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Part 16

By lunchtime the sea had become choppy. While the Nova was very steady in the water, the swell had increased to a level where she felt like she was being tossed from wave top to wave top. Luke had just checked the latest weather update.

"Ok guys, it's time to put away anything loose and make sure all the hatches are secure."

"Are we in for a storm?" asked Dean.

"Uh, yeah. Not too bad, I don't think, but we could get rolled around a bit. From now until I say otherwise, we don't go on deck without a safety harness. That means you use the toilet in here if you need to. Understood?"

They nodded. Dean and Jason looked a little worried. Scott was grinning from ear to ear.

"I love storms at sea!"

"That's nice. I'm already feeling a bit queasy. I'll probably be chucking my cookies before too long." said Jason.

Luke moved around the cabin putting things in drawers and securing cupboard doors as they spoke.

Within an hour, it was nearly impossible to stand without holding something solid the whole time. Luke had strapped himself into the helmsman's chair and was trying to steer the Nova into the now very large swell which broke over the bow.

"Scott!" Luke yelled into the cabin, "Come up here will you?"

Scott slowly made his way up to the wheelhouse, slipping once on the short ladder and bashing his shin against one of the rungs.

"Fuck that hurt!" he said as he climbed up to crouch beside Luke.

"Can you take the wheel for a couple of minutes mate? I need a shit really bad. Just keep her heading into the swell."

Luke had to yell to be heard over the sound of the breaking waves and wind driven rain pelting against the windows.

"No worries, take your time Luke."

Luke stood shakily as Scott slid into his seat. Luke carefully lowered himself into the cabin where he saw Dean clinging to the post of his bunk, his knuckles white.

"You alright there Dean?"

"Yeah, I guess. How long's it going to last do you think?"

"Oh, we should be out of it in about half an hour I'd say. Hey, what the fuck are you doing Scott!?"

The boat had lurched suddenly to the starboard and Luke had fallen heavily onto Dean. Scott yelled from the helm.

"Sorry, she just swung around broadside. I've got her back on line. Shit, these waves are getting big!"

Luke looked to Jason's bunk. It was empty. He pushed himself off Dean.

"Where the hell's Jase?"

"He's in the bog chucking his ring."

"Shit. I need a crap. Well, he's just going to have to move."

Luke made his way the few steps to the small toilet door. The door had been latched open for the storm. Luke saw Jason clinging to the bowl of the toilet with his head leaning inside. His body heaved and Luke heard coughing.

"Jase, you're just dry retching mate. You'll be more comfortable back in the cabin."

Jason turned to look at Luke. He was grey and his eyes were bloodshot. He just shook his head and turned back to the bowl.

"That's an order Jason! Get back to your bunk! I mean it. You will feel better there. besides, I need to have a shit right now!"

Jason leaned back on his knees. He swayed inside the small cubicle, bumping his shoulders against the walls. Luke leaned in and grasped him under his arms. He lifted Jason to his feet and half dragged him from the toilet. Dean saw that Luke was having trouble and crawled over to help him get Jason to his bunk.

Once on his bunk, Jason was having difficulty holding steady, so Dean climbed on beside him, pinning him between the bulkhead and his own body. Luke made his way back to the toilet. With difficulty he managed to sit and hold himself on the toilet by pressing against the walls with his hands.

Luke emerged from the toilet a minute later and made his way back to the wheelhouse. Instead of risking the climb back down to the cabin, Scott just shuffled across into the second seat. Luke took back the wheel and concentrated on driving them into the waves.

The pounding continued for another three quarters of an hour. By the time the conditions began to ease, Luke and Scott were beginning to feel ill themselves. Jason was in an exhausted sleep and Dean was throwing up into a plastic bag.

Two hours after they had entered the worst of the storm conditions had eased to the point that only the odd wave broke over the deck. Luke was feeling much more in control at the wheel, and Scott was able to go and check on Dean and Jason.

