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Part 1

There was not much light in the hotel room when Luke was woken by the sound of the phone ringing. He pushed back the sheet covering him and felt his way across the room to the desk where he had left the phone the night before.


"Hi, Luke? It's Grant Cameron here. How are you?"

"Ok I guess. What can I do for you?"

Luke looked at the alarm clock beside his bed. It was 7.30 pm. After getting back to the hotel at 7 that morning he had stripped off his clothes and collapsed on the bed and had not moved since.

"I have a favour to ask. I think you know my son Scott."

"Yeah, he works for you doesn't he. He's been working on the boat hasn't he?"

"That's right. Well he has asked me to approach you about an idea he has. He wants to do some travelling and I think he wants to ask you if he can hitch a ride with you."

"I don't think so. I am planning a solo trip. Sorry."

"That's what I told him. I think he would like to try and talk you around though, that's if you don't mind telling him to his face."

"I guess I could do that. When does he want to see me?"

"Well, he's here right now, I'll put him on so you can arrange a time."

Luke waited while he heard Grant's muffled voice telling his son what was happening, then Scott was on the phone.

"Hi Scott. I understand you want to have a chat with me."

"Yeah, if you don't mind. I'd like to put my case if I can."

"Ok, how about we meet for a drink at the Harbour Saloon at about 8.30?"

"That'd be great. I'll see you there."

Luke hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom, turned on the shower and stepped under the refreshing water.

Six months earlier, just before his twenty-second birthday, Luke had been the sole winner of the Lotto game, and had won four million dollars. He decided to finish his Bachelors degree in social psychology, then to do some travelling for a while. Three months after he became a millionaire Luke had decided he wanted to buy a boat and travel in relative comfort, so had called Grant Cameron, master boat builder.

The Nova was a beautiful vessel. She was an ocean going motor powered yacht, 55 feet in length, built for looks, safety and long distance runs. Luke gave up a considerable amount of living space as a sacrifice to performance. Not that the sacrifice was too great. On a short haul the Nova could sleep six, and on a longer trip, up to four could live with some comfort in the cabin. She possessed almost everything you could want on such a vessel. The navigation and control systems were fully automated, and used global positioning satellites for super accurate navigation.

The Nova was built to hold fuel enough for 30 days continuous motoring and had duel backup, self-contained motors to supplement the main motor, which was capable of moving her along at 28 knots at full throttle. At the bow of the boat was a deck large enough to hold a small costume ball on, and aft there was another large empty deck area that even had two deck chairs permanently affixed.

Luke's plan was to leave Auckland in two days for Tahiti, then on to Hawaii, ending on the West Coast of the US. After that he had no plans, but was going to take it as it came.

At 8.30 precisely Luke walked into the bar of the Harbour Saloon. Over the past two weeks he had frequented the bar regularly after his visits to the boat yard where he was watching the progress of his dream. He walked to the bar and ordered a glass of beer, then found a table near the small stage, which was in darkness that night. Moments later he sat he saw a young man approaching his table holding a half consumed jug of beer and a glass.

Scott Cameron was perhaps the typical surfer type. He stood almost 6 foot tall, had sun bleached flaxen hair down to his shoulder blades which was tied in a pony tail and what is probably best described as a solid tan. Luke guessed he was about 18 or 19 years old.

"Hi. I'm Scott."

"Hey Scott. Pull up a chair. You've been working on my boat haven't you?"

"Yeah, I'm working for dad during the summer, had to do something once I'd finished school."

"How old are you?"

"I'm 17. I'll be 18 in August."

"Sorry, I guess I shouldn't have suggested we meet here. I don't want to get you arrested!"

Scott laughed.

"No worries about that. We've been drinking here since we were sixteen."


"That's me and a couple of my mates. We went to school together, and do just about everything else together too. Including underage drinking!" Scott replied grinning.

As Luke finished his drink Scott indicated he wanted to refill the glass from his jug, Luke smiled and watched the beer pour into his glass. Without looking up from the glass he continued the conversation.

"Your dad mentioned you wanted to help crew the Nova on its maiden voyage. He said you wanted to do some travelling?"

"Yeah. I'd be really grateful if you'd consider it. I know you had the boat redesigned so she could be run with just a skipper, but it would be heaps easier for you if you had a crew. We really want to get out of New Zealand for a while and..."

