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Part 18

WARNING!!! This chapter deals with some sad events and some graphic scenes of devastation. If this is likely to upset you, you might want to skip this part.

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It was starting to get dim outside as I sat at the bar taking stock of all the loot collected during the day. I looked at the clock on the wall as it ticked over to 8:20 pm. Four guys were now almost an hour and a half late and I was getting ready to act really angry when they came in. I grabbed the list of guys in the community from the clipboard hanging on a hook, and with Josh’s help worked out who was missing. The four AWOL guys were the four youngest in the group.

Now I was really getting angry – with myself. How the hell had I allowed four of the 17 year olds to go off together? How stupid was that? I’d been thinking with my dick all day, not with my head. I took Josh out to the car park with me to discuss what we would do now. As I was checking that the keys were in a large SUV with search lights on it, Josh tapped my shoulder and I looked up to see one of the guys limping into the carpark. Even in the rapidly approaching darkness it was clear to see that he was covered from head to foot in blood. My heart sank as Josh and I ran to meet him.

“Ian!” Josh yelled, “Is that you? Fuck! Talk to us man!”

Josh reached Ian first and allowed the guy to virtually collapse into his arms. Josh and I gently lower him to the ground and held him upright. I held his face towards mine to focus him.

“First tell us where you’re hurt.”

“I’m Ok, just a few bruises and scrapes.” He panted.

“So, this isn’t your blood?”

“No. Not most of it. We have to go help them! Please! Let’s go!”

Ian tried to stand and I held him down.

“Slow down. We need to know what happened and where they are. Right now.”

“Ruakura Road and Peachgrove. We crashed. I’m sorry! We realised we were late and we were just going too fast! Oh fuck. The blood. The blood!…”

I stood up and sprinted back into the bar. I grabbed the large first aid kit and shouted to the guys sitting around chatting to each other.

“Guys! Take care of Ian. There’s been an accident and Josh and I are going to help. Dunc, you’re with me!”

Duncan leapt to his feet and followed me out the door with a dozen others close behind him. Ian was enveloped in many hands as Josh, Duncan and I jumped into the SUV and roared out the driveway.

“Guys! Put on those fucking seatbelts!” I roared as we bumped our way onto the road.

It only took sixty seconds before we were turning on to the long open road section of Ruakura Road that led to the intersection with Peachgrove Road. We all saw the column of smoke that rose from that direction and said nothing. I dropped a gear and planted my foot, going even faster. The SUV picked up speed until the engine whined in protest and I changed back up. By the time we got close enough to see the glare of fire through the treeline we were driving at close to 170 kilometers per hour.

I started braking hard as we got close – not wanting to plough into any wreckage, or worse, one of the guys. The SUV shuddered to an ABS stop about 60 metres from the upturned double-cab ute they had been in. The whole thing was fully engulfed in flames and fire spread to the gutter as it flowed along the leaking petrol from the tank. Grabbing a rain coat from the back of the SUV I ran towards the intense fire as I pulled the coat over my still naked body to protect it from the radiant heat.

Josh and Duncan grabbed the first aid kit and a small fire extinguisher from the SUV and ran in towards the flaming wreck too. By the time I got within 5 metres of the ute, I knew I could get no closer without being burnt. I shielded my eyes, looking desperately to see if anyone was still trapped inside. I felt bile climb into my throat when I saw the rounded shape of a head in the flames. There was no hair, and the skin that I could see was just blackened shreds clinging to the cracked skull.

Swallowing hard I forced myself to circle the wreck looking for other signs of passengers. I couldn’t see anyone else in the cab, although the smoke and flames made it almost impossible to get a good view. In a way I was glad I couldn’t see the details. Anyone in there was well and truly dead. Dunc ran up beside me with the extinguisher aimed and ready. I placed a hand on his arm and yelled over the roar of the fire.

“Don’t bother. Nothing in there to save! We have to check the area for the guys!”

I ran to a safe distance with Dunc and waved Josh to join us.

“We need to search the area to see if anyone crawled out or was thrown out. We’re looking for two guys!”

