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Part 5

I froze and Brett crawled over to me on his hands and knees and captured the string with his tongue by licking the wet spot in the briefs around my knees. He then followed the string all the way to its point of origin and devoured my semi hard cock. Very quickly it changed from semi hard to rock hard and Brett expertly introduced it to the back of his throat.

I didn’t think it was possible to cum so quickly. But there it was. I rasped a deep breath in and my body tensed as I unloaded rapid-fire into Brett’s mouth. He looked up at me with his soulful brown eyes as his head continued to bob up and down my shaft and I saw him attempt to smile.

“Don’t suck too hard. I want some to be left for later. Fuck, that was quick!”

Brett pulled away from me with a loud slurp and stood up to face me just centimetres away. There was a pearlescent drip of cum on his bottom lip which I leaned forward to lick tenderly from him. We dived back into a deep kiss as my hand found his hardon pointing up at me with its slick coating of pre-cum. I pulled away from the kiss and saw Brett looking at me expectantly.

“OK. Here’s what’s going to happen now. I’m going to inspect your body very thoroughly in a lot of detail I want you to just stand right there – I may give you instructions to move now and then. Alright?”

“Didn’t you want me to shower first?”

“You will shower when we have finished this.”

“Ok, go for it I guess.”

I grabbed a towel from the rack and folded it on the floor so I could kneel on it. Once I was kneeling in front of Brett I had a perfect view of his hard cock and plump balls. Brett has one of those cocks that points directly up when he is hard. It’s dead straight and nice and thick. There’s really nothing you can’t like about it. Like most New Zealand guys, he’s uncut and his golden skin creeps back when he is hard to show off his shiny purple cock head in its perfect glory.

I looked past his enrapturing cock to his pubes. They were lightly trimmed, but still bushy and raw enough to excite me. At this close range I could see that he had not showered since the last time he came as there were still signs of dried cum in his pubes and the scent was overpowering. I was already hard again. Gently I slipped my hand in beside his low hanging balls and reached around them to cup them towards me. They were soft and warm to the touch and I saw Brett judder slightly as I held them. A twitch followed and a large blob of precum breached the dam of his foreskin and rolled down his thick shaft towards his furry sack. I leaned in to lap it up with the tip of my tongue and tasted the true sexual energy of this guy for the first time.

Standing up I walked around behind him and placed my hands on his shoulders. He was good and didn’t move. I used my hands to explore the musculature of his back and quickly worked my way down to his ass. As I ran my right hand over his right cheek I felt several bumps so I squatted down to take a closer look. I gently ran my index finger over a line of raised scars running down his right butt cheek.

“When I was 15 I was sliding down a grass bank sitting on some plastic sheeting and there was some hidden roofing iron there.” He explained.

Leaving the scars alone I looked at the whole ass in front of me. It was round and firm, with soft brown fur lining the crack. That fur grew thicker where I looked down and saw it disappearing between his legs. I put my hands between his legs and gently pushed them apart, Brett complied quickly and slightly spread his legs. Now I could see those balls hanging down through the enticing cluster of soft fur under his hole. I reached through and rubbed those balls once more gently, then reached up to find a slick but still hard cock that had continued to leak lubricant for me.

Standing up again, I was so close to him that my own hardon poked between his legs and nudged at his sack. I am a bit taller than Brett, so this put some very pleasurable pressure on me. That was not the time for that however, so I withdrew and moved back around to face him. I began to gently lick at his nipples and play with the piercing in his left nipple with my lips. At the same time I grasped his cock firmly and began to stroke it.

Brett stood with his eyes closed and breathed raggedly through his open mouth as I continued to stroke him firm and fast. I was excited to see that he continued to drool precum the whole time and the sound of the slick stroking along with the heady smell of unwashed arousal was getting to both of us.

“I’m gonna come soon Ryan.”

Hearing that I sat down on the floor in front of him and continued long slow firm pulls on his cock. Brett’s breathing picked up the pace and I could see his balls contracting, getting ready for his orgasm. I wanted him to come all over my face, and that’s exactly what he did. Strong jets of cum splashed onto my face and neck as I continued to milk him. I managed to direct one of them right into my mouth so I could taste this hot gift.

