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Part 19

All three piss donors then stood around Dean’s smiling body and stroked their own now hard cocks as they watched the sun glinting off the wet boy in front of them. Dean concentrated on the sight of the three foreskins in front of his face while his cock’s throbbing made it bounce up and down in his lap. He was staring directly at Luke’s skin slipping back and forth over the tightly stretched head as cum erupted from the piss slit directly towards his face.

The thick liquid splattered against his cheek and chest as Luke grunted with the effort. A splash of semen landed on Dean’s own steel hard cock and set it off like a fire extinguisher. Dean wailed long and hard as his cock spewed forth a torrent of very liquid semen all over his body and legs. Because his cock was standing straight up when he exploded, large amounts landed on his cock and balls too.

Scott stepped up to Dean and pointed his cock at his open mouth and grunted. Now his cum shot into Dean’s panting mouth and across his chin and chest. Scott stepped back quickly and watched as Jason stepped in to deposit yet another load onto Dean’s tongue and across his face. Dean licked at his lips and chin while he moaned lowly from satisfaction. His cock continued to stand straight up and showed no signs of subsiding.

For several minutes Dean lay back against the railing letting the hot sun dry the piss and cum that covered him. His eyes opened in surprise as he felt hot wetness splashing onto his slimy cock and balls. He saw Luke was once more drenching him with a clear and strong stream of piss. He saw Scott straining and a dribble of piss also escaped from his still erect cock. It dripped onto his thigh. With a bit more pushing Scott’s piss then arced up into the air and splashed against the side of Dean’s face. Dean quickly turned his head so that he could catch the colourless beer piss in his mouth and drink it all down.

When the other two had finished Jason walked up to Dean and invited him wordlessly to take his cock into his mouth. Dean did not hesitate and began to suck on Jason’s cock. His eyes widened in surprise and the others watched as he swallowed again and again as Jason pissed directly into his mouth. Just before his piss stream stopped Jason pulled out and flexed his muscles so that the last of the piss stream slammed into Dean’s face with powerful force.

Dean was pounding away at his erection and started moaning as he too forced his piss out of his rock solid erection. The piss fountain went everywhere as he continued to stroke his cock. The piss stopped abruptly as he held his breath and thick volleys of white cum shot up instead, landing on him and the deck with splatting noises. Exhausted, Dean slumped down onto the deck and let the dribbles of cum slip silently onto his flat stomach. A few seconds later they were followed by the remainder of his second piss which pooled in the shallow hollow of his chest. He shaded his eyes from the sun when he had finished and looked at his three shipmates.

“Guys, that was fucking awesome. Thanks you so much. I mean it. Um, I guess it might be good to hose me and the deck down now though eh?”

Luke nodded and unfastened the hose real. Pulling it over to the aft of the boat, he released the spigot and a warm spray of water bathed Dean’s body and rinsed the deck at the same time. When he had finished he returned the hose and joined the other three sitting on the freshly washed decking.

“Well, that was different. I take it you enjoyed that then Dean?”

“Hmm, well, the aching in my groin says I have more than enjoyed it!”

“I think we all have had quite a go in that way today – what, three or four loads each already? I’m ready for a bit of a break from coming I think!”

The other three giggled at Luke’s comment, but nodded in agreement anyway. The rest of the daylight hours were spent doing routine maintenance on the Nova and sunbathing. All four guys now had a very nice all over tan. In the early evening Jason took his dog-eared journal onto the foredeck, sat down facing the sunset and began to write.

Journal Entry 3047 - December 17

I know it's been a long time since I last wrote in here - and that's not cool. It's just that being out here on the sea has kinda kept my mind from this stuff for a long time.

Last time I wrote in here we were about to leave New Zealand the next day and I was writing stupid shit about how it was going to be so cool not having to deal with school and 'rents and stuff like that. I see I was also worried about how it was going to work out the four of us living in the same small cramped cabin - and that there could be some embarrassing shit going on. Well, that was kinda naive I guess.

Today I shot loads of sperm all over one of my best friends in the whole world - Scott. Scott for fuck's sake! This is a dude I have spent years with through all sorts of shit and we have done everything a couple of mates would. But having sex like that? Man! This isn't me! I know I'm not gay. I'm sure I'm not gay. But fuck! I have been totally getting off on the shit that's been happening on this boat. First the freaky shit starts with us getting naked and wanking together. Well I guess that was probably inevitable and to be perfectly honest I actually secretly expected it. Then I find out that Dean is queer. It does explain a shit load though. Then we start doing shit together - even me for fuck's sake.

I never would have thought that I would be happy for another dude to suck me off. But it happened - a bunch of times. Then of course there's all the wanking we have been doing together. Fuck! I get hard just thinking about it now as I write this! Then of course in the last ten days everything has changed. I have now given Luke and my two best friends ever hummers. Not only that, but I even swallowed their jizz. Now how is that straight?

Am I conflicted over all this? Hell yeah! I mean first of all - I'm still fantasising about Jill, Lisa and Angie most time I wank late at night. I have even had a couple of wet dreams in the last week believe it or not! And they were dreams about chicks not dicks. I am totally sure I'm not gay. But then there all the stuff we have been doing - I have been happy to watch Luke fuck Dean and Scott fucking Luke in the ass, I have been happy wanking and cumming all over all of them, I've even gone down on all three like I said before! And just writing this down now - I'm as hard as a fucking rock and leaking pre! Hmmm - Just flicking back over the last three years in this journal I guess there's about three hundred references to me wanking - but never before has anything I have written about in here made me this hard!