It took us two minutes to find the first one. Josh yelled at the top of his lungs for me when he discovered Trent. The kid lay in a ditch on his back. His face looked fine. His right arm was missing and he wasn’t breathing. Working together Josh and I dragged his limp body to the road and I went straight into emergency first aid mode. Airway: I swiped his mouth and tongue clear with a finger. No injuries or obvious blockages.

I carried on through the ABCs. Breathing: I clamped his nose shut, pressed my mouth to his and breathed for him twice. Something was really wrong. I had done a lot of practice for emergency resuscitation in my time as a lifeguard, this felt all wrong. The air was going in fine, but his chest wasn’t rising as it should.

I placed a hand on his chest to feel it and it felt wet. Moving my hand to his neck to feel for a pulse – circulation: I saw the blood on my fingers. There was no pulse. I positioned myself to begin chest compressions. Again, something was very wrong. His ribs were all soft. There was nothing holding them in place. Trent had been severely crushed in the chest area. He was dead.

I looked at Josh and shook my head. Josh blinked hard and dropped his head into his hands. I slumped from my haunches to the road as I saw Dunc walking slowly towards us with tears glinting off his face. He shook his head and looked blankly at the body laying beside me.

“Dan. Dan’s dead.” He stammered. “His neck was cut bad. Blood everywhere. I think he was thrown out or something. Probably through a window. That’s Trent?”

I nodded and then started shuddering as sobs fought their way out of me.

The three of us made our way in a stupor back to the SUV where we all sat and watched the horrific sight of the vehicle fire dying down as darkness enfolded the scene. None of us spoke for over half an hour as we watched the flames subside. Eventually I felt I was regaining a semblance of control.

“This is a bad day guys. It can’t get much worse than this. Three guys dead.”

“Fuck! Three fucking guys dead!” I shouted.

The seconds ticked past and nobody replied.

“Alright, guys. We’ve got a lot to do tonight. We need to clear all this away before the others see it. We need to get all this shit buried and out of the way. That’s going to mean heavy equipment and quite a few hours labour. Can I count of you guys to help?”

They nodded sullenly and I closed the door and fastened my seat belt again. As the SUV started the other guys did up their belts too. There was going to be no need to remind them again. I drove carefully around the still burning hulk and we headed to the nearest equipment hire place.

“Once we get there I guess we need a digger and a bulldozer of something. We need to dig a fucking big hole in the field next to the crash and just push everything into it. And let’s get some fucking overalls too.”

I took two hours before we made it back to the crash site with the track driven vehicles. I almost laughed to myself as I drove the digger down the street. I had always wanted to play with one of these things. Pity it had to be like this.

The sun was beginning to creep over the horizon by the time we had worked out how to dig a hole big enough and how to push the smoking wreck into the trench I had eventually dug. Before we moved the ute we had taken a look inside to see if we could get the body out. Derek’s charred skeleton was beyond recovery. Despite this, I put on the thick leather gloves that had come with the digger and carefully pulled his cracked skull from the ashes and placed it beside the two bodies that lay still on the road.

The bulldozer made short work of shunting the wreck across the intersection and into the field. It teetered for a moment on the edge of the trench and then toppled with a smoky thump to the bottom. Now it lay on what was left of it’s wheels. The ute had clearly rolled several times, the roof was completely crushed. All three of us looked at the remains of the three guys who had died in that crash. Taking deep breaths, and without any words, we carefully lifted them, one at a time, and carried them into the pit and placed them on the blackened tray of the demolished ute. I carried the skull of Derek last, placing it between the bodies of the other two.

“Does anyone want to say anything before we bury them?”

Josh and Dunc just shook their heads. I nodded and climbed back into the digger. As gently as I could, I laid soil on to the three lying in the truck. Once the bodies were covered I backed the digger away and nodded at Dunc who had been operating the big bulldozer. He climbed aboard and brought the blade to bear on the remaining piles of soil and slowly but steadily pressed them in to fill the trench. The sun was beginning to shine on us by the time the sad evidence was totally buried. Hot and dirty I stood watching as Dunc moved the dozer off to park beside the now quiet digger and shut it down.

He joined Josh and myself as we stood looking at the slightly raised hump of bare brown earth.

“What do we tell them?” Josh asked.

“The truth. What else can we tell them?”


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