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Part 10

Doug was convinced as soon as I told him I was willing to pay off his debt and an additional twenty thousand in cash. It was surprisingly easy on Monday morning to find a lawyer who could advise me and bring in an accountant to look over the financial details. By the end of the day the lawyer and I had drafted the contract and took it to Doug. I was surprised and happy to see that everything I had been told was pretty much true, with the exception that the lease actually had only nine years to run, and that only 48 thousand was still owing on it. In addition, there was a nominal rent coming in to the account from subleasing parking at the rear of the building to some other local businesses.

My new lawyer had been a little surprised at first by the ideas I had for the place, but he quickly got over that and enjoyed the idea that he could tell the other partners in his firm that they were now representing a new adult business and gay brothel. He even checked with some colleagues and discovered that I should lodge my application for a brothel keeper’s license as soon as possible due to long processing delays. The application was already in the mail and the company incorporation was complete.

Doug had forgotten about the parking and fished out the lease agreements, which were all only six weeks from expiration. There were twenty parking spots, of which fifteen had been rented. When Brett and I investigated, we also discovered that the other five had been ‘acquired’ by the fast food outlet that shared the building. They had erected private parking signs and had decided to designate the area a tow-away zone.

By 6:30pm the contract was signed and the funds had been transferred into Doug’s account. Using one of the ridiculously old computers in the lobby and its dial-up connection we were able to show Doug evidence of the transfer and he smiled at us and handed over the keys.

“There you go boys. The place is yours. There are no guests tonight, and none booked, so I suppose you can just put up a closed sign and do whatever you like! I have a bit of personal stuff I’d like to pack up before I leave if that’s Ok?”

“Of course!” I said, “take your time! How are you getting home?”

“Home? Well, this was home I guess, but I’ll go to the beach house now I guess. I ah, I can call a neighbour and ask for a lift I suppose, if I didn’t have stuff to take, I would just take the bus of course.”

“Don’t be silly, I’ll order a cab and we’ll take care of it for you.”

Forty minutes later Doug had packed his life into three large cardboard boxes - we now had two hundred loose toilet rolls - and Doug was climbing into the taxi and waving goodbye. In the space of just over one weekend I had gone from not even knowing about this place, to being the new leaseholder.

My first act as new owner was to officially close the hostel. It didn’t take too much to do. I placed a closed sign on the door, recorded a message on the answer machine and called the hostel info network to ask them to take the place off their books. It took maybe 20 minutes to end the life of the hostel.

Brett and I looked at each other and began laughing. Now the tough part had begun!

“Ok, we are going to need to get in some rubbish skips to start the clean out. I am going to go and see these guys who have appropriated those parks, we need those spots for the skips. Why don’t you um, I don’t know, find something useful to do. Hmm, I’m going to make a great boss, aren’t I!”

Brett smiled at me as I headed out the door.

It took thirty minutes before I could speak to the manager of the sandwich shop. I heard him complaining loudly that he was too busy to have sales meetings and that I should go through regional head office to his shift manager. When I didn’t budge he eventually came over to me.

“What’s up? What do you want with me?”

“Hi, my name is Ryan Cooper, I’m the new leaseholder of the parking spaces you are using illegally around the back of the building. What I want is simple. Move the vehicles, today, remove the signage you have there, and stop using the parking space you are not paying for.”

The manager’s face was a picture to behold. His mouth had dropped open and he looked stunned.

“What the hell are you talking about! Those parking spaces have always belonged to this place! I have been manager here for three years, and they were part of the deal for this place when I started here. Don’t try and extort me Mr!”

“Ok, two things. I have the lease document. I also know they have not been sub-let. Remember, sub-lets of property need to be city registered. Secondly, where do you get off accusing me of extorting you? I haven’t asked for any money, which I am actually legally entitled to pursue by the way, and all I am asking is that you vacate the spaces. Actually, I’m politely asking you to stop trespassing, that’s all. Now, my lawyer is more than happy to take care of this if that’s the way you want to handle it, but I know I don’t prefer to get into expensive legal battles over this. Are you sure regional head office is?”

“But, but. But I have a car park as part of my contract! Where am I supposed to park if you do this? I, well, I need to talk to head office. Wait.”

He headed off in a huff as I shrugged my shoulders in answer to his question.

Another thirty minutes later he returned looking very red and flustered.

“I need to see the lease documents you have.”

“Ok, and no, I don’t mind waiting here, thanks for asking so politely.”

