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Part 7

During the night low cloud had crept up on the Nova. When Luke woke at about 6.30am he could just make out tiny spots of rain on the windows of the cabin. He walked to the cabin door and swung it open. The ocean was still dead calm, but instead of being deep green as it had been the day before it was a dull grey. Light drizzle drifted down leaving a light sheen on the deck.

As Luke stepped to the entrance the oppressive heat struck him. Instantly his body was covered in a thin film of sweat. Even though it was still very early morning the heat was incredible. Luke walked back through the cabin and climbed up to the wheelhouse and started his laptop.

The GPS software was also capable of tracking satellite infra-red weather photos and also down-loading text based weather information off the satellite. Luke down-loaded a current map of the South West Pacific ocean and also the text based data. The software soon created a composite map with isobars and barometric pressure readings.

The Nova appeared to be positioned under a slow moving, high pressure warm front. The front was cushioned between two enormous high pressure zones with practically no wind activity. The next couple of days were going to be very hot and humid.

As Luke climbed back down to the cabin Scott was waking.

"Shit, what the hell time is it? It's so fuckin hot!"

"About 6.45."

"How come it's so hot then? I'm sweating like a pig."

"We are heading into the tropics you know. Besides, we're stuck under a stationary warm front."

As Scott stood Luke noticed his semi-hardon and the matted hair on his stomach and legs from the previous evening's activities. The reminder quickly made Luke hard.

"Ready for more huh?"

"Eh? Oh right. Shit, anytime mate."

"I'll do you if you do me Luke."

"You're on."

Luke sat on one end of his bunk with his legs spread as Scott sat at the other end of the bunk facing him. They edged themselves closer to each other until Scott's thighs rested on top of Luke's and the top of their heads gently bumped against each other.

Luke reached his right hand onto Scott's left thigh and slid it down to his light brown pubic hair which was still matted with dried cum. As Luke slid his fingers down to cup Scott's loose balls his cock suddenly bounced up and began throbbing with a growing erection.

Scott slid his right hand down Luke's thigh emulating the treat he was receiving. His index finger then stroked firmly up the underside of Luke's cock to the head then worked its way gently under his foreskin and rubbed round and round his cock head. Quickly Luke was producing more than enough lubrication as was Scott, who had been getting the same workout.

Luke spread the precum coating his index finger down Scott's shaft and wrapped his fist around Scott's cock and began a slow steady stroking. As Luke stroked, and was being stroked he considered Scott's cock properly for the first time. It was almost exactly the same as his when hard, except the foreskin was not quite as loose as his own. About six and a half inches when hard, only half an inch shorter than his own.

But when Scott was not hard his cock still hung about five inches and the head often poked out from the foreskin. Luke shrunk to about three inches when totally flaccid and the wrinkled foreskin completely enclosed everything.

Luke noticed Scott was beginning to pant now and he too was getting close so he stopped in mid stroke. Scott followed suit. 'This is too much like last night' thought Luke. He had never gotten any real pleasure from playing with his own nipples, but had observed plenty of guys stimulating them while wanking.

Luke slid his hand off Scott's throbbing cock and moved it up to his chest where he rubbed his palm over his left pec, the precum on his hand mixing with the film of sweat on his body to make the perfect lubrication. Scott gasped as Luke gently pinched his left nipple and his cock jolted and spat a small spurt of cum mixed with precum onto the bunk between them and onto Luke's balls, but he didn't actually reach orgasm just yet.

Scott was so immersed in his own pleasure he forgot completely about Luke. His hand was still firmly wrapped around Luke's cock but wasn't moving.

Luke used his left hand to play with Scott's right nipple while he moved his right hand back down to his cock. Using what Scott had just shot as a lubricant he pulled Scott's foreskin back to fully expose his pink head and began rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger.

Scott began panting once again and instinctively began pounding rapidly on the cock in his fist. Their foreheads were constantly touching now. As Scott threw his head back and forward in time with his heavy breathing their sweaty faces would slide together then part again.

Luke was panting now too under the ferocious pounding his cock was taking from Scott. Luke saw that Scott's cock head was swelling and turning a deep red so he grabbed the shaft and began pumping fast. Scott came only a matter of a few seconds before Luke did.

