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Part 4

Watching the quickly disappearing shorts, Luke urinated into the churning wake of the boat and Jason just looked at him with an unconvincing look of contempt and turned to go back to his comic. His hardon had not subsided at all. As Luke finished pissing Scott called to him from the door of the cabin.

"So how does this shitting deal work then?"

"Simple really, I'll show you. I kinda need to go anyway."

Luke moved a couple of steps along the railing until he stood at the oddly shaped alcove in the railing. Then facing the other three who were all watching he leaned back until he had his back resting against the outwardly curving rails. He then sat on the flattened rail so that his thighs were firmly placed on it and his balls also rested on the flat rail.

"See how my butt's hanging out over the water? This is the position you need to be in. The other thing to do is this. See what I'm doing?"

Luke placed his hands on the sides of his cheeks and lifted up slightly, then sat fully down again.

"What that does is spread your cheeks properly so that you should get a clean shit. That's about all there is to it."

Luke's body tensed slightly and the others saw a turd drop and fall into the ocean, then another. Scott moved toward him offering the roll of paper he had brought from the cabin.

"Nah, thanks. That was what I call a nice clean one. No need for paper."

Luke stood and walked to where Scott stood and gestured for him to take his place. Scott took the toilet paper with him and got into the position he had just been shown. Moments later he too had lost a pound or two. Scott used the paper out of habit, but after the first wipe looked at the paper which was clean.

"I guess you really don't need to use it most of the time if you're not going to wear any clothes. But what happens if I have a shit then realise I should have brought paper along?"

"Then you just yell out 'Help, I've got shit all over myself! Bring some paper!' Or of course you can go down to the stern deck and splash water on your butt to clean it."

As Scott returned the paper to the cabin Luke sat on the deck and looked back toward the hardly visible shore. Jason was in his sight line. He was on the last page of the comic he had been engrossed in. Luke's attention was drawn to Jason's engorged cock which was throbbing regularly and leaking copious amounts of precum which was dripping off his foreskin and forming a small pool on his stomach.

Scott returned and sat near Dean. He was also noticing Jason's condition. Jason finished the comic and dropped it to the deck beside him. He looked up and saw both Scott and Luke watching him. Dean was also looking at him over his book.

"What's your problem? Never seen a hard cock before?"

"No problem." Luke replied. "Why don't you just finish it off?"

"What do you mean?"

"Wank. A couple of quick strokes should do I'd say."

"Right here?"

"Yep. Just go for it."

"But what about the mess?"

"You just come, then we'll talk about the 'mess' as you put it, afterwards. Go on, do the deed."

Without further prompting Jason closed his eyes and wrapped his right hand around his cock. He began stroking slowly but quickly built up the pace until he was pounding furiously. After thirty seconds his breathing became laboured and his face developed a grimace. After about one minute Jason's tempo slowed suddenly to a stop and his back arched lifting his weight onto his shoulders then he came. The first shot landed on the deck behind his left shoulder, the next two came to rest on his shoulder and the decking by his left armpit. The remainder mostly landed on his chest and stomach, a lot of it getting caught in the thin line of pubic hair running from his crotch up to his navel and a little beyond.

Jason's back relaxed and he took a deep breath and let it out noisily. His hand slipped from his cock and fell to the deck. His cock remained twitching regularly until he grasped it again and squeezed it to release the last drops of semen onto his stomach. He then let his hand drop once more to the deck where semen dripped off his thumb. As Jason opened his eyes Scott began clapping. Dean and Luke followed suit. All three had erections now.

"Thank you. Now what were you saying about the cum mess Luke?"

"Well, um, that was quite a show. The mess, yeah. Well you got most of it on yourself which is of course your concern. If it was me right now, I'd probably just let it dry, but that's up to you of course. As for what went on the deck, you don't need to worry about that, just leave it. Ok, here are the general rules about wanking and coming.

"First of all wanking, like I've said before, whenever and where ever. You can wank absolutely any time, anywhere on the boat you want to. Please don't bother asking first, just go for it. As for coming, any time is fine, just like wanking, but there are a couple of limitations on where. First of all where you can't. I don't want any of you to come in the galley, in the engine room or the wheel house.

"In the cabin it's a kind of tricky one. In your own bunk you can come as much as you want of course. Of course if someone else says it's ok for you to cum in or on theirs, then that's fine. Anywhere else inside it's a matter of common sense. Just respect the property of the rest of us. If, for example, you dump a load on the floor, it's probably best if you do wipe it up with something.

"Outside, on deck, anything goes. Like just now. Just go for it. You can leave it where it lands. Every few days we'll do a clean up and swab the decks, so that will take care of it. Oh, the other place you can't come is on the solar panels on the roof of the cabin. That's cause any rainwater that lands there is collected into the secondary water holding tank which is a backup to the main fresh supply. We probably don't want to have to end up drinking cum with our water. Any questions?"

"Yeah," said Scott, "Jase just missed my leg when he blew his wad then. Should we warn the others before we dump our loads?"

"Well ... Nah. Not unless you want us to specifically look when you shoot. I mean that's how I feel about it. I don't care if I get hit anyway. Cum can't hurt you."

"I've got a question."

"What's that Jase?"

"I don't know if you'll appreciate it."

"Jase, what was one of the first rules I laid down? Don't hold anything back right? Go on, let your question rip just like you let your jizz rip!"

"Ok. When I was just wanking I noticed that all of you guys got hardons. What does that mean? I mean I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. It got me closer to the edge when I saw that. But why were you guys hard? Except you Luke - I think I know why you were!"

