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Part 15

"Morning guys!"

Luke's cheerful greeting made the other's stir and stretch in their bunks. Luke had already checked the weather and their course. He was sitting on his bunk reading a chart.

"Come on guys, get up. I'm hungry!"

"What are you so cheerful about?" asked Scott, "Wanked already huh?"

"Actually no. I've decided that it's a waste to do that first thing now, well, by myself anyway. I can think of more interesting ways to come. Anyway, it's the first full day of the trip to Hawaii. We've got to get an early start if we're going to come up with ways to keep ourselves entertained for three or so weeks."

"I can think of some ways!" said Dean.

"I'm sure you can. Any suggestions?" asked Scott.

"Ok. You guys ever heard of the game soggy cookie?"

"Isn't that the one where the last guy who shoots has to eat a cookie that everyone's come on?"

"That's right Jase. I have a slight twist to it I'd like to try out if you're all game. You see, I'd be the cookie. I'd lie down with my mouth open, and you would have to come into my mouth. The guy who comes last has to eat me, as in give me a blowjob, and you have to get as much in my mouth as possible. Are you guys game?"

"Sure." said Scott.

"Naturally I am, but I don't know if you'll want to risk loosing will you Jase?"

Jason looked at Luke, then at the other two. Scott had hardened already, as had Dean.

"Well, would it be cool if I opted to play on the condition that I could choose to wank you instead of sucking you if I lost?"

"I guess that'd be ok. Should we do it now Skipper?"

"I guess you won't want any breakfast then!"

Dean got up and walked onto the fore deck where he lay down on his back, leaving plenty of room around his head. The other's followed him out and sat around him in a small circle.

"Hey Scott! No cheating. Ok, you guys can start on three. One, two, three. Get wanking!"

As Dean watched, they all turned their attention to themselves. Jason was having difficulty getting an erection. This started him getting nervous. Scott still had his erection, but noticing Jason's discomfort, he wasn't able to work up any sensations.

Luke thought of nothing but pleasing himself. Within one and a half minutes he was producing precum and soon after that he neared his pre-orgasmic plateau. He looked at Scott. Scott was staring at Jason and was beating furiously on what appeared to be an only semi hard cock.

Jason however had recovered and was stroking with just his index finger and thumb wrapped around his cock. His eyes were closed and Luke saw him smile a little as the first wave of his precum spilled and was spread quickly over his shaft. Seeing this, Luke's competitive side kicked in. Jason was close to coming, and who knew what Scott was capable of in this sort of situation.

Getting to his knees, Luke shuffled over to Dean's right ear. Dean spread his mouth as wide as he could as Luke stopped stroking and pushed his cock down to aim into the waiting mouth. It was not an enormous ejaculation, but three decent spurts found their way into Dean's mouth, smaller dribbles dropped to his chin and neck. Sighing, Luke sat back to watch.

Jason had almost stopped masturbating while Luke was coming. He suddenly realised that there were only two left in the race. He quickened his pace once more and got to his knees. As he arrived at Dean's left ear, he saw Scott arriving where Luke had knelt moments before. They were kneeling face to face, both pounding away with their right hands over Dean's face.

Jason looked at Scott's cock. There was definitely precum there. He was close too. It was time to push for the winning shot. Both of them aimed their cocks down at Dean's mouth. They leaned closer to get a better shot. They were both still pulling over Dean's gaping mouth when their cock heads hit.

The surprising sensation of having warm slippery flesh rub against their heads pushed them both to orgasm. They came at almost exactly the same time. Luke was watching very carefully. Jason spurted about half a second before Scott.

As his cock jerked, Jason lost his balance and one knee slipped on the deck. His first two shots washed over Dean's nose and forehead. Then he righted himself and got most of the rest in Dean's mouth. Scott, however, stayed perfectly still when he came. His cock head was pressed onto Dean's lower lip, and his cum sprayed against the underside of his tongue.

As soon as both had finished their most powerful shots they both leaned back and let their cocks slowly finish emptying themselves on their own thighs. Both looked nervously at Dean as he sat up, licking his lips and wiping his face with his hand.

"Nice breakfast guys. Now, the looser. Who actually shot first out of you two?"

Jason and Scott looked at each other, then to Luke.

"Well, as I saw it, Jason, by a fraction."

"That's what I thought. But it was Scott who got it all in my mouth wasn't it. Jase missed on the first few squirts."

"Indeed." said Luke.