Anyway - so we have been out there alone for what - six weeks? Is that long enough to make any guy get ok with sex with dudes? I guess it could be. But I went seventeen years without having sex at all before this - I'm still a virgin for fuck's sake! Well, at least I have never done anything with a girl! Fuck! Am I going to loose my virginity to one of these dudes? No. No way!

Or have I already? What's virginity for a guy anyway? For a girl I guess it's pretty clear - if she has a cock up her then she's not a virgin anymore. Is it the same for a guy? Does he have to have his cock inside a girl before he looses his virginity? If so does that mean Dean will never loose his? Nah - gay dudes must be measured differently - actually all guys must be different. Maybe it's just the first time a guy has his cock inside any part of another person. Does that mean when I got sucked by Scott I lost my virginity? Or did it take being sucked by Luke and Dean as well to get there? Or, do I have to fuck one of them first?

Shit! Now I'm asking myself about fucking one of my best friends - guys!!? What the fuck is wrong with me?

But even now - there it is down there between my legs. Totally hard and dribbling precum onto the deck. Is my cock betraying my secret sexuality? So secret that even I don't know? I'm going to be eighteen in three days. Surely an eighteen year old guy knows what his sexuality is - right?

Five hours ago I wanked and came all over Dean out on the deck as well as pissing right into his mouth. A year ago on a hot December night I would have been wanking on a beach with Scott and Dean anyway. I would have come, he would have come - we all would have. The only real difference tonight was that I was straddling his body while I did it and I came onto his tongue. Oh and I had just watched two other dudes cum on him. OK - I guess it is kind of different.

So why am I so uptight over all this? If I really thought it was a bad thing I wouldn't do it. I mean I could go to other places on the Nova any time the other guys are getting off. But no - I sprout an instant hardon and my cock seems to find itself in the middle of whatever is going on. Fuck I don't know.

A couple of nights ago I sucked myself off in front of the others. Reading back here I see that it was October two years ago when I last did that successfully - when I was fifteen. I tried on my seventeenth birthday to see if I could do it still and couldn't even get it near my mouth. I think I managed this time because I was showing off. It did hurt like a mother fucker - but it was worth it for the look on those guys faces.

I've also noticed that since I have been on the boat and we have been doing all this cumming that I am shooting more than normal. I'm getting distance and volume now. Even though I'm cumming several times a day now - I reckon I'd be beating my records on a regular basis. I haven't been measuring of course. Maybe I should mention that to the others so I can measure without being looked at totally strangely. I know for a fact that Scotty used to measure his cum volume regularly. I'm pretty sure I mentioned in volume 3 of this journal that I found him cumming into a plastic jar once when I stayed at his place. I saw him close it up and put it at the back of the freezer compartment of the small fridge in his room. When I asked him about it later he eventually admitted he did it so he could measure the total volume of 100 cums and then average it out.

The other really weird thing out here on the boat is the toilet facilities. I don't have any problem with pissing off the back of the boat - even when there are others out there. Actually for me that's a major step - I have always had problems pissing at urinals for some reason - but out here it's sweet. But the shitting thing is just totally bizarre. From my berth in the cabin I look right out at the "poop" part of the "poop deck" when the door is latched open. So I see the guys out there sitting on that special railing - their legs splayed out on the foot rests - their cock and balls swinging and then see their turds dropping away - splash! It's so NOT arousing!

Then it's my turn out there. I feel so totally exposed. Sitting totally naked in the midday sun with my legs spread - cheeks spread - breeze tickling the hairs on my ass - pushing out a shit with Scott sitting there on the deck chatting away to me like I'm sitting on a couch at home! Stupid really. I am freaked about taking a dump in front of Scotty but am happy to cum on his face! LOL!

This is interesting. In this journal entry I have mostly been talking about Scotty. Why is that? Scott and Dean have always been my best friends - I have never made any distinction between them before at all. I'm beginning to think that maybe my friendship with Scotty is a bit more than it is with Deano.

Wow! Just had a kinda weird thought. Here's what my brain just farted...

"It would be kinda cool if over the next few days Dean and Luke hook up more. They are the two older guys and they are both fully into guys. Then maybe I could be closer to Scotty. I could crawl into his bunk one night and snuggle up with him. I like feeling my body next to his."

Funny thing is - I don't mind that I just thought that. A few weeks back Luke was talking about the gay straight continuum. I now feel convinced that I am at the straighter end of that scale, but I'm comfortable exploring the gay part of me too. Fuck! I think I'm even happy to kiss Scott.


Jase - this is a journal entry that will become one of the
most important of your life. When you feel weird about
anything you do with your best friends - especially if it's
sex with a guy - just look back at this entry and feel
comfortable that you are being honest with yourself when you
feel you want to follow through with a sexual desire - whatever
it is.

OK I guess this was a useful journal entry. I'm still totally hard. It's time to finish up and go back to living this fucking freaky life I call my own!

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