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Part 22

Sprawled back on the sun drenched deck, Jason smiled at the sky and stretched his body luxuriously.

“Ok, so now I’m ready to go home!”

Luke laughed as he raised the anchor.

“So, you loose your ‘virginity’ and suddenly everything is done and ready huh?”

“Basically, yeah. Oh, someone should bring me a nice cold beer now too – I’m exhausted after that!”

A few seconds later everyone, except Jason, burst out laughing as Scott poured cold beer onto the prone ex-virgin’s body. Jason writhed in shock and then burst into a fit of giggles himself as he wrestled the can from Scott’s hands and downed the remains in one long draft.

By the time the sun was beginning to boil the ocean on the horizon the Nova had carefully edged out the southern passage of the lagoon and was clear of land. Luke had set a nice quiet cruising speed in a direct line for Oahu. He had calculated that they had five days running before they were to dock at Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. There was very little said that night. A feeling of quiet determination and resolve had settled over the Nova and her crew.

The determination for Dean was to avoid breaking down and sobbing. He felt that this had been the most important period in his life. He knew there was so much he had to do back home, but he also felt comfortable and free for the first time in his life on this damn boat.

Jason had other reasons to be reflective. Even a couple of weeks ago he never would have imagined that he would choose a guy’s ass to be the first destination for his cock. He had decided long ago that he’d probably die a virgin, he was just so shy about his body. That was a secret he now no longer needed to worry about. The trip had started with him loosing his shorts overboard, and his fears of being seen naked had flown away with them.

Scott was quiet because he was at peace. He had faced death and had learned a lot from it. Getting fucked in the ass was nothing compared to almost dying a couple of days before. He now realised that he could face anything with the sure and certain knowledge that it wasn’t going to be something he could deal with somehow. He was even secretly proud that Jase had chosen him to be his first fuck.

Luke was confused. Sure, it was obvious that he had had a lot of fun on this trip and that he was going to remember it for a long time. But he hadn’t considered the fact that he was going to miss these guys terribly once they flew back home. It had all been a bit of an exercise in sociology when it began and Scott had convinced him to bring the guys along. He had for a long time thought that it might be a bit of fun to have them there for part of the trip, but the real enjoyment would come when he was alone and free on the oceans. Now he wasn’t anywhere near sure.

All four guys had a fitful and restless sleep, in their own bunks.


The sex didn’t exactly stop in the remaining days of the trip, but it did seem to all four guys like it was not as exciting. It felt more normal now. With only one day left at sea Luke asked the guys to come together on the fore deck for a chat.

“In less that 24 hours we’ll be back in civilization, and our shared boating adventure will be done. I have to say to you guys that I have been fucking impressed. Honestly, I sort of thought that by now we all might be comfortable wanking in front of each other at night or something. I had no clue we’d be so totally sweet with sex. I really do mean it guys, I’m impressed with how you’ve handled it.”

Scott answered first.

“I was never shy. I didn’t know I’d enjoy sex with dudes as much as I do, but I must admit I’ve really enjoyed seeing you guys getting off too. It’s probably the happiest I have ever been, well except for the drowning bit I guess!”

“Yeah,” said Jason, “I guess I really came out of my shell on this trip huh guys? Well, I’m totally cool with that anyway. I like the fact that I feel comfortable being naked in front of you guys any time now. Even boned!”

The other three chuckled as Jase spread his knees to reveal a hard cock springing up from his dark curly nest. Dean casually reached over, taking the hard-on in his hand as he spoke to Luke.

“Well, for me it’s a totally huge thing. Yeah Jase, your cock too! Nah, I mean fuck, I came out here! With you guys! I’m gay, I’m into sex with hot guys and I’m proud of it! I know it would have come out eventually, but to have this opportunity to both let you guys know in a totally sharing environment, as well of course, getting to have sex with all of you – that was the really special part. Now excuse me while I have a bit of a suck on this thing.”

Dean swooped down and engulfed Jason’s cock. Jason laughed and flung his head back as the sensations overwhelmed him. He straightened his legs and leaned back on his hands to give Dean full access. Luke smiled and shook his head.

“You guys! Man, just remember that you won’t be able to do that on the plane trip back to New Zealand won’t you!”

