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Part 3

"Hey Jason. How are you going there?"

Luke jumped onto the pier to help Jason bring several bags aboard.

"Not bad. This is about half of my stuff. The rest's still in the car. Scott and Dean will be here soon with their stuff. They're coming in Dean's car."

"Ok, well just dump it all on the aft deck for now. We'll stow it once everything's here. And I still need to check it all."


"What's up?"

"Are you really going to go through everything?"

"Sure am. Why, you got something you don't want me to see?"

"Well, to be quite honest, yeah. Oh, it's nothing illegal or anything like that, just kind of personal, that's all."

"Ok Jason. I'm going to ask you a question now and I want you to remember our agreement about being open and honest about everything. What have you got in your bags that you're worried about?"

"Um, well, there's some magazines. And, um, well, a thing I use sometimes when I'm wanking."

"Ok. Well I don't see anything wrong with any of that. No secrets remember. Look, don't worry about it. We're all going to see it today, or at some time later, so it might as well be today."

As Luke finished, Dean's car pulled up. Together the four of them unloaded the rest of Jason's belongings and Scott and Dean's from the cars. Scott had only one backpack, Dean had as much as Jason.

"Scott, is there more of yours to come, or are you travelling light?" Luke asked.

"Travelling light. I've just got the essentials, a pair of jeans, couple of T-shirts, a pair of shorts, one pair of underwear, a couple of pairs of socks and another pair of shoes, oh, and a jacket. Plus a few other bits and pieces to fill up the pack. I thought there wasn't much point in bringing heaps if I'm not going to wear any of it on the trip."

"Ok then, I might as well begin the search I guess."

Luke grabbed one of Jason's bags first and opened it in the cabin with the other three watching. "What have we got here, let's see. Ok, clothes, clothes, clothes, smokes, more smokes, toilet bag with, um, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, condoms, the usual. Ah, what's this? Penthouse, Hustler and another Penthouse. I'm sure those will be borrowed occasionally. Next bag. Clothes, clothes, shit anyone would think you were starting an op shop! What's this at the bottom? I don't know if I want to touch that. What is it?"

Jason reddened.

"I know what that is," said Scott, "it's a wanking sleeve thing. You lube it up and fuck it. I think it's one of those expensive ones with a vibrator in it too. Why didn't you tell us you had one of those then Jase?"

"Yeah right, like you'd tell me if you had one."

"I would. What about when my old man bought me that blow up doll for Christmas last year? I lent that to you for a week man. What a hold out!"

"This isn't the same. I mean you wouldn't want to borrow this after I'd used it would you?"

"I dunno, I've played with Cindy since you borrowed it, and I know for a fact you porked her, half the tube of KY was gone when I got it back."

"Well feel free to use this if you really want, just clean it after Ok?"

Meanwhile Luke had finished looking through Jason's bags and was looking in the last of Dean's.

"Ah, the first booze." said Luke as he withdrew a hip flask of scotch from Dean's bag, looked at it and replaced it. Next he unzipped Scott's pack. Scott had not been lying about what he had in the way of cloths. Just over a third of the pack contained his clothing, the rest was an interesting assortment of bits and pieces.

"Now this is what I was expecting. What have we got here? Beer, vodka, a couple of year's worth of Playboy and Penthouse, complete with the obligatory stuck together pages. What's this in the plastic bag?"

"Trust me Luke, you don't want to open that."

"Ok then, you open it."

"Sure here you go."

From the bag Scott produced a mottled yellow piece of fabric that appeared to be starched almost solid, and very wrinkled. Both Dean and Jason let out a moan.

"Why the hell did you have to bring that Scott? It's really gross."

The tentative look on Luke's face prompted Scott to explain.

"It's my cum rag. You see I've used this rag to wipe myself up every time I come in my room at home for the last, um I guess three or four years. It's kind of scratchy at the moment though, it hasn't ever been washed. But it gets like that about every six months, then it comes right again after a few weeks, sometimes I think it dries out a little bit too much. If you want I could chuck it, it's just kinda' part of me. Literally I guess."

"I don't mind, just so long as you feed it and keep it tied up. Now what else have we got here? What's all this photocopied stuff?"

