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Part 8

Brett led me across the road and down the hill on the other side until we were half way down the side of the building. That was where the main entrance was. We walked in to find a very austere lobby area fitted out with cheap looking furniture like you would see in a mass-market fast food outlet. On one wall there was a scruffy looking counter with piles of junk all over it, and on the other was a shaky looking bench with a couple of very old looking PCs under a handwritten sign saying ‘Internet – fairly high speed’.

Brett stepped to the counter and slammed his hand down on an old fashioned desk bell. Moments later I heard crashing and swearing coming from behind a thin cheap door. It opened to reveal an elderly fat man wearing a stained T shirt and equally stained track pants.

“Brett! Shit, you got working early this morning! I’ll need you to wait a couple while I change the sheets in your room, I let Chase use it last night – be right back.”

“Doug, hold on mate. We don’t actually need the room.”

Doug stopped and looked back at us with a frown.

“Ahh, Ok, so what’s up then? I could use the rent you know.”

“Yeah. I know. That’s what we are here about really. This is Ryan. He and I are working together on a business opportunity and we think it might be possible that we can help you out of your pickle.”

“What, you want to set me up as a brothel keeper? No way. I don’t mind having a room reserved for you, but I don’t want this place to get a bad reputation. I have enough trouble getting paying guests as it is.”

“Nah, nothing like that. You were telling me last week that you only had cash to keep the place open for two weeks right? Well, what if we were to buy the lease off you?”

“What, buy the hostel? Are you nuts? If I can’t make this place make money after doing this for fifteen years, what makes you think you can?”

I decided it was time for me to step into the conversation.

“Sir, I appreciate that you have done a fantastic job for the last fifteen years with the hostel. And, I think you will agree, the market has changed a lot in the last few years. If we were to consider buying your business, we most likely wouldn’t be running it as a hostel, or even an accommodation business at all. Those decisions are a way off yet, but don’t be concerned that we would be getting into the wrong business. Now, I guess the first question is would you even consider selling? I know Brett seems sure that you would, but what about you sir?”

“Well, first off, my name’s Doug, not sir. Ryan is it? Ok. Well Ryan, Brett is not shitting you like he usually does. He’s right about one thing. I do need to get out of this place before I loose my retirement place at the beach. So yeah, I have considered selling – are you buying?”

“Can I have a look around?”

“Let’s take the grand tour then!”

Doug shuffled over to the entrance and engaged the lock. Then he ushered us towards the end of the lobby where we saw the stairs and the small lift.

“Had to put in that damn lift in the late 90s. Damn access laws! Cost me a bomb!”

We walked up the stairs to the next level. Doug told us that there were no rooms usable on that level as they had all been badly flooded by a malfunctioning sprinkler three years earlier and needed stripping and rebuilding before they were habitable. The door to the floor was locked. Doug opened it and we stepped into what seemed to me like a complete wreck. All the carpet had rotted and lifted, the walls were covered in sagging wallpaper that was black with mildew and there were piles of rotted mattresses and bed clothes strewn through the halls. I heard noises coming from one of the rooms and tentatively opened the door. The room was filled with pigeons. The window was open and they had set the room up as a private coop.

Picking our way through the abandoned junk I was able to work out that there were about ten rooms on the floor with one large central bathroom area.

We left the destroyed floor and Doug locked it behind us. Heading upstairs we entered the third floor, this one was still in use and appeared larger. I realised that was because on the floor below, half of the space was taken for the shops on K Road. We walked in to a large open area with large bay windows opening over K Road. This was clearly the shared lounge. There was an elderly TV in the corner and several ragged old couches arranged to view it. A few old looking Formica coffee tables with ancient magazines and ragged paperbacks were scattered around also.

Doug led us down a dim hall where I saw a similar looking bathroom facility to one side with a hand written MEN sign on it and more small rooms dotted along the other sides of the building. Doug opened one of the doors and let me enter.

“This is the room I usually reserve for Brett. Right opposite the men’s room for convenience.”

The room was very bare looking. A small sized double bed took up much of the space in the room and there was also a rather stained looking armchair in the corner by the grimy window. The bed had clearly been used the night before, there were copious stains on the thin white sheets and I noticed a couple of used condoms in the waste basket. Behind the door was a small cupboard which was locked with a padlock. Brett stepped up pulling a key from his pocket when he noticed my curious look. He unlocked the door to show me several sex toys, some rope, hand-cuffs, lube, condoms and various different types of clothing. Everything from white Speedos to leather tights.

“This room is almost only used by me for tricks, so Doug lets me keep this stuff here.”

“I want to see you in some of those things later” I whispered to Brett.

Doug led us out and opened the door to one of the other rooms. It had a simple chair and a single bed. That was it. He explained that all the other rooms on this floor were single rooms. As we moved out of the accommodation area I poked my head into the men’s room. It was large and very open plan. There were two porcelain urinals, two toilet stalls, one with no door, a couple of basins with filthy mirrors above them and an open shower area with three shower heads.

“Doug, what about women? Don’t you have women’s bathrooms?”

“Upstairs.” Doug pointed the way and we followed. “Used to be that we were segregated here. Women had the first floor, the wrecked one, and men had the other two floors.”

Doug wheezed as he reached the top landing and held the door open for us.

“See, built it so there was a large ablution block for each sex. One for women on the lower floor, one for men up here on the top floor and a smaller men’s one on the middle floor. We started getting more and more couples, so I would put them on the women’s floor and make the men go upstairs. Then we had the flood. So I had to make the top floor women’s, and send the men down to the middle floor. All too confusing.”

The top floor was all rooms and a maze of dim halls. In the centre of the floor was the ablution block with a hand written WOMENS notice on the door. Doug held the door open for me and pushed me in roughly. The women’s room was huge. There were six toilet stalls, a long stainless steel urinal, six basins and a large communal shower area with makeshift shower curtains trying to section it off.