By five in the evening they were on almost flat water and the oppressive still heat had returned. As soon as they finally exited the storm, Luke went to check on the rest of the crew. Jason was still sleeping, though now he was restful. Dean was lying on his bunk, curled up in a fetal position. He still looked very pale, but was once again talking.

Scott was fine. He had come close to being ill just after leaving the helm, but had busied himself comforting Jason and Dean which helped him ignore his own discomfort. When Luke went below he was sitting on his bunk talking gently to Dean.

"We're out of it now. It's all over, right Luke?"

"Yep, all over. That one was a bit of a surprise really. It wasn't forecast until about eleven this morning when it was already brewing up fast. I'd say that would be the worst we'll have to go through. Anything bigger would show up sooner and we'd be able to avoid it."

Jason stirred and tried to speak. He couldn't make a sound because he had almost vomited his throat raw.

Luke opened a cupboard and pulled out a bottle of water.

"Here, have a couple of sips of this Jase. Don't have too much just yet."

Jason put the bottle to his lips and coughed as the cool water hit his throat. As he coughed he winced in pain.

"You ok?" asked Luke.

"Yeah," he croaked, "feels like all my ribs are broken."

"That's just from all the retching you did. Are you feeling any better now?"

"I'm not feeling sick anymore, but I still feel like shit."

"I think it'd be best if you had a bit of a sleep Jase, you too Dean."

Both nodded at Luke and curled up again on their bunks. Within minutes they were both sleeping again. Luke made his way out of the cabin onto the deck. Scott followed him, limping.

"How's that leg Scott?"

"Just a bit of a bruise. That was a fair pounding we took today."

"Sure was. Shall we look for damage?"

They covered the boat thoroughly together, checking that everything was still attached. Luke checked the antenna as Scott checked below.

Scott came up from below decks.

"There's a bit of water down there. But the bilge pump's been working and it's almost all gone."

"Right. Everything seems to have made it through intact by the look of it."

Scott went to the rear of the deck and sat himself down to take a dump. Luke returned to the cabin to prepare a light meal for himself and Scott. After they ate they went onto the fore deck to sit in the dying hazy light of the evening.

"Um," said Scott, "this might sound a bit like I don't care about those guys, but I feel like getting off again."

"Why should that sound like you don't care about them? Shit, they're just seasick. What do ya want to do?"

Scott slid himself over to sit beside Luke on his right, their backs leaning on the cabin bulkhead.

"Um, I was a bit freaked when I kissed you this morning, but it was great. Can we just kiss, then see what happens?"

"Sounds fine to me, if that's what you want to do."

Scott lifted his left arm and wrapped it around Luke's shoulders. He then gently pulled Luke around and leaned to meet his face with his own. Their lips met and they both opened their mouths. Quickly their tongues were sliding around in each other's mouths.

As Luke wrapped his arms around Scott's back, Scott felt himself getting hard very quickly. They slid over together until they were lying face to face on the deck. Scott felt Luke's hardon growing and press into his stomach.

Lifting his left hand, Scott rubbed it through Luke's hair, pressing their faces together harder. He lowered his right hand onto Luke's ass and began kneading the flesh with his fingers. Luke wriggled and Scott found three of his fingers suddenly slipped into the crack of Luke's ass.

Luke pressed back against Scott's fingers and felt them gently sliding up and down his crack, lubricated by Luke's own sweat. Luke moaned and moved his left hand from Scott's back to reach between their bodies. He found his own cock, then Scott's. Both were already slick with precum.

Scott's foreskin was now only covering half of his swollen head. Luke carefully rolled Scott's foreskin fully back. It stayed by itself because he was so hard. He then pressed his own cock head against Scott's. Luke grasped his own foreskin the best he could with one hand, and stretched it until it covered more than half of Scott's head.

Scott moaned and pulled away from their kiss. He had no idea what was causing the incredible sensations he was feeling. He looked down and saw almost all of his cock head buried in Luke's foreskin. Holding his foreskin in place, Luke wrapped his hand around the intersection of their cocks and began tiny strokes back and forth.