Dean and Scott remained silent and avoided eye contact with anyone else, so Luke answered first.

"Ok, total honesty time. To tell the truth, just watching you wanking got me really turned on - not the fact that you're a cute guy - but more the sexual release part of it. I guess the hardon showed that, but, also I was watching you and thinking about how it would feel for you to be doing that to me."

"Shit!" exclaimed Scott, "I was thinking exactly the same thing! I've always wanted another guy to jerk me off. You know I've never told that to anyone before. Were you thinking the same thing by any chance Dean?"


"Well, what then?"

"Um, I don't know if I want to say."

"Go on mate, I mean we've known you for years now, doesn't matter what you say now."

"Alright then. I was imagining going over and giving him a blowjob."

Jason's mouth dropped open in astonishment. Absent mindedly he reached up to scratch his shoulder and coated his fingers in drying semen, then without realising, swept his fingers through his long black hair, leaving a trail of matted hair.

"Well, shit man, why didn't you? I've never had a blowjob!"

Scott laughed softly and spoke gently to Dean.

"That was a really brave thing to admit man. Shit, I have thought in the past that you might have gay tendencies. I was always half expecting you to tell me, or both of us that you felt that way. In fact I had even worked out what I was going to say if you ever did."


"I was just going to quietly say that if you ever wanted to try out some basic touching and holding or whatever with me then that would be cool with me. I have wondered for ages what it would be like to just be comfortable with a guy and feel ok about just holding and, maybe wanking each other. Shit, we are being very open eh?"

"Yeah, I'm impressed. You three have known each other for quite a while, and I'm sure you've never been this open before. Jason, how do you feel about all this?"

"Man. I'm blown away eh. Fuck, I had absolutely no idea. The weirdest thing is, even though I'm totally straight, the whole idea of this has gotten me as horny as hell again. And the bizarre thing is, it doesn't worry me at all, it's actually quite exciting to think about what Scott was just saying."

An uncomfortable silence descended over the four young men. Dean got to his feet.

"It must be about time for lunch I guess."

Scott stood and walked with Dean into the cabin to help prepare the lunch. Luke turned to Jason who was still laying on his back propping himself up by his elbows.

"Well, that comic of yours sure started and interesting episode didn't it?"

"Yeah. Funny thing is, it's got some man on man stuff in it too. You know, a lot of things suddenly make sense now that I know how Dean feels. Like why he was always the last to get naked at the beach, I guess he waited until his hardon disappeared. And why, when we did eventually start wanking openly around camp, he would always start off out of sight. I guess he didn't want us thinking he was hard from seeing us, if he was that is. I'm not that surprised at what Scott said though. He's the kind of guy who would give anything a go if it made him come."

"What about you?"

"What do you mean? I wank heaps, and I've even got that wanking toy thing."

"Yeah, but you said just before you found it exciting to think about mutual masturbation and intimate contact."

"Yeah. That's true. I guess my mind is kind of racing at the moment to justify those feelings and to convince myself that it would just be experimentation and have no bearing on my sexuality."

"Very deep. And very well justified reasoning too. You know, don't you, that there is no such thing as a totally straight guy, just like there's no such thing as a totally gay guy. Sexuality is just a long continuum from gay to straight, or straight to gay if you prefer. All of us are somewhere on that continuum. There's a bell shaped curve as well. The peak of the curve is only just on the straight side of half way as it happens. It is natural for all guys to have at least a little inclination towards trying out sex between guys, even if it's only in the occasional wanking fantasy or a wet dream. And of course the more a guy tries to suppress or dismiss those thoughts, the more stressed he'll become."

"You seem to know quite a bit about this stuff."

"I should. My Bachelor's degree was in social psychology, I specialised in human sexuality in my third year, and then got more specialised for my Honours thesis."

"What'd you do for that?"

"Would you believe I did an investigation into the practice of masturbation and other sexual activity in New Zealand males between the ages of 14 and 22?"

"For real? Like, what sort of things did you study?"

"Well, a lot of background reading, some interviews, observations and questionnaires. That sort of thing."

"What were you observing?"

"Guys wanking."

"Where? I mean, how?"

"In the observation lab in the behavioural Science unit."

"Did they know you were watching?"

"Of course."

"What did you do, just pull guys off the street or something?"

"Not quite. Most of them were undergrads in the first and second year psychology courses. I interviewed them first, then asked if they would do it. If they did, they'd be paid for their time. Some of them were a bit younger though. The youngest I observed in the lab was 15."

"Fuck, that's amazing. What can you tell me about it?"

"If you guys want, I'll tell you all together at some stage so I don't have to go through it all three times. Now you still haven't answered my question."

"What was that?"

"I was asking you how you would cope with perhaps being invited to join in some sort of physical contact with Dean, or Scott, or even me."

"Oh. Well, I guess if things felt right I'd be in for a go. I mean what the fuck, it's not like anyone else is going to find out, or even care I guess. Yeah, I guess so. But I wouldn't want to get into anything like kissing or butt fucking."

"That's fair enough. Looks like the food's ready. You might want to wash your hands. The rest of the cum seems to have dried."

"Yeah, should I wash that off too?"

"Hey, that's entirely up to you."

"Nah, fuck it. I think I'll go totally grunge for a while and just leave it. Shit, I really need a piss!"

Luke stood and leaned over to grab Jason's hand to pull him to his feet. Jason walked to the stern and stood with his hands at the back of his head and began pissing into the swell. He turned his head to look at Luke over his shoulder and grinned.

"Ah, this is the life!"

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