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Part 21

After setting the new course Luke remembered the pulse oximeter he had added to the medical kit on the Nova. He removed the med kit from under his bunk and unwrapped the meter which would measure both Scott’s pulse and oxygenation levels. If they were too low, then they could give him supplemental oxygen from the medical oxygen tank also in the kit.

He walked out onto the deck and gently attached the meter to the ring finger of Scott’s left hand. The monitor beeped erratically for a few seconds as it calibrated and began measuring. All three rescuers crouched watching the figures blinking on the oximeter. When the numbers stabilized and the green light went solid they all read the figures. Scott’s pulse was steady at 97 beats per minute and his oxygen saturation was measuring 91%. Dean and Jase looked at Luke to get the verdict. Luke nodded and stood again.

“I think some oxygen for a while would be a good idea.”

Luke returned moments later with the oxygen bottle and soon Scott was breathing through the mask and getting pure oxygen mixed into each breath. They continued to watch the meter and soon the pulse started to slow down and the saturation levels climbed quickly to 99%. Scott began to stir and show signs of waking again. Luke went to grasp him under his arms and started to gently lift him.

“Let’s get him onto his bunk and keep him warm.”

The others nodded and helped lift Scott awkwardly into the cabin and onto his bunk. They carefully arranged the pillow behind his head to ensure his airway stayed open and placed the oxygen bottle carefully to avoid the line getting squashed. Dean grabbed a blanket from the cupboard and unfolded it over Scott’s limp body. Looking once more at the monitor Luke saw that Scott’s pulse was now a steady 66 and the oxygen level was holding steady at 99%.

Scott woke up coughing. His eyes flicked open in panic and his hand tried to rip away the mask over his face.

“Help, I can’t breath! I’m suffocating!”

“No, you are not suffocating. You’re on oxygen to help you breath. Don’t fight it. Just take deep breaths and you’ll be fine.”

Dean’s hands pressed firmly on Scott’s arms as he began to relax and lay back again. The oximeter peeped as Scott’s pulse had leapt to 115 as he woke up. The oxygenation level was steady though so they left the flow rate as it was. Luke spoke to Scott again in as calm a voice as he could muster.

“Now relax. I need to ask you a few questions to make sure you are Ok. Can you tell me your name?”

“Scott Cameron.” He croaked. “I need some water.”

Jason reached for a sipper bottle of water and handed it to Luke. Luke opened it and gently lifted the mask away from Scott’s face and offered the water.

“Nice and slow now, you might gag on this for a bit. Take it very slow.”

Scott coughed as the cool water hit the back of his salt water abused throat. He swallowed with difficulty and then took another sip that went down a lot easier. He nodded and Luke took the bottle away and replaced the mask.

“What is the name of this boat?”

“Unless I have been out of it for a long time, it’s the Nova, out of Auckland. Your name is Luke, that’s Dean, and the guy over there bleeding is Jase. What happened to you?”

Everyone turned their eyes to Jason who was looking at his left forearm and the long ragged incision that crossed it and dripped blood to the floor of the cabin.

“Ahh, I tripped when I got onto the roof deck, didn’t even notice it ‘till now.”

Dean rummaged in the medical kit and brought out a pressure bandage and some tape. He covered the wound and taped it up tightly to stop the bleeding.

“Well clean that out and deal with it properly when the bleeding stops.” He said.

“So,” said Luke, “what the fuck happened Scotty?”

“Ahh, I remember being out back for a piss, then I was just standing there watching the beginning of the sunrise. I was leaning out on the railing and just sort of. Oh.”

“Sort of?”

“Sounds kinda silly really. I was leaning over the rail and sort of doing some rail presses, you know, where you support your whole body with your arms? Well, I was going really well and then there was a bit of a swell that put me off balance…”

Scott stopped as he was racked by another coughing fit. When he had had another sip of water and his breathing had returned to normal he continued.

“And the swell put me just a bit off balance so I corrected by lifting my legs up a bit more. Then the swell of course went the other way, and I went head first into the drink.”

“Yeah,” said Luke, “does sound kinda silly doesn’t it. So, I heard your yell as you went over the edge then I guess.”

“No. I didn’t get a chance to yell then. I, hey, can I get this thing off me now?”

Luke checked the meter and removed the mask, turning off the flow from the tank.

“The monitor stays on for now though.”

