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Part 9

During the morning all four kept busy scrubbing the deck, cleaning the bulkheads and generally tidying up. After a light lunch Jason and Dean both decided to have a sleep in the cabin while Luke and Scott went below decks to check the hull.

The cramped bilge was not really big enough for two men so they had to crawl along touching each other. When they reached the bow they were pressed firmly together as they inspected the joints with a torch.

"Hey Luke, I don't think I would have ever considered squashing up against a guy naked like this even last week. I guess I've learnt a fair bit about myself huh?"

"Haven't we all!"

"Yeah, but this isn't even a sexual type situation. But I couldn't have done it before. As for getting sucked off by Dean, and wanking you guys, well that just blows my mind!"

"Yeah, but do you feel bad about it or anything?"

"That's the funny thing. It just feels so, sort of, Ok, I guess. And that's the great part. I kinda expected to feel really freaked out after that first mutual wanking thing, but I was turned on even more, and couldn't wait for the next time. If this is what being bisexual, or gay, I guess, is like, then I guess I could accept that lifestyle pretty easily."

"So you wouldn't mind being called gay?"

"No. Well, yes. I guess it depends who's saying it. I don't think I am really gay though. When I've slept with women I've had really intense sex, and gone back for more, and more, and more. I dream about chicks too. Wet dreams that is, not that I have them that often."

"Well Scott, maybe bi is an Ok label for now if you want one. Personally, I've had my most intense sexual experiences with myself. Wanking gives you so much control over your wants and desires. If people need a label from me I generally say I'm gay. Although sometimes I consider myself more omni-sexual. I've done nowhere near as much with women as I've done with guys. Although most of what I have done with guys is oral and wanking."

"Hey! Isn't that the best feeling? I mean I've had blowjobs before last night, but never as good as Dean gave. I guess it could have been the grass."

"No, I'd say it probably was as good as you remember. Just think about it, Dean's got a cock of his own, he knows what feels good, and what feels great, so he can pass that onto you. My best blowjobs have all been from guys. Now why don't we get out of this coffin? I'm about to melt."

As they emerged into the oppressive grey heat of the afternoon through the hatch, Luke expected to see Scott and himself filthy from squeezing through the bilge. He was surprised to see that they were covered only with a glossy film of sweat. The Nova was so new that there had been no time for grime to build up yet.

Scott's hair was plastered to his face and Luke ran his hand through his own to find it matted and wet too. He shook his head and beads of sweat flew from his hair hitting Scott as he stood looking to the empty horizon.

"Hey! All someone's got to do now is spit on me then shit on me and I'll have suffered it all!"

"Sorry mate."

"Don't be. But I would get pissed off if you did shit on me. Hey, what time is it?"

Luke climbed to the deck-top wheelhouse and looked at the clock.

"Just after four." he called back.

"Shit! That means about eight hours since I last came! No wonder I keep getting hard. Time for a bit of flesh pounding I feel."

Luke laughed as Scott purposefully grabbed his cock and began earnestly jerking up and down where he stood.

"I can do that for you if ya want."

"Sure." said Scott as he walked to the fore deck and sat facing the oncoming ocean.

Luke jumped down from the wheelhouse and sat on the deck beside Scott, half leaning against his body. He took Scott's already moistening cock into his hand and held it still.

"That's not going to make me jizz in a hurry."

"You have to give me directions. Tell me exactly what to do."

"Ok. Pull down slightly and rub the tip with your thumb. Ahh, that's right. Now pull hard and fast. No harder, like you were doing yourself. That's it. Stop! Fuck, that was close. Now spread the precum all over my cock. Good. Rub my balls...not too hard. Now pull again. Faster. Faster. Real hard, fast, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh. Oh. Here goes! Ughh! Oh Fuckin... Ughh!"

Thick cum spattered against Scott's cheek and dripped onto his shoulder. As Luke kept pulling the spasms got stronger and stringy pale cum oozed onto his hand and collected in Scott's pubic hair. Scott grabbed Luke's arm and pushed it away from him then he lay back on the deck panting.

Luke wiped his hand clean on Scott's leg and sat looking at him, his chest heaving, and a smile fixed on his face. Soon he propped himself up on his elbows and looked at Luke, now hard too.

