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Part 12

They let Luke sleep until seven that evening when the motor sputtered and stopped. They began drifting and alarms sounded in the wheelhouse.

Luke awoke to Scott shaking his shoulders.

"Luke. The engine just died."

"Better call a tow truck." Luke said as he rolled over.

"Wake up! The fucking engine stopped!"

Luke forced his eyes open to see who was yelling at him. The sight of Scott's stringy hair and naked body suddenly woke him properly and he sat up.

"What the fuck's all the alarms going for Scott?"

"The engine. It's stopped, I've told you that three times already."

"Ok, ok. It's probably nothing serious. Where's Dean?"

"He's just going below to have a look."

"Good. He's the one who should know. He's read the maintenance manual right through. And anyway - you helped put the bloody thing in!"

Luke stood and wobbled to the door of the cabin. Now that they were drifting, the swell had them at its mercy and the Nova was rolling from side to side. He walked to the open hatch that led to the engine bay and lowered himself until his foot reached the first rung of the ladder. As his head went below the level of the deck and his eyes adjusted to the dim light he saw Dean leaning over the silent motor.

"Any idea what's going on Deano?"

"Nup." said Dean, not looking around, "Doesn't look like anything's seized. It's probably a fuel problem. Fuck it's hot down here! This thing puts off a hell of a lot of heat."

Luke leaned over Dean looking at the motor. His arm almost slipped from Dean's back due to the perspiration that now covered it. Sweat also dripped from his chin and nose.

"Luke, can you grab that wrench over there? I want to have a look at the fuel pump."

With his hand pressed against the decking above him for support Luke got to the tool box and passed the wrench to Dean. Quickly Dean had the pump open. The smell of fuel filled the enclosed space making both of them slightly light headed.

"Ok, the pump's empty. There must be a blockage further back."

Luke traced the fuel line back until he found the valve at the head of the primary fuel tank. He closed it securely then held the line as Dean removed it from the dry pump. As the hose came away from the fuel pump a small piece of aluminium fell to the floor. Luke bent and picked it up, holding it to the light. It was an almost perfectly round piece of cut sheet aluminium.

"I wonder how the fuck that got in there? Do you reckon it'll have caused any damage to the motor?"

Dean shook his head. "Nah, I doubt it. If it'd been the oil pump though... well, that might've been a different story. Shall we put it back together and give it a go?"

Together they refitted the hose and replaced the fuel pump. As they were tightening the nuts Dean spoke to Luke, almost shyly.

"Um, how was your, um, 'workout' this afternoon boss?"

"Words just don't describe it mate. I literally thought I'd shot my balls out. I half expected to find them lying on my chest when I opened my eyes. You guys did a hell of a job. Was it you who was fingering and rimming my ass?"

"Uh, yeah. I started real slow, and you didn't seem to complain, so I just kept going."

"Complain! Fuck no! You probably saw how my body reacted. Sounds pathetic I know, but I felt like I was swimming in a sea of orgasmic ecstasy when you did that. All I can say is Wow!"

"Well thanks, I guess. Shall we give her a kick in the guts and see if she'll go for us?"

Luke held his hand to the starter switch and the motor ticked over then started it's familiar grumble for about fifteen seconds, then sputtered and coughed to a stop again.

"Fuck! Shit! Fucking cunt of a thing! What the fuck's wrong with you now you stupid hunk of shit!?"

Luke walked back to the fuel tank.

"Um, maybe it would help if I turned the fuel back on."

They started the motor once again, it took a little longer to spring into life as it worked through the air in the pump and hose. Within a minute the motor was performing perfectly so Luke returned engine control to the wheelhouse and immediately the motor increased tempo from a dull thud to the familiar whine of cruising speed.

The Nova quickly returned to speed and Dean and Luke found it much easier to pick their way back to the ladder now that they weren't being rocked by the swell. As they emerged into the bright evening sunlight Jason and Scott were waiting for them. Scott looked at their dripping bodies.

"You guys been swimming down there or something?"

"If you ever want a sauna guys, you know where to go. Now, I think we owe Dean some thanks for getting us going again."

"Nah, it was just a simple little thing."

Scott countered, "Well, whatever it was, it got us moving again. I reckon you deserve to ask for a special treat now."

"Well, ok. I've got a suggestion that involves only you Scott. I'll tell you and you can decide if you're game."

"Don't worry Deano mate, I'll be game."

"Ok then. First of all you suck me off right now, and swallow it all of course. Then I get on my hands and knees and you fuck me 'till you cum inside."

Scott stepped forward and pushed Dean against the aft railing. He got to his knees in front of him and licked firmly from under Dean's balls, right up his hardening cock, then up to his navel. The salty taste of Dean's sweat struck Scott and made him ferociously burry his face in Dean's groin.