“The women seem upset to have open showers. Don’t ask me why!”

“I’m sure they are more than happy to have a urinal though!” I laughed.

We headed back down the stairs, walking right past the lift.

“What’s wrong with the lift?” I asked.

“Nothing. It costs too much damned electricity to use the damn thing! I refuse!” Doug wheezed.

“Fair enough. Um, can we see the shop space?”

Doug halted as we were about to go down the last flight of steps.

“Oh, right. We will have to go back through the flooded part then.”

He unlocked the landing door again and led us slowly down the hall until he got to a door that looked just like one of the rooms. Unlocking it we walked into the back of the empty shop. It was pretty grubby, but immediately I saw the potential. There was not much of a back office space, but with a whole building available behind it, that didn’t really matter much.

“Um, you boys let me know when you’re done up here. I better go down and open up just in case some damn customer actually wants to check in. Take your time, I got plenty of it.”

Doug disappeared and I smiled at Brett.

“Well, he’s an interesting character isn’t he! Is he gay?”

“Don’t think so, dunno really.”

“But he helps out rent boys… whatever.”

“I guess I never really thought about it. Anyway, he’s basically a good guy and he’s not going to rip you off if you want to do this thing.”

“Ok, well let’s have a good look around this shop then huh?”

I flicked on the light switch beside the door and to my amazement the lights worked. When this place went out of business, the tenants had obviously just packed up the basics and left. The shop was still fully fitted out with shelving and display racks for videos and DVDs, there was even a fair bit of stock remaining on some of the shelves. The counter was modern and in good shape, there was even a fairly sophisticated till on it, although the cash drawer had been removed, by the look of it, with bolt cutters. Some things had clearly been removed, the plasma screens around the walls were gone, the debit card machine was just loose wires and the phone outlet had been ripped from the wall. However, amazingly, there would not be a lot of work needed to make the shop an effective outlet for gay fun items.

Brett held up a DVD and beckoned me over. I walked over to take a look at his find. The DVD was called ‘Cock Boys in Lust’ and showed a couple of twink types on the cover with no shirts and cocks poking out of their boxers.

“Your first stock item?”

I laughed and opened the case. Empty of course, it was a rental shop after all. Looking behind the counter I then noticed the rows of emptied drawers that once held all the tapes and DVDs.

“Well, at least if we do move in here we’ll have plenty of spare DVD covers!” I replied.

Grinning Brett tossed the DVD case onto the floor and lunged at me and held me in a close embrace, planting his lips on mine and kissing deeply. When I recomposed myself I kissed back passionately then freed my mouth to ask him a question.

“Ahh, nice, but what’s this for?”

“I just wanted to get you horny so I can suck you off in here. Thought you might like the place better if that happened.” Brett laughed.

“Go on then.”

I stepped back from Brett’s hug, walked to the counter and dropped my jeans and underwear. Then I hoisted myself onto the counter with my erection pointing out at Brett. His surprised look was quickly replaced with his self assured smile as he strode over and expertly took me into his mouth. I leaned back and let him take his time and continue to slowly encase me with his warm wet mouth. If Brett had wanted to, he could have made me come very quickly, but he was intent on making me squirm as much as possible.

Lifting off ten minutes later he made a plopping noise as his sucking mouth released its throbbing prisoner. Brett then began gently licking the tip of my cock and working his way down slowly to focus the attention of his tongue on my balls. As I felt my balls getting wetter and wetter I could also feel my cock getting harder and harder. When I looked down I saw a small river of precum flowing from my cock and travelling down the shaft to be lapped up by the busy tongue.

Then the tongue moved further down to probe the hairy crevice under my balls. I shifted my weight to allow better access and was immediately rewarded with a firm wet pressing sensation on my sphincter. Rimming is one thing Brett would not do when he was working, so I had not had the benefit of his experience the night before. His tongue had obviously done this before though and within moments I was moaning and writhing on the counter, trying to thrust my ass at his face.

“Fuck dude,” I panted, “you keep this up and I might have to give you a pay raise!”

With that Brett pushed hard with his tongue and breached my ass boundary for the first time. I tensed up my whole body and yelped.

“Oh fuck! I’m coming!”

Without being touched at all my cock shot streams of cum straight up into the air where it fell landing on Brett’s face and black hair in thick white ribbons. I grunted several times as the cum kept pumping from me and pouring down my rock hard cock. Brett lifted up his face to lap up some of the spilling cum with his busy tongue. The rest I felt dribbling down the side of my balls and into my ass crack. He then took my still twitching cock into his mouth and carefully milked the last drops from me.

Sitting up I looked down at the crouching kid and realised that he had his own beautiful cock out of his fly and was pounding hard at it. His hand stopped and he released his cock as it erupted and began spraying cum out in front of him. It splattered on the counter wall and large thick drips glistened from the tile floor under him. Standing up on wobbly legs Brett smiled at me as I watched his cock still bouncing up and down with orgasmic twitches. Drops of cum still dripped from it and I reached out to it to collect some on my fingers. I tasted his flavour once more and smiled back at him.

“Well, thanks for that! If we do take this place you will need to clean that up though!”

I jumped down from the counter and pulled up my underwear and jeans, feeling a very slippery load of cum still between my cheeks. It would just have to stay there. Looking back I saw that I had left a fair bit on the counter too.

“You will have to clean up that too!” I said pointing at the mess.

Brett had put his own cock away and was wiping what was left of my cum on his face off with his shirt. I saw that there was still a large blob in his hair, but decided not to mention it yet.

“Come on, let’s go talk to your mate downstairs. I have a few questions about this place.”

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