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Part 8

Scott woke first in the morning. It was still as hot as hell and he had two bodies lying on top of him. Dean's head rested on his left shoulder, while Luke's was pressed against the side of his own. They both had their arms draped across his body and Luke was also half lying on top of him.

Some of the cum had dried, but where there had been flesh against his own the semen was still warm and wet. Scott noticed that he had a piss hardon, and so did Luke. Luke's was pressing into Scott's stomach so Scott reached down to grasp it gently. Luke shifted slightly at the touch, but did not wake, so Scott began carefully stroking him.

Almost immediately Scott felt the familiar slipperiness of precum as Luke began writhing in his sleep. Dean had woken as Scott began wanking Luke and surprised Scott by quickly taking his hardon into his hand and stroking him too.

Luke woke only thirty seconds before he came, adding to the vast quantities of cum on Scott's stomach and chest. Quickly Scott came too, shooting up his own body on the first spurt, then re-filling the sticky hollow of his navel.

Reaching across Scott's slippery body Luke squeezed his hand between Scott's and Dean's hips until he found Dean's cock. It was hard. Luke just squeezed his cock until Dean rolled onto his back so he could get better access. Within a couple of minutes Dean too had come.

Holding onto each other they fell back to sleep for another half hour before the pressure on their bladders forced them to untangle themselves. Not one word had been spoken since Dean had complained about cotton-mouth, what now seemed like weeks ago.

Luke stood at the rail pissing into the sticky overcast stillness of the morning. Scott and Dean appeared at either side of him and began pissing too.

"With all this cum you guys shot on me I think I might need a bit of a rinse down."

"Do you want me to fire up the hose pump?" asked Luke.

"Nah, I reckon a bucket will do the job."

Luke left to get a bucket from the cabin as Dean positioned himself for a shit.

"What was it like to suck me off dude?"

Dean's cock stiffened. He looked down at it as he strained slightly.

"Does that answer your question?" he asked smiling at Scott who had not failed to notice Dean's reaction to his question and responded by firming up himself.

Luke reappeared holding a plastic bucket.

"Fuck, you guys can't get enough can you?"

Luke leaned down from the transom and filled the bucket with cool sea water and carried it to Scott, small amounts escaping over the rim as the Nova gently rolled in the vaguely discernible swell. Scott crouched over the bucket and began splashing the water over his torso and legs. As he rubbed his body his hands became slippery from the coating of moistening semen.

After rinsing away the bulk of the cum from his body he poured the remainder of the water on his chest as he stood, then flicked the water from his body with his hands.

Dean's hardon did not subside as he watched his first real male sexual partner washing himself. The combination of seeing Luke and Scott standing in front of him naked, having just been jerked off by Luke, and having dined on Scott's cock the night before was almost too much to bare. He leaned back against the curved railing and moaned loudly. Scott and Luke looked at him briefly then continued.

"What about that shit in your hair from yesterday morning Scott?"

"Eh? Oh, you mean your load. Don't care about that. I just wanted the loads that got dumped on me last night off. I think that's most of it. Hurry up Dean, I need to have a shit."

Dean returned to earth and busied himself evacuating his bowels. Luke took the moment to look at Scott more carefully. Even though he was near eighteen he still had what appeared to be a little puppy fat around his midriff. He wasn't overweight or even chubby, but when he crouched a small fold of lose skin appeared just above the pubic hair line.

Unlike Jason his ribs were difficult to see when he stood relaxed. His body seemed very well proportioned and his legs, while strong, were not all muscle and sinew. Scott's arms were well developed from his work at the boat yard, and he had a small tattoo on his left arm near the shoulder.

Scott's face didn't seem to quite match his body. He had a very defined rounded jaw with only the faintest hint of blond stubble forming on his chin and his upper lip. He normally shaved about once a week, but very soon it would have to be more often. His hair was just long enough to brush the bottom of his shoulder blades. It was dirty blond in colour and just slightly wavy. Even though it hadn't been washed in almost a week, and had received a lot of punishment in the last few days, it still looked as it always did, ragged but in place.

At a quick glance his body appeared to be almost totally without hair. Scott's body was a smooth tan and this disguised his body hair well. His armpit hair was nearly white blond and appeared very fine. His pubic hair was almost as blond as the hair on his head and grew very closely around his groin. Luke envied the almost totally hairless balls he saw. He only just remembered the wonderful feeling of rubbing his own hairless balls many years earlier when he was just going through puberty.

Looking closely Luke could see a thin line of hair running from Scott's groin up to his navel and just a little past it. He'd heard it called a happy trail in the past and now understood exactly why.

Luke was fascinated by Scott's cock. Like Luke he had not been circumcised, but that, and his erect size, were the only similarities. When flaccid, Scott's cock hung straight down between his thighs. His soft penis measured about four and a half inches and swung from left to right as he walked. His glans never seemed to retract fully inside his foreskin so he looked like he was perpetually in a semi-hard state.

Dean stood and walked to the rail beside Luke as Scott took his place and quickly took a shit.

Of the three friends Dean was the oldest by seven months. He too was solid, but without an ounce of excess fat on his body. Years of swimming had developed his shoulders and arms well. And his pecs were rock solid.

