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Part 11

When they woke at dawn the next morning all four found themselves caked in solid dry semen. The weather had changed again. It was still hot, but now it was a dry heat and the sun was beating in through the cabin windows.

"I feel like I've been iced like a cake and it's all gone hard." said Jason.

"Yes, well, your cock certainly has Jase."

"Jesus Scott, can't you keep your eyes off my cock? I know you can't keep your mouth off it. I guess I must taste good."

"Just kind of salty and neutral actually. But I guess with a little more practice I could get used to it."

"Well, what are you waiting for then, a written invitation?"

Jason asked as he lay back on his bunk and spread his legs apart.

Luke and Dean looked at each other surprised as Scott leapt across the cabin and onto Jason's bunk and immediately began licking his balls. He then licked slowly up his shaft until he was gently licking the small bead of precum from the tip, then he dived onto his cock and began sucking like a seasoned professional. Jason closed his eyes, put his hands behind his head and lay there smiling and occasionally squirming, then moaning.

Jason hadn't noticed Luke and Dean moving up to stand beside him. He didn't even realised they had moved until he felt their combined spurts of cum coating his chest, stomach and face as he came once more into Scott's mouth.

Scott had been stroking himself as he had been sucking on Jason. When he saw what Luke and Dean had just done he raised up on his knees, shuffled closer between Jason's legs and mixed his load with the others. Jason had not moved, but giggled as small rivulets of cum tickled as they ran down his sides, over his neck, and through his armpits to the sheet below.

The others left him there lying in a pool of semen as they went outside to relieve themselves. When they returned he was still there, but most of the cum had disappeared.

"Where'd you wipe it all Jase?" asked Dean.

Jason smiled, then scooped some remaining semen from his navel onto his fingers and then licked them clean.

"Well fuck me!"

"I did that last night Deano." laughed Luke.

"I mean, well fuck. Why did you do that Jase? I thought that'd be the last thing you'd want to do."

"I know it's totally gross, but I wanted to see what it tasted like."

"But all of it? That was three guys worth you just licked up!"

"Hey, now at least I know what all three of you taste like I guess."

"Well, that's more than any of us I think. Dean? Scott? Yeah, you're the only one to have eaten all three of us."

"Jase, mate. You have to try getting it fresh sometime. I've blown you twice now. I reckon after a couple more you might owe me one."

"Hey Scott!" said Luke, "don't be a dickhead all your life. Jase doesn't need that kind of pressure. If he feels like it he will. Right Jase?"

"Yeah, ya never know your luck Scotty." said Jason with a shit eating grin on his face.

Luke shook his head in disbelief and walked over to his bunk sniffing the air as he walked.

"Guys, we all fucking stink like shit. We're going to be arriving in Tahiti in about 48 hours. We'll have to clean ourselves up before then."

"If we wash now, we'll have to do it again before we arrive though."

"Jase, I thought you'd be the one racing off to wash right now."

"Nah, I haven't washed since we came on board, in fact, since two days before we came on board. This is the longest I have ever been able to grunge out like this. It's hulla cool. I'd like to wait if that's Ok."

"Hulla cool. What the fuck does that mean?" Luke asked. "I guess I'm beginning to show my age huh? Shit, I never thought I'd feel old at 22 - I mean grunge was trendy when I was like 12 - so I guess I am feeling old... But anyway, I wasn't saying we have to wash just yet. If you can stand me then I can stand you guys."

Scott lifted his arm and took a deep sniff of his armpit.

"I guess I do smell a bit, but I hadn't really noticed you guys that much. Only from your crotches when I've been eating ya. And that made me more horny. I reckon it's because we've all gotten used to each other's smell slowly."

"Well, Ok then guys. But it's time for you to earn your passages properly today. We're going to scrub this boat from top to bottom."

As they sat to greedily eat breakfast Luke put his spoon down to speak.

"Ok guys, Dean asked to be fucked last night. Anyone else got any unusual requests, or want any fantasies acted out? I've got a few ideas brewing."

Scott finished the last of his serial and leaned back from the fold-down table with a look of deep thought on his face.

"Well, this is kind of bizarre. I've been really getting off on the thought of this stringy hair I've got from when you jizzed in it the other morning Luke. I'd like to have four loads of cum dumped on my hair at once, then slick back my hair with it. Actually that sounds really sick doesn't it?"