"Well in that case. Jase? I'm afraid it's all up to you now. My cock is really waiting for you."

Jason nodded and looked down at Dean's cock. It lay against his stomach, perfectly straight and rock hard. Despite having not been touched, it had a large drop of precum on the tip, and more had rubbed against his flat stomach.

He sat on the deck beside Dean's pelvis so he could face him. Jason reached out his hand and poked at Dean's cock with his index finger. It was definitely fully hard. He gingerly lifted the cock away from Dean's body, held it for a moment, then let it snap back noisily against his stomach.

Jason leaned closer. All the others thought he was going to take Dean into his mouth. Instead he sniffed deeply at the head of the cock. It smelled similar to his own. There was a definite musky, sweaty smell as well as the smell of fresh precum mixed with dried semen. Jason blew gently on the tip of Dean's cock, causing it to jump up and making Dean moan.

Jason's hair fell across his face. As he flicked it back he looked up and saw Luke and Scott intently watching him. Scott mouthed to him "Go for it Jase." and he looked back down at the leaking cock head inches from his face.

"Ah, fuck it. I've already tasted your cum."

With that he leaned forward and opened his mouth. He felt the thick cock slip through his lips easily, then his tongue came into contact with the head. Immediately he tasted the salt. Jason had tasted his own precum before, it was difficult not to when it coated his hand so thoroughly, but Dean tasted quite different. Dean was salty, but almost sweet at the same time. Jason decided he preferred Dean's precum to his own.

With his tongue he probed for more and was quickly rewarded. Jason licked Dean's entire head in a circular motion three times hoping to bring on more precum. Instead he felt a strong stream of cum hit the centre of his tongue and begin to fill his mouth. Dean kept coming, not daring to move his body least he slip from Jason's mouth.

Remembering what Dean had done to him the night before Western Samoa, Jason swallowed all he could. He then pulled his mouth from Dean and watched as a lesser spasm forced more semen from his cock and began running down the shaft. Jason covered the cock with his mouth again and began sucking as hard as he could as Dean moaned.

Dean stroked Jason's head as he released Dean's softening cock and sat up again.

"That was great Jase, you did an awesome job."

Scott laughed.

"Shit, judging from that smile on your face Jase, anyone would think you won the fucking game!"

"Maybe I did." he said as he stood up and walked aft for a piss. Luke followed him and stood beside him pissing.

"You seemed to enjoy that Jase."

"I don't know about enjoyed, but I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. So, I'm queer now huh?"

"You're only queer if you consider yourself to be queer Jase. I mean that might just have been a one off."

"Yeah, we'll see."

The next week was filled with much of the same activities for the crew of the Nova. By the eighth day out of Apia all four were feeling rather bored. They had repeated most of their sexual experiments, adding the odd variation now and then.

Jason had sucked all three of the others within a week of sucking Dean. He was resigned to the fact that he enjoyed it purely because the thought of other guys getting off was a turn on for him.

Saturday broke cloudy and muggy. The ocean was calm and there was only a very slight breeze. All four were now set in the habit of waking at first light. As they slowly woke in the dimmer than usual morning light, they stretched and yawned. Scott looked over to Jason.

"Jase, your turn to show us something new."

Over the last two mornings Dean, then Scott had tried to inject some interest into their lives by demonstrating a different way of masturbating. They had not been very original.

"Oh. Ok, well I'll give it a go. But I haven't done this for quite a while."

Luke, Scott and Dean sat with their legs folded on their bunks as they watched Jason twist around and lay on his back with his legs pointed to the bulkhead at his pillow. He inched himself towards the bulkhead until his ass lay on top of the pillow and his legs extended up the bulkhead.

Then Jason used his arms to pull his torso closer to the wall and soon had his legs almost touching the low ceiling of the cabin. When his weight was supported totally on his shoulders, he began to wank himself slowly. His cock quickly hardened, pointing straight down towards his face.

It wasn't long until the others saw his now infamous precum drip from his cock to his chest as he stroked. Jason stopped stroking and began to lower his legs towards his head. Slowly he folded himself in half until his knees came into contact with the bunk behind his shoulders.

For two minutes Jason stayed in this position. Beads of sweat popped out all over his body as he strained to get his muscles and ligaments used to the unusual position. Occasionally he moved his right hand to his still hard cock and gave it a couple of tugs.

