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Part 2

“Thanks Prof. I appreciate the offer, but to be honest if I was stuck in a university computer graphics lab for another day I would probably go even more insane. Nope, I am going to do something different.”

“Ryan, are you sure I can’t talk you into staying? Of course we would be making sure you have time in your schedule for your doctoral work as well. Ahh, that smile is not saying yes, is it. So, what are you going to do?”

“Actually, I’m going to work in retail. Yes, I know that’s probably not what you were expecting. No, I’m going to open a specialty shop up in Auckland.”

“Really? A computer sales outlet?”

“Ahh no. Gay erotica actually.”

“Oh. That sounds like an interesting departure! Well, I guess I wish you the best of luck then!”

“Ahh, thanks. Well, I guess I was expecting more of a reaction, but that’s fine. Muted is just fine! But really, I do appreciate the help over the last few years. I know it’s been a strain on the department at times, but at least it’s paying off now huh!”

“It most certainly is Ryan. And seriously, the best of luck with whatever you do, and don’t be a stranger!”

Before leaving for the last time I made sure to do some cleaning up. I recovered my huge collection of porn from the hidden partitions on the rendering stations, then did a quad pass erase to fend off casual searches. With what I was going to do, 289 Gigs of illegally downloaded porn was not something I should have in my possession. I also literally cleaned my workstation. I got a wet cloth from the cleaners cupboard and climbed under my desk to wipe away three years worth of over active masturbation from the bottom of my desk and the wall. There wasn’t much I could do about the carpet, but I scuffed the discoloured regions with my boot and decided it would have to do. Many a late evening of coders block had been resolved by making that mess.

I walked out of the department with mixed feelings. It had basically been my home for the last few years and I had gone through a lot there. The loss of my dad, the start then dramatic ending of several heated relationships and of course the birth and weaning of my software.

Driving away I didn’t look back in the mirror. It was not that I didn’t like the place, but I had to stand firm in my decision to follow my dream. I drove to my horrible little flat and picked up the last box of stuff. The car was now full. Handing my keys back to the landlord I walked away from the place glad that I had not been called on to do anything about the numerous stains on the mattress. Thank goodness he didn’t turn it over!

The drive to Auckland was not particularly exciting, but it was fairly long and hot, summer was attacking early. I was glad to find the hotel I had booked into before it got too dark. I took one box of essential stuff up to the suite with me and sat down at the window looking out over the waterfront area of the city. This was it, the big city, the only place in New Zealand where a gay adult shop might be viable. Sure, my business advisor and accountant both thought I was nuts to do this given the stranglehold the internet was taking on the business, but I had my dream and I was going to give it a damn good go.

I really only knew two things for sure about the business I was going to start. First, it was going to cater exclusively for men, specifically gay men, but I wasn’t going to try and label the guys who would shop there. Secondly, it was going to be a lot of work to get it going. I wasn’t under any illusion that it was just going to happen by itself. I knew that I would need to sink in a lot of cash up front and also a lot of hours.

I shook my head and let out a sigh. I was tired, but I needed to go out that night to start looking for a location for my shop. It was already 10pm and I wanted to see the seedy parts of town before it got too wild for a new kid in town. I sniffed my pits and winced at the slightly acrid smell of a long hot day. Looking in the mirror I decided that the T-shirt and jeans I was wearing was just fine for these purposes and I headed for the lobby.

It was not a cheap hotel and the lobby was now filling with smartly dressed guys in trendy suits and their ridiculously made up women. I ignored them and headed to the concierge desk. As I approached it I panicked for a moment wondering how I was going to approach this. I steeled myself and decided to act as if I was not embarrassed by what I was doing – soon this would have to be true!

“Good evening sir. Is there anything I can help you with tonight?”

“Yes. I’m in 1407. Could you please tell me how to find the red light district?”

“Ahh, sure. Ok, umm. What sort of interests do you have sir?”

“Well, I’m looking for areas where you might go to buy adult material, or to pick someone up, like prostitutes I mean. And if there’s an area which might be more suited to gay clientele, then that’s even better.”

“Oh. Ok.”

The concierge looked surprisingly calm as he tore a city map from the pad on the desk and picked up his pen.

“This is the hotel.” he said as he drew a small circle on the map. “Up here is what’s known as ‘K Road’ which is a good place for adult shops of all sorts, and bars, clubs and so on as well as plenty of hookers. There are several gay places there. Now, down the other side of us here is Fort Street.  This is the more hard-core area where there are a couple of brothels, a few strip clubs and lots of street kid types who turn tricks too. Guys and girls. Alongside the hotel is High Street, another potential area with a lot of nightlife. How long are you staying with us sir?”

“Not sure just yet, but it will be a few days at least.”

“Great. In that case, I’d probably suggest you try one tonight, and another tomorrow night for example. Tonight if you are interested in clubbing and bars and so on, then K Road is the place to go. If you are more keen of getting some anonymous sex, then head down to the old warehouse area around Fort Street. And, if you want another option for a nice place to go where there is a really good gay scene, clubs, bars and so on, definitely try out Ponsonby way up here. You’d want a taxi for that one.”

“That’s a big help. Thanks!”

“No problem sir. Now if you don’t mind a suggestion, I know you just arrived this evening, I’m guessing you might be after a quickie right? Well, if you are, just head out the main door and go to your left and turn right down High Street, third on your right will be Fort Street and then you will find what you’re looking for. But, before you do that, please make sure you are careful, both with your health and your general safety. If you do decide to bring him back here, please make sure you have locked your valuables in the room safe before you let him in the room, Ok?”

“Ahh, sure. Thanks. Actually, I thought there would be some sort of policy against that sort of thing no?”

“Well, yes, there is, but how can we enforce that if you bring a guy back with you? Who’s to say you didn’t meet at a bar and invite him back?”

Smiling and nodding I folded the map and put it into my jeans pocket. Turned and headed out the door. Of course I didn’t plan on picking up a street hustler, but I decided I would take his advice and go to the closer of the targeted areas that night. I turned right at High Street and headed downhill.

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