“That’s better. So yeah, I went straight in and took in a huge gulp of water from the surprise. I coughed and splutter for a minute before I realized I was in deep shit as the Nova chugged away from me. That’s when I yelled. I got one decent yell out and then on the second one a wave broke in my face and I sucked water again.”

More coughing.

“So, I dunno what happened, I’m a good swimmer, you guys know that. I guess I kind of panicked and that’s when things went bad. I was just desperately trying to keep my face above water. Then, well, then things kind of go black.”

“Well, it had to be mo more than ten minutes from the time you went in to the time we dragged you in.”

“Really? Wow. I thought for sure I’d last longer than that. I’m guessing from the oxygen and stuff that you were a bit concerned about me?”

Jason laughed.

“Concerned? Shit dude! Dean pulled you up from UNDER the water and started breathing for you as I held you and Luke pulled us in. Then Luke gave you mouth-to-mouth for a fair while until you started coughing up shit loads of water. You drowned mother fucker!”

Luke returned from rummaging in the medical kit and placed a thermometer in Scott’s ear and read the result. He then placed a blood pressure cuff around his left bicep and pressed the read button. The cuff inflated with a mechanical whirring noise and then started to slowly deflate as Scott’s pulse made the machine beep in time with the flashing heart symbol on the pulse oximeter. When the blood pressure monitor chirped Luke read the results and compared them to the chart printed on the case.

“Well, all your vitals seem stable for now. But guys, I have changed course. We are headed for an atoll in the Kiribati line chain called Kiritimati. They have a doctor and an airstrip there and we are gonna get you checked out there.”

“Oh, come on, you just said all my vitals are fine. There’s no need for me to get flown out!”

“Hey, two things. Number one, I am the captain remember, and what I say goes. Number two, you had lungs full of water just an hour ago. That can lead to serious infections. We are going to get you checked out. Now, if the doc says you need to go to hospital, that’s exactly what will happen. If not, well then you’ll be swabbing the decks by tomorrow afternoon.”

Luke and Dean left Scott to contemplate his near death experience while the cleaned and dressed Jason’s arm properly. It was a deep cut that appeared to be a split caused by crushing pressure when he fall onto his arm. His swim in the ocean had done most of the cleaning work and there wasn’t much for them to do other than pack it with antibiotic crème and use wound closure tape to close it up. Then a sterile dressing and surgical tape finished the job.

“We’ll get the doc to take a quick look at that too I think. I’m going to radio ahead to the island now and make sure they can deal with us tomorrow morning first thing.”

Luke left the three guys talking in the main cabin and climbed to the bridge where he pulled out his satellite phone and tried searching for the right number to call using his satellite internet connection. When it worked it was horribly slow. Most of the time it just didn’t lock on at all. Eventually he gave up and used the marine band radio to contact Kiribati marine search and rescue. They gave him the number he needed in moments and he was soon listening to the ring tone.

“Base clinic, what’s up?”

“Hi, is this the Kiritimati Atoll medical clinic?”

“Christmas Island Medical it is, how can I help you this fine day?”

“Yeah, Hi, I’m calling from a New Zealand registered private vessel currently about 20 hours out of port. We have had a bit of a medical emergency here and I was hoping I could speak to the doctor please.”

“You got him, this is Doctor Ted. What’s happened?”

“One of my crew fell overboard this morning and when we dragged him out of the water he wasn’t breathing, he had a weak pulse, but his lungs were full of water. We gave him mouth-to-mouth until he coughed a lot up, then continued until he started breathing on his own. Once he was in the recovery position he vomited a lot of water up too. We have been monitoring his pulse and oxygen saturation and gave him oxygen for a while too. His body temp is now normal and his saturation is now at 99% without oxygen. His blood pressure is 135 over 90, or at least it was about half an hour ago.”

“Ok, is he conscious?”

“Oh, sorry yeah, he woke up about 15 minutes after we dragged him out. I have done a basic mental acuity test and he responded well to that.”

“Ok, how old is your patient?”

“Hey, he’s your patient, not mine doc! Um, he’s 18.”

“Ok, well, his BP is a little high, but not surprising given that he just drowned. Sounds like you have done all the right things, and sounds like you have a good medical kit too. You should bring him in, I’ll want to listen to his chest. There’s always a serious risk of pneumonia developing in near drowning cases. Hey, I don’t suppose you have any antibiotics in that medical kit do you?”

