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Part 17

Early the next morning Scott woke to see Jason walking back into the cabin. He had already been out to relieve himself. He walked past Scott, scratching his pubic hair as he sat on his bunk to wait for Scott and Luke to wake. Scott turned his head slightly and saw that Dean was not in his bunk.

"Morning Jase. Where's Deano?"

"Up on the fore deck, wanking."

"So, I guess you guys are feeling a bit better today?"

"Yeah, I feel fine. But I still fuckin' hurt all over."

"Well, you were spewing for hours mate. Can I suck your dick?"


"Hey, I was just asking Jase."

"Uh, yeah. It just kinda' took me by surprise. If you want, I guess."

Scott jumped down from his bunk and leapt onto Jason's. Wasting no time, he licked and swallowed Jason's cock, making him hard quickly. Scott didn't let up on Jason until he came. He swallowed everything, then kissed the shrinking head of Jason's cock and sat up.

Scott looked across the cabin to see Luke lying on his back watching him.

"Your turn Luke."

Scott got off Jason's bunk as he said this and climbed onto Luke's. Luke took about the same amount of time to reach orgasm as Jason had. Scott licked his cock clean then gently pulled Luke's foreskin back up to cover his head where he had pushed it back with his tongue. He smiled at Luke then walked for the cabin door.

"Now for Dean." he said as he left.

He found Dean lying spread-eagled on the deck, slowly squeezing his cock. He hadn't come yet, but was very close. Scott quickly, and without speaking, dropped to the deck beside Dean. He leaned in and licked the fingers of Dean's hand that were wrapped around his cock.

Dean opened his fingers, allowing Scott to lick the precum from them and occasionally probe the shaft of his cock with his tongue. Dean pulled his hand away and it was immediately replaced by Scott's mouth. Scott bobbed his head up and down only nine times before he felt semen spurting to the back of his mouth and coating the upper surface of his tongue.

After sucking hard on the wilting cock for a minute, Scott lifted off and kissed Dean's cock head, then reached up and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth, just enough for Dean to get a taste of his own cum. Scott stood up and strode back into the cabin. A few moments later, Dean entered the cabin.

"I don't believe that. Scott just came outside, walked up to me without saying a word, leaned over, and gave me a great blowjob!"

"Yeah," said Jason, "he gave us both one as well."

"Yeah?!" said Dean incredulously, "What's the occasion Scotty?"

"No occasion, just wanted to, that's all. Is that ok with everyone?"

Not one hesitated in saying just how ok it was.

"How about you though Scott?" asked Luke, "You're still pointing at the roof there. How do you want to get off?"

"Could you just give me a quick wank and rub the cum into my hair?"

"No probs!" said Luke as he stood and walked over to sit beside Scott.

Luke Grabbed Scott's cock and began beating his fist up and down rapidly. Scott leaned back on his hands and closed his eyes. Within three minutes of non-stop stroking, Scott leaned against Luke's body.

"Get ready, here it comes."

Luke watched Scott's body tighten up and stopped pulling on him. He pinched Scott's foreskin shut and held it tight as Scott jerked his body. All four watched as Scott's foreskin swelled and ballooned out around his cock head, stretched by the spurts of semen streaming from him.

When Scott had stopped pulsing, Luke loosened his grip on the foreskin and allowed Scott's cum to flood onto the palm of his hand. He reached over with his left hand and firmly milked the last cum from Scott's cock. This made Scott squirm and his cock began pulsing again, forcing out another few dribbles of thick semen.

Lifting his hand carefully, Luke moved it to Scott's head. A few drops escaped onto his chest, the rest Luke let drip to his hair. Luke then rubbed on Scott's head, massaging the cum into the tacky strands.

"Thanks Luke." Said Scott, "I guess everything's back to normal again, if you can call this normal."

They all laughed.

"Well, on my boat, this is normal now. So I guess you're right mate!"

"Yeah, well you're the captain Luke!"  said Dean. "Hey, tell me if I'm wrong, but there's not a hell of a lot to do for the next week or two, right?"

"Well, we have about 5 days of good clear running before we start to see land, and we won’t be in port for 7."

"Well, in that case captain, I suggest we do the fantasy thing again. You know, a fantasy way to get off."

Scott nodded, and swallowed a gulp of water.

"Sounds cool to me too. But I'd have to say right now that Luke fucking my ass wouldn't count."

"Why not?" asked Dean.

"'Cause I owe him that already. I fucked him the other day."

"For real!?  When?" asked Jason.

"When you guys were karked out after the storm. Luke was going to do me after I'd done him, but we were both too fucked, if you'll excuse the expression. So, I owe him a fuck."

"Um," asked Jason, "what was it like, fucking him I mean?"

"Pretty much like when I fucked Dean the other day. Oh, but Luke rolled onto his back half way through so I could see his face as he watched me going in and out. We both came face to face, and I didn't let my cock slip out this time, well, not until it was soft anyway."

"Oh, dude!" said Dean, "Why wasn't I there to see that?"

"Like I said, you were still unconscious in here. Jase?  You want to try it?"

