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Part 1 - Prologue

When I was 22 I finished my masters in Computer Science and licensed the image processing plugin I had written to a large software company that shall remain nameless. I sold the rights for a fairly large chunk of cash and ensured that there would also be a decent payout for the next three years. Hell, in the software business, if you keep a lead on the competition for one year you’re lucky. Thankfully the university had the foresight to help me start the patent process when I first developed the concept at the end of my undergrad degree. That way the University got a nice portion of the rights too, and there was more to licence.

I hate coding. The main reason I got into computers when I was a kid was to have something I was better at than my brother. Then when I was a teen it was all about the porn. I think I got addicted to internet porn at the age of about 14. Actually, it was what drove me into my development project. One thing that really turned me off in the porn picture sets I was finding was that so many guys had such zitty asses. It was a real turn off for me. I couldn’t understand why the producers couldn’t just use some image editing software to cover them up. Well, I tried, just to fix up some guys that were totally hot otherwise. I wanted to keep them in my secret collection, but they needed serious cosmetic dermatology first. It was actually tough to do with even the state of the art software I just happened to find installed on my PC.

So that was the genesis of my plugin tool for automated cosmetic enhancement. Sells hugely well in the media area, especially for the glossy magazines who want to make every Hollyweird star look 23 years younger and flawless. Oh, it also sells very well with porn producers. And thankfully, by the time I was ready to publish, I had seen the decline in the photo set business and the rise in video, so I was able to build it as a video editing plugin too. All the decent studios and even small players are now putting out stuff that is butt zit free. I have contributed an enormous amount to the porn industry and that makes me very proud. So I decided to quit software development and move into the industry that had really started it all for me – the adult entertainment industry.

So, dear reader, why am I telling you this mundane tale? Well, I have done something not a lot of people claim to have done. That is, I have chosen to do something as a job that I am interested in, and enjoy. What’s more, I have done it successfully. Sure, there have been some serious problems along the way, no, I’ll be honest, some major shit has hit the fan quite a few times, but it’s been a whole lot of fun, and it’s ended up making me very rich too. So, I think it’s a story worth telling, and worth you reading, even if it is just so that you can anticipate where I fucked up well before I did and laugh at the stupid stuff I did along the way.

Before I start, a lot of people recently have asked me why I chose adult entertainment as an industry to eke out a living. It’s really simple. I like sex. I like to have sex, I like to see sex, I like to hear it and smell it and yes, touch and taste it too. I think having an erection is the greatest gift I can have and I attempt never to waste such a gift. So yes, my story does have a lot of sex described in it. If it didn’t, then it would be very short and boring. So I shall make sure that wherever possible I will describe that sex to the best of my ability, and if reading about my sexual exploits encourages arousal in you too dear reader, then there’s a fantastic reason to read on. Please just make sure you act on that arousal. Trust me, I will not be offended if you masturbate while reading my tale.

First a little about me. I was born in a small town in a South Pacific country called New Zealand. My upbringing was unremarkable. I have two brothers, one older by three years, one who is one year younger than me. My parents stayed together, probably for us kids, until my dad died of complications to the flu when I was 20. I worked out I was a bit different to my friends when I was 12 years old and discovered that my friends were not all hoping we would all jerk off together after school. Of course I did talk a couple of them into doing just that, but it was all very “hold your breath and jerk for ten seconds before blerking in your hand” kind of thing.

So by the time I was 14 and had discovered the net and all of it’s wonders that were available to the under 18 world I knew exactly how to categorize myself. I was a little twink gay boy who was totally into other twink gay boys. But because the net had taught me well, I didn’t hate myself, nor did I want to turn into an effeminate queen and get fucked at any opportunity. I worked out pretty quick that I was probably a top and I would keep it all to myself until I was good and ready to come out. Well, I grew up pretty well adjusted and quite frankly, I was pretty hot then too. By the time I was 19 I was no longer a little kid anymore, I had grown up nicely and was actually happy with my body. No real image problems for me. So I came leaping out in my first year at college. Being 18, blond, well built and pretty good looking made that year and the following ones very enjoyable. I was glad I had waited, because it was so nice having it all new to me at that age where I could most appreciate it. That then, is the genesis of the tale of Ryan.

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