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Part 6

Luke woke to the sound of Scott wanking and lifted his head to look down his own body at Scott's bunk. Within seconds Scott grunted and three gentle spurts landed on his stomach. Scott lay with his eyes still closed for about twenty seconds, then released his grip and opened his eyes to see Luke smiling at him.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing's funny. I'm just feeling relaxed and happy, that's all. But isn't it a great way to start the day?"

"What, relaxed and happy?"

"Well, that too, but I meant with a wank, like you just did."

"Well, the day just wouldn't have started without it would it?"

Jason pushed himself up from his bunk and sat with his legs folded in the centre of his mattress. He, like all four, had woken with an early morning hardon. It was showing no signs of diminishing.

"Get used to it Luke. I don't think I can remember one time in the last couple of years that I've stayed at Scott's or he's stayed at my place that he hasn't disappeared for a quick one first thing."

Dean was awake and lying looking at the ceiling of the cabin. He spoke to even the score.

"Jase, you can talk. Last three times you stayed over at my place you actually said you were off for a quick jerk in the bathroom and that I should give you five minutes! Looks like you need one now too."

"Nup, it's just going to have to wait. I'm saving it for a decent one, or two, or three or whatever, later. If I have a piss it'll go."

With that, all four of them remembered why they had erections in the first place. They all got up and raced for the cabin door to be first to the rail. At the door Dean and Scott pulled Luke and Jason out of the way and jostled to be first at the stern of the boat. Luke walked up and stood beside them at the rail and released his bladder while looking at them incredulously.

"Why the fuck were you fighting to get here first? We could easily fit another half dozen guys along this railing!"

"Just habit I guess," said Dean.

"Yeah, well, you managed to get fresh Scott cum all over your back for your troubles."

Dean had just started pissing and stopped when Luke told him. He reached his hand around his back and discovered it was true. Scott, who was standing beside him hadn't been able to get his flow going yet, and his giggling wasn't helping. Dean looked at his slimy hand and smiled.

"Oh, that's no problem. I reckon if he can wipe his cum all over me, then he won't mind this."

Dean smiled and slowly turned to his side and faced Scott. He moved his hand down and aimed at Scott's body and released his bladder once again. Scott got such a surprise at the warm splattering against his left thigh that he turned full on to Dean and received a full blast right in the centre of his chest.

"Two can play that game matey!" Scott yelled as he realised what was happening and also realised that he was also already pissing on Dean's left foot. He let fly and aimed at Dean's head, managing to completely cover Dean as he was being covered himself. As soon as they realised what was happening Luke and Jason made a hasty retreat from the railing while also in mid piss.

It was only a matter of twenty seconds until both Dean and Scott had run out of fire power. They stood looking at one another, both dripping yellow urine from every appendage, and burst into laughter.

Jason was standing at the side rail, finishing pissing and beginning to laugh too. Luke was lying sprawled on the deck where he had tripped while stepping back, with a pool of urine between his legs and his mouth gaping wide open.

"Fuck your piss stinks Scott! Have you been eating asparagus again?"

"Nup, but I wish I had now ya dick knob. You actually got piss in my ear for fuck's sake! I hate it when that happens!"

Scott noticed the confused look on Luke's face.

"Oh, don't worry, we've never done this before. But we did used to have distance and accuracy contests when we were kids. Um, I think we might need a bit of a hose down. Sorry about the mess, but it was his fault."

"Was not! You're the one who came all over me!"

"No way! I came on myself! You just happened to brush up against me!"

"Guys!" shouted Jason, "You're both fuckin' nuts! Just shut up and stand still. You're flicking piss all over the place. Hey Luke, how do I get this hose thing going?"

Luke shook his head and stood.

"In the wheelhouse, the switch that says aft deck hose."

As Jason turned off the hose after spraying the guilty pair with cold seawater and also washing all the piss off the deck Luke noticed that both he and Jason once again were hard.

"Hey we're both hard again Jase. I guess the cold shower, or should I say the 'golden' shower followed by the cold shower, cooled these two losers off."

"Hey man, if I hadn't just wanked I'd be hard too! Dean's the only softcock around here!"

Scott slapped Dean on the shoulder which was greeted with an equally hard slap on his butt by Dean.

"Careful now Dean" said Scott, "I may know you're gay now, but that doesn't mean I want you lusting after my ass just yet!"

Rather than being embarrassed as Luke thought Dean might be at that comment he just threw back a lightning quick response.

"Scott, if I'd been lusting after that sorry ass of yours, that wouldn't have been my hand, mate!"