Without lifting his head, Dean gave the thumbs up signal, bringing loud laughs from all three of the other guys. Taking a deep breath Jason pushed his legs apart a little as Dean moved his hand in to press gently between the sensitive thighs of the reclining guy he was sucking. Dean’s fingers quickly slipped into the sweat moist crevice hiding below Jason’s drooping balls. Dean’s finger pressed firmly against the tight button that was his target and evoked a loud grunt from his trembling mate.

The grunt twisted into a guttural yell as Luke and Scott watched Jase’s whole body tense up and go rigid. Dean had popped his finger inside Jason for the first time and it had triggered another of Jase’s super orgasms. Dean lifted his head in surprise as his mouth filled rapidly. The last few huge eruptions shot into the air past Dean’s face and splattered down on all four of the guys sitting on the deck.

Luke was watching the journey of a dribble of cum down his chest when he heard Scott.

“Deano, come on dude, my turn!”

Dean didn’t argue. Within ten minutes Scott was lying squirming on his back on the deck. Dean had his mouth clamped over Scott’s cock, and had two fingers on his right hand massaging Scott’s prostate. Scott was dripping with the sweat of tension by the time he shouted to the scudding clouds that he was coming. Dean swallowed it all this time, then spent several minutes gently licking the taught skin of Scott’s cock and giggling every time he managed to milk another drop of pearly liquid from the bright red tip.

When he was satisfied that Scott was done, Dean turned and looked at Luke. A sly smirk appeared on his face and he stood up and washed his hands from the fresh water spigot. Then he slid himself across the smooth deck and arrived between Luke’s outstretched legs and immediately proceeded to devour his stiff cock. Luke let the practiced hands find his hole straight away, and took deep breaths as Dean worked his middle finger in to find the firm internal mound that was his target.

Luke shifted his weight back a little to allow Dean to reach in to the perfect depth. When the button was pressed, Luke giggled and squirmed, a pre-cum fuelled mini-orgasm followed. Dean lifted his head and smiled at Luke, his lips glistening with the salty clear natural lube that had just pumped into his mouth.

For a full 15 minutes Dean massaged Luke’s prostate while continuing his tongue based cock stimulation. It became too much for Luke to cope with and he silently erupted into the soft wet mouth encompassing him. Shuddering, Luke leaned forward and held Dean’s head still. The tongue induced sensations on his cock head were too much to bear. Dean slipped his finger clear and then pulled away from the rock hard cock with a loud wet suction pop.

“Your turn!” said Luke.

Dean simply sat back and pointed at his groin. A large pool of cum lay on the deck under his droopy ball sack. A dribble of cum still flowed lazily down his stiff shaft and fought its way through his pubic hair.

“Oh dude! That’s not fair. Ah well, we at least have a few days left to pay you back.”


Saturday morning dawned muggy and still. All four got up early and went to the fore deck to watch the sun rising over the still distant, but clearly visible peaks of the Hawaiian chain. The four of them stood silently at the railing watching the islands getting slowly closer as they quietly wanked each other, occasionally switching around so that they all had a go at each other.

They had agreed the night before that this was how they wanted to finish their time together. A simple gentle shared experience that they could remember fondly. Scott came first, the cum dripping from Luke’s fingers to the deck. Seconds later Jase came in Dean’s grip. Cum squirted out into the waiting ocean. Scott finished off Luke a minute later, catching the thick load in his hand and letting it drip slowly to the deck beside his own. Dean followed moments later, his cum coating the pumping fist of Jason.

The four guys then hugged tightly, feeling the smooth warmth of true friendship. They all had tears on their faces when they finally pulled apart, and none of them wanted to hide them. Silently they all showered and dressed, filling the next two hours with heavy silence as their ocean adventure came to an end.






Luke finally picked up the phone three weeks after he arrived back in New Zealand. It had been eight months since he last saw the guys in Hawaii. Since that thime he had taken the Nova on to explore the west coast of North America, through the Panama canal – piggy-backed on a freighter and on across the Atlantic to spend the northern summer cruising the Mediterranean. He left the boat berthed in Greece and flew back home to catch up with real life for a while.

“Hi, is that Dean?”


“Hey, it’s Luke. What’s up dude?”

“Fuck me! Where are you?”

“Back in town.”

“Dude! What timing! Me and the boys are just about to head off to the coast for our annual surfing long weekend. You gotta come! I mean literally, I take off in like 20 minutes. The others left this morning. Seriously! You gotta come!”

“Really? You sure that would be cool? I would like to catch up with you guys.”

“Of course! You realize of course that there will be sex.”