"Hmm, basically yes. But I'm keen. How 'bout you guys?"

Dean and Jason both laughed and agreed. They decided they would wait until they stopped work for lunch to let their volumes build up a bit. Jason looked around the table then asked;

"You said four loads. How are you going to dump a load on your own head?"

"Easy. See if I lean forward like this and flick my hair over my face like this, I can shoot onto it and then swish it back with my hand, like this."

By one o'clock the deck and bulkheads of the Nova were sparkling in the overhead sun. Scott was obviously looking forward to his impending shampoo as he had asked all the others to begin stroking themselves occasionally an hour earlier. Twice he had suddenly crouched down and flicked his hair forward thinking he had overdone his own wanking and was going to cum. Both times he had managed to hold it off.

They broke soon after one and went into the cabin. Scott looked at the other three all stroking themselves leisurely.

"Hey guys, can you wipe that precum into my hair too?"

Luke scooped the precum from his foreskin and smeared it through Scott's hair. Dean and Jason dried their hands in his hair too.

"Ok. I'm going to sit here on the floor. Hang on, let's do this on deck!"

They left the cabin and Scott sat in the middle of the aft deck between the chairs.

"Right. This is how I want to do it. Make sure you're all ready to go, but don't come 'till I say. I'm going to come on myself first, then I'll sit up and push my hair back. When I say go I want you to get real close and blast it all right here on the top of my head, Ok?"

After Luke, Dean and Jason said they were ready Scott continued his quick strokes, occasionally pulling back his foreskin and collecting his precum in his fingers and massaging it into the tips of his hair.

His pace quickened until his right hand was just a blur, then he leaned forward holding his hair toward his cock with his left hand, grunted a few times and stopped jerking his hand. He stayed in that position for about ten more seconds then lifted his head and swept his left hand back pushing back his hair.

A shiny smear of fresh cum coated the top layer of his hair down to the bottom of his scalp. He jerked a few more times on his bright red cock, extracting a few more drops of semen, then ran his coated right hand through his hair, wiping it clean.

"Blast off guys."

Jason, Dean and Luke stepped close to Scott. Luke stood straddling his right shoulder, his balls lying against Scott's ear. Jason took up the same position over Scott's left shoulder and Dean stood behind him, leaning his knees against his back.

As they continued to stroke themselves their fists brushed against Scott's damp hair and occasionally their knuckles bumped. They looked at each other's faces in a silent countdown. When they were all ready there was a violent flurry of fists then they all pressed their cock heads together at the top of Scott's head.

Jason felt Luke's cum hitting the head of his cock as he shot back at him. Dean's second shot squeezed between Luke and Jason and dribbled off Scott's fringe onto his forehead and nose. Scott caught the escaping cum with his hand and swept it back to the top of his head.

Scott's hand landing on top of the three super sensitive cock heads made all three of them ejaculate immediately again adding an extra load of thick, more viscous cum. They kept their cocks there until they had milked the last drops out of themselves, then pulled away to watch Scott.

As he pressed down on the top of his head they saw their cum squeeze out between his fingers. He began massaging the warm cum into his scalp. Very quickly he worked up a mass of foam which he then began smoothing to the ends of his hair. Within three minutes his hair was slick and wet throughout. It stuck to his shoulder blades and the sides of his face.

Scott's cock was throbbing again so he quickly jerked himself and collected a surprisingly large load in his hand which he used to tightly matt the furthermost ends of his long hair.

"Awesome guys! How does it look?"

"Well moussed I guess is the best description!" replied Jason.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon Scott could not keep his hands away from his hair. He kept running his fingers through it as it dried and became almost solid. By four the entire boat had been cleaned. Only the sheets on the bunks remained stained and ruffled. Dean touched Scott's hair as they sat on the aft deck, leaving wet sweat marks on the wooden decking.

"Nice dreadlocks Scott. I always wondered how they were done."

"It feels really weird now. Like I've been rolling in mud or something and it's all caked in my hair. The smell is really turning me on too. I'm horny and ready to help out someone else's wish. Who's next? Jason?"

"Um, I can't think of anything really. I bet Dean can."

"Nah, I got mine last night. It must be the captain's turn."

Luke looked at the others and saw that Scott and Dean were both hard. Jason was looking at him expectantly.

