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Part 11

The showers were surprisingly strong and pleasant. After we ripped down the mouldy shower curtains Doug had installed, it was clear that our patrons would probably also enjoy the views of their fellow bathers too, just as I was enjoying watching Brett rinse himself down. Brett turned off his shower and sauntered over to mine, walking into the spray and casually grabbing my semi stiff cock.

“You didn’t come yet Ryan.”

“No, but I’ll do that a bit later, don’t worry about that!”

I turned off the shower and gently pulled his hand away from my now growing cock.

“I guess there are no towels in here are there.” I said as I looked around the somewhat grimy bathroom. “Oh well, I’m sure we’ll dry pretty quick.”

“Let’s go on the roof to dry out in the last of the sun!”

I looked at Brett and nodded. We hadn’t yet been on the roof and I did want to see if it would be a good place for naked customers to go. We walked out of the bathroom dripping wet and headed for the stairwell. Once there we traipsed up the last flight of stairs and then working together we forced the door open to the roof. It had not been opened in a very long time. Carefully I placed a convenient broken brick in the doorway to ensure we wouldn’t get trapped up there and we stepped out onto the roof.

The space was huge! I suppose it should not have surprised me because of course it was a large building, and so naturally it had a large roof. But I was not expecting such a large expanse of fine gravel covered flat space. Looking around I saw that the building across the road had a floor that could look down on much of the roof. That would need to be shielded. I turned around and saw Brett looking away from me with his mouth open and a look of shock. I followed his gaze and saw why.

To the right of us, and to the rear of the building was what was basically a small building standing right there on the roof. Of course it was all a part of the original structure, but neither of us had any idea it was going to be there. Immediately we both walked around the corner to investigate. It had doors, a window and looked exactly like a small house. We both entered to door without words. Inside we were greeted by what looked like a pretty well furnished summer cottage. There were coffee tables, chairs, a couch and several bookshelves complete with magazines and a collection of old paperback novels.

I picked up one of the dusty magazines from the top of one of the piles. It was a 1974 edition of Playboy Magazine. Flicking through it made it clear that it had been well appreciated in its time too. Several pages were still stuck together after what was clearly many years of sitting there undisturbed. The other magazines were a mix of 1960s and 70s porn along with car and motorcycle magazines of the same era. The novels were mostly detective fiction and thrillers of the same timeframe. While I had been looking at the reading material Brett had walked into another room.

“Dude! Check this shit out!”

I followed him into the back room which contained an unmade single bed, a bedside table with an old wind-up alarm clock and another pile of porn on it and an old oak closet with a mirrored door. Beside the closet was a door to a small bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The water had obviously been turned off for years because the bowl and the cistern were both dry and dusty. I turned the tap and water rushed into the cistern. I was glad it did because I desperately needed to piss.

“How convenient, I needed to pee!”

I relaxed and let it flow into the empty toilet bowl below me. Brett leaned over and reached out to hold my cock for me as the piss threatened to go over the edge of the rim.

“Why thanks. But given the state of this place, I don’t think a bit of piss on the floor will ruin it.”

As I finished Brett let go of me and bumped me out of the way with his thigh. He stepped in front of the toilet and let loose his own torrent. When he finished he flushed the toilet and we both watched the rusty water fill the bowl and then flow away.

“Hmm, let’s hope there’s a bit of life left in those pipes yet.” I said.

I flushed again when the cistern was full and the water seemed much clearer. Two more flushes and it was looking as fresh as if it had just been installed. Walking out of the small bathroom I found Brett lying on the bed and flicking through an elderly porn magazine. He wasn’t entirely hard, but he wasn’t soft either. I reached down and grasped gently at his prick.

“So the airbrushed 70s pussy does it for you huh?”

Brett grinned up at me and flung the magazine to the floor and pulled me roughly on top of him.

“I was just reading a letter to the editor where a guy had been discovered reading porn by his boss. His boss then took control of the situation and made him live out his fantasies. Now in the letter the boss was a woman, but you will do for now.”

Brett reached down to find my erection pressing against his taught stomach muscles. He used his thighs to lift my weight slightly and pressed my cock down so that it popped between his legs and pressed against his balls and close to his boiling hot ass. He then raised his hands to grasp my head and position me so that he could kiss me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth passionately.

I did what I had not done for years. I realised that I was about to come way before I wanted to. Knowing that it was inevitable I went with it and let the orgasm take over my body. I groaned loudly into Brett’s mouth and let myself enjoy the sensation of my cum pumping against the burning hot skin between his balls and ass. Pulling away from our kiss I looked into Brett’s eyes and smiled.

“Well, that was quick! You’re not paying me by the half hour any more ya know!” he quipped.

I rolled off his body and lay breathing softly on my back and smiled as I felt his mouth engulf my still turgid cock and suck it dry.

“You like the taste of my jizz huh?”