“Yeah, hang on, I’ll go check exactly what.”

Luke returned to the bridge with a small box from the medical kit.

“Ok, we have Augmentin and Doxycycline.”

“Good, and what size are the tablets?”

“The Augmentin are 500mg and the Doxycycline are 100mg pills.”

“Great. Well, the most likely problem from serious aspiration of sea water is the little bugger that can cause pnumonia. Check to see if the patient is allergic to penicillin. If not, then give him the Augmentin, one every 12 hours. If he’s allergic to penicillin, then it will be best to give him the doxy. With the doxy it’s two now and then one every 8 hours. In both cases the treatment should be for ten days. But, your most serious risk is fluid induced bronchospasm. And that can be fatal. Do you by any chance have a bronchdilator inhaler in your kit, or do any of the crew have one? Typically they are the blue asthma inhalers, like Ventolin for example.”

“There’s a Albuterol inhaler here. It’s blue and says for use in asthmatic episodes.”

“Perfect! So, here’s what you do. Keep him warm, keep the oximeter going and be concerned if the saturation goes anywhere below 95%. Give him the antibiotics, but remember to check if he’s allergic before giving Augmentin. If he starts to have trouble breathing or his saturation drops, you need to use the inhaler, put him on 100% oxygen and get him here as fast as possible.”

“Ok, thanks a lot doc. We will see you tomorrow morning.”

“Good. What’s the name of your vessel and what time are you expecting to make landfall?”

“This is the private launch Nova. We should make landfall at about 7am I believe.”

“Right. I’ll have the harbour master waiting to escort you in. You have my number if anything goes wrong before then.”

“Thanks again. Oh, and one of the other crew cut his arm pretty badly during the rescue, maybe you could take a look at that too.”

“Sure, no problem. Hopefully I won’t need to talk to you before then. Take care. Wait, what’s your name sorry?”

“Oh, right, Stewart, Luke Stewart.”

“Ok, good luck then Mr Stewart.”

The phone clicked in Luke’s ear and he placed it back on the charger and nudged the throttle as far forward as it could go. The engine pitch raised almost imperceptibly, but it made Luke feel just a little more comfortable.

Within a couple of hours Scott was complaining that he was bored and that his back was starting to hurt from lying down the whole time. He then started moaning that his finger was getting sore from the oximeter. By evening the other three were about ready to throw him overboard themselves. But he had no obvious breathing problems and seemed pretty healthy.


The harbour master met the Nova at entrance to Cook Island Passage at 7:15 the next morning. All four guys had scrubbed themselves down and put on t-shirts and shorts they had searched for the previous evening. Within 15 minutes they were docked and the harbourmaster had checked their passports and let them ashore. A grey haired thin man who had been leaning on the front of his Toyota pickup pushed himself up and walked over to greet them.

“Hi guys, I’m Ted. I see that you’re all walking, so that’s a pretty good sign! Come on guys, jump on the truck and we’ll go right to the clinic.”

The road to the clinic was narrow and bumpy, but they only took three minutes to arrive. All four piled off the back of the pick up and followed the doctor inside. It was barely two small rooms. One was an office littered with files and piles of bandages and crèmes, the other was a small clinical room.

“Ok, so which one of you went for an unexpected swim yesterday? Oh, and by the way, the fact I have to ask is a very good sign!”

Scott held up his hand.

“Ok, you come with me and let’s take a look at you. You other guys just relax here for a few minutes. By the look of you, it might be a good idea to walk around outside for a bit, you all look a bit shaky on your sea legs there!”

Scott followed the doctor into the clinic room and the other guys took the doctor’s advice and went out into the early morning sun to walk their sea-leg wobbles off.

Just ten minutes later Scott appeared at the clinic door with a grin on his face and displaying the double thumbs-up.

“All good guys, I’m fit to carry on. But the doc’s advised I limit my swimming to pools for a while.”

The doctor joined him as the others came back with relieved looks on their faces and hugged Scott.

“Now, let’s take a look at that laceration on your arm young man.”

The doctor lead Jason into the clinic as Scott took a seat on the old wood bench outside the building and was joined by Dave and Luke.

“Shit dude,” said Dean, “we really thought you had almost died.”

“I did. The doc said I was really lucky, and you guys got me out just before my heart stopped and brain damage started. You all get mega blow jobs tonight dudes!”

