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Part 6

“Does that thing of yours ever go soft?”

Brett smiled.

“Not if I can help it.”

We both shuffled up the bed so that we could lay our heads on the pillows. Brett was happy to lie in his own wet spot on the pillow from his first couple of shots

“Well, I made it, I guess I should lie in it!”

Brett lay smiling on his back with his left arm around my shoulders as I lay looking at him and playing with his cum slick nipple ring.

“Sorry, I wasn’t expecting to come quite so soon then. But you’re a great fucker Ryan.”

“Shit, there’s no need to apologise, it was great! Also, no need for fake compliments, your reaction is enough compliment for me!”

“Oh it’s not fake, trust me. I normally don’t get off just from being fucked like that.”

“Well, I was wanking you too.”

“Yeah, but that was incidental, I was gonna come soon anyway. Seriously dude, you were hitting the spot just right.”

“OK, so if normally getting fucked doesn’t get you off, does that mean you are not gay, not a bottom, or something else?”

“Um, I guess something else. I suppose you could call me gay. I get more turned on with guys than chicks, but I can do both. I do like getting fucked, I also like fucking, so I can be a bottom quite happily, or a top.”

“Hmm, so genuinely versatile then huh? So, you think you’re bi then? You got a girlfriend or boyfriend? You do this work for women too?”

“Well, bi? Dunno. I just like sex, don’t really care too much, but I guess if I had a hot guy and a hot girl to choose between, it would probably be the guy. I had a girlfriend for a while, but we split three months ago. I haven’t really had a steady boyfriend, except one dude I fucked semi regularly for a year at school when we were 16 or so. And yeah, I trick for chicks too, but mostly guys.”

“So in  terms of tricks, do you prefer women because you get to do the fucking maybe?”

Brett laughed.

“Funny you should say that. I have two semi regular women who get off on fucking me! One uses a huge strap-on and the other uses her vibrator.”

Brett turned his head to look at me and gently lifted my hand from his chest and moved it down his body and let it come to rest on his crotch. He was rock hard.

“I’m ready for you to do whatever the fuck you want to do to me again Ryan.”

I woke in the morning to a tickling sensation on my nose. Opening my eyes slowly I saw what looked like a forest of dark brown tree trunks in front of me. Slowly the memory of the previous night came back to me and I realised that my face was planted in the warm armpit of the hot rent boy I had picked up the evening before. Pulling my head away I instantly missed the heady aroma of his young body, but I knew I could get more of that any time I wanted it. At that moment my bladder was ruling my actions.

Standing up I looked down at Brett’s naked form lying asleep on the very messed up bed. The maid was going to get a very good tip that day. We had fucked, sucked and wanked each other for hours the night before and in the light of the early morning the stains were very evident on the cream bed linen. We didn’t both fall asleep until around 5 in the morning after we both had come at least 6 or 7 times.

I picked up a couple of hastily discarded condoms from the carpet as I walked to the bathroom to relieve myself. When I walked back into the bedroom Brett was twisting his body, stretching and blinking in the early morning sunlight now pouring in through the windows. He absently reached down and scratched his balls and played with his cock before turning to me and smiling.

“That was some night Ryan – you got your moneys worth from my ass!”

“And you mouth, and your hands, and your feet!” I replied sitting on the end of the bed and stroking his leg.

He lay there passively letting me rub his legs and feet.

“You got a load left for me in there Brett? I would so love to have a cum flavoured mouthwash this morning.”

“Dude! You are insatiable!”

Brett slipped his hand down his flat stomach to his cock and expertly revived it in seconds. His grin invited me to crawl forward and engulf his morning hardon in my mouth. I had learned the night before what buttons to press with this kid and within four minutes he was panting and wriggling under me. I pulled away from him moments before he was about to blow his load into me.

“Oh dude! That’s so wrong! I was just about to nut when you stopped! Fuck!”

I lay down on the bed on my back and looked across to him.

“I know that. Now, get up on your knees beside me and wank that thing ‘till you shoot it into my mouth. I wanna see what I’m getting for breakfast.”

Brett wasted no time getting into position and wrapping his hand around his bright red hardon. He tweaked his position a couple of times to get the right angle, then told me to open my mouth. I did exactly as I was told as I watched his abdomen tense and saw his cock head swell to a full tight purple helmet. Then his piss slit opened as a thick rope of beautiful white cum shot towards my face. His aim was perfect, right into the back of my throat. He grunted repeatedly as he pumped his load onto my tongue, lip and chin. Getting up on my elbows I leaned forward and swallowed his pulsing cock to draw out the last drops of his sweet cum.

“Mmm, and what about yours dude. Looks like you are pissing precum there.”

Letting his still firm cock slip from my mouth I looked up at his smiling face.

“Just give it ten seconds of your hand and it’ll be finished.”

Brett reached over and grasped my cock firmly, just as I had instructed him the night before. He stroked me from precisely the angle I could never achieve by myself and it was only 30 seconds before I was grunting myself and sending cum flying all over the bed clothes and myself.

He left me lying on the bed with sun bathing my body as he relieved his bladder too. He walked back to the bed and crawled onto it beside me. I lay there playing with his pert nipple as he stared at the roof and smiled in contentment.

“What are you smiling at?” I asked.

“Oh, I dunno, it’s just that this is the most comfortable morning I’ve had in a really long time.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, for the last year or so I’ve been crashing at my cousin’s place, on the couch. He’s a big time party dude and there’s usually something going on there most nights, so I don’t tend to get very much sleep and like most Saturday mornings, I’d be fighting my way through passed out guys and piles of puke to get to the toilet for a piss.”

“Yeah, I can see how a king sized bed in a 5 star hotel might beat that!”

“Yep. So anyway, just tell me when you want me to piss off. If I can grab a shower before I go though, that would be good. I seem to have quite a lot of dried cum on me.”

Smiling I just wrapped my arm around his warm body and held him tight to me. He twisted his head towards me and gave me a lingering kiss. Then looked at me face to face close enough that I could feel his gentle breath.

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