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Part 4

Brett obediently unbuttoned his shirt, shucked it off and tossed it onto one of the couches beside him. He stood with his left hand in his jeans pocket, thumb inserted into the belt loop and his right hand hanging relaxed beside him. He had three pieces of jewellery, an understated chain around his neck, a chunky gold watch on his left wrist and a tiny nipple loop in his left nipple. His torso was almost perfect. The only blemish was a pale scar on his right bicep. I really wanted to lick his hairless chest and nuzzle my face into those inviting armpits. I was now hard as a rock.

“Take your shoes and socks off too huh?”

He flipped his shoes off quickly, and deftly slipped off his socks, placing them inside the shoes and tossed them on the floor beside the couch. I have never really been into feet in a big way, but just the sight of those perfectly formed toes poking out from under the ragged hems of his jeans did it for me that night. I felt a surge of pre-cum and sighed in enjoyment.

I stood up and walked over to him and ran a finger down his chest to his navel. Firm and smooth. I could smell him now. A strong natural musk emanated from him and I inhaled it deeply. I kneeled down and reached for his belt buckle as he pulled his hand out of his pocket to give me access. I quickly had his buckle undone, pulled away his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans. They slipped a little on his hips, down just far enough to expose the prominent bulge in his CK briefs. The musk smell was very strong now and I must have shown that on my face.

“Sorry, I haven’t been able to wash these jeans in quite a while.”

“That’s OK, they are coming off in a minute anyway. When did you last get a chance to shower?”

“Yeah, actually it’s been a couple of days.”

“Right, I might send you for a shower in a minute then.” I said as I reached out and cupped the hot sweaty package in my hand. Right then the doorbell rang and I almost had a panic attack until I realised it would be the bellhop.

“Don’t move a muscle.” I said as I stood up.

Brett stood still with his jeans around his thighs and a growing bulge in his underwear as I went to the door fishing in my pocket for some cash, which wasn’t there. I looked through the peep hole and saw a young looking bellhop standing in the hall. Opening the door I smiled and looked at the paper bag he held in his hand.

“Great, just put it on the table there would you, and hold on a second.”

The bellhop followed me in to the room and placed the bag down as I opened the safe to get his tip. I found a 50 and decided that it was worth it and so held it out for the bellhop to take. He was staring with an open mouth at Brett, so I cleared my throat and winked at him as he took the money and thanked me.

“Um, yeah, sure, no problem sir, please give us a call if you need anything else at all.”

I nodded and followed him to the door so I could press the do-not-disturb light switch as I closed and bolted the door. Turning I looked at Brett.

“Loose those jeans mate.”

Now I got to see the rest of those legs. Nice and naturally hairy from the knees down, smooth and tight up to the white briefs. I walked back to where he stood and moved behind him, letting my left hand slide from his hip to his pert ass. With the other hand I gently touched his muscular back and slid it around under his right arm and let it slide down until it passed over the waistband of his briefs and rested on his plumping cock. I wrapped my other arm around his torso and pulled in so that my body felt all the warmth coming from his back and I could smell his powerful masculine odour. I moved my face so that I nuzzled into his neck and could almost lick his left earlobe.

“So my hot little stud puppy, how many time do you think we can make this thing explode tonight?”

I gave his package a gentle squeeze as I asked the question. Brett twisted in my embrace so that we were face to face and pressed himself into me.

“At least four if we do it right, maybe six.” He whispered.

Brett grasped the bottom of my T-shirt with both hands and firmly lifted it up making me let him go to raise my arms. He lifted my shirt and my arms over my head and while I was blinded by the shirt I felt his tongue probing into my sweaty armpit and heard a moan from Brett. My shirt fell to the floor but he held my hands high as he devoured my damp pit. I smiled and plunged my own face into his moist armpit also. The smell was strong but I was close to coming from the arousal it evoked in me so I didn’t care.

I pulled my face from his pit only when he forced me to by diving into my other armpit and repeating the treatment there. I whispered to him.

