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Part 5

For the rest of the afternoon everyone was very subdued. All four went about quietly doing bits and pieces, staying out of each other's way. Despite everything that had been said they were all feeling rather self-conscious about being naked. Luke assigned himself and Scott to prepare dinner as he didn't want to make it look like he wasn't going to do any work other than maintaining course.

"Hey Scott, I know things have started off in kind of a hurry today, how are you feeling about it?"

"I dunno', I have noticed that everyone's been pretty quiet this afternoon though."

"Yeah. It's weird, but I've been feeling a bit embarrassed about being nude today. How 'bout you?"

"Yeah. I mean I'm used to being naked in front of other people, but not all the time like this. It is a bit weird really. I guess I'll get used to it though."

"I hope so. I've decided that I'm going to stick to my guns about the clothing thing, even if you guys don't."

"I thought that was a definite rule anyhow?"

"Yes, but I guess I was always prepared to relent if it wasn't going to happen. I'd like to thank you for being the first to do likewise, in fact, I think you may have stripped off before I did."

"Well I'm going to stick to it as well. If Dean and Jase don't want to, well, that's their problem. Hey, I hope you don't mind me asking, but have you ever wanked another guy?"

"I don't mind you asking. Yep, I sure have."

"What was it like?"

"Kind of like doing myself, except I didn't know when he was going to come. I think a lot of the excitement is the anticipation of having him do the same to you."


"Scott? Any reason for that particular question?"

"Well, just looking back on this morning's events, I guess I was thinking that it kind of opened the way for pretty much anything to happen. And, I've wondered what it would be like to get done by another guy. I have been jerked off by my former girlfriend, and it was really intense, but didn't last all that long. I guess I thought it might be better getting it done by another guy because he would know how it all worked, you know."

"That's true, but there are other considerations of course. You're not circumcised, same as me and Jase, but Dean is. Wanking is often totally different between a cut guy and an uncut one. So I guess that's part of the buzz as well, seeing how another guy does it and feeling it as well."

"Do you reckon it's better to be cut or uncut?"

"Having always had a foreskin I can't really give you an objective answer for that. But from what I found out doing my research I'd say there were benefits both ways, but probably more for an uncut guy."

"Ok, so you're saying I shouldn't get a circumcision."

"Of course I'm not. There's no way I can tell you what to do. That's entirely up to you. Are you actually considering it?"

"Well, I have a few times, yeah."

"Why, for fuck's sake?"

"A couple of the girls I've had were kinda freaked out by the fact I had a foreskin. One of them refused to get her mouth anywhere near my cock because of it, and it was just that, I mean she had given other guys head before."

"My personal advice would be to leave women like that in the dust. Hell, it's a natural and healthy part of male anatomy. Oh well, I guess that if she was freaked out it just goes to prove how many poor unfortunates there are out there who have no idea of the joys that bit of skin can bring. Did you know that cut guys have a much less sensitive head? Because the head is always rubbing against clothing and dried out, the skin thickens up and gets desensitised."

"Well I have noticed that Dean tends to concentrate more on the head than the shaft when he's pounding it."

"When you wank do you mainly just grip the shaft below the head?"

"That's right."

"Yeah, that's because your foreskin is doing much of the work for you. As you stroke up and down your foreskin is rubbing on the glans, and your hand is pressing on the frenulum - the bit that attaches the foreskin to the head - and that's what actually contributes mostly to getting you off."

"Luke, you seem to know a hell of a lot about this stuff."

"It's a long story. Remind me to tell you guys about it some time. I think we're done in here eh? Do you want to call the others in for grub?"

After they had eaten, Luke and Jason went onto the fore deck to smoke while Scott and Dean stayed inside to clear up the dishes. After a few minutes all four were sitting on the fore deck staring into the sunset. Jason turned to Luke to ask a question.

"So what do we do in the evenings?"

"Good question. I guess talking might be a start."

Scott turned away from the setting sun to face the other three.

"Luke, you said before to remind you to tell us why you know so much about jerking off and stuff. So?"

