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Part 7

“So, what is it you do Ryan, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Damn good question! Up to yesterday, I was a computer software developer. I’m actually in town to start a new business. Gay porn basically.”

“Oh cool! You’re starting a gay porn online shop?”

“Actually no, strange as it sounds. I’m going to open a shop and actually sell goods in person.”

Brett frowned at me.

“Hmm, what’s the special angle?”

“Special angle? What do you mean?”

“Well, a porn shop by itself will fail in months. I have seen quite a few that were for both gay and straight die off in the last year or so, only the big chains are left now. You would need something special to go with it like, I dunno, a strip show or something. Something that would get the guys into the place.”

“Yeah, I had wondered about that. I thought maybe like a small maze or something perhaps.”

“Nah. The saunas in town have it pretty much sewn up for the sleazy sex on site scene.”

“Well, a lot of the ideas I have in the back of my head really depend on the location and space, so I really don’t know how it’s going to work yet.”

“It sounds like an awesome thing to do if you can afford it – I’d love to do something like that too one day. I hope you have enough cash to survive for a while without earning anything.”

“I have some regular cash coming in – I’ll be fine for a while to see if I can make it a go. Sounds like the sex game’s not being quite so kind on you though.”

“How do you mean? I’m doing ok.”

“You are living on your cousin’s couch and you’re doing ok?”

“Well, I had a large debt to pay off, and now I have no savings, so with having to buy expensive clothes to compete on the street, and food and stuff, it’s not free you know.”

I smiled at Brett as I looked up and down his body.

“Trust me, you don’t need expensive clothes to pick up guys! How much do you really make on the game?”

“Really depends. In some weeks I make over a thousand, other weeks two or three hundred. It’s really not as easy for guys on the street.”

“So average of five hundred a week, before tax right?”

“Tax? Oh yeah, of course, tax. Yeah about that.”

“So, if I offered you seven hundred a week as well as a place to sleep, would you be interested in a job?”

Brett looked at me with a slight frown on his face.

“Doing what exactly?”

“Well, I need a local who knows about the sex biz to help me get things started. I’ll also need attractive staff in the shop when it opens. You fit that bill very nicely. Oh, and having an employee who will suck my cock every now and then would also be a nice benefit! And, if I make that part of the job description right up front, no harassment complaints either.” I laughed.

“Ahh, are you serious or are you pulling my chain?”

“Nope – dead serious. I would need to make it a short term contract, like three months, to start with because I don’t really know you that well yet, well, ok, I know your body pretty well, but not you!”

“When do I get a contract then – I think I might have some info that you will want!”

Half an hour later I had hand written an employment contract that we both signed there and then. I set it aside to be copied later and turned to look at the naked form of Brett who stood with his hands clasped behind his head looking out the window at the Auckland harbour view.

“So, what’s this big tip then employee?”

Brett turned to look at me smiling.

“How much money you got to invest in this shop then? That will determine how good the tip might really be.”

“I have about 65 thousand put aside for initial lease and setup costs.”

“Hmm, if you can find a bit more it might work.”

My puzzled look prompted him to continue.

“Well, let’s get showered and dressed and I’ll show you what I mean.”

Fourtyfive minutes later we stood on the corner of Pitt Street and Karangahape Road in the upper part of central Auckland. Brett looked up and the building across the road and directed my gaze to follow.

“It’s a hostel at the moment. Well, most of it. Some of it’s empty at the back, and underneath down the street there is a theatre. See that shop front to the right there? It used to be a video rental place, but it’s been closed for about six months. Before it was a rental place it was a pawn shop, so it would be perfect as a porn shop!”

Brett grinned at me impressed with his own joke.

“Ok, so the shop might work out, but why the details of the rest of the building?”

The building that housed the hostel was four levels. The lower level was a basement at the main street level, but the street down the side went down hill and so the lower level became street level there. That was where the theatre entrance was. On K Road the main level was shop fronts including a fast food outlet, a collectables shop, an ATM and the empty shop Brett had pointed out. Between the ATM and the empty shop there was a dark staircase going down to who knows what.

I looked to my right along K Road and saw an esoteric mix of buildings and shops. There were cafes, comic book stores, strip clubs, bars and nightclubs as far as I could see along the road. Looking back across the street at the gray building I waited for Brett to reply.

“Well, I happen to know the guy who runs the hostel. I kind of use it as a place to take customers sometimes. He has a couple of rooms he keeps ready for us working guys. Trouble is, we are often the only ones staying there these days. There have been so many new hotels built around town recently that places like this are going under.”

“That’s unfortunate, but how exactly does this effect me?”

“Well, you agree that the shop’s a good option to look at right? Yeah, so it comes with the rest of the hostel lease. So, I figured we could open the shop, live in part of the hostel bit, and maybe do something else with the place too. I know he has 10 years left on the lease which is a 25 year one, and he would be willing to sell it for just what he owes I’m sure.”

“Uh huh, and how much is that do you think?”

“He told me, he owes 55 thousand on the place and the monthly lease is only three thousand cause it’s not allowed to go up during the lease period.”

“So, you want me to buy a whole hostel just to have an apartment?”

“Well, think about how cheap that apartment would be though! That’s got to be one of the cheapest downtown living options there is! You just need to have the cash ready to spend, that’s all.”

“Oh, so this deal is only on the table today right? Sounds like a scam to me.”

“Nah, I don’t even know if it is on the table. I just know that Doug is about to shut up shop and now’s the time to do this if you want to check it out.”

Brett was right about one thing. If the figures he was quoting were even close to real, it was incredibly cheap space. There had to be a catch. But, looking around at the location again, it was perfect really. I had to at least have a closer look.

“Ok Brett, let’s check the place out huh.”

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