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Part 14

They sat silently eating again. Scott was absently paring the skin off a large mango. He worked his knife around the stone from one end, juice dripping from his hand onto his lap. After a few minutes of concentrated effort he extracted the stone, leaving all but one end of the flesh intact.

"Um, who wants to try a little experiment?"

Luke, who had been watching him had a good idea what the experiment was going to be so he volunteered.

"I will Scott, what did you have in mind?"

"Cool. Well, see how I've hollowed out this mango, well, what I'd like to do is do another one, then put this one on your cock and eat it off, then when I've finished it, you'd do the same to me."

"Well get busy on that other mango then!"

This time Scott removed the stone before peeling the skin away from the flesh of the mango. He was able to finish it in only five minutes.

"Ok, you ready Luke? Oh, ok, I see that you are!" Scott laughed, sighting Luke's erection.

"Yeah, but I think we should do this out on the deck. It could be a bit messy."

Together they walked out onto the aft deck. Dean and Jason followed them. Dean was whining that he wished he had volunteered first. Luke turned to him.

"Don't worry, there's plenty more fruit!"

As he finished speaking Luke felt an incredible sensation as Scott pushed the mango onto his erect cock. Luke looked down and saw the large piece of orange fruit engulfing his cock. The weight of it made his hardon sag downwards a little. He sat gingerly on the deck, leaning back against the railing. He didn't want to move too fast as he thought he might come inside the fruit there and then.

"Oh fuck dude, what a feeling!"

"Just sit back and let it get better captain."

Luke leaned back, holding onto the railing above his head as Scott leaned forward between his legs and gently slurped up the juice that was dripping off Luke's balls. He then licked and gently sucked at every part of the fruit as he supported it with his fingers. He also moved the mango very gently up and down over Luke's shaft until Luke began his own thrusting movements. He then stopped and looked up at Luke.

"No, you're not allowed to come yet. I've only just started."

"Oh, too late!" groaned Dean.

Scott looked up to see Dean standing beside them, supporting himself with one hand on the rail and jerking himself rapidly with the other. His face tensed up and he drew in his stomach.

"On my hair!" yelled Scott.

Dean barely managed to point his cock at Scott's head as the first jet struck him on the bridge of his nose and he let out a loud yell. The rest found it's way, very quickly, to the top of Scott's head where it rapidly soaked into his long hair and began tickling him as it dribbled down his scalp.

Scott returned his attention to Luke, taking a carefully measured bite from the side of the mango. Dean stood over them, milking the last drops of his cum onto the back of Scott's head, onto the pony-tail he still wore.

Over the next five minutes Scott managed to chew away most of the mango. Every few seconds he would return to Luke's balls to lick away the collecting juice. At last he pulled the last piece of fruit away with his teeth, the section covering Luke's cock head. This released a small flood of precum which Scott quickly lapped up as it rand down Luke's shaft to mingle with the mango juice.

He then went to work cleaning every drop of mango juice and every shred of pulp from Luke's pubic area. He sucked the pubic hair into his mouth and licked his balls, and finally, his cock clean. Scott raised his head up to look at Luke's face.

"Now for dessert."

He pressed his head down and licked Luke's head into his mouth. Quickly he probed his tongue underneath Luke's foreskin. That was enough for Luke. He let lose a startled grunt, gripped the railing tighter and came into Scott's mouth pushing his hips up to ensure he didn't slip out.

Scott swallowed noisily and let Luke's still twitching cock fall to his stomach with a plop. As Scott stood and removed the tie from his hair a small blob of precum sailed slowly from his cock to the deck. Luke leaned forward, still panting, and broke the string of precum by pulling it towards himself with his finger. He then stood and gently pushed Scott into the same position he had been in.

"Now you're going to have to really concentrate Scott. You're not allowed to come 'till I've cleaned you up either."

Scott smiled and closed his eyes as he got exactly the same treatment from Luke. He held out pretty well under the duress he was enjoying. As Luke pulled away the last piece of mango, that covering his cock head, and even larger flood of precum spilled out. To catch it all Luke went straight down onto his cock. The feeling of Luke swallowing the last lump of mango, and holding his cock in his mouth was too much for Scott.

"I, I, I... Ungh!"

Scott's body folded forward. He wrapped his arms around Luke's torso as he filled his mouth with cum. As his body relaxed, Scott unfolded and leaned back against the railing panting. Luke quickly went to work licking away the remains of the mango juice, finishing by sucking Scott's balls into his mouth one at a time and swirling them around gently with his tongue.