“Actually yeah,” Brett answered as he got off the bed and walked to the doorway to look out into the darkening sky. “I do like it. You taste pretty damn fine in fact. And I don’t say this with a lot of pride, but I have tasted quite a bit of cum in my time. Damn! I have a very slippery ass crack now. Cheers for that.”

“You are most welcome. Sorry I shot so quick. I usually have much better self control. I dunno, I think it was my head rubbing against that wiry hair of yours down there that did it.”

“Well, I see you also left a fresh wet spot on that bed. I guess we need to clean this place up too huh? What do you want to do with it?”

I lay on the bed a few moments more before getting up myself to follow Brett out on to the roof to continue looking around.

“Yeah, I dunno, we will have to think about that I guess. But it won’t be the highest priority I don’t think. We need to get the club up and open first. This can be a project later. So, we were checking out the roof, let’s finish that.”

Brett wiggled his hips as if he was being tickled and several gooey drops of semen dripped to the roof top from under his balls.

“Ok, then it seems I have to have another shower!”

I smacked him playfully on the ass and pushed him forward to continue the exploration. The rest of the roof space was fairly non-descript and free from prying eyes and would easily be turned into a nice large outdoor fun and sun area. All that we would need would be some wooden decking and some suitable furniture.

We headed back down the stairs and while Brett showered once again, I took my cum spattered clothes and found the laundry room. I threw them into the machine and set it running. Then I collected a pile of the threadbare but clean towels from the laundry and took them up to the top floor where Brett had just turned off the shower and was watching himself flexing in the mirror. I threw one of the towels at him and it draped itself over his head.

“You like to look at yourself don’t you?”

“Mate, I like anyone looking at me – myself, you a customer, a dude walking down the street, whoever. Why the fuck not? I know I look good.”

“Hey – no arguments from me there! So, why don’t we make some money from it?”

“What? You want me to go back on the streets? I thought the whole point was to get away from that! I don’t need a pimp dude! Fuck! I knew this was too good to be true!”

Brett was looking quite upset and looked like he was about to burst into tears. I walked calmly over to him and embraced him in a hug.

“Hey, settle down. No, I’m not suggesting you go back on the streets at all. All I was thinking was that we could easily get you set up on a cams site where you would bring in four or five hundred bucks an hour.”

I held Brett as his breathing settled down and he relaxed a little in my grip. Letting him go I stood back and looked him in the face.

“Brett, I know we have only known each other for a few days, and it might sound like what I’m offering is too good to be true, but I really do hope you can try to trust me. If I ever do anything to loose it, then that’s my fault and I will understand if you take off.

“Now, over the next few weeks we’ll need to get a lot of construction and rebuilding stuff done before we can look at opening. Of course you and I are going to be doing lots of stuff during that time, but I do want to have you earning some cash for the business as well. You did manage to talk me into buying this place after all!

“All you need to do for this is spend maybe a couple of hours each evening lying on a bed and being sexy in front of a camera. When a customer pays for a private show, you just do what he asks. When his time runs out, you just go back into public view to pick up another customer. This is hustling without ever having to touch the guy.”

Brett tossed the used towel into the corner of the bathroom and wandered out of the bathroom and towards the stairs as he replied.

“So, all I have to do is wank for guys who are wanking while watching me on their computer?”

“Basically yes”, I said as we walked into the lounge on the second floor.

“So, how much do these guys actually pay to watch me wank?”

Brett plonked himself down on the stained orange sofa we had made use of earlier in the evening. I sat beside him.

“Well, the site I know well charges between six and ten US dollars per minute in one on one private. The studio, that’s us, makes between 40 and 50 percent on that. So, if you are a popular performer and you get maybe 60 minutes in private a day, then that means we make up to 250 a day.”

“Won’t it cost a bundle to set up everything for that though?”

“Nah. We can use one of my laptops with a good remote control camera, and I already ordered a fibre connection today while I was at the lawyers office.”

“Hmm, that’ll take decades to be installed.”

“Actually, it surprised the fuck out of me, but they actually scheduled the install for tomorrow. Seems this new provider wants trial customers right now. They offered a sweet deal too, a gig down, 200 meg up, no cap and all at the same price I would pay for less than a tenth of that from the other guys.”

Brett’s glazed expression told me he had lost it at the mention of fibre. Smiling I pinched his nipple, bent down and kissed his flaccid penis with a loud smacking noise.

“Needless to say”, I continued from his crotch, “the horny bastards watching will get a very high quality experience!”

I sat up again as the musk scent of his clean crotch made me begin to twitch in all the right places once more. I looked him in the eyes and put on my serious face.

“So will you do it? I’m not asking you to fuck guys in alleys, but I do admit, I am asking you to wank for guys on the internet.”

“Sure. I mean it’s not like it something I don’t get a lot of practice at. I think I’m pretty good at it.”

I agree!”

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