"Um. Ok. Jason, I want you to go inside and get the mattress off my bunk and bring it out here."

Jason leapt to his feet and scrambled into the cabin. A minute later he emerged, carrying the thin mattress with its fitted white sheet complete with multiple yellow stains. He laid it down in the centre of the deck and sat beside it. Luke noticed that anticipation had caused Jason to get hard too.

"Right. I'm going to lay down on the mattress and close my eyes. I want you guys to work together to make me feel great. Here are the rules. This has got to last at least half an hour. You have to make sure you don't do anything to make me shoot too quick. That means go really slow. You can do anything you like which you think I'll enjoy. If I say stop at any time, that means I don't like what your doing. Oh, and you're allowed to get yourselves off too if you want."

Luke adjusted the mattress so that his head would be in the shade most of the time at their present course, then laid back with his hands resting above his head. He spread his legs slightly, feeling the warmth of the sun on his body. He closed his eyes and waited.

"We'll be back in two seconds," said Scott, "we've just got to work out our plan of attack, if you'll pardon the expression."

The three younger men went into the cabin and closed the door. Scott took the mantle of project leader.

"So, how are we going to go about this then?"

"I think we should concentrate on the areas we're most comfortable with."

"Good idea Dean. What are you comfortable with?"

"Absolutely anything. I actually find Luke real hot. I'll do anything. Maybe we should start with Jason's role."

"Ok, Jason, do you reckon you'd be able to rub his torso and legs, that kind of thing?"

"I guess." said Jason, "I could maybe wank him too. Or, wank on him?"

"Excellent! How about this. You concentrate on his legs and feet, as well as his hands. Ok? Cool. I'm Ok with rubbing him, wanking him, sucking him and that kind of stuff. What do you actually want to do Dean?"

"Well I definitely want to get my mouth on that hot cock at some stage. Sorry guys, but now that you know I'm gay I'm not going to hold back. Anyway, I've got a thing for armpits too, and I want to kiss him, and maybe slip a finger or two into his ass. Maybe I could get him to suck me too."

"Hang on, this is for him, not you."

"Yeah, he said he was gay right? Well I love to get a cock placed in my mouth."

"Whatever. Well, let's do it then. I reckon we should do no talking the whole time unless we have to, Ok? And let's sneak up on him and touch him with all hands at the same time. Right let's go."

Quietly they left the cabin and took up positions around Luke. Scott knelt on his right side next to his pelvis. Dean sat quietly on Luke's left side, next to his head and chest, and Jason knelt at his feet. With a nod from Scott they all placed their hands on Luke's relaxed body.

Dean pressed one palm to Luke's forehead and the other to his left breast. Scott put one hand on his inner thigh and the other on his stomach. Jason ran his hands up Luke's shins. As their hands came into contact Luke tensed his muscles momentarily then sighed and relaxed.

Dean began by rubbing Luke's chest and nipples until they were both erect and became very sensitive. He then leaned over and nuzzled his nose into his left armpit, inhaling the sweet smell of a week's sweat. He then licked deeply into the hair of the armpit until it was wet with his saliva instead of sweat.

Jason began massaging Luke's feet, rubbing firmly between the toes and gently pulling the hair on the tops of his feet. He got uncomfortable kneeling on the hard wood so sat down with his legs apart and Luke's feet nestled between his thighs.

Scott began by rubbing Luke's stomach with his left hand as he gently pulled on the long blonde hairs on his scrotum. As he began gently fondling his balls, Luke's cock began to grow from its semi-hard state.

Licking from Luke's armpit to his neck, Dean elicited low moans from him. He then held Luke's head gently between his hands and lightly brushed his lips with his own. As he lifted his head he saw Luke lick his dry lips and leave his mouth slightly open. He took the invitation and placed his lips gently against Luke's. Without prompting Luke opened his mouth and allowed Dean's tongue to enter and explore it. Quickly Dean found Luke's tongue exploring his own mouth.

Jason was still busy with Luke's feet. He found them to be a little dry, so pushed his hard cock down and curled Luke's toes around his wet cock head. He pushed his cock onto the sole of Luke's right foot, spreading his precum over the callused ball of his foot.

Scott decided to taste the large drop of precum that had developed on the end of Luke's cock. He lay down, resting his head on Luke's stomach and licked hard, with the full length of his tongue, over the pink tip of the head. Luke twitched his whole body and precum poured onto the tip of Scott's tongue, coating it with salty slipperyness.