The rest of the day was as subdued as the weather. While hot and humid, the sun didn't fully break through high cloud cover all day. There wasn't even the slightest breeze so all four sweated profusely all day while going about setting up a shipboard routine of cleaning and tidying. As they finished their evening meal the sun finally appeared low in the western sky. Because of the lack of wind the ocean was totally without any swell and almost appeared glassy. Luke decided to kill the motor so they could drift in the totally calm waters for a few hours.

For the last hour Jason had been sporting a solid hardon which he had been encouraging by gently brushing it with his fingers every few minutes. As they made their way up to the fore deck to enjoy the stillness of the sunset Luke had developed one too.

Luke sat between Jason and Scott on the deck while Dean lay on his back in front of them. Luke turned his head to his left and looked at Jason who now held his cock in his fist and was beginning to squeeze.

"You've developed a bit of an odour there Jase."

"Oh, do you want me to move, or wash or something? I thought I'd stay in grunge mode for a bit longer, but that's cool."

"Nah, that's ok. I smell just as much as you I guess. I was just pointing it out, that's all. I guess I noticed it because we all have different smells, and you kinda get used to your own. Stay in good old early 90's grunge mode as you call it. I'll certainly tell you when you positively stink. Did you guys know that BO and other natural male smells are actually a sexual stimulant? I mean for guys. Yeah, when I was doing my research I noticed a lot of guys would put one arm up over their head and would take deep sniffs from their armpits.

"The first time I saw it I thought to myself 'Shit, I do that too!' But heaps of the guys did it, same proportions from straight and gay guys. I decided to follow it up and found considerable research had been done into it and the established theory was that male pheromones enhance and intensify male sexual arousal. Pretty cool eh? I guess for us it means that if we do get a bit more whiffy, we'll just have better wanking sessions, and I'm all for that."

All four guys were now fondling their erect cocks and Jason and Luke were producing the tell tail signal of intense arousal, precum.

"Speaking of wanking sessions," started Scott, "is anyone interested in maybe trying something new?"

Jason looked at Scott past Luke while spreading precum over his shaft.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Oh, just wanking, but, uh, I guess I'd kinda like to do it with someone, well, really I guess, to have someone do it to me. But of course I'd reciprocate. Oh fuck. I really sound like a dork now."

Luke was watching Dean while Scott asked his question. When Dean heard the proposal it looked to Luke like he very nearly came right there and then. Jason and Dean said nothing while Scott went redder and redder. After several more seconds had passed and nothing was said Luke lifted his right hand from his own cock and gently lifted Scott's hand away from his, then rested his hand on Scott's thigh.

Jason and Dean became dead still as they watched. Scott leaned back against the cabin bulkhead and allowed his arms to drop to the deck. Luke started sliding his hand slowly up and down Scott's thigh and up to his stomach. Every couple of sweeps his little finger would slip past and brush against Scott's balls. Each time it did that his cock would leap up and bounce around in the air.

Very quickly a large drop of precum appeared at the tip of Scott's cock and was trapped by the fold of his foreskin. Luke slipped his hand over and cupped Scott's' balls in his palm. Scott inhaled sharply at the touch and precum began streaming from him.

The foreign hand quickly tickled up the shaft and Luke's fingers scooped the precum up and smoothed it down Scott's cock. As Luke wrapped his hand around Scott's cock and tightened his grip Scott let out a long loud moan. He closed his eyes and his body became limp. Luke began slow strokes which made loud squelching noises as more and more precum flowed from Scott's head.

Dean and Jason were both watching captivated and had unknowingly returned to stroking themselves. Jason looked down at himself and saw that his hand was totally coated with clear fluid and there was even precum dripping from his scrotum. He just held himself without moving because the slightest movement would have sent him over the edge. Dean's hand too was glistening in the orange light of the sunset. He removed his hand and slowly sat up.

Luke continued long slow strokes on Scott who was moaning almost continually now, and looked up at Dean as he sat up. Dean looked from Luke's eyes to his cock then back to his eyes questioningly. Luke nodded and Dean moved to lie beside his legs and grasped Luke's cock with his already lubricated hand and began slowly pumping.

Luke had to concentrate hard not to loose his rhythm with Scott. He knew he wasn't going to last very long, and Scott was on the brink too. His balls had contracted up to his body and he was panting now.

Luke quickened his pace suddenly and Scott immediately tensed his entire body and screamed out "I'm fuckin coming!". Luke didn't stop as the first convulsion sent cum flying about four feet in the air to fall on Dean's shoulder. The second shot landed on Luke's own cock being stroked by Dean. This sent Luke off too. His first shot landed square in the middle of Dean's back, the second and third finding home in Luke's hair and on Scott's face.