"Your turn." he said as he sat up and reached for Luke.

"Thanks, but I think I'll wait till later if that's Ok. I want to be able to go a few times tonight."

"Ok. Thanks for that."

"No problem. Did I do Ok?"

"Fuckin awesome man. Shit, I wish I was your cock!"

Luke smiled and went to check their course. Scott stood up and walked slowly to the cabin. Jason and Dean were both still sleeping, and snoring.

"Wake up you lazy bastards!" yelled Scott.

Dean and Jason both stirred then woke, looking with disdain at the prick who had woken them.

"Whose is that?" asked Dean indicating the thick smear of cum on Scott's face.


"How boring."

"Ah, but I didn't wank myself."

"Well that's alright then. Looks like you almost got to taste it mate."

"It was close. Actually, I did that the other day by accident. Hey, have you guys ever tasted your own cum? I know you've tasted mine Dean."

"Yep, yours was the second I've ever tasted. Mine was the first. Jase, how about you?"

"Only by accident. I shot right into my mouth once when I was wanking. Pretty tasteless really."

"Talking about eating things, I woke you guys up because it's almost five, and I'm hungry."

After a meal of soggy pasta they cleaned up then lay about the cabin sweating in the turgid humidity. They sat in silence for about half an hour feeling hot and uncomfortable.

Luke broke the sleep inducing silence.

"So. Who wants to give me a blowjob?"

There was an awkward silence for about ten seconds. Luke was surprised when Scott shuffled onto his bunk, parted Luke's legs and lay down between them, facing him with his face held above his crotch.

"You don't have to you know."

"Hey, I can't knock it 'till I've tried it can I?"

Jason sat up on his bunk and began rubbing his hardening cock. Scott lowered his head and quickly flicked the tip of Luke's still soft cock between his lips. Luke pilled his pillow up under his head so he could relax but still watch what was happening.

Scott licked the rest of the shaft to lubricate it then sucked it fully into his mouth, burying his nose in Luke's pubic hair. With his tongue he began exploring inside Luke's foreskin, running the tip of it right around the head. Luke felt the blood rushing to his cock and saw Scott's cheeks filling out.

Soon he was pulling back to avoid choking and began concentrating on the swollen head. Too much of this and Luke knew he would cum very quickly. Suddenly he realised that he didn't have to be a passive partner in this exchange and sat up to reach for Scott's head.

He placed his hands on the sides of Scott's head and gently pulled him away. The sight of his hardon emerging from Scott's mouth almost sent him over the edge, but he forced control. Scott released him and looked at his face questioningly.

"Flip around."

Instantly Scott understood and crawled smiling up beside Luke then turned and lifted his leg over Luke's body. Quickly they discovered a comfortable position and Scott dived down on Luke's cock once again swallowing it enough that the tip of his nose rested on Luke's balls which were contracting rapidly.

Luke looked directly up to see Scott's hard cock swinging about an inch from his face. His balls rested on the bridge of Luke's nose. Twisting his head slightly and extending his tongue Luke licked the shiny drop of precum from the tip of Scott's cock. As he did this Luke felt him moan, the vibrations transferring to his own excited genitals.

Quickly Luke sucked the hard cock into his mouth, tasting more salty precum as well as a distinctive taste of dried cum. As he flicked his tongue under Scott's foreskin Luke could think of nothing but disgusting cheesy smegma until he remembered seeing Scott cleaning under his foreskin that morning when he washed. He then realised he was getting the best part of the deal and the sensations he was feeling from Scott's mouth made him forget everything but working on making the cock in his mouth explode.

The position Luke was in made it near impossible to take Scott in too deep. So he concentrated his efforts on the cock head. Suddenly Luke felt his orgasm approaching. He tried to warn Scott by squirming, then his hips started bucking up and down, fucking Scott's mouth.

Scott read Luke's intention and shifted his body slightly so he could thrust into Luke's mouth too. Soon he saw Luke's balls contract tightly into his body and felt his cock head swell and flare. Luke's hips stopped thrusting and then he felt a powerful jet of hot liquid striking the back of his mouth. He pulled back slightly, keeping sucking hard, as he felt the second and third spurts coat his tongue.