When his muscles had loosened, Jason shunted his ass even further up the bulkhead. Then, as he relaxed his back as much as he could, he pulled his cock slightly away from his stomach with his free right hand.

As his back continued to relax, he contorted even tighter, and his breathing became laboured. But his goal had been achieved. Jason's cock was one third of its length into his mouth. Jason began sucking and licking on his own cock.

The effort of the exercise was obvious. Snot bubbled out of his nostrils as he fought to fill his constricted lungs. Every few seconds he would withdraw his cock from his mouth and take as deep a breath as he could, then lick the head of his cock and take it back into his mouth.

It was obvious to the others that he could not stay in this position for too much longer. As this thought was beginning to turn to concern, Jason came. They all saw the first shot of cum. As the tendons in his arms and legs popped out, Jason withdrew again to lick his head. Semen shot out and flowed down his tongue into his mouth.

The orgasm prompted Jason to thrust deeper. Holding his breath, he thrust his cock deep into his own mouth. At the height of his orgasm, Jason managed to go deep enough that his nose nuzzled against his balls.

As soon as he had spasmed four times, Jason pulled his cock from his mouth and unfolded a little. Cum welled from his cock and splatted onto his face and neck. He breathed deeply, and exhaled quickly, spraying small droplets of semen over his stomach, groin and thighs. Slowly he lifted his legs until they were again pointing straight up.

Jason lay there, with a bright red face, smiling at the other three as semen dribbled down his stomach. He licked the spilled cum off his chin as he watched the three guys staring at him with open mouths. They didn't speak until after he had righted himself, and sat on the edge of his bunk stretching his aching back.

"Incredible Jase!" exclaimed Luke. "I remember being able to get the head of my cock into my mouth when I was about fourteen or fifteen, but never that deep, and certainly not now! Fuck, that was cool!"

"Thanks Luke. I didn't think I could still do it actually. Last time I tried, oh, I guess a year ago, I couldn't get near."

"How come you never told us about that Jase?" asked Dean.

"Yeah, right! Like I'd tell you guys that I'd sucked my own cock the night before. Get real."

"Well," said Scott, still grinning, "I guess you're the only one of us who's sucked on four cocks on this trip. And I'd say you'll be the only one too! Shit, if I was able to do that, I'd still be a virgin too!"

"It's not that easy dude. I mean I could hardly breath most of the time there, and when I was coming, I couldn't breath at all." Besides, it really hurts your back."

"Let me massage it for you then." said Dean.

He stood up and directed Jason to lie flat on his bunk on his stomach. Dean sat on the bunk beside him and began firmly rubbing into Jason's back muscles. They were very tight after having been abused, and Jason was concentrating on trying to relax.

Dean's hands moved lower down Jason's body until he was rubbing his fingertips firmly into the cheeks of his ass. Jason soon relaxed, feeling several vertebrae in his lower back suddenly click into place. The gentle jolt made him thrust his hips forward slightly and he noticed he was hard again.

Jason turned his body over. Dean's hands remained in the same position and he found himself rubbing Jason's thighs and into his sweating groin. Dean then rubbed Jason's stomach with his left hand as his right played with his balls. Quickly the back of Dean's left hand became smeared with fresh precum. He moved his right hand from Jason's balls and gripped his cock firmly.

Dean jerked quickly on Jason's cock and within a minute Jason's toes curled and he sent more semen onto his chest and stomach. Dean held Jason's cock steady in his hand as he brought his tongue down to lap up the now slowly emerging semen which was running thickly onto his curled fingers.

The feeling of Dean's tongue scraping firmly across his now very sensitive cock head sent waves of pleasure through Jason. Scott had crawled onto Luke's bunk to get a better view of what had been happening. Without even needing to ask, each had begun stroking the other. As Luke heard Jason moaning repeatedly in the afterglow of his second orgasm, Luke felt his own approach.

He lay back on his bunk, releasing Scott's cock as he did. Scott squeezed his hand tighter, making Luke yell, and spray semen at his own face. Scott immediately released Luke's cock and lay down on top of him, feeling Luke's cum squirting between their stomachs, and the pulsing cock against his own.

Scott began thrusting his hips back and forth, grinding his cock into Luke's. This made Luke experience a second wave orgasm. As Luke's body shuddered underneath him, Scott too came. They both felt the extra warm liquid between their stomachs, and squirmed together to make it spill noisily out and run down Luke's sides and between his legs.

