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Part 13

At one the next afternoon, with the largest island of Western Samoa in sight Dean stood on the bow with the other three.

"Well, I've decided to have a wash. We've only got what, an hour, until we arrive? Well I'm going to clean up now."

He stood and walked inside to turn on the hose pump. The other three decided to wash too. Scott insisted that he wasn't going to wash his hair though. He said it had taken too much work from all of them to get it that way and he didn't want to lose it just for a three hour visit.

While the other three took turns holding the hose on each other, Scott was in the cabin. Eventually he emerged wearing a disposable plastic shower cap he had found in his toiletries bag. As the others laughed at him he held the hose. Dean decided to help by rubbing Luke's back. Very quickly this turned into fondling and his hand reached around Luke's body to grab his cock.

A few tugs and Luke was hard. Dean then got on his knees in front of him and began sucking. Scott turned the stream of the hose onto the back of Dean's head, forcing him onto Luke right down to the base of his cock. The vibrations from the water hitting Dean's head traveled straight from his chin to Luke's balls, making him come quickly down the back of Dean's throat.

Scott redirected the water onto Jason who continued scrubbing himself with a sponge. Luke pulled his softening cock from Dean's mouth and patted him on the back as he stood. Dean grabbed Luke's shoulders and pulled him close, planting his lips on Luke's. They both opened their mouths and Luke's semen flooded into his own mouth from Dean's. As their tongues pressed against each other they both savored the dull salty taste of his cum.

Jason took the hose from Scott and turned it on them.

"Hey, that's enough of that! I'm gonna' puke if you keep that up!"

They broke up laughing as the water hit them and continued sponging themselves down as Scott was blasted with the warm sea water. Soon they were all clean and used a bucket of fresh water to rinse off before letting the sun and breeze dry them naturally before they put their clothes on.

"It feels weird to be wearing clothes again."

Luke laughed. "Jase, you were the last one to take yours off! Now you're complaining about putting them on?"

"Yeah, well my favorite shorts are probably washed up on a beach somewhere now. These ones just aren't the same."

Jason looked over to see Scott tying his hair.

"You gonna' wear jeans Scott?"

"No, why?"

"But you're just wearing underwear!"

Scott was wearing an old, hole filled tank top and a pair of white, close fitting briefs. They weren't bikini style, they had legs which reached just to the tops of his thighs, but they were made from stretch cotton and hugged his body closely.

"My uncle in the States sent them to me. Mum had told him that underwear was 'an ideal gift'. Stupid woman. But they don't really look like underwear, more like swimming shorts."

Dean looked at him with raised eyebrows, then stripped off his baggy shorts. He leaned into his drawer and pulled out a pair of Speedos.

"In that case, I'm going to wear my Speedos, and maybe a T-shirt."

He arranged himself inside his Speedos and smiled at the other three. Luke returned to the helm to take manual control and guide them into port at Salelologa.

For the first time in the trip Luke used the VHF radio. He called the port authority, asking permission to dock. A few minutes later they responded saying that they were able to dock and asking if he needed assistance to reach a safe berth. He declined the offer and signed off.

"Get your passports ready guys, customs will be there when we dock. Scott, I'll want you on the bow to tie us up."

"Ok." replied Scott, "Hey, I just thought, if they come on board then they'll probably see the stained bunks. And what about your little stash?"

"The stash is safely hidden and as for the sheets, who gives a shit what they think. If they ask, you can just say you're very active on the wet dream front! Ok, all hands on deck, we're coming in now."

Luke was a little surprised at how well the docking procedure went. He had not had a lot of practice maneuvering the Nova in confined spaces, let alone a port he didn't know. Watching Scott, Jason and Dean throwing out the ropes and tying the Nova he realized that a lone trip may have had it's difficulties after all.

Two men were waiting on the pier for them. They were dressed casually and helped make the Nova fast. One carried a small black bag with a clipboard poking from the open top. Luke killed the motor and climbed down to the deck. The man with the bag spoke to him.

"Welcome to Western Samoa. My name is Doug Aleini, I'm with Customs and Excise. May I come aboard?"

"Please do. I'm Luke Stewart, captain of the Nova."

The two customs officials jumped aboard and shook Luke's hand.

"Now," said Aleini, "just a few formalities to go through."

He took the clipboard from his bag and fished for a pen.

"The full name of this vessel and registration details please."

"The Nova out of Auckland, first registered 2003."

"Name of captain?"

"Luke Stewart, New Zealander."

"Thanks, now if we can look at your passports please?"

The second man, who remained silent, collected all four passports and passed them one at a time to Aleini. He checked them and wrote their details on his clipboard, checking each name against a list at the back of the clipboard then stamping each one.