"Oh that's a bootleg copy of the best of Penthouse Forum for the last twelve years. I got it off a guy at work last week, haven't read much yet, but it's pretty hardon making stuff. And that thing at the bottom there is my special box of toys. If you open it you'll see what I mean. I've been collecting those quietly for the last two years, kinda beats Jason's doesn't it. I only brought them along because I didn't want to throw them away, and I couldn't leave them at home."

In the box was a wide assortment of men's sex toys and devices, from a Super Sleeve for masturbation, to cock rings and testicle stretching weights.

"If any of you guys want to try any of that stuff, feel free."

Luke replaced the box, closed Scott's pack and stood stretching his back.

"Well, I have to say I'm a little disappointed in you guys."

The three young men looked at Luke with worry on their faces.

"We're going to be at sea for quite a while guys, and I'm afraid wanking tools and soft core porn is not going to keep you entertained for all that long. I suggest that if you have any money left you go out now and get something that might keep you interested a bit longer. Remember, my only stipulations are that it's legal and not too big."

Dean asked the other two, "Where shall we go then?"

Scott replied, "There's that really sleazy porno shop down by the old market, I've always been too chicken to go by myself. Let's go there."

"Don't you guys think about anything other than sex?"

Completely seriously Dean turned back to Luke as they leapt off the boat, his reply, "No. What else is there?"

Luke returned to the hotel he had used as a home for the last few weeks and packed the few things he had left in the room then checked out. He was going to spend that night on the boat so he could make final preparations at first light. His crew had been told to be on board and ready by 6am ready for an immediate cast off. Luke still had a few bits and pieces to sort out before he was ready to abandon the land, so returned quickly to the marina, stowed his stuff and headed for town to pick up last minute supplies.

"Dean, go down below and check the oil pressure gauge on engine one will you? Jason, you go down with him and check the waste release valve is closed, it's the one with waste release valve written on it. Scott, come up here and help me raise the antennae. We're out of here in ten minutes guys."

As he was going below decks Dean looked towards the pier and yelled to his parents,

"You might as well go now, we're about to cast off. I'll call you as soon as we make port."

The Andersons did not move. They had no intention of leaving until the Nova was well under way. Steve Stringer looked nervously at his watch.

"Actually, I have to leave in a few minutes, can't afford to be late for work. Hope Luke wasn't just saying ten minutes."

Andrea Cameron just nodded in response, her attention fixed on her son helping raise an antenna mast.

Eight minutes later Luke was satisfied that everything was in order and called the other three to the aft deck and spoke quietly to them so their parents couldn't overhear.

"It's time to cast off. Do you want to go right now, or go ashore for a couple of minutes to say last goodbyes?"

The three unanimously agreed that they wanted to get under way immediately. Luke moved to the deck wheel housing and increased the throttle from a dull thud to a gentle pounding that felt like it was coming from deep in the harbour. Scott jumped to the pier and released the bow rope, he then waved to his mother and untied the aft rope and jumped back aboard.

Slowly the Nova eased away from the pier and nosed its way into the tight channel between millions of dollars worth of yachts and launches heading towards the harbour channel. As they pulled away all four looked back and waved to the five parents who stood on the pier waving. Dean shook his head.

"My bloody mother's blubbing all over dad's shoulder. That's great."

Within half an hour Luke had the throttle at half power and they were making their way rapidly out of the harbour into the Hauraki Gulf and heading north.

"In ten minutes we'll pump her up to three quarters and make a run for open water."

They had left the pier at 7am. By 8 they were ten miles from the coast and heading north. As soon as they crossed the last shipping lane Luke pulled the throttle back to three fifths which was the standard cruising setting. As soon as he did almost all engine noise disappeared. This had been one of his design stipulations. When the Nova was cruising at an optimum long haul speed there was to be as little engine noise as possible. The design had been perfect. The motor could hardly be heard under the sound of the white caps slapping the sides of the hull and the gentle rush of the early morning sea breeze.

By mid morning they were well clear of the shore. The east coast of the North Island could only just be seen on the horizon. Ahead, only clear water. Luke had set the automated course correction system running an hour earlier, but had stayed in the wheel house to make sure it was working properly. It was just after ten and Luke was satisfied everything was running smoothly, and thirst forced him to leave the wheel. He turned and climbed down the short ladder from the wheel house into the main cabin. As he drank a cold can of Coke he stripped off his shirt and shorts and threw them into the storage space under his bunk.