Scott opened his eyes to see Luke's face right below him. Luke's eyes were closed, and his mouth slightly open. Scott had never seriously thought about kissing another man, but seeing Luke like that, there was nothing else he wanted to do more.

Scott lowered his face until his lips barely touched Luke's. Luke opened his eyes and looked into Scott's, he slowly closed them again. Scott took this as an 'ok' signal, and lowered his face further until their lips pressed together. He felt Luke's arms raise from his sides and wrap around the back of his shoulders.

Scott felt himself being pulled tighter against Luke's body, and let his tongue venture out of his own mouth. He struck Luke's teeth, which quickly opened. Then his tongue met Luke's for the first time. At that first touch of tongues, Scott let himself go, opening his mouth wide as Luke did the same.

For four minutes they kissed passionately as Luke held tight to Scott. Their bodies slipped up and down against each other, their shared semen making it feel like they were both covered in baby oil. Quickly they both got hard again.

As they released their kiss, Luke rolled Scott off him, their cum making a slurping sound as they separated. Luke leaned down and swallowed Scott's cock, tasting more of his own cum than Scott's. Scott twisted so that his head and shoulders squeezed through Luke's legs from behind.

Scott couldn't get Luke's cock in his mouth from that position, so instead he concentrated on licking the underside of his balls. Soon they rearranged themselves so that they were in a sideways 69 position.

Scott came first, beating Luke by about a minute. Luke held all of Scott's cum in his mouth. Awaiting his own turn to come. He swallowed a little, accidentally, as he came, but he noticed that Scott didn't seem to be swallowing his either.

As soon as he finished coming, Luke moved away from Scott and swung around to be face to face. He lowered himself gently onto Scott, their softening cocks pressing together once more. As Luke lowered his face to Scott's he could see his pale cum sitting in Scott's open mouth.

Luke pressed his mouth to Scott's and opened his lips. Scott's semen poured from Luke's mouth to mingle with his own in Scott's. Luke pressed his tongue deep into Scott's mouth to sample their combined emissions. For several minutes they passed the mixture back and forth between their mouths. Then they each swallowed half and separated, long streams of semen and saliva linking their mouths.

"Oh, this is just too hot!" said Dean, who now sat on the side of Luke's bunk watching them closely.

Luke leaned over to place his mouth over Dean's cock just as it erupted with his very powerful first orgasm of the day. The sheer volume overwhelmed Luke, who was at an awkward position. About half the cum spilled straight to the floor. Luke managed to hold the rest until Dean stopped coming and kneeled down to kiss Luke.

Scott, still under the weight of Luke's body, rubbed Luke's back as he allowed Dean to taste his own semen from his mouth.

Soon untangled, the four sat on the edges of the bunks looking at each other. Jason spoke to Dean.

"Hey, you really got into them kissing, didn't you?"

"Fuck yeah, who wouldn't? Well, ok, you wouldn't. Face it Jase, I'm gay. Two hot guys kissing like that is the kind of stuff that really turns me on. Sorry if you don't like that."

"Nah, listen. I'm not saying there's anything at all wrong with it, whatever turns you on. I mean I like tits, firm, round, perfectly formed, with small, solid nipples surrounded by light brown... Well, um, sorry. I was just saying that I noticed you were really horny from it, that's all. Nothing bad."

"Sure, I was just getting defensive I guess. Hey Jase, you know you and I are really perfect friends don't you?"

"Why's that?"

"Well, we'll never be going for the same lover, will we? I don't know about Scott so much though, he could be a threat to both of us."

Scott grinned. "Ya know? I'm beginning to think I'm definitely, one hundred percent, absolutely bi. And I reckon that makes me better off than you two. I've got heaps more to choose from!"

Luke turned to Scott.

"Good to hear you affirming your sexuality Scott. But being bisexual's not as easy as you might think right now. If you want to settle down to a permanent relationship, you'll eventually have to choose between male and female. And if you're right in the middle of the sexuality continuum, that decision is going to be next to impossible until, hopefully, one day you meet that person who truly clicks."

"Sounds like you're speaking from experience?" Scott asked.

"Well, sort of ... no actually I'm like 90 percent gay. I thought my last girlfriend, Jen, was going to be it for a while. She made me think that my homosexual experiences up till then had been just simple experimentation. I was too young to get into a serious relationship though, only nineteen. She slept with another guy. The worst part is though, I slept with another guy first, but she never found that out."

"It wasn't the same guy was it!?" asked Jason.

"No, um, it was his brother."