"That's fine gentlemen. Now what is the purpose of this visit?"

"Well, we're just going to refresh supplies basically."

"And how long do you intend to stay in Western Samoa Mr Stewart?"

"Only a few hours, so long as we can get what we need this afternoon, just things like fuel, water and a few other food supplies."

"Well, pretty much everything you'll want is available from here. If you're only staying this evening you can keep her berthed here for twenty Tala, we accept New Zealand currency in most parts of the port."

"That's great, do I pay you?"

"You can if you wish. Now may we have a quick look through the boat Mr Stewart?"

"Help yourselves."

The two officials went into the cabin as the four waited on deck.

"God, what are they going to think if they find my box of sex toys?" asked Scott.

Luke laughed, "They'll probably ask you if you want to spend the night at their place!"

They emerged from the cabin and walked back to the four standing on the fore deck.

"A very nice boat you have here Mr Stewart. Do you mind me asking how such a young man came to own such a boat? It's just that is could be seen as a little suspicious."

"Oh, I quite understand. I won a substantial amount in Lotto a while back, this is the result."

"Congratulations. Everything seems to be ok. I'll just get that fee off you then you can go ashore."

Luke paid with New Zealand dollars and folded the receipt into his wallet. The two customs men jumped back onto the pier and walked away slowly.

"Well crew, what do you want to do now? I suggest we go into town and eat a real meal, fruit, ice cream, the lot."

After eating Luke took Scott with him and left Dean and Jason to wander around the port town of Salelologa with the simple mission of buying some fruits and vegetables which would last on the sea. Luke and Scott had to see about feeding the Nova. The trip from New Zealand had only emptied just over a third of the fuel tanks, but Luke wanted to have them full for the slightly longer leg to Hawaii.

They quickly found the office at the pier and ordered a fill up. The fuel barge set off for the Nova almost immediately. While Scott helped with the refueling Luke asked about fresh water. He was surprised to be pointed to a hose coiled neatly on the pier just beside the Nova. He was told to help himself and just make sure the hose was put back neatly.

Within two hours of having come ashore the Nova was filled, both with fuel and fresh water, and Jason and Dean had returned with three large bags of fruit and vegetables. Together they sat on the pier looking at the Nova as she bobbed up and down on the gentle swell.

"Have you guys called your parents yet?"

All three looked at each other, then stared into the blue water.

"Right then. I saw a pay phone just round the corner, let's go. I should call my family too I suppose."

Paying for the calls seemed to be a problem until Luke pulled his calling card from his wallet.

"This one's on me guys."

All four of them got through to one member of the family or another. Half an hour later they had all reported home, telling where they were and what was happening.

"Right guys, I think we should say goodbye to Samoa now. If we stay past seven at the pier we'll have to find those customs guys and pay them for the whole night. Besides, I'd like to get out while it's still light. Doesn't look like much is happening in town tonight anyway. That ok with you guys?"

They all nodded and together they walked back to the pier and down to the Nova. As they were getting aboard Dean said;

"If we'd been here last week it would have been better. There was some sort of festival on. I spoke to a couple from New Zealand in town, they said it was pretty quiet this week after that, just as they liked it, boring old farts."

"Yeah," said Jason, "and I'm beginning to really stink with these clothes on. I guess not using soap or anything to wash didn't help."

Within a few minutes they were maneuvering away from the pier and waving to a group of small children who had gathered to watch them go. Luke got the Nova out of the harbour by seven and by five past they were all naked again.

They passed several small boats as they headed North East through the channel between the two main islands of Samoa. Scott stood at the bow and waved to them as they passed. There were several surprised looks, but most of them were fishing boats and they just waved and smiled at him.

At eight thirty as total darkness enveloped them, Luke put the Nova back onto automatic navigation control and went down into the cabin to join the others in a fresh fruit feast.

"With all that Papaya and Mango you're eating there Scott, you'll be shitting all night."

"Doesn't worry me Luke, I just love the stuff."

Jason stopped eating and looked up at the others, mango juice dripping from his chin.

"Well, I'm saying this right now. Until we get to Hawaii, I am not going to wash at all, except my hands of course."

"Me either." said Scott, "except I'll probably wash my cock though, if anyone's going to be sucking on it I think that's only fair."

"Yeah," Luke continued, "I'm going to make it a rule that you have to wash your cock, and ass too, every now and then, just as a matter of general hygiene, not to mention taste, if you'll pardon the expression. Jase, your statement has wider implications than you may think you know."

"Why's that?"

"Well, if you're going to forego the niceties of washing, then we will all probably follow suit, just so we can get our own back on you."

"Doesn't worry me at all."

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