Soon Dean was moaning and grasping at Scott's hair as he alternately bobbed up and down on his cock, then held it still in his mouth as his tongue flicked around the swollen head. Dean held onto his orgasm for six minutes then grunted and yelled "I'm coming!" as he gripped Scott's hair tightly and thrust forward.

Scott stood up in front of Dean, wiping cum from his bottom lip with his own hair. He looked Dean in the face for a moment, then with a quiet deep voice, and trying not to laugh said;

"Get down on you fuckin' hands and knees cock lover."

Without speaking Dean lowered himself to the deck and pointed his ass into the air in front of Scott. Scott brought his fingers to his mouth. He had not swallowed all of Dean's load, and spat what was left onto his fingers then spread it over his own cock, mixing it with the precum collecting within the rim of his foreskin.

Scott got to his knees and placed his hands on Dean's hips. He pulled at Dean until he was at the right height and distance, then placed his right hand on his cock to guide it into place. He slowly pressed his cock between Dean's cheeks until it was pressing against his pucker.

Dean spread his knees apart a little to make it easier for Scott to get access. Scott pressed his hips forward firmly, but made no progress. Although he was as hard as he had ever been, his cock almost folded over under the pressure. Then Dean relaxed and suddenly he felt himself slide in and his balls slap against Dean's.

Luke saw the look of surprise and slight pain on Dean's face as Scott entered him. Quickly that gave way to a look of bliss as Scott began slow gentle thrusts deep into him. Scott was very near coming, so he stopped thrusting and leaned forward to lay his chest on Dean's back.

Dean's sweat covered back was warm and slippery. Scott had to wrap his arms around Dean's chest and stomach to hold himself steady. His right arm slipped down from Dean's stomach and he found his hand pressed against Dean's fresh hardon. He grasped it and began stroking it, using the combination of fresh semen, precum and his remaining saliva as lubricant.

Scott found it quite bizarre to be reaching in front of him and wanking a cock that was not his own. He began gently thrusting again, picking up speed as he picked up his wanking speed. Soon he was fucking Dean with long and firm strokes, drawing his cock almost completely out, then thrusting back to meet the backwards push of Dean.

Scott straightened up and released Dean's cock. He grasped Dean's hips and began a rapid in and out stroke which elicited grunts of pleasure at each thrust. Scott looked down at his cock sliding in and out of Dean's ass. The sight of his shaft disappearing like that put him over the edge.

He thrust hard and deep into Dean and fell down onto his back as he felt the orgasm nearing. Quickly Scott reached for Dean's cock again. As his hand closed around it he felt the first surge from his cock and balls, then felt his cum filling the space inside Dean.

As Scott's hand grasped his cock, and he felt Scott coming inside him, Dean came again. Droplets of semen spattered to the deck and his arms became shaky.

On his second spurt, Scott's body trembled and the spasm pulled his cock from Dean's ass. His third shot sprayed Dean's balls and as he pushed himself up, the fourth and fifth filled Dean's ass crack and spilled onto his back where it ran down his spine and spilled off his neck.

Dean rolled and sat in his own semen and faced the kneeling Scott. Scott's cock still pulsed, sending small rivulets of cum down his shaft where it dripped from the wisps of hair on his balls.

Dean leaned forward and sucked hard on the head of Scott's cock, causing him to moan and fall onto Dean's body with his cock still in his mouth. Dean continued sucking on his cock, not letting it go soft, until Scott's body jerked and he came again, this time into Dean's mouth.

Scott rolled off Dean's body and they both lay on their backs breathing heavily. Dean swirled Scott's cum around in his mouth for a while then swallowed.

"Thanks Scott. That was great."

"No, thank you. I've never had such a tight fuck before!"

Luke and Jason had watched the whole performance and had been wanking themselves throughout. Somehow they had both managed to stop themselves from coming. They returned to the cabin, lying on their bunks, to let Dean and Scott revive themselves.

"So, I'm the only one who hasn't fucked a guy's ass now."

"There's no compulsion. You know that."

"Yeah, I know. I probably will if he asks me to though, or you."

"Cool. If you want to. Hey, I think we'll have to finish ourselves off tonight, don't you? They are pretty fucked, if you'll excuse the pun."

"Yeah. That's good actually. I feel like a good long wanking session tonight."

Scott and Dean had appeared at the cabin door. Dean spoke to Jason.

"That's cool Jase, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little bit before you can do that."

With that they stepped down into the cabin and walked towards Luke and Jason. Dean crawled onto Jason's bunk and Scott onto Luke's. The looked across the cabin at each other, then simultaneously, they both bent down and took the waiting hard cocks into their mouths.