"I think not mate. Not my scene."

"Well. Your loss I guess!  Luke's a great fuck."

Luke laughed. "Come on Scott. You said I was the first guy you've ever fucked!  So how would you know if I was great or not?"

"True. But I lied. You should know, you watched us the other day. But I have fucked chicks in the ass before. No where near as good as you mate!"

"Well, I guess that's a compliment. I have an idea for a fantasy for me guys."

"What's that Luke?" asked Dean.

"I want you guys to shave me."

"What, your face?"

"Nup, my balls and ass. I want to be totally smooth down there. Just a little tuft above my cock."

"With a razor?"

"No Jase, with your teeth. Of course with a razor."

"Wouldn't that be a bit dangerous?" asked Dean.

"Well I wouldn't want to be nicked, but so long as you're careful it should be ok. I have shaved my balls before you know."

"Um," asked Scott, "what about razor burn?  That'd be a real bastard on your balls."

"Yeah, you've just got to be careful that you don't press too hard with the razor. That's all."

"Ok." said Scott, "Where's the shaving foam then?"

Luke smiled and stood up. He walked to one of the storage cupboards and fished around at the back of one of the shelves for a moment. When he turned he was opening a plastic package about the size of a hardback novel.

"What's that Luke?" asked Jason.

"It's a little inflatable paddling pool of course."

"Oh, of course." said Jason.

"You don't think I'm going to let you guys shave me without soaking a bit first do you?  That'd just be asking for pain. I'm going to fill this up with water from the secondary storage tank, which should be nice and warm, then sit in it for a bit to soften up the hairs. Then it's up to you guys."

Luke walked onto the deck and inflated the small pool while the others collected together the razor and shaving foam they would need shortly. As the warm water slowly drained into the pool, Luke pissed into the gently swelling sea. Once the water was just deep enough to cover his genitals Luke turned off the water spigot and dragged the pool to the middle of the aft deck.

He sat in the warm water and watched as the grime, sweat and semen of several weeks gently floated away from his thighs and lower abdomen.

"Don't you know that you should never go swimming by yourself Luke?"

Luke looked up to see that Dean had emerged from the cabin and was shaking a can of shaving foam.

Luke stared openly at Dean for what felt like minutes. Finally he spoke to the smiling Dean.

"Come here dude."

Dean walked over to stand in front of Luke.

"Stand in the water. That's it, put your feet either side of my hips. Cool."

Dean's cock hung limply directly in front of Luke's face. The pale red head lay only just lower than his relaxed balls. Luke leaned forward just slightly and licked the bottom of Dean's scrotal sac, sliding across the head of his cock as he did so. Then he licked the head of Dean's cock more intently and flicked his tongue up and down the swelling shaft before sucking it noisily into his mouth.

Once Dean's cock was fully buried inside Luke's mouth, the action of Luke's tongue quickly encouraged a full erection. Soon Luke was not able to keep his nose pressed into the sweetly pungent bush of brown pubic hair.

Luke began bobbing his head back and forward as Dean looked toward the blue sky and moaned. At the first taste of precum, Luke stopped sucking and concentrated again on Dean's balls that had now pulled up closer to his body. As Luke rolled Dean's balls slowly with his tongue, he let Dean's throbbing cock rest across the side of his nose and spread its thin layer of clear precum under his left eye.

Luke was ready to finish this episode. He slurped his saliva off Dean's balls and drew back slightly to slide the well lubricated cock back between his lips. Luke kept his lips puckered tightly together as if he was kissing the tip of Dean's cock. The harder he pressed against Dean the more he could taste the salty precum that was letting the cock slide into his mouth.

Feeling the tip of Dean's cock just between his lips, Luke began to rub and flick rapidly at Dean's piss slit with the tip of his tongue while keeping the resisting pressure of his lips constant. The sensation was enough to make Dean's hips buck and for him to send a powerful shot of cum between Luke's lips.

The jolt of his sudden orgasm made Dean bend forward to support himself on Luke's shoulders. As he did this, his cock pulled away from Luke's lips and continued to spray at his face with quickly lessening power. Luke grasped Dean's cock back into his mouth as the last of his semen was being ejected. He kept the cock in his mouth, gently massaging it with his tongue, until he was soft, and Luke was once again able to inhale the deep musk of Dean's pubic hair.

Dean stood and looked down at Luke's face as he felt Luke release his soft cock from his mouth. Luke's face had several splotches of translucent pale white liquid on it that had slowly run down his neck and onto his chest as he had continued sucking on Dean's cock. Dean smiled as he stepped backwards and out of the paddling pool until he bumped into Scott who wrapped his arms around him to prevent him from losing his balance.

"Luke," asked Dean, "um, what exactly did I do to deserve that little treat?"

"You were just there, that's all. You see, I was just thinking, before you came on deck, that I am extremely attracted to all you guys, sexually. No point pretending. And then I saw you Dean. Standing there in front of me, naked. And I thought 'Fuck that guy's hot!  I want to suck him right now!', and so, I did."

"Well I'm sure glad you did!  Hey, I loved the way you kept my cock from going back in then. It sent me over the edge really quick."

