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Part 10

None of them made any attempt to clean away the cum that had smeared across their bodies. Their sweat kept it moist and slick. By about eight Scott, Luke and Dean had begun glancing at each other once again.

Dean stood up and opened the drawer under his bunk. He took out his back pack and placed it on his bunk. He opened it fully and reached between the canvas and the frame until he found what he had hidden there. His hand emerged holding an eight inch long hard rubber dildo which was formed in the shape of a long circumcised penis with prominent veins.

"What the fuck is that?!" exclaimed Scott.

"What does it look like? Do you guys mind if I play with this for a bit?"

All three shook their heads and stared at the device in Dean's hand.

"Scott, you had some KY Jelly in your box of tricks didn't you. Would I be able to borrow it?"

Scott slipped off his bunk and reached into his drawer for a moment and pulled out the almost full tube and handed it to Dean. Dean nodded his thanks and opened the tube and squeezed a liberal amount onto his fingertips.

He put the tube on the floor and lay on his bunk with his head towards the cabin door so as to give a good view to the rest of the guys. He spread about half of the gel onto the head and shaft of the dildo then used what was left on his fingers to lube himself up.

He lifted his knees up and his fingers went straight to his smooth hairless hole. His index finger pressed at his ring and quickly slipped in as far as he could get it. Immediately his cock stiffened and he slowly introduced his middle finger. As he worked his two fingers in and out his mouth opened and he began grunting almost inaudibly. Before too long he had inserted three fingers and fresh beads of sweat were breaking out on his face.

Quickly he pulled his fingers out and picked up the glistening dildo from beside him. Dean held the rubber head against his slippery pink ring and began applying a steady pressure. His face grimaced as the unforgiving rubber head popped through his sphincter but then the rubber rod passed easily into his ass.

As he pushed the dildo inside him until only about two inches remained visible Dean stopped moving and lay absolutely still. A small torrent of clear shiny precum spilled from his cock and pooled on his smooth stomach. He lay panting for a few moments more, then started fucking himself with the dildo with increasing speed.

Scott, Luke and Jason were all furiously pounding away on themselves, fascinated and very turned on by what they were watching. Soon Dean stopped plugging himself and looked around the cabin at the other three. He pulled the dildo from his ass making a plopping sound as it emerged, and making him spill even more precum. He dropped the dildo to the floor, making the others pay attention to him once again.

"That's it guys, I need a real cock inside of me."

At that suggestion Scott lost control and started spewing cum all over himself and onto the cabin floor.

"I guess it'll have to be me then." Luke said while standing and walking towards Dean's bunk.

Luke stood beside Dean's bunk as Dean smeared more KY on his cock. The sensation of the cool gel mixing with his own hot precum almost made Luke cum. He stood back from Dean and looked at him.

"What about condoms?"

"Yeah, if you want. I don't mind though. I know I haven't got anything, and you gave blood the week before we left didn't you? Were you clean?"

"Yeah, I was."

"Well we don't need to then do we?"

"I'd rather we did."

Dean nodded and took the silver wrapped condom Scott offered him. He opened it and quickly and expertly unrolled it onto Luke's twitching cock then smeared more gel onto the stretched rubber tip.

Luke climbed onto Dean's bunk and kneeled between his legs.

"Just go for it Luke, I'm prepped for anything!"

Luke grasped Dean's ankles and lifted them up to his shoulders which raised Dean's ass from the sheet. He reached down and held his cock to aim it where the dildo had just been, rubbing his slick head against the puckered opening. As he began pressing his hips forward to apply some pressure he heard a groan from behind him and felt warm liquid splatting against his sweating back.

Luke turned his head to see Jason kneeling on the bunk behind him with his head thrown back and his right hand still flying over his squirting cock. Luke smiled and turned his attention back to Dean.

Slowly he inched forward pressing harder against Dean. For a moment he thought he had aimed at the wrong spot as there was incredible resistance but then suddenly he broke through and his foreskin was rolled back inside the condom as he entered the warm confines of Dean.

Dean yelled and jumped as Luke penetrated him. Afraid that he had hurt him Luke withdrew immediately.