Dean was tanned also, but it was difficult to tell with his naturally rich brown skin. Dean had a faint tan line where he wore his speedos so the small tuft of dark brown pubic hair just above his cock was more pronounced. Dean had a little more hair on his stomach than Scott and the thick black hair on his legs merged into his groin. Luke noticed a little light fuzz at the centre of Dean's chest and circling his nipples. The hair on his head was short and dark.

His cock was smooth and the same colour as his milk chocolate chest and six-pack. Dean was circumcised and the glans was a pale pink when he was soft. When he got hard it turned deep red.

Scott looked up from the deck to see Luke staring at Dean.

"Well, I've gotta say that looking at Dean naked has never given me a boner before."

Luke went red and looked away from both of them. At that moment Jason emerged from the cabin masturbating. He leaned against the door frame looking at Scott and stroking his cock.

"You right there Jase?" asked Scott.

"Sure, just waiting to have a dump. And before you say anything about me tossing off, I just want to say that I saw you guys this morning."

"Hey," said Luke, "we're not going to say anything about you wanking. Don't get paranoid on us now will you?"

"What the fuck do you mean paranoid?" he asked as he stopped wanking.

"I mean exactly what you're doing right now, getting uptight over nothing. I mean if you can't feel comfortable wanking in front of us now, then I have no idea when you will be able to."

"Well I guess I'm uptight 'cause of what I did last night."

"What?" Scott asked.

"Wanking and coming all over you. I'm sorry about that, I think I got a bit carried away, that's all. It won't happen again."

Scott stood from the rail and walked over to stand beside Jason then wrapped his arm around his shoulder.

"Mate, it was cool. I enjoyed it. I was happy that you did it."

Jason stood very still. Slowly tears formed in his eyes and rolled down his cheeks.

"I... I... enjoyed it too." his voiced cracked. "I'm really confused about all this. I don't think I'm handling this very well."

Jason sucked in his breath and more tears appeared. Scott tightened his grip and pulled Jason to him and they hugged. Quietly Scott spoke to Jason.

"I think you're handling it just fine mate. Remember what we've all agreed to here, anything goes, whatever you feel like doing at the time. We all know you're not into guy-guy stuff. That's cool, hell, heaps of people would say that's they way it should be! But if you do ever feel like spraying it on me again, or anything else for that matter, don't hold back. We won't think of you any differently, right guys?"

Luke and Dean both agreed and Scott slapped Jason on the back.

"There, that's sorted isn't it." Jason nodded. "Now, it seems like Luke, Deano and I have found that we can turn each other on pretty well, how might we be able to help you get off fine sir?"

Jason stepped back from Scott wiping his eyes. His cock was now only half hard.

"I... um, well I seem for some reason to get turned on by seeing what you guys have been doing. I can't understand why, but there it is."

"Well," Luke said with a grin, "I'm sure we'll be able to oblige from time to time for you. Now, weren't you having a wank a minute ago?"

"I need a shit now instead."

As Jason took to the seat the other three moved into the cabin to look at what food there was. Scott spoke first.

"Well, that was interesting wasn't it. Hey guys, the stuff we've done together so far has been kinda' spur of the moment hasn't it. Should we have some sort of nightly session or something like that?"

"Sounds cool to me!" said Dean quickly. Luke nodded adding,

"Fine, but why should we rule out spontaneous moments as well?"

"Oh no, I didn't mean that, shit, I can come up to ten times a day no problems. I just meant we should sort of say that we will keep doing it, just so we all know."

Scott and Dean began making breakfast and Luke went back up on deck to tell Jason what they had decided. Jason was absorbed in himself, leaning back against the railing with his head flung back and his fist flying up and down his cock. Luke took the opportunity to carefully examine his third shipmate.

Jason was the taller of the three at about six foot. He was very lean and his ribcage was clearly visible at his sides but still he had a cute puppy like tummy which looked soft and inviting to Luke. He had very little tan on his body which made his dark brown hair very noticeable. He sported long strait hair which hung to the middle of his back. Constantly he had to sweep it from his rounded face which had a little dark facial fuzz which did not seem to grow.

Despite his long and thick hair, he had very little body hair. His pubic hair was thick and curly forming a triangle from his groin and spreading to lightly cover his balls but it was very closely confined to his pubic region. His armpits also had a sparse crop of hair, but nowhere else on his body.

Jason had not been circumcised although it looked like he had. He had what looked like half of a typical prepuce. His foreskin managed to cover about a half of his glans when he was flaccid, but disappeared when he was hard, as he was then, leaning back stroking swiftly. His cock was not straight when hard, it had a distinctive curve to the left. Jason claimed it was designed perfectly for his right hand.

Without changing position, Jason slowed to an occasional tug, then let loose with his orgasm. With cum flying up his body he opened his mouth in a silent scream then his body relaxed noticeably as his hand slipped from his jerking cock.

He pulled his head upright and saw Luke watching him.

"That's better. When's breakfast?"

"Ready soon. Hey Jase, we've just been discussing the stuff we've been doing and came to a sort of conclusion I wanted to tell you about."

"What's that?" Jason asked as he flicked semen off his hand into the ocean.

"Well, basically we see no reason to stop. So, we'll probably do something at least every night, and probably more often than that. We want you to feel that you can join in any way you like, if you want to that is."

"That's cool."

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