Luke shook his head.

“Yep, sounds like you’re recovered. Sex, sex, sex. At least you’re back to normal!”

A few minutes later Jason and the doctor emerged once more. Jason had a fresh dressing on his arm and a few blood drops stained his white t-shirt.

“This one had the most significant lasting damage from the event gents. Jason, you need to keep out of the water for a few days. The stitches will dissolve by themselves in about six days and you should keep it covered for at least two.”

Luke paid the doctor and they all waved goodbye as the walked back to the dock.

“Guys, I’m gonna get some fuel on board while we’re here, so let’s say we’ll take off in what, two hours? See you back here then?”


Just before midday the Nova was fuelled, stocked with water and ready to leave. The harbour master refused to let them pay for the emergency berthing and told them they had to have a quick cruise around the lagoon while they were there. Not wanting to offend the locals, and secretly very pleased with the opportunity, Luke agreed and waved heartily as they cast off.

Heading out into the huge lagoon the four once again felt comfortable. They were back on the boat that had been home for so many weeks. Within minutes of leaving the settlement all four had shucked their clothes once more and were soaking up the sun with their tanned bodies on deck. Luke directed the Nova using the small deck mounted control set and all four enjoyed the incredible spectacle of the huge and fairly shallow lagoon.

Through the afternoon they travelled a good five kilometres into the heart of the lagoon and enjoyed the sights of the coral reefs and the brightly coloured fish all around them. Luke and Dean spent quite a bit of time in the water when they dropped anchor in a shallow sandy area surrounded by bright orange and red coral. Eventually Scott gave in to his nervousness and jumped in whooping and yelling as well. All three were very quickly aboard the Nova again though when they spotted several fairly decently sized reef sharks taking more than a little interest in their splashing and yelling.

Drying out on the aft deck Luke looked at the other three guys, Jason was still pouting because he wasn’t allowed to swim.

“Well guys. What’s next?”

All three younger guys looked at Luke with puzzled expressions.

“I mean, what’s the plan. Where do we go? How far? Are we still enjoying this?”

They all sat in silence wondering how to answer. Scott eventually broke the silence and spoke quietly with a single tear running down his cheek.

“I have gotta be honest guys. Yesterday has freaked me out. More than anything else on this trip, and that’s saying a lot. I think I’m about ready to go home.”

There was a stunned silence for about a minute, then Dean spoke.

“Yeah, actually, I’ve now got so much to do at home. I’m coming out totally when we get back, and I have to say, I’m looking forward to it. I’m ready when you are guys.”

Jason took a deep breath before answering.

“I’m not ready to fly home just yet. I have some unfinished business with you guys yet. I need a few more days alone with you guys to sort shit out.”

Luke nodded.

“Ok, I kind of suspected there was going to be a reaction like that. All right guys, from here we’re heading direct to Honolulu. It will take about five or six days at a gentle cruising speed. We crossed the equator last night by the way guys! Anyway, once there, we’ll get you three on a plane for Auckland. I think it’s the right thing to do. We’ve had a successful run so far, well, mostly! Let’s finish it up before we all hate each other.”

The other three nodded in agreement. Luke looked quizzically at Jason again.

“So, what’s the unfinished business dude?”

Jason’s head snapped up and his face and chest went bright red.

“Ahh, oh, fuck it. Ok, I’m turning 18 tomorrow and I want to loose my virginity before I’m 18. I wanna fuck you Scotty. I don’t wanna be fucked, but I wanna fuck you.”

Scott slowly turned his head towards Jason, his mouth hung slack jawed in surprise.

“Well, fuck me! Hell, yeah, in fact, do fuck me! Ok, I’m game dude, surprised as all shit and never had cock in me before, but game. Lube that schlong up buddy and slip me one in the butt hole!”

Wordlessly Jason stood up and walked into the cabin. He returned a moment later with a bottle of lube and a condom. He placed them down on the deck, then lay down on his front between Scott’s outstretched legs. Jason quickly went to work sucking Scott’s cock into his mouth. Scott lay back on the wooden decking and relaxed as his cock quickly grew in Jason’s mouth. Dean and Luke sat watching, not needing to touch themselves to match Scott’s condition.

After a few minutes Jason lifted Scott’s knees up so that his ass was accessible. He lowered his oral attention and began licking wetly on the twitching pucker in front of him. The taste of sea salt was mixed with the heady masculine taste and smell of 18 year old balls and ass. Jason was quietly glad they had all washed that morning and had that Scott had just been swimming.