There was no way he could swallow with Luke's cock filling his mouth. As Luke kept pumping his mouth over filled with a combination of saliva and lots of cum. It spilled from the corners of his mouth and ran into Luke's pubic hair and down the crack of his ass. With half of it spilled, and Luke's cock rapidly shrinking he was able to swallow what was left.

Scott redoubled his thrusting efforts almost forcing Luke to deep throat him, then he too came. The first two shots poured over Luke's tongue then his thrusting pulled his cock from Luke's mouth and he sprayed most of the rest on Luke's chest.

Luke recovered the pulsing cock and sucked it dry as Scott held his still in his mouth. When both had passed the orgasmic flush Scott rolled of Luke while keeping Luke's cock in his mouth.

Luke looked over to see Jason pull his hand self-consciously from his erect cock. Dean had moved closer to them while they were doing their 69 and had watched every movement intently. He had not touched himself but his cock was pointing straight up and was literally drooling precum.

Luke beckoned for him to climb onto the bunk with Scott and himself. Luke lay down the centre of the bunk with Scott laying on his side pressed between him and the wall. Scott's flaccid, still leaking cock rested on Luke's left shoulder and his mouth was still wrapped around his re-hardening cock. Dean lay on his back at Luke's right facing the same direction as Scott. He twisted to his right and began licking Luke's balls and perineum as Scott continued sucking.

Luke propped himself up on his elbows and leaned over to press Dean's cock into his mouth. It slid in with no resistance, the rivulets of precum making it feel like it was coated in bath oil.

The strong salty taste surprised Luke. It was quite different to Scott's taste. Dean's cock was barely six inches long, the shortest of the four of them. It was dead straight and fairly thick and of course circumcised. Luke noticed the different feeling of no foreskin and began flicking the cock head with his tongue and pressing into its hole with the tip.

Dean came very quickly. Luke had him in his mouth for only about two minutes before he felt the head swell and the blast of cum against the tip of his tongue. Luke was not ready for it and semen squirted from the corner of his mouth towards the bunk Jason was still sitting on, once again wanking.

Luke bobbed his head furiously determined to fill his mouth. As soon as Dean's muscles stopped contracting he withdrew from Luke's mouth and quickly got to his knees. He shuffled on his knees to position himself between Luke's legs, all the time dripping globs of cum from his still hard cock onto Luke's torso and the back of Scott's head.

Dean leant over and lifted Scott's head from Luke's cock. He smiled at Luke then descended on his cock which was well lubricated with Scott's spit and Luke's cum.

Scott looked up at Luke and smiled as he wiped his lips clean with the back of his hand. He knelt beside Luke with his back against the wall. Luke reached out with his left hand and cupped Scott's balls, then began running his index finger under his foreskin, using his fresh cum as a lubricant.

Luke noticed that Jason was standing inches from his right shoulder. He looked to him and saw he was pumping viciously on his cock and small flecks of frothy precum were flying from it. Jason looked down at Luke and smiled.

"Go for it Jase!" said Scott who was also watching Jason.

Jason's body tightened up and he aimed his cum at the three on the bunk. His first shot went at least five and a half feet, from Luke's shoulder, landing on Dean's raised ass. Jason turned and his second and third shots hit Scott, the second on his stomach, the third right on his cock. The remaining cum was spread across Luke's torso and right arm.

"Nice shooting Jase!" yelled Luke as Jason returned to his bunk.

Luke spread the cum running down Scott's stomach over his palm and spread it over Scott's cock and began pulling him fast and hard. As Luke neared his second orgasm Scott came in spasmodic bursts over Luke's stomach.

As soon as Scott had finished coming Luke moved both hands to grasp Dean's bobbing head and pressed it down as he came luxuriously into Dean's throat. Dean reached down to his own cock and gave it three quick strokes before coming for his second time and spraying Luke's balls and his own chin from below.

All three collapsed where they were for a few minutes until Luke extricated himself and walked dripping sweat and cum onto the deck to have a piss.

"Hey, it's still light ya know guys. Shit, it's only six thirty! I guess we'll be able to have some more fun later!"

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