As Luke continued pumping his cock, Scott's semen flew straight up onto both of their faces and into Scott's mouth as he let loose a strangled roar. Luke kept stroking Scott as he himself began to reach orgasm. This made Scott have a second immediate orgasm which produced just as much cum again, but without the powerful force behind it. The cum poured onto Luke's still flying fist, the motion of which sent it spraying all over their stomachs and chests.

Scott had not lost his pounding rhythm throughout his powerful orgasms and as Luke threw his head back coming, Scott dropped his head in exhaustion and his longish blond hair fell forward draping Luke's spurting cock, collecting long whitish streaks throughout his hair.

As they both regained their composure they heard clapping and cheering from the other side of the cabin. Still holding each other's cocks they looked over to Dean and Jason. Both were sitting on their respective beds, had huge smiles on their faces, and both had just come from wanking themselves.

Luke and Scott both released the rapidly shrinking cocks from their hands and looked at each other. Both of them had sweat and cum running down their faces, and enormous smiles. Scott flicked his hair back from his face and sent globs of Luke's cum flying down the cabin onto his own bunk.

Luke grasped Scott's shoulders and looked at him smiling. Scott smiled back again and said;

"Thanks man. Fuck, what a rush!"

With that he lay back and pulled Luke with him until Luke lay completely on top of him. After a few seconds Luke slipped of Scott due to the combination of sweat and semen so the lay beside each other looking at the two on the other side of the cabin.

Jason sat on his bunk absent-mindedly smearing his own cum over his stomach and chest. Dean sat cross-legged on his bunk looking at Scott and Luke.

"Scotty mate, weren't you saying just yesterday that you were straight? And here I was feeling right out of place saying I was gay!"

"Nah nah nah. Dean me old mate! This was just experimentation!"

"Like fuck it was. Shit, that yell you gave when you blasted would've done me proud!"

"Well, Hey, I'll maybe admit to sort of bi, if you must. Remember the continuum thing. Anyhow, it's Jase who's the one swearing blind he's straight."

"I am."

"So how come you got off watching us wanking each other then?"

"I... I, um..." Luke rescued the floundering Jason,

"Come on guys, of course he reacted that way. What Scott and I were doing was pretty intense stuff, shit, I'm still pulsing! Any guy who witnessed that would get instantly turned on. Anyway, what does it really matter? As far as I'm concerned, what happens on this boat bears no relation whatsoever to what happens in the 'real world'. Have you ever done that before Scott?"

"Well, last night..."

"No, I mean wanked another guy while he wanked you."

"Fuck no!"

"Well, I have. And as far as I'm concerned, I'll do it as many times as anyone else wants to while we're on the boat. Inhibitions suck big time. This is the one place I feel comfortable doing whatever the fuck I want. I hope you guys feel the same. But we've been through all this before."

"I feel that way too I guess. And after what we just did now Luke, I reckon I'll be keen for almost anything! I don't think I've come like that ever before. Fuck! I even squirted in my own mouth - and liked it!"

Luke lifted himself over Scott and sat on the edge of his bunk. He reached down to the floor, picked up his cigarettes and lit one while wiping the drying semen from his face with his other hand.

"Should I take that as a complement Luke?"

"How do you mean?"

"Well, the standard smoke after great sex of course."

"I'll be totally honest with you Scott. That was good sex, but I think you'll need a bit more practice before it could be called truly great."

"Well, tell me when you're ready to go again!" Scott said as he playfully lunged for Luke's cock.

Luke stood laughing and walked to the cabin door to look at the mist falling onto the deck.

"I'll help you practice Scott, anytime you want!" said Dean who punctuated his only slightly sarcastic comment with a cheesy grin.

From the door Luke turned to the others.

"Dean, I think it must be your turn to get breakfast ready. But don't forget to wash your hands first mate."

Luke walked to the stern of the Nova where he was finally able to empty his full bladder. Jason appeared beside him doing the same.

"Luke, I just want to say this right now. I have no intention of being involved in any way with butt-fucking. I'm not saying that I expect that shit to happen, but after what's happened already, you never know."