"Enough! Enough dude! I can't stand anymore."

Luke pushed himself away and sat opposite Scott, watching his chest heaving up and down in the last light of the late setting sun.

Jason had been wanking throughout the whole episode. His hand was coated in precum. Luke had never seen anyone produce so much of the stuff. Still wanking he walked over to stand beside Scott.

"Do you want me to come in your hair too?"

"Yeah, do it man." said Scott quietly.

Jason straddled Scott's slumped body and placed the dripping tip of his cock on the very top of his head. Scott opened his eyes to see Jason's balls hanging in front of his eyes. He felt Jason gathering up his hair around his cock. Then he felt slight tugs on his hair as Jason wanked slowly with his cock wrapped in Scott's hair.

The balls hanging in Scott's face bounced up and down as Jason stroked. Then Scott saw the scrotal sac contract quickly and the muscles in Jason's thighs tensed. Jason stopped moving, then Scott felt the warmth of Jason's cum spreading on his scalp. It was then that Scott realized that he was hard again and someone had begun to slowly stroke him.

Jason stood still for two minutes, his balls slowly rising and falling in front of Scott's face, every now and then twitching at the same time Jason moaned. When Jason pulled his body away, Scott realized that he had been pulling quite hard on his hair as he came. He saw wet strands of hair clinging to Jason's cock as it moved away from his face. Cum soaked hair dropped to his face as it fell from Jason, sticking to his cheeks and neck.

When Jason stepped away Scott saw that it was Dean who was stroking him. Dean was on his knees, bent forward and resting on his elbows. Luke lay on his back behind Dean and had his head pressed between Dean's legs, sucking on his cock. Jason sat at the rear railing, feet from Luke and was taking a shit and smoking a cigarette.

Seeing Luke reaching for his own hardening cock, Scott twisted around and shuffled his body until he could reach Luke. He then took Luke's cock in his hand and began stroking it for him. Soon Dean's stroking became erratic and he began bucking his hips into Luke's face.

"Here comes number two! ARGH!!"

Dean's body spasmed and he froze for a moment. Then, as Luke continued sucking and licking him, he began to moan continuously as his stroking pace on Scott increased. Scott increased the pace on Luke too. Luke started fucking Scott's fist, then Scott felt his muscles squeeze and he felt warm semen hitting his arm and hand as he continued stroking.

The feeling of Luke's spasming cock in his hand, and the continuous moans from Dean made Scott come for his second time in the last quarter hour. He was pleasantly surprised to feel his semen hitting his chest and neck, then coating Dean's fist and dripping down the crevices at the sides of his balls.

The three released each other and lay still, breathing heavily on the deck for several more minutes. Luke sat up and peered at Dean and Scott in the dim light. Scott lay on his back with cum dripping down the sides of his chest and stomach. Dean lay front down, using Scott's thigh as a pillow. Luke looked behind him to see Jason still sitting at the shitting rail looking at all three of them.

Jason's cock was still semi hard, and a drop of semen was sitting at its end. Luke pulled himself up to a kneeling position using Jason's knees as hand holds. He stared at the cock surrounded by jet black pubic hair, and at the large balls resting on the flat rail. Luke looked up to Jason's face. Jason smiled at him, so he leaned forward and tasted Jason's cum for the first time.

Jason spread his legs and let Luke take him into his mouth. He closed his eyes and let the sensation of Luke's mouth overwhelm him. He felt the blood rushing to his cock, and felt the resistance inside Luke's mouth as he grew. Luke was just using his lips to slide up and down his shaft, occasionally flicking his tongue firmly around his head and pressing around his sensitive and tight foreskin which had now almost totally disappeared.

Luke found Jason's cock very interesting. It had a pronounced bend to the left when hard. Luke had a slight bend, but nowhere near as much as Jason. Then there was the copious volume of precum, or pre-seminal fluid or Cowpers Gland secretion as he had called it in his thesis. It came in regular waves. Masses of the stuff. The very salty taste was almost distracting, but the lubrication it afforded allowed Jason's cock to slide easily to the back of his throat as he buried his nose in the black curls.

"I'm gonna' come Luke."

Jason's comment stirred Dean and Scott to sit up and look at what was happening. They hadn't noticed until then that Jason was getting blown. Luke had slowed down to prolong Jason's enjoyment a little longer. Dean and Scott stood and moved to stand either side of Jason. Each of then reached over with one hand and began rubbing and pulling on his nipples. Jason moaned.

