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Part 2

"Looks like it's closing time guys. We have a lot of work to do in the next two days. You guys have most of it. Remember, there will be no delays in sailing. We need to meet again tomorrow evening to work on the ground rules for the trip. Is here at 7 Ok for you?"

Displaying obvious pleasure the three young men nodded their agreement. The four left for their respective homes. Luke left for the Hotel thinking that what he was doing was one of the most stupid things he had considered in his life. Perhaps it was the copious amounts of beer he had consumed. Tomorrow things may seem different, he may yet have to disappoint the three young men who had managed to win him over that evening.

During the day the three friends had things to do. Scott told his father that negotiations had reached a point where he was quite prepared to say "Sorry dad, this is my last morning working for you." Grant Cameron knew how persuasive his son could be, and had been half expecting to hear this. He made a mental note to call Luke later that morning to check if Scott was as accurate as he was hoping in his predictions.

Jason called his supermarket at 9 in the morning. He was already half an hour late. He eventually got the manager on the phone.

"Look, I know this is really not fair on you, but I have just had some terrible news from Britain. My brother has been in a really bad accident and I am flying to be with him tomorrow morning. I'm afraid I don't know how long I'll be gone, so I think you'll have to replace me."

Jason's boss took the story hook, line and sinker. He said he would get his final pay sorted out immediately and have it paid into his bank account by that afternoon.

Dean went to work as normal that morning, arriving at 5.50 am to be ready to start at 6. During his morning smoko break Dean went into the duty manager's office.

"Um, I know it's kind of the middle of the season, and this is not going to make your day, but I'm handing in my notice."

Dean's boss rolled his eyes.

"Great. Got a better job have you?"

"Something like that."

"So when do you want to leave?"


"Like hell! There's no way we can roster anyone to take your place for at least two weeks! You are working under a contract you know."

"Yeah, I know. Have you read it?"

"Of course I've read it!"

"Then you should know that as a casual employee, I can do this. I can give no notice if I want. I didn't even have to come in today. I thought it would be better if I told you in person."

"Well, if you think it's funny to tell me this on the day that you intend to leave, then I think it's better for all concerned if you just consider yourself fired!"

"I think not! I'll let you think about what you just said for a while, and if you still feel that way at lunch time, then, I'll just have to call the union I guess."

With that Dean walked out of the office with a satisfied smile on his face. He had always thought that guy was a self centred, arrogant bastard.

At 10.45 Luke's phone rang. He had just been going out the door, so swore as he walked back into the room to answer it.


"Luke, it's Grant Cameron here, do you have a moment?"

"Sure, is there a problem?"

"Not at all, the Nova's finished and raring to go. I just wanted to ask you about your meeting last night. Scott tells me that this morning is the last time he will be working for me for a while. Now this either means he has the wrong impression about going with you, or you changed your mind."

"Well, I guess he could have gotten that impression."

"I need to be on your side on this. Was it a guilt trip he used, or did he use some other form of pressure on you? I just want to be sure that you are truly happy for this thing to happen."

"To be quite honest Grant, I have come to the conclusion that this could actually work out, if the four of us put a hell of a lot of effort into it."

"Oh, so he did manage to introduce those other two into the equation did he?"

"Yeah. I think I should really arrange a meeting with all the parents really soon though to discuss what is developing here. Does that sound like a reasonable idea to you?"

"Absolutely Luke. I know them all quite well, well you can't really help it can you when your kid seems to spend more time at another kid's house than yours. I could get us all together if you like. When would be the best time?"

"I'm meeting with the three of them this evening at seven to give my final verdict, so I guess it would be best if we could do it before then."

"Today's Tuesday isn't it. Let's see. I think we could all be together somewhere by about sixish. How about I arrange that we all meet on the Nova at six this evening. I'll give you a call about five if there's any problem, Ok?"

"Sounds great. If I'm not here at five, leave a message with reception and I'll check around ten past. See you then."

Luke hung up and headed toward the door once again. There was still a lot he had to sort out for himself in the next two days.

A few minutes before six Luke arrived at the marina and boarded his new boat for the fourteenth time that day. He had spent most of the day learning and testing his computer controlled navigation and communication system. He was now the proud owner of one of the most advanced navigational systems in the country.

