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Part 18

Jason didn’t wait for another invitation. He stepped into the now crowded pool and placed one foot between Luke’s legs and the other between Scott’s. Facing the two reclining lovers Jason pounded relentlessly on his rock solid erection. He was, as always, prepared for anything.

Sweat started to pour from his face and chest as he continued his workout in the heat. Soon the sweat ran down to his crotch and started to drip around his cock and balls. The fury of his fist sent it spraying over the two guys lying in the water staring up at his silhouetted form, the sun creating an almost angelic halo from behind him.

Scott noticed Jason’s knees beginning to tremble and grinned in anticipation of what was about to land on him. The pounding suddenly stopped and both Luke and Scott watched Jason’s muscles bulge all over his body as he held the cock steady in aim. Luke followed the first volley with his eyes as it sped towards Scott’s face like a bullet. He heard the splatter as it hit and noticed Scott flinch as cum coated his nose and mouth, narrowly missing his right eye.

Luke didn’t see the second volley until it landed with force on his own face, a thick white streak on his left cheek. Both of them thought the best was over, but Jason had a special surprise in store for them. He didn’t stop spraying them. A total of ten full on powerful spurts of cum were directed at them in the next 20 seconds. Each as powerful as the one before. Never had either of them seen coming like it before in their lives.

When Jason finished spurting, he stood over them panting and sighing. Scott and Luke both lay still with their mouths open in awe. They noticed movement and saw that Dean had come up behind Jason and was gently moving him out of the way.

Dean replaced Jason and immediately released his own load onto the two prone cum recipients. Luke had not closed his gaping mouth and benefited from a full shot straight into the back of his throat. Dean finished quickly and stepped away to let the sun shine down on both of them so that he and Jason could get a good view of the cum coated duo. Dean looked over to Jason.

“Dude, that was an awesome cum shot man! You made me blow mine right then and there. I’m just glad I had someone to come on!”

“Thanks mate. That was actually pretty cool and I’m glad you guys got to see it. I get an orgasm like that one about a couple of times a year I guess. It’s unusual, but feels fucking awesome.”

Luke playfully reached to his side and fondled Scott’s balls that floated in the warm water as he spoke for the first time.

“Nice work guys. I like the way you improvised with my fantasy and made it work for all of us. Who wants something next? I can offer lots of semen, most of it’s on my face and chest.”

“Well,” Dean said slowly, “if you guys are game for it, I do have a bit of a weird fantasy I would like to try out at some stage.”

All the guys looked at him expectantly.

“It’s, well, nah, forget it.”

“Oh come on! Just say it dude!” said Scott as he sat up in the water and scooped up slowly drying semen from his and Luke’s chest to rub it into his now wet hair. The combination of several loads of semen and water caused a light foam to froth up as he vigorously massaged his scalp.

“But really, it’s pretty gross.”

“Oh, and me shampooing my hair with your cum isn’t?”

Everyone laughed and then waited for Dean to finish.

“Oh fuck it. Ok, so I want to get pissed on. There. I said it.”

Raised eyebrows all around was the only reaction he got for nearly 10 seconds. Then Scott answered.

“Ok, so get us some fucking beers then piss bitch. You want us to give you a good golden shower, you had better stoke us up.”

Beaming a grin, Dean raced into the cabin to comply, bringing out four nice cool beers and handing them around. His cock had sprung up flat to his body once more and was leaving shiny wet marks just above his navel where it leaked precum.

“Dude! You only just shot on us! What the fuck’s this?” said Scott as he bent the stiff cock in front of his face down and let its slippery head slip from his fingers and snap back against Dean’s stomach. He licked the precum from his fingers and chased it down with the entire beer.

Dean looked down to Luke who continued to fondle Scott’s balls in the water with one hand and hold his beer with the other.

“You don’t mind? I mean where can we do it?”

“It’s fine. We can do it right here on the aft deck. It’s not a problem to hose the deck down after we have hosed you down.” He laughed.

Scott wriggled free of Luke’s wandering hand and stood up in the paddling pool. Cloudy water poured off him as he stretched and yawned. He shook the excess water from his body and went in to the cabin, returning moments later with a fresh round of beers. Luke made sure the last of the shaving foam was rinsed from his body and then he too stood and flung the excess water from his almost perfectly hairless body. There was still the small patch above his cock, the thin dark trail that ended just above his belly button, and the dark tufts under his arms. But other than those areas, he was a smooth as a baby.

Luke dragged the pool to the aft rail with quite some effort and deflated it slightly so that he could empty the now very murky water into the trailing ocean. He deflated the pool the rest of the way and tossed the crumpled plastic into the cabin and then turned to face Dean.

“Well, I need to piss like a racehorse. I hope you’re ready.”

Dean wordlessly plonked himself down on the smooth wooden deck and looked expectantly at Luke. Nothing more needed to be said as Luke walked up to stand over Dean and let his bladder relax as he stood with his hands behind his head. The stream stuttered at first, making Dean flinch as it hit his chest. Then the flow powered up to full force and within seconds Luke had positioned himself so that his piss stream splashed off Dean’s face. Dean opened his mouth to let it fill as he too began pissing straight up into his own face.

Scott walked up to join them and held his semi hard cock in his hand trying to piss. He closed his eyes and managed to force out a dribble as Luke finished. Then it poured from him as he relaxed and let go. Luke stepped back and began stroking his cock as Scott shuffled around to stand in front of Dean while still pissing. The urine splashed off Dean’s chest and crotch as he aimed the stream to cover Dean as much as possible.

Jason then took over from Scott. He walked silently up to Dean and placed his cock in his mouth. Dean closed his mouth on the semi soft dick and then opened his eyes in surprise as his mouth overflowed with the piss that Jason was flooding into him. Stepping back Jason continued to let loose onto Dean’s face as Dean moaned in ecstasy and let the piss flow into his mouth and down his throat until he had exhausted his supply.

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