I let go of his cock after I thought he had finished, only to hear him grunt once more and to see another gush of cum pump from him and splatter over my chest. I sat back and looked up at Brett, who was looking down at me past his still twitching cock.

“I hope I didn’t empty you out totally there dude.”

“Nah. That was just a small one really.”

His grin made me start laughing as he reached down his hand to help me stand up.

“I guess we should both have a shower now huh?” he said as he wiped some of his thick cum from my chin and placed his finger in his mouth.

“Mmm, I don’t taste too bad tonight!”

The shower had been running for quite a while, so the room was hot and steamy as we stepped into the large shower. I took great pleasure in soaping Brett up thoroughly. I know I’d asked him not to use soap, but I had already experienced the thrill of his manly smell, now I wanted clean and fresh. When I poured the soap into my hand and slipped it into his ass crack Brett jumped and then relaxed, opening his legs wide so I could soap up his hairy crack.

My slick finger found his pucker and popped through the gate with just a little pressure.

“Mmm, so you’re gonna fuck me tonight huh?”

I leaned in against Brett’s back and put my mouth near his ear to whisper.

“I’m gonna fuck you ‘till we both scream”

We finished making sure we had both been thoroughly soaped up and rinsed off then I turned off the water and stood looking at the dripping hunk standing in front of me smiling. I took him by the hand and led him out of the bathroom, stepping over our hastily discarded clothes. At the end of the bed I pushed him gently so that he fell onto the bed and lay there looking up at me. I walked to the counter to check on the contents of the paper bag that had been delivered earlier. A dozen heavy duty condoms, a dozen flavoured ones and a small bottle of generic water based lube. That would work.

I carried the pack of heavy duty rubbers and the lube back and tossed them onto the bed beside Brett. He glanced at them and nodded his approval. Launching myself onto the bed I grabbed Brett’s feet and lifted them into the air while spreading his legs apart. This had the desired effect and there was his furry asshole just waiting for me to plant my tongue. I wasted no time. Brett writhed under my furious attention. I could feel his hole twitching with every flick of my tongue and whenever I came up to gasp for air I could see that his cock was getting harder and harder the whole time. It was gratifying to see that he really did get into this.

Having lubed him pretty well with my spit and loosened him a bit with my tongue, I quickly moved on to one finger, then two.

“Come on Ryan, fuck me already!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. It only took seconds for the condom to unfurl on me and get covered with a nice layer of lubricant. I wasted no time in positioning Brett where I needed him. I pulled his legs until his ass was at the edge of the bed and then lifted them back up so that I could get easy access. The approving look in his eyes told me I didn’t need to go too slow with the entry, although he did yelp and bite his lip as my cock head popped past his entrance. He sucked in his breath and nodded for me to continue.

The fact that Brett had sucked me off just a few minutes earlier was wonderful. If he hadn’t, I’m sure I would have filled the condom immediately. As it was I had to take things slowly anyway, I was already in a heightened state of arousal and was constantly close to coming throughout that first fuck. Looking down at Brett lying on his back biting his lower lip as his eyes fixed on mine, I decided I was going to fall in lust with this guy. I reached down and grabbed his hardon to stroke it gently. Brett surprised both of us, His eyes flashed wide open as he yelped and I felt his ass clamp down on my cock, squeezing it hard. It was accompanied by an amazing volley of cum shooting from him and flying well past his head to reach the wall. Several more hit his chin and chest while his pulsing ass triggered my own orgasm as I shot a large load into the condom.

We both remained fixed in that position for several moments, both of us panting and with a fine sheen of sweat on our bodies. Cum dribbled from Brett’s torso onto the bed cover as my cock slowly twitched inside him. I gently pulled out and rolled off the condom. Holding it up we both smiled at the large volume it had captured. I wasn’t used to producing so much in my second come of the night. I stepped to the bathroom door and tossed the condom into the rubbish bin then walked back to the bed. Brett hadn’t moved other than to relax his legs. He was still hard. I lay down beside him on the bed and kissed him deeply. Brett rolled onto his side and we embraced, his warm cum squeezing between us.

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