Dean broke his kiss and began gently kissing Luke's eyelids, then the shell of his ear. He then leaned over Luke, placing his own wet armpit over his nose and probed his right armpit with the tip of his tongue, savouring the salt of the sweat, and detecting the distinctive taste of dried cum. Luke breathed deeply from Dean's armpit and tasted the corner of it with his tongue.

Tired of concentrating on Luke's feet, Jason moved up and massaged the sides of his ass cheeks. He then shifted opposite Scott and began tracing the slick tip of his cock along Luke's side and onto his stomach beside Scott's head. He then sat back for a moment and pounded furiously on his cock until he came. He squirted all over Luke's stomach and chest, adding a little more to Scott's hair in the process.

Some of the cum hit the under side of Dean's chin as he finished washing Luke's right armpit. He looked up to see what it was and saw, over Scott's head, Jason wiping the tip of his cock on Luke's balls. He decided to use Jason's cum which was on Luke's chest as massage oil. He firmly rubbed it into his nipples, around his neck and through his armpits and onto his upper arms. He ensured there was plenty in Luke's armpits, then dove in to lick it all out.

Scott scooped the last of Jason's cum from the tip of his cock as he wiped it on Luke's balls and spread it well over the rising and falling scrotum. He squeezed on his own hard cock and collected some precum which he spread over Luke's swollen cock. He then beckoned for Jason to come back. He took Jason's shrinking cock in his hand and squeezed hard from the base to the tip, bringing out more thick cum which he also spread over Luke's shaft.

Scott then pressed his lips to Luke's foreskin and sucked hard, bringing out more precum which he washed around his mouth. He used all the lubrication to allow his lips to slide effortlessly down his shaft until he felt the thick head butting against his throat. He relaxed his throat and swallowed until he was surprised to have all six and a half inches inside him and the corner of his mouth was firmly against Luke's matted and pungent pubic hair at the base of his cock.

Seeing how well Scott was doing Dean decided to join him. He flipped around and started rubbing Luke's right armpit with a big toe while he laid his head across his thighs. Dean's face was only inches from Scott's. He opened his mouth wide and gently sucked in Luke's sticky balls. He felt the warm breath from Scott's nose on his chin as he swirled the balls around in his mouth, tasting Jason's semen once again.

Scott almost bit on Luke's cock when he felt a hand close around his own. He pulled his face from Luke's crotch and looked down to see Jason smiling at him and slowly pulling the foreskin of his cock back and forth. When he turned back Dean had taken Luke's cock into his mouth and was bobbing slowly up and down, so Scott went back to work tumbling his balls lightly in his fingers.

Dean motioned for Scott to take over at Luke's head, so he pushed himself up, forcing Jason to stop wanking him. He walked to Luke's head and moved his hands from above his head to his sides. He then pulled over a couple of towels lying on the deck, rolled them up and sat on them with his legs spread apart and his balls resting on Luke's forehead.

As he leaned forward and began playing with Luke's nipples Jason joined him again. Jason lay on his side beside Luke, placing his flaccid cock in Luke's relaxed right hand. With his own hand he continued his slow assault on Scott's cock, causing his balls to slap against Luke's forehead. The squelching sounds of the precum collecting in Scott's foreskin were loud in Luke's ears.

Jason began becoming more erratic in his stroking as Luke worked on the stiffening cock placed in his right hand. As Dean was nibbling lightly on Luke's cock head, and forcing his tongue inside the foreskin, Luke experienced one of his much sought after pre-orgasmic ejaculations. Two small jets of semen squirted into Dean's mouth.

Dean licked the head clean, but didn't swallow. He looked up to see the interesting position Scott and Jason had taken. He smiled and sat up. Shuffling his way up Luke's body, Dean managed to squeeze his head between Scott's chest and Luke's face. As Jason continued wanking Scott, smearing precum all over Dean's cheek and ear, he entered into a deep and long kiss with Luke.

As Luke opened his mouth to accept Dean's tongue he found it filled with the taste of his own semen. He moaned deeply, sending vibrations up through Scott's balls which almost made him come. Scott wasn't ready yet, so he gently pulled Jason's hand away. Jason understood and nodded.