Each prod of his tongue was met with a moan from Scott and a twitch from the cock that was stretching up from the balls that rested on his nose. Jason sat up and grabbed the lube bottle. He pumped out a dollop onto his fingers and began to gently rub them up and down over Scott’s virgin crack. Each time his finger tip passed over the wrinkled pucker Scott shuddered and sucked in another deep breath. Jason leaned down again and engulfed the throbbing cock in his mouth as he pressed one finger home.

“Oh my fucking god! Stop that or I’m gonna come right now man!”

Jason pulled his mouth away, feeling, then tasting a huge blob of precum that had just emerged from the bright red cock head. He returned his focus to Scott’s ass and continued pressing his finger home. Soon he worked a second finger down to the second knuckle and made an effort to massage the firm but slightly yielding prostate gland he felt with the tip of his finger. Scott yelped as a spurt of precum shot from the tip of his cock.

“Whatever the fuck you’re doing, don’t stop! Oh, just fuck me dude. Now or never.”

Jason removed his fingers and quickly and deftly applied the condom to his own dripping hardon. He rubbed another squirt of lube onto his stiff cock and then told Scott to get on his hands and knees. Scott quickly positioned himself and pushed back to give clear access to his hole.

“Nice and slow dude, I’ve never had cock up there before remember.”

Jason responded by firmly rubbing his slicked up cock head up and down the ass crack in front of him. He then placed it carefully at the entrance and began to apply pressure. Luke saw Scott begin to grimace.

“Dude, just push a bit, it’ll relax your ring and make it easier.”

Scott followed instructions and Luke and Dean saw Jason’s cock head pop past the resistant ring.

“Ow! Fuck! Ahhh! Shit!”

“Just relax, hold there for a minute Jase, let his ass stretch to take it. That’s right, now just push in a bit more, good, hold that for a bit. See Scott, it’s getting better right?”

Scott nodded with a grimace on his face. Jason began to move back and forth very slowly and gently for a few minutes. Sweat was now pouring off him and dripping on to Scott’s back. Scott slowly relaxed.

“Ok Jase, go ahead and fuck me now. I’m ready.”

Luke and Dean watched with amusement as Scott’s face alternated between pain and surprise for the next few minutes. Jason meanwhile was getting into his stride and was now sliding his fully hard cock all the way in and put of Scott’s ass. He pulled all the way out and squeezed a bit more lube onto his cock.

“Ok Scotty, flip over and let’s see if I can massage that pleasure button.”

Scott turned onto his back as Luke grabbed a pillow from inside to place under his hips. Jason knelt between Scott’s legs and lifted them so that they rested on his shoulders, then he guided his cock back into Scott like a seasoned professional. Scott’s eyes widened in surprise once more as the thrust reached much deeper into his guts. As the hard ridge of Jason’s cock head ran past his prostate on the return stroke, Scott moaned deeply and his semi hard cock let loose another flood of clear sticky precum.

Jason reached his hand down to rub over the sweaty balls and slippery cock in front of him. Scott hardened up immediately and began to really get into the rhythm of the hard fucking he was getting. Both of them were now sweating profusely and panting for breath. Jason returned both hands to Scott’s legs, pushing them back and giving him even more access to thrust deep and fast into Scott.

Laying back with his eyes slammed shut Scott started panting faster and faster, his arms twitched, but never left his sides.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck I feel, woah, I think I need to come. Oh fuck, yep, coming!”

Jason kept fucking as Scott began coming. Thick white ropes of cum began to spread across Scott’s stomach and chest as his unrestrained cock bounced about as it shot spurt after spurt. Jason scooped up some hot fresh cum with a finger and slurped it into his open mouth. He then stopped his thrusting and buried his cock as deep within Scott as he could, threw back his head and yelled a guttural exclamation as he too came long and hard.

Jason lay forward and rested his body against the sticky moist body of his conquest. He exhaled deeply and secretly smiled into Scott’s chest. After a few moments he pulled his still semi hard cock from Scott’s ass carefully as Scott wriggled underneath him. He got up to his knees and carefully took the very bloated condom off, looked at the load inside it and proceeded to empty it out onto Scott’s hair which lay spread out on the deck in the bright equatorial midday sunlight.

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