sliding it down Tony’s smooth back until it slipped into his ass crack. With my fingers I firmly rubbed his ass crack, making sure it was as clean as possible. While I was leaning down I whispered into his ear.

“Kid, you’re about to learn what ecstasy really feels like. Just relax and enjoy Ok?”

“Yeah, sure.” He stammered back.

I sat back and turned him around so that he faced away from me. Then I placed my hands under his armpits and hefted him out of the water and up until he sat between my spread out legs. I lifted him again as I closed my legs until he sat comfortably on my lap. I wrapped my left arm around his torso, pulling his back into my chest so that I could feel the heat radiating from his back. I slipped my other hand down between my legs, pushing past my growing erection and finding its way to the crack of Tony’s ass.

I spread my legs apart slightly, spreading his cheeks in the process. My middle finger gently found his pucker and began to slip firmly over the still wet bud. Tony moaned and I began to feel a hot pressure on my left forearm. Looking around his body, I saw that it was his rock hard cock that was beginning to press into my arm. Smiling, I looked down into the water to see Aaron staring up at Tony’s cock and stroking his own slowly under the water.

I lifted my arms back up to Tony’s pits and heaved him up again until he could stand on the pool edge. Then we both stood up and I took Tony by the hand and led him over to one of the poolside bench seats. I sat him on the end of the seat and pushed him gently down until he lay there with his ass hanging off the edge of the seat. I grabbed a nearby towel and placed it on the concrete between his legs. Sitting myself down on the towel, I lifted his legs up and dived tongue first into his sweet smelling, smooth ass.

Tony yelped as my tongue lapped at his fresh cherry. He tightened his muscles and I had to use my hands to force his cheeks apart again. He quickly relented and let me continue. Soon Tony was holding his own legs back and pushing his ass towards me for more. I changed pace from lapping to probing. This elicited even more squirming and moaning from the petit frame of Tony. I reached my hand up to check on the state of his cock. The rigid rod of flesh was topped by a slippery swollen head. It was clear that Tony was enjoying this a lot.

I continued my assault for several more minutes, using my tongue to inject plenty of spit into his ass. Tony wriggled with every press of my aching tongue into his tight hole. I sat back to catch my breath and continued working his ass with my finger. With almost no effort my finger slipped inside his well lubed ass. Tony tensed up and yelped once again. I smiled up at him as I probed deeper and harder.

“Oh fuck! Wow! Are you hard Rick?”

I nodded.

“Well, go on then.”

Smiling at him, I got up and knelt in front of him. By rolling the towel up I got myself to the right height and used one hand to press my cock down. It left a trail of sparkling precum down his balls as I pressed it down to nudge against his twitching pucker. Tony took a deep breath and nodded at me. I pressed firmly and my cock slipped up and nudged his balls again. I took hold of it and held it in position as I tried again.

“Just relax Tony. The more you tense up the more it’ll sting.”

Tony followed instructions well. He relaxed and my stiff cock penetrated its’ second virgin ass of the day. I saw the pain on his face as he tried to stifle a yell. Instead it came out as a muffled growl. I found that so sexy that it urged me on to push all the way in. Burried to the hilt I looked down to see Tony’s balls nestled in my pubes. I looked back up to see tears well from his eyes.

“Should I pull out?”

“No.” he whispered, “Just give me a minute to get used to it Ok?”

I nodded and stayed where I was. Leaning forward I gently rubbed his stomach and squeezed his rock hard cock, releasing a huge dollop of bright clear precum from its tip to dribble into his shallow hairless belly button. A minutes later I looked up to his face again and saw him smiling at me. I pulled back slowly, feeling his tight ring tugging at me as I withdrew and slowly plunged back in.

“Oooooh. Oh, fuck. That’s… Oh! Fuck!”

Tony sucked in his breath and his cock bounced up and down as I started gentle probing thrusts.

“Ok,” he panted, “I see the attraction now. Oh wow.”

I smiled and pushed in a little harder. Each thrust sent shudders through Tony’s body and sent trickles of sweat down my chest to mingle with his where our bodies merged. I started to get into a faster rhythm when Tony gasped and I felt him begin to come. The orgasm took a long time to well up in his body. He shuddered and tensed up, his cock went rock hard, the head swelling to a dark purple and sliding clear of his foreskin before his muscles contracted in that way we all knew would come and a thick jet of cum shot towards his face.

“Argh! Ahh, oh, uh! Fuck! Oh my god!”

Cum dripped down both sides of Tony’s torso, pooled in the hollow of his neck and dripped languidly from his upper lip into his open mouth. The look of him lying there in rapture, the smell of the fresh cum, the squeezing pulsing of his ass muscles brought me to the edge of reason and pushed me over the edge. I grimaced as I injected my own copious load deep into him. Tony lay panting in front of me and I looked into his eyes as I felt my cum pulsing into him.

“You just came in me?” he whispered, licking the cum from his lip.

“Oh yeah. I sure did.”

“That’s so, um, well, gay!” he laughed.

We both fell into a fit of giggles and I gently slipped out of him and sat down on the concrete floor with a plop. My rock hard cock still oozed onto itself as I sat there recovering on the ground. Tony sat up and reached over to stroke my cheek with his hand. I looked up at him.

“Thank you.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Thank you for teaching me so early on how much pleasure I can get that way.”

I smiled and leaned back against the wall. It was only then that I looked over towards the pool where the splashing guys had been silent for quite a while. All four of them sat on the drying concrete looking at us. I pushed myself up and walked over to them and as I passed them on the way to cool off in the pool, I saw all four of them had sticky puddles of semen on the concrete between their legs.

“Enjoy that did you boys?” I said as I dived into the blue water.

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