Not long after he arrived two cars parked near the pier and five people made their way to the Nova. As they boarded Grant introduced them.

"Luke, I'd like you to meet my wife, Andrea, Penny and Sean Anderson, Dean's parents and Jason's dad, Steve Stringer."

After the obligatory handshakes Luke gave the grand tour of his new toy. After emerging from the cabin to the aft deck Penny walked to the stern of the boat and rested her hand on the strangely shaped railing.

"Why is the railing here like this? It looks a little strange."

Luke smiled and answered. "You'll notice that it bows out towards the water there. And there's that flat piece of steel running across there just below the bowed out bit? Well try sitting on that flat piece."

Penny gingerly turned around to face the cabin door and grasping the railing, lowered herself down onto the steel slat.

"Now if you slide back a bit so your back is against the railing, and the slat is under your thighs. That's right. Now look down below you."

"I'm sitting over the water!"

"That's right. When we're at sea that's where Dean will be sitting when he needs to, um, relieve himself."

"Why on earth would you want to wave you bum out over the water when there's a toilet in the cabin?"

Grant Cameron answered her. "It's a water usage thing. Because of the design of the boat and the plumbing system the toilet must use fresh water to avoid some rather nasty corrosion problems. This way, when on a long haul where conserving water is especially important the, um, direct delivery approach is much better."

Jason's father laughed and said, "Does Jason know about this yet?"

"No, I haven't mentioned that one to them yet. I guess Scott knows, but he may not have even thought to mention it."

"Well, I'd love to be there the first time he needs to go and you tell him he has to use that! I might have to ask you to take a photo of the look on his face!"

The conversation continued for about half an hour as the assembled parents quizzed Luke on every aspect of his intended route and safety aspects of the boat. Grant was able to help with explaining the design decisions and Luke showed off the high tech features he had just managed to get working.

The final question of the evening came from Steve Stringer.

"Now, if you are happy to take Jason and the other boys along with you, what do you expect from them in return? I don't necessarily mean in terms of money, more like behaviour and attitudes I guess. I'm asking this so I know what to tell him he has to do to get my blessing for this."

Luke thought for a moment. "That's a tough question to answer because it wasn't too long ago that I had no inclination to take anyone. But I guess what I would have to have from him, from all of them, is an agreement to comply with a few guidelines. Things like openness and honesty, tolerance for my foibles and each other's, a willingness to accept my word as master of the vessel. Oh, and probably most important of all, cooperation."

"The makings of a politician here I think. Yep, that answers my questions, and as far as I'm concerned, Jason can now make up his own mind weather he really wants to do this after your meeting tonight. I'm quite satisfied that he won't drown unless it's his own stupid fault."

Sean Anderson followed up, "About the meeting tonight, are you going to explain all those guidelines to them and let them know all the gory details then?"

"Yep. I'll lay out the worst case scenario for them tonight, that may still put them off."

Sean and Penny spoke together for a moment the Penny said;

"We're happy for things to carry on too. If Dean comes home tonight still keen to go, then we won't stop him. Thank you Luke for asking to meet with us like this. We really appreciate it."

Grant nodded his agreement and lead the other three off the boat. As he was stepping ashore he called back to Luke.

"I may not see you again before you leave. I have to go away on business tomorrow morning. Don't let Scott kill himself will you? And more importantly, don't hurt my boat!"

As the two cars pulled away Luke looked at his watch. He had five minutes to make it to the pub for his important meeting with his passengers to be.

"Hi guys, sorry I'm late. I was having a chat with your parents."

"You were what?!" asked Jason.

"I was talking to your parents about your ideas. Simple really, I mean they do still have some say in your lives."

"But my dad's such a prick that he'll find any excuse to say no now."

"Steve's quite a nice guy Jason. If we hadn't met I'm sure all your parents would have more reason to say no."

Scott and Dean nodded while Jason looked dubious. Over the next hour the three of them told Luke what preparations they had been making that day and what they planned to do the next day. Luke spoke very little while they enthusiastically planned the next six months of their lives. As their babbling came to a stuttering halt Luke began the business end of the evening's conversation.