"Oh, ok. Like I was telling Jase earlier, for my thesis I did an investigation into masturbation in New Zealand guys."

"For real? What sort of study?" It was the first time since before lunch that Dean had spoken.

"Stuff like how guys do it, how often, where, what they fantasise about and that kind of thing."

Scott's excitement was obvious.

"Go on, tell us some stories."

"Well, ok, some of the more interesting ones I guess. Let's see. There was this one guy I interviewed and observed who was kind of interesting. He was seventeen and had been wanking since he was ten. He wanked at least four times a day every day since he'd been able to shoot at thirteen. He had never been a day without coming at least twice since then. He was the most consistently prolific one I encountered.

"But there was another guy, twenty, who did it the most often. He had been at university for almost a year when I interviewed him. He was living in one of the halls of residence on campus. When he first got there he used to go to the toilets at night to wank, but kept getting hassled because he was tying up the toilet for too long. He said it wasn't for about a month that he realised that he could now happily do it in his own room because he could lock the door and not be disturbed, unlike at home. He started off just doing it once a night sort of thing, just like he had been doing before. Then he got into the swing of things to the point where he would come twice before getting out of bed in the morning, then again during the day at some point, then when he got back in the evening, then at least twice before he went to sleep.

"What else? Um, there were two guys who would only ever wank with the lights on. They couldn't get going without seeing exactly what they were doing. There were some who always read some form of porn mag or looked at porn on their computers when they wanked. There were a few who only ever did it in the shower, and some who could only do it if there was some risk of them being discovered."

"What sort of fantasies did guys have?"

"Why Scott? You need some ideas?" asked Jason.

"No asshole, I thought you might."

"Kiddies please! The fantasies were as varied as you can imagine. I didn't get the full range I'm sure. Sexual fantasies tell a hell of a lot about a person. The ones I did get told about were things like being tied up, beautiful models and actresses walking into their room and stripping, causing pain, rape, murder, paedophilia, bestiality and a few other well known nasties. There were also a surprising number of guys who were prepared to reveal aspects of their sexuality which they had never admitted to anyone before. Thirty two percent of the guys I interviewed admitted having fantasies about having some sort of sexual relationship with another guy or guys while wanking alone.

"I'm not sure how representative that makes the group I studied, because it is a little higher than most overseas studies, but not too far off. But most of the wanking fantasies were pretty much what you would expect."

"You mentioned how as well," said Dean.

"That's right. Technique was an important part of the study. I needed to get a fairly large sample so that I could compare techniques with those of similar groups in overseas studies, so I ended up watching eighty five guys between the ages of fifteen and twenty two wanking. Most of them in the observation lab at the university, but some in less formal situations as well."

"Ok Luke, now Dean and Jase have already told you that I am the king jerker offer of us three right? Well, I want you to tell us all about how you did these observations and all the gory details. I'm prepared to try any new way of wanking that you or anyone else can suggest, so don't leave any out ok? Oh, and make the stories good, I'm getting real hard and I think I'm going to have to partake if you don't mind."

"Feel free. There were several main categories I guess you would call them. First of all there was the big distinction between guys who had been circumcised and those who hadn't. Uncut guys tended to use faster strokes and held their cocks closer to the base. Cut guys wanked slower and concentrated more on rubbing the head. The style Scott's using now is fairly typical of us uncut guys."

"Glad I'm doing it properly then."

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, the only criteria for doing it properly is if it feels good, and lets you come if you want."

"Don't worry dude, this feels great! Now keep talking."

"Another major distinction is between left and right handed guys of course. Then you have those few who prefer to wank with their non-writing hand 'cause it feels more like someone else is doing it. Then there's the group who use both hands, and they break down into sub-groups too. Some use one hand above the other to enclose their whole shaft, some use one hand just to hold around the base of their cock. There were a few who wanked with one hand and used the palm of their other hand to rub slowly over the head of their cock.