"We? What's this we business?"

Scott sat with his mouth open for a moment staring at Luke.

"Oh. Shit. I was going to bring that up if you said yes. Well there are actually three of us. Me and the other two I mentioned before."

"I see. And I suppose they are here too?"

"Yeah, they're over at the bar there."

Scott pointed to two guys sitting at the bar with a jug of beer each sitting in front of them. One was smoking a cigarette and the other was speaking animatedly to him.

"I think you'd better call them over so they can hear the story strait from the horses mouth, so to speak. You can get me a jug while you're there."

Luke pulled ten dollars from his pocket and held it out to Scott, but Scott refused the money.

Great! thought Luke as Scott waited for the jug to be served and spoke to his two friends. Now I'm going to feel like a real bastard telling all three that they were out of luck.

Scott and his two friends took seats around the table and Scott made introductions. Jason was about the same height as Scott, though his hair was longer and brown, unlike Scott's streaky blonde. He was wearing a tank top and jeans and looked a little younger than Scott - probably because of his long straight hair framing his delicate face, but was in fact about two months older.

Dean was the odd one out of the three. He was a good three inches shorter than the other two, and had closely cropped, jet black hair and was unmistakably part Maori. It seemed that Dean was the most reserved of the three, although he had a definite air of confidence which rattled Luke for a little while. Dean had turned eighteen six months earlier.

All three had finished high school in November, three months earlier. Jason had been working full time in a supermarket since the end of school and had been contemplating going on the dole, or attending university. Dean had been working as a lifeguard at a swimming pool for the summer.

"Well guys, nice to meet you all, but now I have to give you the bad news. My intention is to leave New Zealand in two days time, by myself. Here endith the lesson."

The three seemed to have decided that Scott was to do the negotiating on their behalf. Luke was a little surprised by this at first, but soon changed his mind. Scott definitely possessed the heart and mind of a negotiator.

"We respect your intention to do this by yourself, and would never presume to tell you that you were wrong, but would you consent to negotiate this over a few more beers Luke?" Even though Scott's choice of words sounded rehearsed, Luke was intrigued by this guy's confident approach.

"Sure. But don't be at all surprised if all you get from this is a very long night of trying to convince me, and a hangover in the morning."

"I'll probably have a hangover whatever happens, so that's Ok. My first question is this. Could you explain exactly why you want to go by yourself?"

"I could, but I don't know if I want to bare my soul to you three."

"Well, is it that you want to prove that you can do it by yourself, without any help? Because if it is, that's fine with us. We could just be paying passengers and just do things like cleaning up and stuff."

"That's not it sorry, try again."

"Ok, is it that you are going alone because you don't want anyone to know what you're doing? Like are you taking a drug shipment or something? If so, we would be quite happy to see, hear and say nothing."

"Well, nothing illegal, no."

"Do you hate people?"

"No!" Luke said as he laughed and put down his glass.

"Hmm. Um, could you see a situation in which you would be happy to take anyone at all with you?"

Luke thought for a minute.

"I guess it would be a possibility, yes."

"Then why not us?"

"Simple. Because I don't know you, and you don't know me. It couldn't happen."

"But what's to know? I mean we're getting on Ok now, aren't we? I mean why should it be any different on a trip? I mean that's the way people really get to know one another isn't it, on trips together I mean."

"Yeah, but what *I* mean is this isn't just a school camping trip. It could mean months together with no way of getting out of the situation. My reasons you just wouldn't understand. You wouldn't like to do this, believe me."

Jason took over the negotiations at this point.

"Why wouldn't we understand your reasons? I mean how do we know unless you let us judge for ourselves?"

"Ok then. I'll lay myself open. Here are some of the reasons you wouldn't like the situation. I have some very firm rules for myself for this trip. One of them is that I won't be wearing clothing. I am what's sometimes called a naturist. I don't believe in the social restrictions of clothing. Ideally we should only wear cloths to protect ourselves from danger and cold. This is not a condition I'm prepared to do away with for the sake of any passengers."

Dean laughed and spoke for the first time.

"Somehow I don't think that would be enough to put any of us off."


"Well, to be quite honest, I think if we had the choice, we'd all be doing the same thing. I mean we do as it happens."