"Ok, now what I want to do guys is speak uninterrupted for a while. I want to outline for you the basic facts I see as important for you to know at this stage, and some of the ground rules I feel are necessary. Before I start though, I want to make it clear that what we talk about tonight is personal and confidential. This is strictly between us, even if you guys don't end up going on the trip. Agreed?"

All three nodded in unison.

"Good. Now I am going to be very blunt in what I say here. That's because that's the way it's going to be throughout. First of all, some of the things we discussed last night. The clothing thing is first I guess. As soon as we are out of the harbour, and weather permits, I will be stripping off all my clothes. I won't put anything back on for any reason other than safety. Now that of course includes weather conditions, I mean I don't want to freeze if it gets cold.

"As for you guys, if you want to get naked too, that's fine, in fact, to be quite honest, I would probably feel a bit more comfortable if you did. But there would be no compulsion of course. Being naked the whole time raises a few issues other than the main, obvious ones. I get hardons about as often as anyone else, especially - to be frank - if there are three cute guys in close proximity. Being naked, this fact would be pretty hard, pun intended, to hide. I have no intention of trying to hide it when it happens. That means you would have to be prepared to get used to seeing me walking around some of the time with a hardon. It's as simple as that.

"That instantly raises the second issues we talked about last night, masturbation. Going solely from what you told me last night, you three appear to have no problem with the fact that guys wank. That's good, because I certainly do, and will, whenever I feel the need to. Now that doesn't just mean sneaking off to try and get some privacy late at night. It means that if, for example, I am standing on the deck at midday one day with all three of you standing around doing whatever, and I decide to have a wank, then I will, there and then.

"Like the nakedness issue, this obviously has implications for you as well. The same thing applies as with the clothing. I would expect you to feel free to do exactly as I do, but of course wouldn't expect you to do it if you didn't feel Ok about it. There would have to be some special guidelines about some aspects of it of course, but that could be worked out as it happens. Just a warning though, I can guarantee that you would find me wanking two out of three mornings first thing after waking up, in bed that is.

"Another thing that may seem a bit strange is the situation with using the toilet. The toilet in the cabin is not for your general use. That has to be reserved for special conditions. The toilet we will all be using almost all of the time is one with natural plumbing and ventilation. Yes, I do mean shitting in the ocean. There is a special section of railing in the stern of the boat that has been designed so that when you sit in it your arse is hanging out over the water. That's where we all shit. And pissing is just as simple. Stand at the stern and aim for the water. The reasons are all to do with fresh water conservation, as Scott hopefully knows.

"Now here's a very important rule. No drugs or illegal contraband of any type on the boat. There's no way I'm going to get done for smuggling. Now that means total cleanliness. I mean not even a joint, or even an old roach lost in the bottom of a bag. I will be checking everything you bring on board, not just for that, but also I don't want anything stupid cluttering up the space. Smokes and a few beers and that kind of thing are Ok of course, but you have to keep bulk down as much as possible.

"Another important rule is that I am master of the boat, it's not a committee type thing. That means whatever I say goes, without question. If at any stage you decide you can't live with my rules, then we will make for the nearest port so you can leave.

"The last one I want to mention now is probably the most important of all. At all times, starting from now, we all have to agree to a policy of full openness and honesty. If we don't then this just won't work. This means you have to say whatever is on your mind at the time, no matter what it is, even if it might hurt someone. Also, if you are asked a question, by me, or any of us, then you must answer truthfully to the best of your ability. Even if it is something you would rather not say. Consider it like an extended game of truth or dare, without the dare part I guess.

"So, how do you guys feel about all that?"

Scott answered first.

"You've been thinking about this all day haven't you?"

"Yep, since last night actually."

"Well I can live with those things Ok. Just one thing I'd like to say right now though. I'd prefer if, when you're wanking, you didn't deliberately aim the results at me, if that's alright with you."

The three others at the table burst out laughing and a lot of jostling and hassling ensued. The sombre spirit Luke's monologue had caused was broken and the questions began.

"Well guys, if you're happy with that one basic rule, that what I say goes, then I guess we're going to do it eh?"

After the reaction had died down from Luke's decision the four spoke for the next two hours deciding on the details of what was to happen the next day. They all realised that they only had one full day left to be ready to sail.

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