Luke took a last drag at his cigarette and threw it into the wake.

"Nobody expects you to Jase. I'm not too keen on the idea either as it happens - for several reasons. Hey, don't worry about not getting any though. I mean when we get into a port you'll be able to go trolling for chicks as much as you want."

"I'm still a virgin."


"Just thought I'd tell you."

"That's cool. You can do whatever you feel comfortable with I guess."

Luke shunted Jason gently out of the way so he could have a shit. Jason walked silently back into the cabin.


Scott sat with crossed legs on his bunk flicking through a Penthouse magazine and pulling at his hair.

"I think you must produce glue in your balls Luke."

Luke smiled as he looked up from the comic Jason had read two days earlier and stubbed out his cigarette. The day had been uneventful since breakfast. All four had stayed inside all day except for toilet breaks on deck. Scott and Jason had opened a hip flask of Scotch and a bottle of Coke so had been paying regular visits to the railing all afternoon.

The heat and humidity had increased all day. By six in the evening it was 37 degrees Centigrade and the humidity was in the very high 90s. All four sweated where they sat. The sheets on their bunks had wet patches wherever they sat for more than a couple of minutes. Luke could smell himself quite strongly now, as he could smell the other three. But because they were not wearing clothing, the smell was just of hot bodies, not the disgusting smell of stale sweat.

None of them had felt like an evening meal after having a late lunch, instead they just passed around the third bottle of Coke for the day to replace what they were loosing in sweat.

Luke got up and opened the drawer under his bunk. He fished around for a minute then pulled out an old tobacco tin and opened it.

"Anyone feel like a joint?"

Scott's head snapped up to look at the kit Luke had produced.

"What? I thought you said absolutely no drugs!"

"I make the rules remember. That doesn't mean I have to stick to them. So, anyone else in?"

All three agreed readily as Luke rolled two joints. It was pretty clear that he had done this a few times before. He lit the joint and took a big hit, then passed it to Scott on his left. The joint did the rounds four times before it died as a roach and Luke put it back into the tin.

The four guys sat and looked at each other in silence at the effects began to hit them. Scott's hands slipped slowly down to his crotch and he began fondling his balls. Within seconds he came.

"I didn't want to do that." he giggled, then, "Hey, it's not going down!"

All four stared transfixed at the globs of semen slowly running down Scott's rock hard penis, collecting on his balls and dripping onto his fingers. Scott raised his cum covered fingers to his face and sniffed. He then closed his eyes and slowly put his fingers into his mouth and sucked them clean.

Dean's mouth was slightly open, and on seeing Scott licking his own cum from his hand saliva dripped from the corner of his mouth onto his stomach. Dean began running his tongue around his mouth looking concerned.

"My mouth is as dry as a bone suddenly!" he croaked.

Luke motioned to the bottle of Coke on the floor between them.

Dean shook his head and smiled.

"I can see something much better to wet my mouth and throat."

Dean dropped to his knees and shuffled across the cabin floor until he knelt in front of Scott. Scott's cock stood only inches away from Dean's face. Dean looked up to Scott's face. Scott was smiling down at him.

Dean leant forward and extended his tongue, licking at the small amount of cum left on Scott's balls, then he ran his tongue up his shaft until he came to the half exposed head. With a swift motion Dean sucked Scott's cock head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the slippery head and forcing the tip of it under Scott's foreskin.

Scott sat perfectly still as Dean began lubricating the rest of the shaft with his quickly moistening mouth. Soon Dean's head was bobbing up and down over Scott's groin.

Jason stood and walked over to sit beside Luke on Luke's bed so he could get a better view of what was happening. Luke picked up the second joint and lit it while watching the oral sex being performed only a matter of two feet from him. As he handed the joint to Jason he allowed his hand to move to his own hard cock which he began pinching and stroking.

Jason passed the joint across to Scott, leaning over Luke. As he released the joint he lost his balance and fell into Luke's lap, his chest falling onto his hard cock. As he pressed himself back up his left hand found support on Luke's thigh, right beside his now glistening cock.