Luke watched Jason writhing as Dean now expertly gave him a blowjob. Scott was deep throating Luke, occasionally gagging and coming up for air smiling. Luke and Jason forced themselves to concentrate on not coming too soon. Luke lost the battle after about eight minutes. The first jet surprised Scott who had not read the tell tail signs correctly.

The semen struck the back of his throat, causing him to cough and pull his head from Luke's cock. The sensation of the cough just intensified the orgasm for Luke who grabbed the back of Scott's head and pressed his face onto his jolting penis, using his face to rub his cock.

For a couple of minutes Luke held Scott pressed against his irregularly pulsing cock. Then he let go and Scott lifted his head. His face was coated in semen, as was the fringe of his hair. He smiled at Luke and flicked his hair over to his face to mop up the sticky mess. Then he lowered his head again and used his hair to get the worst from Luke's stomach. He licked Luke's cock clean, then sat up to watch Dean and Jason.

Dean had stopped sucking Jason and was now wanking him with long slow strokes, his mouth open, poised over his leaking cock. Luke and Scott saw Jason's fists clench, then a stream of very white cum blast into Dean's mouth. Dean closed his mouth to swallow and the next spurt splatted against his lips. Dean continued stroking while he lowered his lips over Jason's cock head and rubbed the tip of his head with his tongue. The force of the semen pushed his tongue back and he allowed Jason to fill his mouth.

He pulled away, cum dripping from his chin, swallowed, then took his hand from Jason's cock and swallowed it to suck it dry. When Jason had finished coming he slowly pulled away, stooping back down to gently kiss Jason's balls before standing up to meet Scott in the centre of the cabin. They smiled at each other then high fived and went to sit on their own bunks.

"Um, thanks Dean. I have to say you give better head than Scott does."

Scott frowned at Jason. "Hey, I just need a little more practice, that's all."

"Not that much, I'd say! Thanks Scott, nice blowjob."

"You're welcome Luke. And you got my hair, um, wet again too. Thanks for that. It's feeling really, um, funky now."

"Well Mr. Cum hair, I think it's your turn to get the grub isn't it? No special treatment just because you blew the captain now!"

Luke looked across at Jason as Scott walked past. He was lying back on his bunk smiling. A small dribble of cum leaked from his limp cock, then slowly ran down his side onto the sheet.

"So Jase, have you decided what you want as your special treat yet?"


"So, what's it to be then?"

"I want you guys to get me a nice hotel room, and hire a hooker for me for a whole night when we get to Tahiti. You have to supply the lot, including a twelve pack of rubbers and actually hiring the prostitute."

"Oh, shit!" exclaimed Luke. "Didn't I tell you guys? Fuck, sorry. We're not going to Tahiti anymore. The weather that way is really shitty at the moment. I adjusted course this morning. We're going straight on to Hawaii. That way we should have pretty much flat seas all the way."

"Ok then, same deal when we get there then. But it has to be a native Hawaiian chick, long black hair, about five foot seven with nice firm tits."

"You're on Jase." said Luke.

Scott called from the galley. "So how long 'till we get there then Luke?"

"Well, actually we'll stop off in Apia, Western Samoa probably tomorrow evening if all goes well, just to refuel and get supplies and stuff. We won't stay, so you can't get your wish there sorry Jase. Then it'll be a three and a half, maybe four week hall to Hawaii from there. We're in the real tropics now, by the way, we past into the Tropic of Capricorn early yesterday morning."

"So that means I have to clean up for Apia even though I won't be getting laid. Bummer."

"Well, no, you don't have to wash if you don't want Jase, and the rest of us for that matter. We can just get dressed when we're there. The only people you will have to see are the customs guys and they won't do anything more than just stamp your passports. There will be a phone box on the pier too, so you will hardly have to leave the boat. We're only going to be there about three or four hours."

"What about my hair though. Anyone could tell what's happened to it."

"Actually Scott, apart from those fresh wet bits, it looks like it's been specially styled that way, the 'stringy fake dreads' look. All you need to do is lift up the bits that are stuck to you and tie it in a pony tail or something and you'll be fine, so long as you don't rub it in someone's face or anything."

"That's all very well Luke" said Dean, "but we all stink of sweat and stale cum."

"Sure. I'm not saying you can't wash, just that you don't have to if you don't want to."

After the meal they all sat out on the deck reading a selection of soft core porn. One by one they came, marking the page they were up to by sticking them together with fresh blobs of cum. As soon as each had shot, they took their magazines inside, went back on deck to shit and piss, then went to their bunks to sleep.

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