Now that he had a free hand, Jason reached down to gently wrap it around Luke's cock. This was only the second uncut cock he had ever touched - other than his own, the first being Scott's moments before. He pushed his index finger under Luke's foreskin, which was lubricated with spit, precum and cum, and swirled it around. Luke's back arched and his hand gripped Jason's cock tightly.

Dean broke away from the kiss and pulled his head back. Scott's cock had lost some of it's hardness, and slapped noisily down onto Luke's face, running along the side of his nose and ending at the corner of his mouth. A drop of precum ran from Scott's cock into Luke's mouth. Quickly his tongue poked out to lick the pink cap. Immediately Scott's cock lifted back up to be almost parallel with his smooth stomach.

Dean once again moved to devour Luke's cock. Jason let it go and stood, pulling his hard cock from Luke's hand and drawing out a glistening string of precum which broke as he stepped back, and formed a liquid string across Luke's fingertips.

Returning from the cabin Jason held a lit cigarette in his mouth, and another in his hand. He lay down again, poking his cock back into Luke's waiting hand. He lit the other cigarette with his own and pushed on Scott's chest to raise him from licking Luke's right nipple. Jason held the lit cigarette to Luke's lips. He took a deep drag and exhaled slowly.

Scott took the cigarette from Jason and continued feeding it to Luke as he slowly wanked himself. With his right hand, Jason began rubbing Luke's chest and stomach, playing with the small patch of light brown hair on his chest and the thicker hair running from just above his navel to his groin.

As Scott inhaled the last of Luke's cigarette and threw it into the ocean, Dean moved his mouth from Luke's cock to his balls once more. With his left hand he spread Luke's legs a little wider. He then licked his left middle finger, coating it with plenty of saliva. He gently tickled his way down from the base of Luke's balls until his finger rested pressed against the tight pucker of his ass.

Still licking Luke's balls and the base of his shaft, Dean applied increasing pressure with his finger until it popped in to the first knuckle. Luke gasped and pressed his crotch up into Dean's face. Slowly Dean worked his finger until it was fully inserted, then he began sweeping around probing for Luke's prostate.

Luke was groaning now and fresh beads of precum appeared from his cock which Dean quickly licked off. The intense feeling made Luke pump on Jason's cock furiously. Jason came powerfully into his hand, grunting and thrusting into his side as he did. Luke lifted his semen filled hand and found Scott's face. He worked his dripping fingers up onto his hair and wiped it off on the hardened locks.

He reached back down to collect more of Jason's cum then licked his fingers clean. At that point Dean hit Luke's prostate gland with his finger. Luke felt like he was going to explode and arched his back. Instead he had another pre-orgasmic come, shooting two more thin white streams onto his stomach which Dean hungrily lapped up.

Scott felt he was long overdue to cum. He lifted Jason's hand from Luke's pubic hair and placed it on his bouncing cock, then leaned forward and tickled Luke's chest with his matted hair. Within about ten strokes from Jason Luke felt Scott's balls contract rapidly, then the muscle spasms starting deep within the flesh resting on his face.

Jason kept pumping Scott's cock as he came and aimed the shots at Scott's face. Almost all of it hit Scott in the face, several large drops landing in his wide open mouth. Most of what hit his face dripped onto Luke's chest and of course onto Scott's hair. Scott dragged his hair back and forth across Luke's chest, using it as a cum paintbrush.

Releasing Scott's cock as it continued it's final pumps, he let it fall heavily onto Luke's face. Semen dripped directly into Luke's mouth from the amazing cock which hardly shrank when it became flaccid.

Dean pulled his finger from Luke's ring, then twisted his head and forced it firmly between Luke's thighs. He quickly worked his tongue to the hole he had just been fingering and quickly pressed the tip into the warm opening. This sent visible waves of pleasure through Luke's entire body. He let out a long guttural moan and squirmed on the mattress.

Quickly Dean's tongue became tired, so he lifted his head from Luke's ass. He noticed that his incessantly hard cock had been lying on Luke's stomach as he had been tonguing him. Where it had been was a large pool of his own precum. He quickly licked it off and decided it was his turn to cum.

He motioned for Scott to move, noticing that the ends of his hair were wet again and smiling. Scott got up and moved down to lick gently at Luke's cock. Jason watched and stroked his again hard cock as Dean licked what was left of Scott's semen from Luke's hard nipples and light chest hair. Then he nuzzled again into Luke's left armpit.