Jason looked over to Scott to see him watching Dean intently, streams of fresh sweat running down his face and dripping from his chin. He took the joint back from Luke, took a deep drag, and passed it back. As Luke exhaled he noticed Jason's hand was still on his thigh and his fingers were clenching occasionally as he began masturbating too.

Dean now held Scott's cock head with his lips as his tongue darted around the tip in quick circles. Scott was very close to coming. With the joint two thirds gone, Luke decided he would have to interrupt Dean so he could get a hit before it was gone. As he began to reach for Dean, Luke felt Jason's hand move from his thigh and gently grasp his cock.

Without flinching he leaned over and tapped Dean on the shoulder. Dean pulled off Scott's cock with a sound like he was slurping on a lollipop. He looked up to see Luke holding the joint for him. He also saw Jason wanking Luke with his left hand, while doing himself with his right. This was too much for Dean to take.

Dean shot streams of cum all over Scott's shin and foot. He had not even touched himself the whole time, but the situation he found himself in right then was more than he had dreamed of. After his body quickly spasmed, and he shuddered with ecstasy, Dean took a deep drag on the joint, finishing it off. Throughout his own orgasm Dean's hands had never moved from Scott's waist. After holding his breath as long as he could, Dean turned his face back to the twitching cock in front of him and blew the smoke onto the head, then devoured it once again like it was his first meal in months.

Luke looked down at Jason's left hand streaking up and down on his cock. Feeling that he was soon to come he placed his left hand on Jason's forearm, holding him still for a few seconds. With his right hand he reached over to Jason and wrapped it around Jason's right fist, matching his own wanking motions. Jason slipped his own hand away to let Luke do all the work on him as he once again began wanking Luke.

Both Luke and Jason slowed the pace as they watched Scott get closer to coming. His head was thrown back now and he bared his teeth as he grimaced with pleasure. Dean had managed to get almost all of Scott's cock in his mouth now and was swallowing to avoid the gag reflex as Scott's head bumped at the back of his throat.

Dean was hard once again and his left hand was now employed stroking at it, while his right hand was pinching Scott's left nipple. Scott's hips began bucking slightly as he attempted to burry himself deeper into Dean's throat. Then he came. His body bucked violently, forcing his cock deep into Dean whose nose was now buried in Scott's pubic hair.

Dean pulled back to avoid choking in time to get his mouth filled with the first wave of Scott's cum. As he swallowed the second, third and fourth shots were too much for him to cope with and semen squirted from the corner of his mouth coating his shoulder. With cum running down his chin Dean continued sucking on Scott which made him fall back onto the bunk helpless and squirming.

As soon as Scott's cock stopped pulsing, and Dean was sure he had collected all he could, he let Scott's bright red cock slip from his lips. Scott couldn't move. He felt like someone had reached inside him and pulled out the source of all his energy.

Dean stood shakily, still wanking. He climbed onto the bunk beside Scott and knelt facing Luke and Jason, with Scott lying between himself and the other two who were still slowly wanking each other. Dean continued wanking for a few more seconds until he too came for the second time, spraying his cum all over Scott's torso, neck and face.

Seeing this Jason pulled away from Luke and crawled between Luke and Scott. He knelt and began wanking himself, preparing to add to Dean's load. Luke swung around onto his knees and shuffled to a position beside Jason, looming over Scott's right shoulder.

Moments after Luke began pulling himself again Jason erupted. His first spurt flew over Scott completely, and hit Dean right in the centre of his chest. Jason just kept on coming and coming. There was now a large pool of very liquid cum filling the slight well in Scott's chest, and one not much smaller in the hollow at the base of his neck.

Luke came as Jason relaxed. Luke's first shot went from Scott's right shoulder down to his left knee. Most of the rest landed between his chest and his groin. As soon as he had shot six times Luke pulled furiously once again, having a second orgasmic wave within seconds. The second time was nowhere near as powerful and most of the viscous cum fell into Scott's armpit, sticking in his underarm hair and dripping to the sheet of his bunk.

Jason crawled off the bunk and turned the cabin light off as he settled into his own bunk. Luke and Dean lay down where they were, covering Scott's slippery body. Within minutes they fell into an exhausted sleep.

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