Scott was still shooting and Luke was still pumping him. Scott's third shot met Luke's on his face. The remainder covered Luke's forearm and Scott's chest and stomach. The two of them both came more than they ever remember having done before.

Luke didn't release Scott's cock until the last drops of cum had oozed out and covered his hand and it had stopped twitching. Dean let go of Luke's cock after his fourth shot and just rubbed his cock and stomach with his flat palm, spreading the cum in a thick film over his torso.

For nearly a minute both Luke and Scott lay still, not saying a word. Then Luke leaned himself forward and pulled Dean up beside him and began smoothing Dean's now very copious precum and what was left of Scott's cum over Dean's circumcised cock, then began slow gentle stroking while cupping his balls with his left hand.

Seeing this Scott looked over to Jason who wasn't even touching himself anymore. Jason said and did nothing, so Scott stood and walked around to sit in front of him, between his legs. Scott looked into Jason's eyes.

"Hey, just say if you don't want me to do this. It's massively intense though man."

Jason was jolted back to reality.

"What? Oh, it's cool, but be careful man, I reckon I'm pretty fuckin' close to the edge right now."

"You gotta tell me if I'm doing it wrong Jase, I've never pulled another cock before."

Jason nodded then gasped as Scott's fingertips came into contact with the head of his cock. Scott slowly spread Jason's precum around his shaft and gently placed his fist around Jason's thick six and a half inch curved cock. Scott stroked twice, then shifted to get in a more comfortable position. He was kneeling between Jason's outstretched legs and leaning slightly over his body. Two seconds after he resumed stroking Jason, on the forth stroke, Jason suddenly lost his control and enjoyed a powerful and quick orgasm.

The first jet struck Scott square on the chin and the second on his chest and shoulder. After the shock of the sudden orgasm he was able to direct most of the remainder away from himself and onto Jason's face, and chest. Scott kept stroking Jason's cock well after he had started coming which caused Jason to have what he would later describe as a totally mindblowing orgasmic experience. He began groaning, then yelling in ecstasy until he couldn't function voluntarily anymore and just relaxed completely.

Scott felt a kick against his foot and turned to see Dean's body jerking as he came over his own body and on Luke's leg. Luke did the same to Dean as Scott had done to Luke only a few minutes before, rubbing his still pulsing cock against his stomach with the palm of his hand. Dean writhed in obvious ecstasy, then lay perfectly still as Luke stood and wiped his hand on a dry part of his leg.

Scott stood and looked down at Jason who lay with his eyes closed and a large smile on his face. There was almost no light now other than the boat's running lights. Scott used his clean left hand to wipe his chin and shoulder clear of most of Jason's cum then went and stood beside Luke.

"Wow. What a rush! Thanks man. That was the most awesome handjob I've ever had, and I've had twelve before that one, all from chicks though. Hey, I should have done you. I just went to Jase 'cause you had started on Dean. I'll do it now eh?"

"Shit, you were out of it weren't you? I came at about the same time you did. Dean did me. Not all of that cum on your face was yours you know."

"Nah, Jase got me on the chin."

"Check out your forehead and your hair."

Scott ran his hand over his forehead and through his fringe and his fingers emerged sticky.

"Fuck. I must have been out of it!"

Jason and Dean had come back to life and were picking themselves up off the deck. Luke took charge.

"Guys, we just did something pretty radical for two straight and two gay guys. Are you all cool with what happened?"

All three nodded. Dean turned to Luke and asked,

"Can we do one more thing?"

"What's that?"

"I'd love to be able to just hug someone now."

"Sounds like an idea to me. As wanky as it sounds, why don't we all have a group hug?"

All four stepped towards each other, wrapped arms and tightened into a single mass. Scott spoke to Jason.

"Jase, sorry if you felt pressured into letting me do you man."

"Hey, you're straight, I'm straight, so nothing really happened!"

All four laughed and poked at Jase.

"Seriously though, I was kinda thrown when you suggested it Scott, but, I really got into it. I'm sorry I came so fast though, I wouldn't mind maybe trying it again sometime."

"I'm sure that can be arranged!"

The four young men broke from their hug and stepped back.

"I'm totally covered in cum now, and you know what? I like it!" said Dean.

"What are ya? A fag or something!" said Jason.

Laughing together the four headed to the cabin to try and sleep in the still oppressive heat. Luke restarted the motor and checked the navigational equipment before slipping into his bunk and quickly falling asleep.

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