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Part 3

The street was full of teens looking for excitement, kids looking for fun and adults looking to get drunk and laid. I chose to ignore all of them and strode purposefully down the hill for several minutes until I came to the intersection I was seeking and turned sharply right. The atmosphere changed almost palpably as I moved into the murky underbelly of the city. This was not glamorous, nor was it even slightly attractive, despite obvious efforts to make the area nicer recently. Clearly this was not where I was going to set up business. I kept walking, but slowed my pace. Inside I was wondering why I didn’t just turn around and head back, but I knew.

Within moments I was passing an ally where several pairs of desperate looking eyes followed my every step. I moved on. Then there was an intersection to my left and a car park to the right. A woman in her late thirties stepped in front of me.

“Wanna fuck love?”

“Ahh thanks, but you are really not my type.”

“Oh, I can be all sorts of type sexy.”

“Unless you can grow a dick honey, you are out of luck.”

“Oooo, a cheeky one! I like that this early on a Friday night! Hon, tell me what you like and I will point you in the right direction for a very small fee.”

“Wow, you’re a talent agent too huh? OK, fine. I want me a hot and hard bodied stud no more than 20 who will keep me at it all night and leave me exhausted. OK?”

“Hmm, that’s it? No ‘special’ needs?”

“Like what?”

“Oh love, you know. Like do you want him to be shaved, or asian, or to dress up like a puppy?”

“Ahh, nope, nothing ‘special’ thanks.”

“Well then. I know just the kid! Tell you what, you like the look of him and you give me 50 cash OK.”

“Ahh, if I get a hardon at the sight of him I’ll drop you a 20. How about that?”

“Fine, come on cheapskate.”

She grabbed my arm and linked hers inside mine and led me down the street at a fast pace. Naturally it was only a 30 second walk before she stopped me short and spun me to the side to look into the eyes of a hot young guy sitting on the steps of a backpackers hostel. Yeah, he was my type alright. Black hair on a pale head. Pouty lips and soulful light brown eyes turned up to look at me as my guide introduced us.

“Brett dear, this is ‘John’. He will be your date for the next 20 minutes, hour or whatever. ‘John’, this is Brett. He will make you cum in all sorts of ways for the right price. So, do I get my 50?”

Brett blinked twice and turned his eyes from the hooker at my side to look me in the face. A slight smile twitched at the corners of his mouth, making me twitch elsewhere.


I took 20 dollars from my wallet as the hooker rolled her eyes and tutted and held out her hand. I placed the note into her hand and it vanished into her bra faster than I could see her hand move.

“Fine then. Well, you boys have fun, and be safe!” she said as she hurried away.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hey yourself John. What’cha after tonight?”

“Actually, the name’s Ryan. Umm, not sure really.”

“Ahh, so you’re a john, then. Right got it. Not sure? Well, the way it works is you say what you want, I tell you a price and then we do it. Pretty simple really.”

“Yeah. Sorry, I haven’t actually done this sort of transaction before. Ahh, well, do you have a price list? I mean, you know, set prices for stuff?”

Brett smiled what I would come to know as his killer smile and I almost emptied my wallet at his feet there and then.

“Ahh, a rent boy virgin then huh? No worries mate. I’ll help you through the complexities. So, you want a price list? OK, so, cheapest thing is if we go down here beside the building and I give you a hand job. That’ll cost you 50. Next is if I suck you. That would be 80. You wanna suck me and that’s 100, 150 if you want me to come. Suck both ways and that’ll cost you 150 or 180 if I come. Then there’s other stuff. We could fuck down there too, for a couple of hundred, but it’s not the best place given that there’s the police station just over the road there. If you have a place close by then we can do it there for the same price, but you only get an hour for 200. If you want me to provide a bed for a fuck, 300 minimum. For other stuff, you ask and I’ll give you a price.”

“Cool. I have a couple of questions first if I may?”


“How old are you?”


“OK, do you do bareback?”


“Cool, and do you have any STIs?”

“Not at the last check two weeks ago.”

“Ok, and last one I guess, are you a top or bottom?”

“I can be whatever you want me to be bud.”

“Nice. Umm, I know this is a bit weird, but can you show me your chest?”

Brett laughed as he pulled up his black long-sleeved shirt to show a beautifully sculpted chest and abs with tight little pecs and a subtly pierced left nipple. My eyes flowed down to the light trail of fur leading from his navel down under his white briefs and I grinned.

“I thought you were going to ask something really weird when you said that!”

I smiled at him as he stood for the first time and I had the chance to look directly into his eyes. They were clear and crisp. The whites were bright and clean. It didn’t appear that this guy was on anything.

“So, what rate can you do me for the night back at my hotel? Oh, and breakfast too of course!”

“Whole night?” Brett hesitated a moment. “Umm, 750?”

“Mmmm, I was thinking more of 400, maybe 500 at the top.”

He stood looking at me for a moment then shrugged.

“OK. 500 cash up front and you got a deal. Wait, what sort of stuff you want to do? Anything strange?”

“I was just thinking of normal sorts of stuff, you know, sucking, wanking, maybe fucking?”

“So, which hotel we headed to then, Ryan right?”

I motioned for Brett to wait beside the lifts as I walked over to the concierge desk. Looking up, the concierge smiled at me and then glanced towards the lifts then back at me as arrived at the desk.

“Sir, I see you have found what you were looking for?”

“Ahh yes. I was hoping you could help me out.”

He raised his eyebrows to ask me what I was looking for. I pulled a one hundred dollar note from my wallet and placed it on the desk.

“Can you please arrange for condoms and lube to be delivered to room 1407 as quickly as possible? Please keep the change.”

“That should be no problem sir, would 10 to 15 minutes be OK? I will send one of the bellhops to sort this out for you right now.”

“Sounds great. Goodnight!”

“You have a safe and pleasant evening sir.”

I joined Brett at the lifts and pressed the call button. The door directly in front of us opened and we stepped inside.

“So, do you kiss your customers?”

Brett turned to look at me.

“Depends how cute they are really.”

“Oh, OK.” I said.

Brett stepped closer to me, placed his hands on my hips and leaned in to kiss me. His lips were soft and tender, yet determined to make the kiss passionate and firm. My mouth opened at the trigger of his probing tongue and he pressed it home without hesitation. I responded on automatic and moved my hands to his biceps just as the doors opened on the 14th floor.

We broke the embrace and I quietly led us down the hall to my room and fumbled with the key card and quickly opened the door ushering Brett into the spacious room.

“Make yourself at home.” I said as I closed the door and moved over to the desk to get the cash for Brett’s services and to place the rest into the safe.

Brett walked over to the window and pulled the curtains open to look out at the fantastic harbour view panorama.

“Nice view.”

“Yes, yes it is, especially with that scenery behind you.”

Brett laughed and turned around as I walked up to him and handed him the 500 dollars. He took it without saying any thing and slipped it into his jeans hip pocket then stood looking at me. I took a couple of steps back and sat down on the end of the king size bed.

“So, now I get to ask you to do stuff right?”

“Sure, shoot.”

“How about you start by taking off that shirt so I can get a good look at you.”

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