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Part 9

We left the shop and descended the stairs to the lower level of the building. As we emerged into the hostel lobby we saw Doug leaning against the counter drinking a cup of what looked to me like whisky.

“You two took your time. What do you think? Those lousy bastards that were renting the shop left a whole lot of crap in there that I guess would need to be cleared out. Not much call for video rental places anymore I guess.”

“Well, I do have a couple of questions about the building itself. I know we have seen the three floors with rooms, and this lobby, but what’s on the rest of this bottom floor? Surely there’s more floorspace down here? And, what about the roof?”

“The roof? Well yeah, there is a stairway up there at the back of the top floor. There’s not much up there though from memory – been years... I guess you could go up there and sunbath if you wanted to! And yes, there is more of this level. Let me show you, but I warn you, it’s not pretty.”

Doug motioned for us to follow him into his office space behind the counter. Walking in there I saw a cluttered desk, a small TV and a cot that he obviously slept in regularly. Doug went to the table holding up the TV and dragged it aside exposing a half height access way in the wall. There was a screw protruding from one side of it which he tugged on until the door opened onto a black empty expanse. Reaching over to his desk Doug grabbed a powerful floodlight and turned it on and led us through the small opening.

Once inside the darkness enfolded me. I could make out just a few scraps of detail as Doug swung the light around the space. I saw old crumpled paper on the floor, I saw dirt and crumbling plaster, I saw dirty and cracked tiles and what looked like some very old and dirty mirrors in the distance. Doug suddenly switched off the light and plunged us into almost total darkness, just the dim light from his office seeped into the space.

“Give your eyes a couple of minutes to adjust – it will make it easier to see stuff. But whatever you do, don’t move until I switch this back on. You see this place was once a high class hotel. They had this bottom floor as a sort of day spa I guess. There’s an old pool just in front of you. It hasn’t had water in it for at least 50 years though. The whole area was walled off years ago because it was just so un-trendy, if you know what I mean. It was last decorated in the 1920s and that style was just so not trendy a while back and they just closed it all off. I guess today it would probably be quite trendy actually, but I think it’s too far gone to be salvageable. Here, take this and I’ll see you when you come out all covered in spider webs and dust. I don’t need to see it again. Oh, and Brett, I think you have cum in your hair.”

Doug placed the flashlight in my hands and disappeared back through the hatch into his office where we heard him break into a coughing fit while I heard Brett desperately checking his hair and giggling. I turned the light back on and suddenly the cavernous space we were in was magically illuminated. The time in the dark had worked. Brett and I took in the scene and then turned to look at each other. We both had huge grins on our faces.

“Dude! This is so fucking cool! This place could be turned into an awesome pad!”

“You’re not wrong there. I’m beginning to like this place more and more. The potential is huge!”

I started exploring with Brett beside me. The pool was not huge, but it was big enough to have a decent swim, and it was made entirely from deep blue tiles with black and white tile edging. All of the art deco fittings were still there, from the pool ladder to the light fittings. It was like stepping back into 1928. Behind the pool area were a couple of changing rooms and toilet facilities which were also of course authentic period pieces. In need of a damn good clean and some new plumbing, but still in perfect condition. The filtration plant for the pool was rusted clean through and there was a huge pile of dirty sand that had escaped from the burst filtration tank, but again, that could all be replaced by modern equipment. Nothing in the basement was unsalvageable!

My biggest surprise was finding a grand staircase off to the far side of the pool. At the bottom of the sweeping stairway was a marble desk which had clearly once been a reception area. We climbed the stairs and came to a heavily bolted door. With a lot of work we were finally able to unbolt the door and pulled it open on hinges that had not moved in decades. What we saw almost blinded us both. The door opened to bright daylight and the noisy bustle of a busy K Road morning. It was the dark doorway I had earlier noticed. We both turned and looked down on the now well illuminated basement area.

“Wow,” I said, “I want this place. I have an idea for this place that will be just awesome, but expensive as hell!”

“What is it?” Brett asked.

Closing the door we were once again restricted to the flashlight as we sat on the marble steps and looked down.

“Ok, picture this. There’s a gay porn store on K Road. That’s our high visibility business and it may do Ok, it may just be a good thing to have as advertising. Then you walk around the corner and down the hill to enter a non-descript entryway and come into a nice inviting lobby where you are greeted by a smartly dressed young guy who acknowledges you by name and asks how your day was. You say your pleasantries and sign in to the club. When that’s done you walk through the doorway behind the desk, along a nice tile lined hall and enter a locker room. In there you undress and place your clothing into a combination code locker, grab a clean towel from the pile and hop into the shower. After a nice shower you dry off and put on one of the bathrobes that is provided for you.

“You can then wander into the pool space and if you want, have a nice relaxing swim, or perhaps a spa in one of the several large spa pools around the side of the main plunge pool. If that’s not what you feel like, you can either go up the stairs, or in the lift to the first floor where you will find a large open lounge area with a bar and smiling staff to take care of you. There are also several smaller rooms available on this floor, there’s a small but well equipped gym, a relaxation and meditation room, a video entertainment room and a massage room. Going up a floor you would find the playroom. This is another lounge area with large screens all around the place displaying interesting erotica. There are large and openly inviting two seat couches spread around the place and lots of other comfortable and inviting furniture. There’s also a huge padded floor area which is specially designed for group play.

“Beside the play lounge are a number of smaller rooms which are available for club members to use for their own purposes, and for members to invite the various guys on staff into for personalized service, at an extra charge of course. If this is not what you are after on this visit, you could of course take the stairs up to the top floor and walking past the offices and owner’s apartment, you can go up to the roof garden where you can have a relaxing time in privacy under the stars, or you can get that perfect all over tan. All of this for a low annual membership fee of around 15 thousand dollars.”

Brett smiled.

“So, a high class gay sex club and brothel then?”

“Basically, yeah. Wanna do that with me?”

Brett grinned and took my hand, placing it on his lap. I felt the solid erection through his jeans.

“I’ll take that as a yes then horny.”

“Take it as a yes please, boss.”

I reached over and used both hands to unzip him. I pulled him to his feet and had him stand in front of me while I sat a couple of steps down so that it was easy for me to lean forward and take his hardon into my mouth. Brett had neglected to put on his underwear after his shower that morning so I was able to reach around and easily fondle his firm cute ass as his jeans silently dropped to his knees. I pushed back his taught foreskin with my tongue and tasted the sweetness of the left over cum from his wank in the shop just a few minutes before.

Brett was incredibly horny and it wasn’t long before I was tasting the salt, and feeling the slimy texture of his precum. I maintained constant oral attention to my new lover for several minutes until we were both startled by Doug’s voice coming from the opening to the office.

“Are you guys Ok in there?”

I was about to pull away and answer when I heard Brett.

“Ahh, yeah, ah, coming!” he yelled.

As he did I felt his legs begin to buckle and then my mouth was filled with warm salty sweetness as he pumped his third load of the day into me. Brett pulled away from me as his rasping breath settled and I saw drips still falling from his bobbing cock in the faint light. He pulled up his jeans as I savoured his taste and swallowed his cum.

“You sure were coming!” I whispered to him as I stood and began to walk down the stairs with him.

“Yeah, I’m beginning to think this is going to be a very exhausting job.”

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