"No! Fuck me! "

Luke pressed in again and entered quickly this time. Slowly he pressed his hips forward as he penetrated deeper and deeper until he was inside Dean as far as he thought he could go. Dean trembled and precum began pissing from his cock.

"Oh, please, fuck me hard. Now!"

Moving his hands to the back of Dean's calves, Luke pressed on his legs which lifted Dean's ass higher, making it more accessible and also making it feel even tighter than it was already. He began thrusting slowly, then quickly picked up pace as Dean began moaning and pressing back against him to meet the thrusts.

"I'm gonna come soon Dean."

"Oh yeah. Fill me up, deep!"

Luke leaned forward and rested his weight on Dean's thighs. He slowed his thrusts to prolong the experience. He then realised that Dean's cock was right there in front of him and was begging to be stroked. With his right hand which was now free, Luke grabbed Dean's cock which gushed pre-orgasmic cum at his touch. Spreading the cum with his hand Luke used it as lubricant as he wanked Dean at the same rhythm he was fucking him.

Dean's twitching let Luke know that the wanking was about to pay off. He quickened his pace both fucking and wanking. Very shortly after, Dean screamed and his whole body turned rigid. His first shot of cum arced up and hit Luke's face with incredible force. Luke lifted his head before the second shot hit him and it sailed well over Dean's head, striking the bulkhead a good five feet away.

The sudden tensing of the muscles in Dean's ass as he came was the trigger for Luke to explode. He sucked in a noisy gulp of air and thrust hard into Dean pressing his pubic bone into Dean's pulsing balls. Then he felt an incredible warm and wet sensation as his cum filled the condom and he was overcome with an intense orgasm.

Luke lost control of his upper body strength as he came and he fell onto Dean who pumped more cum between their stomachs. Luke seemed to keep coming for minutes as he felt Dean's still hard cock occasionally pulse under him.

The two of them stayed unmoving in that position for a few minutes, totally still. Luke wondered why his cock wasn't shrinking as it usually did after coming. Then he felt strong hands on his back giving him a massage that was forcing his tight muscles to relax. He turned his head to see Scott standing beside them with his arms stretched out over his back.

Scott's rehardened cock bobbed up and down right beside Luke's face. Luke breathed in and smelled the strong scent of musk, sweat and cum from Scott's groin. He stretched his neck and pulled Scott's cock into his mouth and began licking and sucking as fast and hard as he could.

The massage on Luke's back continued despite Scott's unexpected surprise. As Luke sucked him he moved his attention down to Luke's lower back, then began gently sweeping his fingers down to rub at his loosening balls and the sensitive furry skin of his perineum.

Luke moved slightly to get at Scott's cock more easily and felt his own cock slip out of Dean's ass. Scott pulled at the condom which split and his fingers were suddenly coated with Luke's cum and he brought them to his mouth and licked them clean. The sensation of licking Luke's cum from his hand excited him to the point that he had to shoot, so he thrust quickly into Luke's mouth butting against his tongue.

Luke felt the jet of semen hit his tongue and rubbed the tip of Scott's cock with it as he continued to shoot, collecting all the sweetness in his mouth, then swallowing.

After only three pumps Scott pulled himself out of Luke's mouth, leaving a trail of fresh cum across Luke's cheek and Dean's torso. He walked, still pulsing cum from his cock, back out of Luke's line of sight. Dean lifted his head to look over Luke's body at Scott. After a couple of moments he smiled.

"Yeah, alright!"

Luke twisted to see Scott kneeling on the floor of the cabin in front of Jason who was sitting on his bunk staring into space with a smile on his face as Scott swallowed his cock to the base.

Luke pushed himself off Dean and sat on the bunk as Dean lifted himself up to watch. Both were still semi-hard and began to stroke each others cocks as they watched.

Jason was lasting much longer for this his second blowjob from Scott. Soon his short breaths indicated he was getting close, so Luke and Dean stood up and positioned themselves on either side of Scott and Jason. They were now pulling themselves and preparing to come once more.

As Jason's body went taught and he began filling Scott's mouth, Dean and Luke both let fly all over Jason's chest and arms. Moments after the three had cum, they all collapsed on top of Jason on his bunk and quickly fell asleep.