The sensation of a foreign foreskin on his cock head, the slow firm strokes and the tip of his cock rubbing wetly against Luke's was too much for Scott to bear. He gasped and his body jolted.

Luke felt the jets of Scott's semen flowing onto and around his own cock head. His foreskin stretched out to accommodate the cum, then spilled out over his hand. As Scott continued pumping, the bulk of the cum suddenly squirted from between his fingers and spread itself equally onto Luke's and Scott's stomachs.

Luke stopped stroking, but didn't release Scott's cock as it began to soften. Scott relaxed and returned to kissing Luke. As he did, his fingers found his ass again, and he pressed one finger into Luke's hole up to the first knuckle.

Luke held tight to his foreskin. Eventually Scott's head slipped out of its grasp. Still clasping his foreskin, Luke trapped about half of Scott's cum.

Scott broke the kiss again and pulled his finger from Luke's ass. He slid down and kissed the puckered foreskin Luke was still holding. When Scott firmly held Luke's foreskin in his lips, Luke let go of his foreskin. A small flood of his own semen raced into Scott's mouth. Scott probed his tongue under Luke's foreskin, extracting all of the fresh cum.

He slid up again and pressed his lips to Luke's again, to share his load. Instead of pressing it into Luke's mouth, Scott was passive, making Luke's tongue do all the work to extract the sticky mess.

When they both had their lips coated with Scott's cum, Scott rolled Luke onto his back and positioned himself kneeling between his legs. He lifted Luke's legs onto his shoulders and bent over to take Luke's hardon into his mouth. Luke bent his knees over Scott's shoulders and rubbed his back with the soles of his feet.

Without taking Luke's cock from his mouth, Scott pulled firmly on Luke's body until his ass was raised and sitting on his thighs. In his kneeling position, Scott's re-hardening cock was pressing against the small of Luke's back. Luke almost came as he felt the soft, almost invisible, bristles of hair on Scott's stomach tickling his ass crack.

Then when Scott pressed another finger against his exposed anus, Luke was sure he was going to come. Sensing his tenseness, Scott stopped licking his cock head. Luke slowly backed away from the brink. Scott pulled his mouth off Luke's cock with a loud slurping noise as he sucked away his saliva.

Moving his hand to Luke's cock, Scott slowly and carefully milked it, bringing a lot of precum into view. When plenty had collected, he scooped it up with his index finger. His mouth then engulfed the cock once more.

Luke suddenly realised what was happening when he felt the slimy finger pressing against his anus. With the lubrication, Scott's index finger easily slid in. Scott felt Luke's ass tighten around his finger, then the cock in his mouth began to pulse. Scott enjoyed the feeling of the sprays of semen on his tongue as Luke bucked and grunted under him.

Scott had prepared for this moment. He wanted to save as much of Luke's cum in his mouth as he could. He held his lips firmly around Luke's cock until he had stopped his most productive pumps. He then pulled his mouth away, keeping it firmly shut. He pulled his finger from Luke's ass as he watched the cock in front of his face still spilling cum onto Luke's stomach.

Lifting Luke's legs from his shoulders, Scott leaned forward and slid his body along Luke's torso, spreading the remaining semen between their chests and stomachs until his face hovered over Luke's. Scott pressed his tongue out between his pursed lips and let Luke lick it.

He then allowed a little of Luke's semen to seep out of his mouth and run down his tongue onto Luke's. Luke reached up and pulled Scott's face down. Scott let his lips go loose and Luke's mouth filled with his own taste. They rolled onto their sides and kissed until there was no trace of semen left in their mouths. As they broke their kiss, they lay where they were, staring at each other and smiling.

Luke slowly ran his free hand up and down Scott's torso, gently caressing his shoulder, then his pecs, back, and finally his ass cheeks. His hand slipped down and came to rest on Scott's new hardon.