Scott was still holding onto Dean as he spoke.

"Hey Scott, if you press any harder against me, that hard thing poking my butt is going to snap."

Scott let go of Dean and stepped away from him.

"Oh God." said Scott, "I absolutely have to come again!"

"Not yet Scotty, you have to shave me first." said Luke as he wiped what was left of Dean's cum from his face and neck with his hand, then stood up from the pool of water with Jason helping him up.

Luke lay on the deck, leaning his head against the bulkhead of the cabin and opened his legs.

"Go to it guys." he said.

Luke's cock had been hard when he was sucking on Dean and it jumped back to full attention as soon as Scott lifted it up.

"Well, if you keep it hard like that, it'll make this easier to do Luke." said Dean.

"I'm sure you can help me with that." said Luke with a cheeky grin.

Jason sprayed a little shaving foam onto his hand and knelt beside Luke to apply it. Scott pushed his hand away gently.

"Wait a sec Jase. We need to trim a little bit first."

Scott picked up a small pair of surgical scissors he had retrieved from the first aid kit and leaned in close to Luke's crotch. The cold steel of the scissors on Luke's ball sack made him suck in his breath and a large clear blob of precum welled from the tip of his cock and ran languidly down his shaft until it came to a halt on Scott's fingers.

Scott leaned down and licked the precum from his fingers as he snipped a large clump of hair from Luke's balls. He kept his head close as he carefully worked his way around the flopping gonads until there was little left but short stubble. He then nodded to Jason.

Jason's hand had warmed the white foam and Luke hardly felt it as it was applied to his ball sack. Jason spread it carefully over the entire area, including the crevices at the tops of Luke's inner thighs and the base of his cock.

"So," asked Scott, "who does the actual shaving then?"

"Like I said before mate" answered Luke, "you do. And I think Dean should help out by holding the skin nice and tight."

Dean moved closer as Scott dipped the safety razor in the water of the pool. Scott directed Dean's fingers to pull gently on Luke's balls as he moved the razor into contact with the sensitive skin. Luke lay back and enjoyed the feeling of two guys gently tugging at his slippery balls and the rough rasping of the blade as it swiftly sliced through his fine pubic hair.

It took about two minutes for Scott and Dean to clean Luke's scrotum totally of hair, then they went to work on the surrounding skin and the base of his cock.

"All done boss."

Luke sat up and looked at himself as Dean spoke. The only hair left was a small, now trimmed, strip above his cock. He smiled then turned over onto his hands and knees.

"Not quite done yet guys, I said ass as well, remember?"

Quickly there were hands prying apart the cheeks of his ass. Luke felt the cool touch of the scissors, and heard the grating sounds of hair being cut. Then he felt hands spreading cool foam from the base of his balls all the way to the base of his back.

As Jason stepped back to let Scott and Dean get closer, he felt different hands working the foam over his ass. A finger slipped quickly into his hole, then popped out again just as quickly.

"Hey Dean, let's get him shaved before you start finger fucking him!" said Scott.

Dean firmly held the cheeks apart as Scott used long firm strokes of the razor to strip away the few short hairs around Luke's ass. The shaving was completed within less than a minute. Dean's hands didn't leave Luke's ass cheeks, so he was a bit surprised when he felt a finger press at the opening of his hole and gently force its way in up to the second knuckle.

"It just looks so, well, cute. All naked like that." said Scott as he inserted his second, then third fingers.

"Go on then," said Luke, "fuck me Scott."

Scott withdrew his fingers and quickly got to his knees. Luke winced as the hard flesh of Scott's cock slid almost effortlessly to the loosened entrance of his asshole. Scott seemed to grow in size as he pressed his cock deep into Luke's ass. The tightening of Luke's ass as he pressed harder just made it feel that little bit more intense.

Scott slowly rocked his hips back and forth as Luke grunted and smiled, sweat dripping from his face into the murky water of the pool. After a dozen gentle thrusts, Scott's face went as rigid as his cock and he let out a rasping groan as he came violently into Luke's ass. All four of them were surprised at how quickly Scott reached climax.

As Scott began to relax, he let himself lean forward onto Luke's back. He lay there for a few moments, then let himself slip slowly off Luke, his cock, still hard, dragging cum with it as it slipped out of Luke's hairless ass. He let himself slide into the water underneath Luke and as his cock continued to dribble semen onto his stomach, he slid himself down to take Luke's dripping cock into his mouth.

Luke wasted no time in taking advantage of the hot wet mouth encompassing his cock. He was thrusting into Scott's throat as soon as Scott had positioned himself comfortably. It didn't take long until Scott was swallowing Luke's load for the second time in two hours.

Scott lay back in the pool of tepid water after he had sucked the last out of Luke. Luke turned himself over and lay down in the water beside Scott. They were both smiling at the blue sky above them as the sun glinted off their sweat soaked chests.

"Hey Scott", said Jason, "you should see all the shit that's coming out of your hair in that water man!"

Scott smiled serenely at Jason. "Come on me Jase."

"Is that an insult or a request?"

"It's a request Jase."

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