I took the lease copy from my back pocket and handed it to him. He stood there reading with extended veins throbbing in his bright red neck as sweat beaded on his forehead. Several minutes later he again disappeared to the rare of the shop and I could see him talking on the phone. After two minutes he slammed the phone down and stormed back to the front of the shop. All of the staff were watching intently.

“Here!” he handed me the lease agreement, “Fucking heads are going to roll over this!”

“Ahh, sorry? Is that a threat?”

“No! No, I mean in head office. They have screwed up royally with this one. They ‘assumed’ the five parks were part of the shop lease because they have been in use for the last five years, since we opened here. They never checked.”

“Sorry, but we do need those parks from tomorrow as we start renovations. Perhaps there might be some coming available for lease in the future though. I’ll be sure to let you know.”

“Fine – they will be clear at the end of the shift tonight.”

I nodded my acceptance and left the shop. Of course there was no way in hell I would be offering him any lease options!

As I walked back down to the hostel entrance I was both annoyed at the waste of time people like that guy were, and also invigorated by the knowledge that I was now a businessman and was to be taken seriously. I pushed open the door and entered, half expecting to see Brett in the lobby. He wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I looked in the office and that too was empty. Walking into the stairwell I shouted up the stairs.

“You up there somewhere?”

“Second floor!” I just heard faintly.

I decided to try out the elevator and pressed the call button. Almost instantly the door slid open and I stepped into a very modern and small but spacious car. There were four buttons, and I pressed the button marked ‘2’ and the door slid quickly shut and within seconds I was smoothly lifted to the second floor. Doug had been quite correct, it did work perfectly.

Stepping out of the lift I entered the open lounge area of the second floor which was flooded with evening light coming through the huge bay windows. There he was, grinning at me from one of the scruffy sofas in the middle of the threadbare carpet. Brett was bare assed naked and lay seductively draped across the sofa with a rock solid erection bobbing up and down over his tight stomach with each heavy heart beat. My raised eyebrow elicited an answer from him.

“Well, you did tell me to do something useful. So I’m testing out methods of greeting club members when they come in. What do you think?”

I walked over to the sofa, leaned down and lifted his legs up and sat down beside him then let his legs back down to rest on my lap so that he was partially draped across me.

“Hmm, I think you are onto a winning option there buddy.”

I lowered my arm, my hand coming to rest on his balls. I felt the heat of his arousal and smelled the musky scent of his groin that had been trapped all day in the confinement of his jeans.

“Brett, if we end up having sex all the time like this, we’ll never get this place ready!”

He playfully pouted at me.

“Fine. Seeing how you have done so much preparation, I’ll let you off this one time!” I jokingly scolded.

“Ok, so you had better give me a lap dance then baby.”

Grinning again, Brett leapt to his feet and immediately straddled my lap with his hard cock continuing to point at my face. He kneeled on the sofa, knees on either side of me and ground his pelvis into my crotch. His proximity and the heady smell from him was getting me very excited very fast. I reached around and grasped his firm butt cheeks and pulled his torso close to me so that I could lick at the tip of his cock. Brett pulled himself away from me and waggled his finger in my face.

“Now, now. That breaks the rules of a lap dance. You are not allowed to touch, just me.”

“Fine, you better make it a great show then!”

Brett backed off a little from the couch and stood in a pool of orange evening light directly in front of me. He waggled his hips, making his cock dance around, the precum slick head glinting in the sunlight. Slowly the luscious dancing turned into writhing masturbation as he went to work on himself in the sunlight. Lying down on the floor he planted his feet firmly down and lifted his hips from the carpet while his shoulders supported him. This gave me a glorious view of his balls bobbing up and down as he wanked with his right hand, and of his cute furry asshole which he explored with his left.

After several minutes of this, he athletically righted himself with a single fluid motion and walked toward me purposefully. I saw the huge pool of clear precum on his flat stomach gleaming in the disappearing sun as he came to within inches of me and once more straddled my panting body, kneeling over me. A couple more seconds of stroking and he erupted. Cum shot at my face and splashed off it with splattering noises. Spurt after spurt covered my shirt and jeans as he emptied himself all over me and the sofa. He waggled his dripping cock in my face inviting me to lick it clean. I took the invitation.

Brett stepped back smiling and casually played with his still hard cock.

“Guess we should look at getting stain resistant furniture huh?”

Looking around I saw that he had not only coated me, but also large portions of the dirty orange sofa in cum.

“Yeah. Hmm, I think now might be a good time to try out those showers.”

“Yeah, I think the ones on the top floor are best. In the women’s.”

I stripped off my soiled shirt and jeans, then decided to leave the whole mess to dry on the sofa. Taking off my socks and underwear, I then followed Brett up the stairs to the top floor.

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