"Do you want to fuck me Scott?"


Luke smiled and nodded.

"I suppose you'll want to do me too?"

"Sure do, but only if you want to."


"Right," said Luke, getting to his knees, "you do me first. It's been a while for me, so go slow."

Luke got on his hands and knees as Scott kneeled behind him.

"Put a couple of fingers in first, one at a time, to let me get relaxed."

Scott reached around Luke's body and grasped at Luke's cock to coat two fingers in Luke's cum. he then spread Luke's ass cheeks with his other hand as the first finger slipped in easily. He moved it around inside Luke, who moaned at every twist. The second finger took a little pressure until Luke relaxed and allowed it to slide in.

After a couple of minutes Scott withdrew his fingers and pressed the head of his dripping cock against the slippery opening. With a little forward pressure Scott felt his foreskin begin to fold back as the warmth of Luke's ass pressed against his head.

Luke groaned, then he forced himself to relax. Scott felt the pressure disappear and his head suddenly popped through the opening. Luke yelled as he felt a burning sensation travel up his body. The pain disappeared as quickly as it came. He felt his cock spring to life and pressed back against Scott.

After several gentle pushes Scott was halfway inside Luke. Luke began pressing back harder against Scott's cock. Soon he was buried fully inside Luke. After adjusting to the sensation, and allowing Luke to adjust, Scott began gentle thrusts with his hips.

He didn't allow himself to thrust too hard in case he came right away. Soon though he was pulling almost half way out and thrusting fully in again.

Luke felt totally full. He found himself concentrating on the sensual feeling of Scott's hair brushing over his back and the sweat dripping onto him from Scott's face. He turned his head to see Scott fling his hair back. Scott's face was streaming sweat and was twisted in a mean grimace as he repeatedly pounded into Luke.

Scott opened his eyes to see Luke straining to see him. He immediately pulled his cock out and motioned for Luke to flip over. Luke lifted his legs as Scott placed them under his arms. Scott showed his strength as he lifted Luke's ass and quickly guided his cock back inside him.

Luke could now see all of Scott's muscles as he thrust in and out of him. He could feel Scott's balls slapping against his ass cheeks, and when he raised himself onto his elbows, he could see Scott's shaft sliding in and out of his ass. Luke realised he was about to come.

He reached up to Scott and pulled him down on top of him. Scott continued thrusting in the missionary position on top of Luke. The movement of Scott's cock against Luke's cock made him come. It was a prolonged orgasm which made his whole body go rigid. The convulsions in his ass, along with the sudden extra tightness made Scott yell and thrust as deep as he could go.

As Luke began writhing from his orgasm, Scott began coming deep inside him. Luke relaxed, enjoying the pulsing feeling in his bowels. Soon Scott's body went limp too and they kissed deeply for several minutes until Scott's flaccid cock slipped from Luke's ass, followed by a slippery load of semen that ran down Luke's crack and onto the deck.

Scott pressed himself off Luke's body and bent down to lick Luke's semen from his cock and stomach. They kissed again, Luke tasting his own cum again.

They broke their kiss and Luke went to the aft deck with Scott following him. Luke sat on the rail and Scott watched as semen dripped from Luke's ass.

"When do you wanna' fuck me Luke?"

"Not tonight if that's ok."

"Whenever you want mate. I definitely owe you a good hard one and I definitely want you to be the first dude to fuck me too."

"And I want to be that dude. Shit, I wonder how long I'm going to keep leaking your slime? I don't need a shit, so I can't clear it out that way. Oh, what the fuck, it's just cum. I'm going to bed now, see ya in the morning Scott."

Luke stood and walked to the cabin. Scott watched him in the fading light and saw a trail of cum dribbling down the underside of Luke's balls as he walked. He laughed to himself, thinking, 'Shit, I knew I came heaps then, but I didn't think it was quite that much!'. He turned and pissed into the ocean before entering the cabin himself and falling asleep.

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