Luke lifted his arm to give him fuller access and stroked the back of Dean's head. When he had cleaned the sweat from the armpit Dean motioned Jason to shuffle down and straddled Luke's chest without sitting down fully. He rubbed his balls back and forth over his chest then leaned forward and wiped the dripping head of his cock across Luke's lips.

Luke opened his mouth wide and Dean leaned further forward, directing his cock down Luke's gaping mouth. He closed his lips around the dead straight cut cock and flicked his tongue around the head and over the thin line connecting the head to the shaft.

That was all it took for Dean to lose his control. He didn't thrust forward, even though he wanted to, he didn't want to risk choking the man he was trying to please. Dean grimaced as he shot stream after stream of almost pure white semen into Luke's mouth.

Luke swallowed once, then let his mouth fill and overflow. Cum dribbled down the sides of his face where Jason watched it pass his ear then drip to the white sheet on the mattress. Dean withdrew, still pumping cum which pooled on Luke's chest as he leaned forward and locked his lips to Luke's. They kissed, Dean drinking his own cum from Luke's mouth.

It was time Luke got his relief. Dean got off his chest and joined Scott at Luke's groin. They sat on opposite sides of him and took brief turns sucking and licking on his balls and cock. Jason sat on the towels Scott had used, resting his heavy and low hanging balls on Luke's forehead. He gently massaged Luke's jaw muscles. The spilled semen acted as an ideal rubbing oil.

When they saw that Luke was very close to coming, Dean and Scott brought their faces together, centred on Luke's cock. Occasionally their tongues touched as they both licked and sucked on Luke's throbbing cock. They took turns licking up his copious drops of precum which emerged each time his cock tensed up. With one hand Scott tugged on his balls, while Dean pressed his finger deep within his ass again.

Slowly Luke began dredging up a deep and long moan from deep within his gut. The pitch increased rapidly until his back arched and the moan became a deafening scream. Scott felt Luke's balls draw up to his body and Dean felt his ass muscles tighten until he could hardly move his finger. Holding his cock between their tongues and lips they felt it expand then jerk violently.

Luke's first shot hit him in the face. Dean then found his prostate and the second shot passed over Luke's head and hit Jason on his left shoulder. The next two shots hit Jason's chest then stomach. Dean slipped his mouth over the jumping cock to catch the next powerful shot, then pulled off to let Scott get some. Scott was too slow and got a shot on his cheek and nose.

He managed to engulf the cock for the next shot which was still as powerful as the previous three. Luke began to tremble and hyperventilate as Dean continued stimulating his prostate gland. He continued coming small dribbles into Scott and Dean's mouth and onto his stomach for thirty more seconds, then he collapsed, breathing deeply as if in sleep.

The three younger men stood away from Luke, leaving him to recover. They walked back into the cabin, Scott wiping Luke's cum from his face with his hair while closing the cabin door so he could speak without disturbing Luke.

"Fuck, was that incredible or what! I didn't think it was possible for a guy to come that hard!"

The semen on Jason was beginning to drip to the floor.

"Here, wipe your chest on my hair Jase."

Jason moved to Scott and pulled his head down to wipe the bulk of Luke's cum from his body. As he was rubbing Scott's hair against his stomach Scott took Jason's cock into his mouth. Jason pulled his head away.

"Nah, my balls couldn't handle any more just yet."

"Ok, but later man. I'm really getting into this. I could do it all night!"

"Hopefully we will." said Dean.

"Yeah!" said Jason.

"Hey Jase," said Scott, "you looked like you were really into it too. You did some pretty cool stuff."

"Yeah, I kinda enjoyed it, but I had absolutely no desire to do what you were doing Dean."

"Well, I guess I got carried away. I acted out some of my own fantasies though. Fuck, this hardon is here to stay! I'm already looking forward to tonight."

"Well Dean, my balls are totally empty right now, but I reckon I owe you, all three of you, some pretty memorable orgasms tonight. All I can say is that I'm still floating on a post-orgasmic high and I think I need a sleep for an hour or two."

Luke walked stiffly, carrying his mattress which had a perfect impression of his body in sweat on it, punctuated around its edges by fresh cum stains. He lay it on his bunk and collapsed on it. He was asleep within two minutes.

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