"I don't fucking believe it!" said Scott leaning back on his elbows.

"Trust me, I wouldn't lie about that."

"I've got to hear this story!" said Jason.

"Um, well, very briefly... Jen lived in a flat. I used to spend quite a bit of time there. Her flatmate was a guy our age, Richard. Well, Jen was away for the May vacation, and I was staying in her room. Richard's younger brother, Eric, who was sixteen, was staying there for the break too. He lived with his parents down south, and was up to stay in the city for a week.

"Well, Richard had just started going out with this other girl, and they'd just started getting into full on fucking. He decided to stay at her flat one night, 'cause he was sharing his room with Eric and didn't want to make him sleep on the couch in the living room just so he could have a fuck.

"I was in Jen's room at about eleven. I thought Eric had gone to bed, and I started wanking. Next thing I look up and see him looking at me through the slightly open door. He was just wearing his underwear, and was totally boned. I just froze with my hand around my cock and stared at him.

"He stepped into the room saying 'Sorry, I heard you and had to look.' Eventually I just said 'Why, never seen a guy wanking before?'. He shook his head and said, 'I have, a few times, but I wanted to see you do it I guess.' Then he asked if I'd mind if he helped. Well, it went on from there, both of us sucking each other off and sleeping together for the night.

"Nothing was said the next day, but the next night I head Richard say to him at about two in the morning, 'Shit Eric, if you're gonna' wank all night, go and do it somewhere else, I'm trying to sleep.' A minute later there was a gentle knock at my door and he walked in. naked, with a huge hard-on. We got on the bed and wanked each other off, then he went back to bed, with both his any my cum all over him.

"Eric left the next morning. I helped Richard with the washing that day. He held up one of Eric's sheets, with stains all over it and said, 'Would you look at this! You wouldn't believe it, but my little bro was wanking all night last night! Shit! He must have shot a gallon, scummy little bastard. No shame either, he just did it there in the room with me! He never did that at home.' I just smiled politely and went on with the laundry.

"Anyway, I went around about a month later one night and let myself in quietly. I wanted to sneak into Jen's room to surprise her. She wasn't in there, but her car was there. I heard typical fucking noises from Richard's room and looked in through his open door. He was lying spreadeagled on his back, naked, and she was sitting up bouncing up and down on his cock. I stood and watched until they both came, then I clapped. He said 'Oh fuck!', she just looked at me. I walked out and that was it. All over."

"Bummer." said Dean.

"Um..." said Scott, "You said Eric? was sixteen? Isn't that kinda' young?"

Luke nodded. "Yeah, he was sixteen. I was really dubious too at the start. But he initiated it. And sixteen is legal. Besides, I was only three years older than him, and I'm five years older than you Scott."

"But that's a bit different. I'm seventeen."

"Ooo! A whole year older! But when did you loose your virginity?"

"Um, I was sixteen."

"There you go. You were old enough to get laid at sixteen, so was he."

"Yeah, I guess." said Scott, still sounding unconvinced.

"Think about it Scott." said Dean, "If you'd had sex with a guy at sixteen instead of a girl, would it have made any difference?"

"Well, not now, I guess."

"What do you mean 'not now'? I've known I was gay since twelve or thirteen. If you reckon you're bi, you must have had some idea about it before now."

Scott was silent. Dean pressed him.

"Well? Come on, honesty remember."

"Shit. Ok, I guess I've always been kinda' attracted to some guys. Just their bodies though. I always sort of thought it was just some sort of comparison I was doing with my own body. Yeah, I was kidding myself. Ok, I get the picture. What you're saying is that this guy already knew he wanted to do it with guys well before Luke came along. I guess I was just saying the whole idea of kiddie sex is a big turn off for me."

Luke nodded.

"For me too. You have to realise that Eric was sixteen. He was five foot eleven, had been through puberty four years earlier, and had an amazing eight inch cock! He was no kid. Shit, he was only one year younger than you!"

"Yeah, all right. Just don't go telling me now that you fucked a twelve year old or something."

"Eric was the youngest. And I'll never have sex with anyone under sixteen. It's just not worth the risk, besides, I'm attracted to hot teens like you, not boys!"

"Well," said Jason as he stood, "everyone to their own tastes I guess. I'll let you guys take care of your hardons while I get breakfast ready."

Jason went for a piss, then to the galley as Luke and Scott jumped onto Dean's bunk and they started rolling around on one another.

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