At about eleven Dean woke the other three as he struggled to get out of the tangle so he could go and relieve the sudden urge he had to empty his bowels. The cabin light was still on and the three remaining looked sleepily at each other. Jason grinned and said,

"You guys came all over me didn't you?"

"Sure. I just wanted to repay the favour." Luke said.

"Cool. I guess I'm pretty relaxed about this stuff now."

From the deck came a desperate call.

"Can someone please bring me some toilet paper!?"

Luke laughed and pulled himself off Scott and Jason and fished around for a roll, then headed up onto the deck.

"Here you go. Got a bit of a problem there?"

"Let's just put it this way, it was very, um, liquid. I guess you must have stirred me up a bit. The KY didn't help either."

"I thought most of that came out when I pulled out."

"Not enough."

Dean wiped himself clean, looking at the paper before letting it float to the ocean. Under the cloud filtered moonlight it was not easy to see.

"Well Dean, you sure know the best way to make me feel like a real bastard."

"What on earth do you mean by that?"

"Well, you obviously don't like the after effects, do you?"

"Hey, it's just a normal shit man. And that has nothing to do with how incredible it felt to have you fuck me. Having a real, hot, moving cock inside just doesn't compare with that bloody dildo man. If I was a more emotional type, I'd probably tell you that I loved you now."

"I hope that wasn't a subtle way of saying it anyway."

"Don't worry Luke. To be truly honest, and I'm sorry to say this, but I just did it for the sex. I mean I like you and everything, but at the time I just wanted a cock in me, it could have been any of you. Actually, hopefully, by the end of the trip, it will have been all of you."

"That's cool with me too. Shit, you were so tight!"

"Thanks. I actually thought using the dildo might make me too loose to give any feeling to the other guy."

"Believe me, that's the tightest hole I've ever inserted my cock into."

"Christ this conversation sounds bizarre!"

Laughing, Luke and Dean walked back towards the cabin door where they were met by Jason who was looking flushed.

"Luke dude! There's some sort of alarm sounding in the wheelhouse!"
Luke pushed past Jason and Dean and ran to the front of the cabin and climbed the short ladder to the wheelhouse. Scott was in one of the seats and pointed to the LCD panel below the window.

"That's the proximity alarm isn't it Luke?"

"Yeah. Let's have a look."

Luke sat in the helmsman's seat and began to bring the other displays to life. He checked the logs for the previous half hour then reached for his binoculars.

"Looks like there's a large ship approaching us from the starboard side."

Scott followed Luke through the hatch to the on-deck wheelhouse and searched the dark horizon. Just off the starboard bow he saw a small cluster of yellow lights. Luke was looking at the lights through the binoculars.

"It's a big ship of some sort. I think it might be a passenger boat from the deck lighting. Looks like there are a hell of a lot of cabin lights too. At our present courses we'll come within about three hundred metres."

"Should we go get dressed?"

"Why? What are they going to care about us? So long as we don't ram them that is!"

Luke retreated back to the inner helm and Scott closed the hatch as he followed.

Jason's head poked up from behind them.

"What's up guys?"

"Just a passenger liner going to pass near us." replied Luke.

"Shit! What should we do?"

"How about having another wank, or going to sleep? There's nothing to worry about Jase."

The liner passed the Nova on the port side ten minutes later. The two vessels passed only two hundred and fifty metres apart. Luke went on deck to wave at the bridge as they passed. Scott watched with the binoculars from inside the cabin.

"They are looking at us with binoculars. Now the guy with the binoculars is waving at Luke. Now he's pointing and passing them to the others. It looks like they're laughing."

"I'm not surprised!" said Dean, "He's out there saluting with one hand and wanking with the other!"

As the ocean liner pulled away and the wash had passed Luke returned to the cabin giggling.

"Did you watch them?"

"Yeah, and they were certainly watching you too Luke!"

"Well, I guess I gave that watch something to laugh about for the rest of the shift."

"Hey Luke," said Dean, "you didn't shoot though. I'll finish for you if you want."

"That's ok mate. I don't think my balls would like me much if I came again tonight. Besides, I think we've all got enough cum on us for now."

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