"Yeah," Jason interrupted, "we, the three of us that is, have gone surfing down on the West coast every year right after school for the last, what, three years, ever since Dean got his licence and car. The first time we were all very shy about getting changed into our wetsuits and so on for the first couple of days. The place we go to is way off the beaten track, and no one else ever seems to go there. Anyway, on about the third day of the first trip I decided it was bloody stupid to trek five minutes from the camp into the bush to get changed so I just said fuck it, why don't we just change here, nobody's going to see us. So I stripped off and got into my wetsuit, and so did they. From then on we didn't bother hiding when we were getting changed.

"The next year when we arrived there was this amazing surf as we pulled up so as the car stopped we all jumped out of the car, grabbed our boards and springsuits and ran for the beach, stripping off as we ran and getting our suits on as we ran into the water. And this last time I got to the point where I couldn't see much point in getting dressed at all each time I got out of the water and I guess I spent about 50 percent of the time I was out of the water totally naked.

"We were there two weeks this time, and after the third day I don't think I remember seeing Scott wear anything other than his wetsuit, and that was only when he was surfing. Even Dean was wandering around the campsite swinging loose by the end of the first week."

Dean spoke again, adding to the mounting evidence.

"And since the beginning of last summer we've both gotten used to seeing Scott's skin a lot anyway. He works mostly mornings for his dad then in the afternoons goes home to work on his all over tan. I can't count the number of times I've gone round to see him and have found him out on his bedroom veranda frying his cods. Believe me, Scott's got an all over tan."

Scott went a little red and replied, "Well, I tell the chicks that and they don't believe me, so I have to show them. Believe me, it turns them on!"

Jason continued the assault; "Then there's our island as well. You see most weekends we go out in Scott's dad's launch to Helliman Island. That's out in the gulf a fair way and it's a no landing zone because it's a sanctuary for protected birds. My old man works for the Department of Conservation, so we got a job of doing regular trap checks for rats and shit. Well we have to swim ashore 'cause we can't land, so we generally strip off and go ashore butt naked. Scott stays on the shore to check the nearby traps and to make sure the launch doesn't slip the mooring while Dean and I go to the other traps and check those. Even in that situation we're quite happy to wander around naked, and we certainly don't have to. So you see, nakedness doesn't worry us."

Luke thought to himself 'they're doing damn well so far, they are going to need a bit more convincing yet.' They were waiting for him to respond to their admissions.

"Ok, so maybe you could handle that, but that's not the whole story. I mean it's a very small boat when there are four people living on board. There's virtually no privacy and for me that's very important. I mean I need to be able to do what I want where I want whenever I want to do it. And what I'm talking about you don't want to know."

"Surprise us." Scott replied.

"All right then. Wanking. I'm talking about the need to masturbate. It's something I do and I'm not ashamed to admit it. And to be quite honest with you guys, it's not something I'd be prepared to give up for any more than a week or so."

"A week! Shit I'd have trouble stopping for more than three or four days, and Scott, well, I'd say that if he hadn't done it for more than a day and a half, then he must be dead!" Jason said Laughing.

"Hey! I went six days without last month!"

"Yeah" Jason responded, "but how many times did you pork Jane in those six days?"

"Oh, only about 10 times."

"Yeah, and what about oral?"

"She only gave me five blow jobs, not that that's any of your business Jase."

Luke sat for a moment, this was not what he had expected as a response.

"What about you Dean? You've been very quiet on this."

Jason and Scott burst into laughter. Dean turned to them scowling.

"Sorry." Scott replied. "It just seemed funny when you said Dean had been very quiet on the subject of wanking. You see the first time we went surfing down the coast we'd all quietly slip off in the evening to the bush behind the camp saying we were going for a dump or whatever. We all suspected what the others were really doing, but wouldn't come out and say it, we were only fifteen and sixteen at the time. Anyway, Jase and I knew for sure that Dean was pulling his pole from the start, we also knew exactly when he was going to come back to the camp site. You see, he thought we couldn't hear, but he was moaning while he stroked it and then we could hear panting as he got nearer, then we knew he'd be back about a minute after we'd hear the five or six quiet little throaty grunts from the bush.