"About half of the guys used their other hand for something while wanking. The most common things they did were play with their balls, rub their chests and legs and play with their nipples and so on. But twenty eight guys used one or other hand to finger their ass at some point. Some just stroked around their perineum, some flicked fingers up and down their crack and a few played in and around their assholes."

"Perineum. That's where exactly?" asked Dean.

Luke shifted slightly to face him in the dying light of the sunset.

"Right here see. When I lift up my balls, it's that bit of really sensitive skin here. If you rub gently on that skin between your balls and your ass it'll get you hard in no time. Some guys wank by just rubbing their perineum and not even touching their cock. With a bit of practice you can get off that way."

Jason began rubbing his perineum. His cock rapidly hardened and he smiled at the other three. For a couple of minutes Luke continued telling the three boys some of the more varied methods of masturbation he had witnessed. When he stopped talking all four remained quiet for several minutes.

Scott was slowly teasing his cock with his hand wrapped tightly around it making the tip of his head slowly appear from inside his foreskin then hiding it again. Dean lay back against the bulkhead of the cabin with his hands behind his head, his hard cock gently rising and falling as his heart pumped. A small trickle of pre-cum stretched from the ridge of his head down onto his smooth flat stomach.

Jason broke the silence.

"Ok, this has got me really hard, and I'm pissing pre-cum, but I can't get off without going for it."

The sound of his voice was replaced with the squelching sound of his right hand quickly rubbing up and down his shaft, massaging the clear slippery precum into his skin. Moments later this stopped abruptly and Jason gasped in a quick breath and tensed his body. A quick guttural grunt and the sound became that of drops of liquid falling onto the deck and Jason's chest.

Scott, prompted by his friend coming gave his own cock five swift yanks and pulled his hand away as is jerked spasmodically and deposited copious amounts of cum from his neck to his navel, the second spurt landing squarely in his left armpit.

Dean stood without a word and went into the cabin, still very aroused. About thirty seconds later the three remaining on deck heard a series of three grunts from the cabin, then a long sigh. Jason rolled onto his hands and knees and paused for a moment looking at Luke and Scott. Several drops of his semen dropped from his torso onto the deck. He stood and announced he was going for a shit and then to bed.

"You're the only one who hasn't come Luke."

"I think you came enough for both of us then didn't you? You've got a big gob of cum in your armpit hair you know."

Scott reached his right hand up to his armpit and smeared the cum into his armpit then wiped his hand on his thigh.

"No way man! I never come enough for anyone! Shit, the best I've ever done is fourteen times in a day and I still wanted more, but my balls felt like they'd drop off."

"And I bet you had trouble walking for a day or two as well!"

"Yeah, I was a bit tender. Hey Luke, can I ask you something which might seem a bit weird?"

"Ask anything man. That's the rule remember."

"Yeah. You know before how we were talking about how it would feel to get jerked by another guy? Well, um. Oh shit, I'll just ask. How should I go about getting it to happen? Ya see I've been thinking about it all night, and I really do want to do it now. There, it's out."

"With anyone in particular?"

"Not really, just someone who feels cool about it."

"Well, I reckon you would probably be best to wait till tomorrow evening. I reckon pretty much the same thing will happen up here on deck as happened tonight. That'd be the best time I suppose."

"But what do I do, just ask if anyone wants to wank me?"

"That sounds pretty much right to me."

Luke got to his feet and Scott followed him to the stern of the boat where Luke positioned himself over the railing and began to take a dump.

"But what if nobody wants to. That'll make me look like a prize fuckwit."

As Luke strained several drops of precum were forced out of his semi-hard cock. The blob slowly drew out a long string towards the deck and swung in the gentle breeze until it eventually made contact with the top of Scott's left foot. Scott just wiped it away with his other foot and waited for Luke's reply.

"I'll do it if no-one else wants to - with pleasure. Don't worry about it."

Scott took Luke's place when he stood and immediately released a large log into the ocean. Luke stretched and turned towards the cabin.

"I'm off to bed, I've still got to dump a different load before I can sleep."

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