“Naturally. How could it be any other way! What should I bring?”

“Just yourself dude.”

Half an hour later Luke was settling in to Dean’s beat up old car for the three hour drive.

“So, tell me what happened for you when you got back?”

“Well, pretty short story. The world and its dog now know I’m gay. A couple of people freaked out about it, but I don’t miss them. My parents and sisters were really cool. I went back to the pool I used to work at to see if they’d take me back on. They wouldn’t of course. I bummed around for a bit, then ended up getting a job as a youth events worker with the council. I’m now the gay youth events coordinator there. It’s pretty cool.”

“That’s fucking awesome! What about relationships?”

“I have had a couple of boyfriends that lasted a few months, and quite a few fuck mates, but nothing too long term. Kind of enjoying being a slut really.”

“What about the other guys? You see much of them?”

“Every now and then. We’ll sometimes just get together and hang out at Jase’s place and drink and shoot the shit. Scott usually manages to talk me into giving him a bj by the end of the night. He just loves getting head when he’s buzzed.”

By the time they arrived at the end of the isolated forestry road it was late in the evening. Luke and Dean collected the meagre supplies from the back of the car and locked it up beside Scott’s car. Dean led the way through the maze of off road vehicle tracks and the thick plantings of pine forest until they were climbing the last dunes and could hear the pounding surf over the crest.

At the top of the dune Luke looked down and saw a sheltered clearing with a half moon opening onto the gently sloping beach. Nestled into the clearing was a camp site with a large tent beside a roaring camp fire. The light from a camping lantern shone through the fabric of the tent from the inside where it swayed gently. Lugging the boxes Dean and Luke quietly descended the dune and approached the tent.

Dean poked his head into the tent, about to yell out for the other guys when he stopped dead. He slowly withdrew his head from the tent flap and turned to face Luke with a huge smile spreading across his face. He motioned for Luke to quietly come and take a look.

Luke looked inside the tent to see Scott down on his hands and knees, panting, as Jason knelt behind him, his cock pistoning quickly in and out of Scott’s ass. Dean squeezed his head in beside Luke so that he could watch too. Jase held firmly to Scott’s hips as he continued his firm thrusting. Scott’s balls bounced back and forth with each thrust and in the dim light the observers could see his rock hard erection caressing his taught belly.

Scott started groaning and quickly escalated to a squeal as the rhythmic pounding continued. Scott’s silence coincided with his head lifting to the roof and the delicate sound of his cum splattering on to the plastic sheeting of the floor. Jason’s rhythm faltered as he too reached orgasm, releasing nearly a weeks worth of abstinence into Scott. Slowly Jase massaged Scott’s lower back as he withdrew. Scott relaxed and slumped to the floor of the tent as Jase sat down puffing.

“You guys never stop do you!”

Both of them jumped visibly as Luke announced their presence.

“Fuck! You scared the shit out of me!” yelled Scott.

“Nah, I think Jase fucked the shit out of ya Scotty!”

“Shit! Luke! Where the fuck did you come from?”

Jase came tearing out of the tent and grabbed Luke in a tight hug. He was quickly followed by Scott who also gave the surprised Luke a bear hug. Dean watched grinning as the two naked guys quizzed Luke on the highlights of the last 8 months. He slipped in to the tent and laid out his bed role and then stripped off, emerging from the tent naked as the finished giving the highlights package.

“Wow, I feel over dressed!”

Luke stood up from the warm sand and pulled off his t-shirt and then quickly shucked his basketball shorts.

“Ahh, that feels better.”

As the night deepened the four sat around the camp fire catching each other up. Scott had gone back to almost exactly the same life he had left. He still worked in his father’s boat yard, still spent as much time in the summer bronzing his hole body as possible, and still went through about two girlfriends a month. The key difference in Scott’s life was that he now also let some guys into his bed.

Jason had gone ahead with his plans to go to university, and was now enjoying his first summer break and had just finished exams. As soon as they had returned from the trip both Dean and Jason had gone out flatting. Dean had found his own small place, and Jason had moved in with an esoteric group from the university. A month into the flatting life, Jason had met Jessica and had fallen in love. They had been going steady for seven months and Jase had been totally faithful to her, except for the occasional fucking of his best buddy Scott.

“I think it’s fair to say all three of us have much better sex lives now,” said Jase, “and it’s all thanks to you Luke. Now, let’s have an orgy!”


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