"As for last time we went, well we agreed between us beforehand that there was no point in bullshitting about what we were doing in the trees, so we'd tell the others that we were off to slap the lizard. Well Dean wasn't worried about being found out any more so he didn't hold back on the vocalisation. There was one night when I was sitting in the breakers doing it, and he was in the main bush area, a good 300 metres away, and I heard him coming even over the sound of the waves!"

Dean smiled and went a bit red as he downed the rest of his glass.

"What can I say? It was one of the best ones I've ever had."

"Well guys, the point is there's a big difference between admitting that you all do it and being able to accept others doing it in fairly close proximity to you, let alone feeling Ok about doing it yourself in full view of two or three other guys."

"Speaking for myself" replied Scott, "The first time I wanked in front of these two I was a bit nervous, and that made me come within about five minutes. But after a couple more tries I felt fully at ease doing it in front of them, even during the day. How about you Dean?"

"Quite the opposite that first time. I had a hardon, but I just couldn't get to, you know, that point, until I closed my eyes and let a fantasy take over. But I could never bring myself to get into it during the day 'cause I guess I was always a bit worried that someone might drive up and see me. Not much need to ask Jason is there."

Luke looked at Jason and waited for a response.

"Oh I don't know. That first time, I couldn't even get it up for ages. I didn't get a proper hardon until after Scott had blown his load. I was a bit worried you see, because I was the one who suggested that we should all do it at the same time in the same place. This was night one at the beach this last time. I thought they might think I'd suggested it because I was gay or something. I actually thought it would be a good trust kind of thing, and yes, I'll admit it, watching another guy wanking does get me hard. Shit, I must have had more to drink than I thought! I need a piss."

Jason stood and headed for the men's. Luke also needed to relieve himself so finished his glass and followed Jason. Luke entered the men's room and saw Jason standing at the urinal inhaling deeply from a cigarette. As Luke took a position beside him Jason glanced over.

"Shit, you weren't supposed to see me smoking. Scott's going to kill me. But it is something I can do without. I mean that's no problem."

"How long have you been smoking?"

"About three years I guess."

"Do you really, honestly, want to give up?"

"Not really. But I know I should."

"With that attitude you probably won't be able to. I know, I've been smoking since I was 15. So don't worry. When I say no, it won't be because you smoke."

Jason and Luke headed back to the table where two new jugs of beer had appeared.

"You guys just want to get me drunk so I'll say yes don't you?"

The three young men just grinned at this suggestion.

Luke continued. "So guys, what's your next argument?"

Scott was ready with the next onslaught. "One of the big advantages of you taking us on board is that we could work for you. I know that boat inside out, Dean is good with motors and stuff like that and Jason, well, he could clean the head or something like that. You could treat us like the scummy dogsbody shit we are. I mean wouldn't you like to be able to have three able bodied guys to order around and do all the dirty work?"

"No, it doesn't sound to bad from my perspective. But I still don't think you get the reasons I want to go alone."

"Sure we do," said Jason. "You want to be able to wander around naked the whole time and jerk off when and where you want. Sounds pretty simple to me. And I think I speak for all of us when I say that that's cool and we don't have any problem with it."

"Ok then, let's get down to brass tacks. What would you guys want from the trip? I don't just mean food and shelter as well as passage, but what would you really expect from me, taking into account what we have already discussed. I want you to think about it first and then give sensible answers."

The three looked at each other to see if any of them had an answer. They were each greeted by questioning looks. Eventually Dean spoke.

"Well, I guess to be realistic about it, we would need to know exactly what was expected of us during the trip. And also what the rules were for the time on the boat. I guess, taking into account what we've already discussed, we would need to know some more about the nakedness stuff, and the wanking and shit. Like would we be expected to do the same, or, and please don't take offence, if you were gay or something like that."

Dean's voice trailed off and was quickly drowned in the froth in his beer. He avoided making any sort of eye contact with Luke, but the other two watched Luke's face intently waiting for a reaction.

"Well. That's the sort of response I suppose I wanted, and I'm glad you asked those questions. There would have to be rules, which would have to be discussed. We would have to talk about lifestyle changes, and how they might affect you as well. And yes, I am gay and that's probably the biggest issue you guys will need to think about. So, now that this dialogue is getting serious, and if you guys are still keen knowing that I'm gay, maybe I can look at reconsidering my plans."

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