“I should really have a shower too, I haven’t had one since this morning.”

He pulled back and looked at me before replying.

“Fuck no, this is one of my biggest turn-ons dude. You are the hottest client I think I’ve ever had.”

He let my arms go and I dropped them to feel his cock hard through the briefs. Immediately I dropped to my knees and pulled them down to his ankles where he quickly stepped out of them and flicked them away with his foot. There it was, right in front of my face. A beautiful uncut cock that was currently about 6 inches long, but wasn’t fully hard. The foreskin was only partially retracted, showing an enticing circle of purple cockhead waiting for me underneath. There was also a small shiny drop of pre-cum sitting at the tip of his dick.

“So, you get a lot of pre-cum do you?”

“In the right situation I might get a bit yeah.”

“I hope you don’t mind it, I produce bucket loads.” I said.

“Nice, hope it tastes as good as mine!”

That was an invitation I had to accept. The tip of my tongue darted out and I was tasting his pre-cum in seconds. I looked up into his eyes.

“Tastes almost identical.”

“Awesome. I guess I’ll enjoy you then. Hey, sorry to break the mood like this, but I actually really need to use the bathroom if that’s OK. I’ll have a shower too.”

“Sure, that’s fine. Please don’t use soap though, I don’t want to loose all of that hot man smell. Oh, and make sure you leave the door open so I can watch!” I joked.

“Sure, no problem.”

“Nah, I was kidding!”

“Well, I have had guys want to watch me take a dump before. It doesn’t bother me.”

“That’s fine, I don’t need to watch you pinch a loaf. Thanks all the same.”

Brett grinned and walked into the bathroom as I sat on the arm chair by the desk. He did leave the door wide open. I didn’t look.

“Hey, I don’t suppose there’s any water in that minibar is there?” Brett called.

I leaned over and opened it to see a very well stocked fridge. I grabbed a bottle of water and held it in my hand.

“Ahh yeah, there is.”

“You couldn’t bring me one could you? Dying of thirst actually.”

“Ahh, OK.”

I stood up and walked into the bathroom to see Brett sitting on the toilet. I handed the bottle to him and turned to walk out. Brett stopped me with another question.

“Hey, mind if I ask why you are hiring me tonight? I mean you could pick up probably anyone at a bar on High Street or up on K Road if you wanted to. You know get some sixteen year old hottie to come back here and do all this stuff for free, and probably let you fuck him bareback too.”

I gave up trying to escape and sat down on the stool in front of the makeup mirror. Brett pushed and there was a splash.

“Oh gross. You got me in here just so you could do that!”

Brett laughed and his captivating smile won me over.

“Seriously though – why pay 500 bucks for me?”

“Well, with you there are no ties. You won’t expect a call from me, we didn’t have to go through the standard pickup shit, and it’s my first night in town – I don’t know the clubs where the twinkies hang out. Besides, you’re hot, when you’re not squeezing out a log.”

“How old are you Ryan?”

“I’ll be 23 in a few weeks.”

“Cool, yeah, I really do like guys a few years older than me.”

“I guess all your customers would be older than you, probably a lot older in most cases. Actually, how long you been a rent boy?”

“Only six months really. And nah, quite a lot of the guys I work for when I’m down Fort Street are fairly young, you know, under 30 in a lot of cases. I mean it’s a known place where a guy can get a quick blow job and if they feel particularly horny they can blow me. It’s a case of a lot of younger closeted dudes will go there because they know they can get it quick and efficient with nobody around who gives a fuck who they are or if they are gay or whatever. When I work other parts of town then yeah I’ll get the fat older guys who are dreaming of their youth. Most of them just want to blow me and that’s fine with me.”

Brett had finished so flushed and then turned on the shower.

“Wanna join me?”

I stood and ripped off the rest of my clothes quickly. As my underwear came down a long sticky string of pre-cum stretched from the head of my cock to the wet crotch of the briefs.

“Stop right there!”

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