Now naked, Luke walked up the cabin steps onto the aft deck. There Jason and Dean sat, wearing only shorts, reading. Dean was reading a spy novel and Jason was reading a porn comic he had bought the afternoon earlier. Luke couldn't help but notice Jason's erection forming a large bulge in his shorts. There was a packet of cigarettes and a lighter sitting beside Jason.

"So the smokes are for after sex huh?"

Jason looked up at Luke and shaded his eyes from the sun. Immediately his eyes ran down from Luke's face to his groin and quickly flicked back up to his face.

"What's that mean?"

"Well, it looks to me like you're about to come in your shorts. Must be a good comic."

"It's not bad. But I've never come just from reading, well, not yet anyway."

"Where's Scott?"

"Up forward I think. Is there anything you want us to do Luke?"

"Nup, you're right for now dudes."

Luke was a little disappointed, though not surprised, that Dean and Jason had made no move to strip off once they had seen him naked. He had thought that once they saw that he really meant what he had told them that they would quickly follow suit. If they were going to stay dressed it was going to be hard for Luke to feel totally comfortable about being naked.

As he rounded the cabin bulkhead onto the foredeck Luke was pleasantly surprised to see Scott crouched at the bow, facing the oncoming breeze, and naked. From the back it was clear to see that the others had not been lying when they had said he had an all over tan. There was a faint tan line at the base of Scott's back, but there was definitely no major distinction between light and dark.

"How's it going Scott?"

Scott turned his head to look at Luke. He kept his hands on the railing.

"Good thanks. It is ok for me to strip off isn't it? I guess you've already answered that question haven't you."

"Of course it's ok. Beautiful day today isn't it. And doesn't that breeze feel good on the body."

Scott stood and turned towards Luke. He had an erection which stood almost straight up.

"Yeah, well you can see what it's done to mine." And with a laugh he pulled his cock down towards the deck with his thumb and let it spring back up and slap his flat stomach. "What are those other two losers doing?"

"They're reading on the aft deck."

"Have they stripped off yet?"

"Not yet, no."

"Well, let's go tell them they should."

Luke grabbed Scott's shoulder as he strode past, Scott stopped and turned to face him.

"I really don't think we should tell them to. It should really be their decision."

"Oh, don't sweat it man. They will strip eventually. But if nobody says anything it could be days. I'll tell them, no problems."

Luke followed Scott around to the aft deck.

"Why the fuck aren't you two cocksuckers naked yet? Shit Jase, I'm surprised you haven't split your shorts yet! Look at that fuckin' tent!"

"You can talk, look at yourself!"

"Ah, yes, but it feels so good swinging in the breeze. Come on guys, you'll make Luke and me feel underdressed. Go on Dean, you know you want to."

Jason lit a cigarette and Dean scowled at Scott. Scott stood in front of him with a silly smile on his face. His erection had now begun to subside. After a few moments Dean rolled his eyes, sighed and stood up. He reached down and with a quick motion pulled his shorts down and off. He stood with his shorts in his hand and spoke to Scott.

"Happy now?"

Dean dropped his shorts to the deck and sat down again. Scott smiled and nodded.

Jason put down his comic and stood.

"Oh, fuck it, ok, ok, consider them gone."

With that he bent slightly and pulled down his shorts from the waste band, taking care not to snag his hardon as he removed them. As he pulled them the other three all noticed the string of precum stretching from the head of his cock to the inside of the shorts glistening in the sun. After stepping out of the shorts he picked them up and theatrically dropped them to the deck from his outstretched hand. Just as he released them a gust of wind caught the shorts and carried them in a clean arc into the ocean at the stern of the boat.

All four burst into laughter. Through his laughter Dean said; "At least you won't have to worry about cleaning all that precum off them!"

Jason was hanging over the railing watching the white shorts disappearing in the wake. Luke walked over and stood beside him.

"Never mind. Well, you don't really need them anyway, do you? Consider it a symbolic burial at sea for the pointless constraints of society."

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