Luke pulled back and concentrated on the head of Jason's cock. With one hand he supported himself, and with the other he lifted and fondled the balls below his chin. Luke felt a flood of precum coat his tongue. Then he felt Jason's balls contract and the head of his cock flare in his mouth.

Jason had an explosive orgasm. His body went rigid and Scott and Dean had to support him by the shoulders to stop him leaning too far back. Luke's mouth quickly filled with swollen cock head and cum. As he tried to swallow, it filled again, overflowing onto his chin and dripping to his chest and to the deck.

Jason's cock kept pumping hard until only a small dribble emerged on every third pump. Throughout his orgasm Jason screamed a continuous and loud wail. When his orgasm finally finished, Jason's body relaxed and he slipped slowly forward and fell on top of Luke who lay back on the deck as he fell.

He rolled off Luke and lay on the deck on his back rubbing both hands between his legs and moaning softly.

Scott reached down and cleared Jason's hair away from his face.

"That looked like it was a good one Jase."

He quietly mumbled, "I thought I was going to explode. And I did!"

A few minutes later they were all sitting in a circle on the deck, Luke and Jason were smoking. Luke nudged Jason's knee.

"Not that it's really important, but you definitely produce the most cum out of all of us Jase. Not to mention the precum."


"Definitely." said Scott. Dean agreed.

"Up to now I've always found it a bit of a pain."

"Why's that?" asked Scott.

"Well, you know how I've always wanked in bed right? Well when I was about thirteen I guess, I didn't have too much control, and sometimes I'd shoot in bed by mistake. Because dad only ever bought white sheets, it made a very noticeable stain. I thought dad wouldn't notice it, 'cause he always rushed through the washing."

"But he did." said Scott.

"Yeah. One day I walked into the laundry and he held up a sheet with a big yellow stain on it. I froze."

"Did he say anything?" asked Dean.

"He said 'That's too big a stain for a wet dream Jase. I guess you've discovered masturbation.' I just looked at him and nodded. Then he said it was nothing to be ashamed of, he did it himself and that I shouldn't worry about the sheets. He said that if I wanted, I could start washing my own sheets but I had to leave the under blanket on my bed to protect the mattress. I just freaked and ran out. But I did do my own washing from then on."

"That was a great way for him to deal with it Jase." said Luke, "Have you guys got similar stories?"

Scott leaned forward.

"When I was fourteen my mum sat me down one night and said 'Soon your body will start doing some interesting things. If it happens when you're in bed, don't worry about it, just put your sheets in the hamper and get some fresh ones from the cupboard.' She didn't have a clue that I'd been jerking off already for two years and that if I did get cum on the sheet's I'd carefully sponge it off after. I think she was a little surprised when she found a sheet with a big wet spot on it in the hamper the next morning. In fact, after a couple of weeks, she said, sort of in passing, 'You don't have to change sheets 'every' time Scott.'"

"Yeah," said Luke, "that's almost exactly what happened to me. What about you Dean?"

"I shared a room with my little brother, so I usually did it in the shower. I did have the occasional wet dream though, in the earlier days. One day mum was in our room stripping the beds. She pulled back the sheets on my bed and saw a big fresh stain. Then she stood up, saw me watching her and smiled at me. Then she came over and hugged me and said 'congratulations darling'. My little brother asked what it was for and she said he'd find out in two or three years, it's not something we talk about."

"And how long was it until he found out?" asked Luke.

"That night. He pestered me all day about it until I finally told him that she'd found a cum stain when we went to bed. Of course he wouldn't believe me, so I wanked in my bed and he watched me come. And don't worry, that's the only sort of sexual activity I ever had with him. You should have seen how proud he was the first time he spurted! After he started wanking, even before he could shoot, I started doing it in bed too. I was able to grunt and moan then without him freaking out."

Scott spoke to Luke, "You see their bedroom was detached from the house, so he could make as much noise as he wanted. When Tim, his brother, was away sometimes, I'd sometimes stay over and sleep in his bed. It wasn't till this summer though, after the last surfing trip, that Dean would openly wank in his bed when I was there."

"You wanked too the last time you stayed over."

"Yeah, but I couldn't cum in his bed though, could I. I had to go and stand in the doorway and cum on the grass outside."

"You don't know how close I came to offering to help you do it you know Scott."

"Well, you've made up for it since, haven't you!"

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